America: Exceptional all the way down

It is months to go until the Democratic Party covention in Philadelphia in late July. It is very easy to see that Michigan was flipped to Bernie Sanders to keep the drama alive, keep progressives interested. Polling errors like that do not happen, but electronic voting machines, which can be controlled by either party, can dramatically alter election outcomes. If it can happen (nothing prevents it), it will happen. It did.

Here’s a long list of reasons why the polls went wrong.  They are all wrong.

It is embarrassing to watch pollsters flog themselves in public about how they screwed up when they didn’t, and for supposedly smart analysts to trip over the elephant in the room without acknowledging it. One smartass commenter I stumbled on said “Hey, I voted in Michigan and filled out a long paper ballot. End of story, OK?”

Well, no. Not end of story. You’re not thinking it through, commenter! The ballots are counted by electronic machines that can be hacked, and there are no audit procedures in place to make sure that the tally is accurate. It is called a “black box” for a reason – no matter what goes in, only what comes out matters.

The silence on the matter is fear. I encounter it often. Americans, those few left with functioning brains, know more than they say, and are afraid to face the demons. We’re not a free society, we don’t have a free press, honest elections, and are corrupt through and through in every way imaginable. It is only left now to collapse under the weight of our own hubris. We’ll imagine ourselves exceptional all the way down.

  • We’ll think we are an example to the world, which laughs at us.
  • We’ll think our institutions squeaky clean, even as students in other countries study American brainwashing techniques.
  • We’ll continue to attack other countries to subjugate them and steal their resources, imagining we are defending ourselves.
  • Our spooks will continue to run false-flag operations that a child can see through, and most Americans will eat it up.*
  • We’ll imagine our education system makes us smart when it makes us stupid.
  • Just as our nutritionists know nothing about nutrition, our political scientists do not understand politics …
  • Our educators will still not know how to think properly, and our voting machines will not know how to count votes.

Our press, far from keeping an eye on crooks, is owned by the crooks. Down in the trenches, among rank and file reporters, they don’t even know to ask the question … How did that happen in Michigan? They honestly do not have that thought. It never occurs to them. They are that far gone.

So are you, dear reader, if you cannot look at an obvious fraud and say the words “It looks rigged,” and the investigate how that might happen. There is nothing to say. You cannot be reached. I can only hope future generations recover the lost art of critical thinking.
*On the bright side, the Tate/LaBianca affair went unchallenged for over forty years before being revealed to be, along with the Manson trial, a hoax. Sandy Hook was exposed within weeks. The only resort for the spooks against such prying eyes is to stigmatize those who easily see through the hoaxes, and that, sadly, is effective enough to keep most people in mental chains.

6 thoughts on “America: Exceptional all the way down

    1. Michigan was flipped, I assume, by election fraud. Polling mistakes like that do not happen, nor massive last minute shifts without some external cause, like a scandal. That is a sign of fraud. That was true in 1948, and is true now.

      (With unaudited electronic voting machines doing the tallying, no election outcome is verifiable. Any election can be flipped. Most are fraudulent, I assume. Only caucus states are (somewhat more) reliable.)

      The reason? Hillary will get the nomination, that is a given, Bernie knows it as well as her. I assume, but cannot know, that party leaders want to keep progressives in the game until the coronation in Philadelphia, so are allowing him to stay within reach.


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