Dave McGowan: Whoosh!es on out

As I read it, Dave McGowan died last December. Author of Weird Scenes in the Canyon, about the intelligence connections of various and medocre musicians of the period 1965-75 in Los Angeles, McGowan touched on a lot of topics, but never really followed through.

He also touched on serial killers, the moon landings, the Lincoln assassination, but never really followed through. I assumed his work was incomplete because he made his living doing other things and only wrote as a sideline. That has to be a working premise.

But some of the stuff he missed is monumentally important. His work appears to be nothing more and a compendium of the known, with nothing new or important divulged. With Weird Scenes he did not take time to attempt to run down any of the musicians still living to get their reactions. That would seem basic. Crosby, Stills and Nash just broke up, again,  and the old farts will probably go to their graves never having been confronted about their shady pasts. That’s a crime.

This has led some to speculate that McGowan was a disinformation agent, appointed to lead opposition and make sure they never learn anything important. His death, sudden (lung cancer) is not accompanied by obituaries that I can find. If anyone has links, please supply them.

Here is the biggest link missed by McGowan, and also by another person thought to be a cutting edge researcher, Mae Brussel: Sharon Tate’s father, Colonel Paul Tate, along with so many others in the LA scene in the late sixties, was a government agent. He was not just a suit, but an infiltrator. He dressed like and smelled like the hippies of the time. He was in and around the canyon during the Manson affair.

This is vital information, never mentioned, and which opens the door to speculation, reinforcing current theories that the Tate murders were staged, as was the trial, in order to kill the hippie movement and discredit the Vietnam War resistance, which had been linked with hippies in mainstream media.

Hey Dave: Whoosh!

[Here is an interesting link on Tate/LaBianca.] Lots of information to digest.

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