Undamming the damned

Big Swede stopped by recently and left a comment … a long quote from someone else regarding Bernie Sanders. It has to do with Bernie’s public persona as a “socialist” and Swede’s perceptions of a black/white world where the are people like him producing stuff for other people to consume, the whole John Galt meme. It’s craven nonsense, but has driven a whole generation now into supporting fascists at various levels of government. That was probably its purpose, probably the reason why Ayn Rand was promoted , why her economics, which do not for a minute describe the real world, became such high profile reading material in the 50s and 60s.

But I felt bad that Swede took time to cut and paste such a long piece for us, and it simply vaporized before his eyes. I know that feeling, the arrogance of people who lock themselves away from criticism by banning. I didn’t ban Swede because he and I don’t see eye to eye. I can handle criticism from all ranks, from Kralj to Kurtz all the way up to Budge and Crisp and Kemmick. I have taken it from the best, and stand as I am, rattled but sincere. I have self awareness, and know how I am perceived, which must be unsettling for some, as I believe in myself, my own mind and abilities.

So I went into WordPress settings and unbanned Swede and everyone. It’s annoying that cutting and pasting takes the place of thinking and exchanging views, but then again, people who are so insecure as to be unable to handle criticism are annoying too. I don’t think if myself like that, but I did ban four people. I don’t fear them. I just didn’t like the way that comment strings go a predictable route, mindless, wandering like a stray dog, nothing ever changing.

So Swede, Kralj, Kurtz, Moore, try something different. Before commenting, exercise the brains rather than reflexive muscles. Give us what you got, not someone else’s thoughts. You’re welcome here, but please, no cutting and pasting. Please.

4 thoughts on “Undamming the damned

  1. “I have self awareness, and know how I am perceived”

    Self awareness is not about understanding how others perceive oneself, it is about how one perceives himself. To believe one understands how others perceive himself is to claim omniscience — the height of hubris and self-delusion — not self awareness.


    1. Here’s the truth of it, Mark. You may be “aware” of how others perceive you, but you are disgustingly, deliriously, willfully UN-aware of why they see you that way. You don’t practice “self awareness”. You practice a particularly perverse form of Nietzsche’s mythology, that you are better because you “see” things differently, incorrectly or otherwise. You are a sad little man promoting a religion you can’t prove of any worth, and then demean others because they can’t ‘prove’ you wrong. When they follow the available evidence, you ignorantly claim they aren’t even the same person writing. That’s a joke, played by the universe on you. Even when you are proven to be incorrect, you double down on the defensive willful ignorance.

      The one displaying hubris and self-delusion is you, kitten. Quit whining that the world doesn’t share your ‘enlightenment’. You don’t have any.


      1. I don’t use the word “prove,” which you used twice above, as this world is a messy place and proof is rare outside of mathematics (which you pretend to understand along with your other phony facades).

        I rely on my judgment because I have faith in my abilities. Among those abilities is to admit error and correct course, which you lack. I can be fooled, have been fooled, often (as with your Monty stunt) and that ability is a critical factor in navigating this crazy fucking planet.

        You think I am wrong about Pogie? Why? Because things are what they are in their face? No other reason? You’ve never analyzed his writing style? Of course not. I stand by my judgment. I can read and do not accept things at face, a critical element. People are as phony as can be at all levels. Obama is a phony, Pogie is a phony, you are a huge phony. A few people are genuine. I treasure them when I meet them.


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