Law enforcement versus Apple: Another fake showdown

The fake battle between Apple and law enforcement over the Apple iPhone used by the fake terrorist is hard to understand. What is really at stake?

First, the San Bernardino event was fake. I investigated just one of the supposed victims, “Sierra Clayborn,” a fake person with fake photos and identity and family. Piece of cake. If I can do that anyone can. (What was odd that there was another “Sierra Clayborn” in Chicago, and she was as fake as the California one. Two fake people, same name, different parts of the country. What gives?)

When the spooks stage these events, they have to make up persons, giving them occupations, names, photos, family – because the American news media is state controlled and the public too dumbed down to know better, they don’t have to try too hard, which is why it is so easy to spot the fakery. The Sierra Clayborn photos were so amateurish that they had to be laughing as they put them together.

Secondly, there is nothing “locked” about an Apple phone. The technology came out of DARPA, and was designed to track us. Government has been able to eavesdrop on our cell phones from the get go.

Thirdly, there was no “terrorist” doing any shooting, so whoever supposedly did the fake deed is either a fake name or a spook or Green Beret or Seal or private terrorist from Blackwater or its successors. All is known about that person already.

So what is up with wanting to know the fake information on the fake phone? My guess: Legal precedent, one less constitutional protection. We had no privacy to begin with, but now they apparently want to formalize our subservience to the surveillance state.

One thought on “Law enforcement versus Apple: Another fake showdown

  1. Another fait accompli similar to the the Senate resolution for a new authorization for use of military force (AUMF) to send large numbers of troops to the Middle East again. Only this time al-Queda and al-Nussra Front are the “white hats” and ISIS is the enemy with CIA/KSA funding and fleets of brand new Toyota trucks.


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