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The Trump/Bernie charade

Time and again now, in personal dealings, on Facebook, on radio and TV, I am seeing self-imagined intelligent people saying derogatory things about Donald Trump. On the other side of that coin are the same type people saying kind things … Continue reading

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Oi veh

I was reading a nice little piece on our health care system, what a joke it is, siphoning cash out of us even as half of us cannot come up with $400 on a bet.  The system has already worked its … Continue reading

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Fake Rodeos

Ah, so discouraging to watch as we endure yet another election contest, as if … after November, nothing will change. Nothing. Party politics has no effect on public policy, foreign or domestic. Those policies set to be implemented in the … Continue reading

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How do I know Bernie is fake?

Please take note of the Mark Twain quote in the upper right corner of this blog. In days gone by I would rotate quotations as my mood dictated, but that one has stayed out now for months. Indeed, it is … Continue reading

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America: Exceptional all the way down

It is months to go until the Democratic Party covention in Philadelphia in late July. It is very easy to see that Michigan was flipped to Bernie Sanders to keep the drama alive, keep progressives interested. Polling errors like that … Continue reading

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Our fake republic

It occurred to me last night as we discussed American politics … once in office whoever wins has no real power. The parade is already in motion, its destination determined by other, more powerful forces. Politicians are nothing but baton … Continue reading

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Why Hillary will win the nomination

I listen to Rush Limbaugh when out and about these days. I find him less abrasive than in years past, even a little more open and honest. It appears his primary function is to keep the eyes of his right-wing … Continue reading

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Inconvenient documents

The post below dealt with the matter of fake death, and a commenter noted that fake deaths are not uncommon: “We are now able to disappear thousands of bodies, whole passenger planes and the most notorious “terrorist” in history. Practice … Continue reading

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Bring on the Jewish house Radical!

I get a little squeamish when I see a “whistleblower” who not only survives, but maintains a high profile. Consequently, I pay very little attention to Sibel Edmunds and her Boiling Frogs Post. In a full spectrum dominance environment, all … Continue reading

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A word about Bernie

Just to set the record straight, a word or two about Bernie Sanders: He was a weekly guest on the Thom Hartmann show on radio for years, and I listened to him every time I got a chance. I believed … Continue reading

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