Zika is currently on the back burner, but will rise again

Despite the enormous amount of electronic stimulation we have all about us, we know virtually nothing of the world. It is simply too big to grasp. So the electronic sources step in and provide a glimpse.

But the images we see could be real or fake. Imagine the power that television has, to supply images. Those images stand between us and the real world, supplying our reality.

Think of Plato’s shadows on the wall of a cave. Since the people watching them don’t experience the real world, the shadows become reality. Television, and now Internet news are our our reality. We are its slaves.

This came to mind as I perceived the Zika scare to be receding. I thought perhaps it had no traction, so that they are letting it drop from view. So I went to my favorite Internet source of propaganda to see where it stood – Huffington Post.

Oh no, my friends. Zika is still in the caldron, bubbling away. HuffPo assigned it its own news page. They are going to run with it. Right now they are merely laying the ground work.

Here’s a story dated March 31: “Scientists confirm that Zika causes microcephaly,” by Stephanie Nebehay and Julie Steenhuysen. I am going to highlight a few lines to give you an idea of the utter journalistic and intellectual trashiness of this piece:*

“Researchers around the world are now convinced the Zika virus can cause the birth defect microcephaly as well as Guillain-Barre syndrome, a rare neurological disorder that can result in paralysis, the World Health Organization said on Thursday.”

There are two messages there: One, “around the world” and “as well as,” indicating, without any scientific backup, that it is big, real, and dammit, it is even bigger than we thought! (More about WHO later.)

“The WHO also reported the first sign of a possible rise in microcephaly cases outside Brazil, the hardest-hit country so far in an outbreak spreading rapidly in Latin America and the Caribbean. Neighboring Colombia is investigating 32 cases of babies born with microcephaly since January, and eight of them so far have tested positive for the Zika virus, the WHO said.”

Further, it is progressing. They use the word “rapidly.” The story keeps getting bigger. (Still, no evidence of anything presented, unless you think 32 cases of microcephaly in a country of 48 million is cause for panic. Notice that the “32” is presented without context, so we don’t even know if such occurrence is unusual. (It is not.)

Now the clincher:

Dr. Peter Hotez, dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine, was not surprised by the WHO’s statement.

“The evidence is just so overwhelming,” said Hotez. He said the link to Guillain-Barre has also been pretty clear.

That is another way of saying “We don’t have any real evidence of anything, so we are going to give you the accompanying narrative, a bold-faced appeal to authority  from an expert you’ve never heard of, to relieve your doubts.”

Read the whole story, and see if you can find anything but a bullshit story advanced by means of bullshit journalists playing con-games. And understand the following:

  • WHO, the World Health Organization, is part of the medical cartel. Because it is not a for-profit corporation, silly fools (like me) tend to grant it scientific credibility. But it is controlled, a tool of the medical cartel. It is not credible. (There are surely honest people slaving away inside it, but for this purpose, it has been co-opted for propaganda.)
  • Zika, the virus, was discovered in the mid-twentieth century, and, like virtually all viruses, is not harmful to humans.
  • Zika, because of its prevalence, was most likely chosen to be the vehicle for this scare because … if you look for it, you will find it. If you find it in babies with microcephaly, people with cancer, and in very attractive movie stars. Does that prove causation? You will also find aluminum utensils in the birthing rooms of Brazil. That does not mean that either aluminum or Zika causes microcephaly. Co-occurrence is not causality. Since they have no link, they are affirming with without evidence by appeals to authority.
  • Something else is up. This scare is being manufactured for another reason.

What might the reason(s) be? There are many possibilities:

  • Propaganda like this is intended to keep us in a state of tension, and also off balance. If it ain’t one thing, it is another.
  • Brazil would be an ideal venue for such a fake scare, as the Olympics are being held in Rio de Janeiro, so that tens of thousands of people will be traveling there. This is a nice vehicle to enhance and magnify the fear that the virus engenders.
  • Is there a pesticide link? Do yourself a favor and do a search engine query using the words “pesticides” coupled with “microcephaly.” You’ll find some very interesting results. Since I am accused (correctly) of spilling all the beans all the time, I’ll leave that one to you.

In other words, as with all our hoaxes and panics and scares, it is multi-layered, serving multiple agendas, but  appears primarily as a PR gimmick to distract us from the link between pesticides and microcephaly. That would put a cartel behind it, not medical, but chemical, and the big name in those circles is … Monsanto, a company known to enlist the PR industry to cover its sorry corrupt ass.
*Just as a point of curiosity, when I left that story, there were six comments at the bottom, one of them mine. I know that HuffPo is a propaganda source and is backed by excellent technology. I am wondering if the pages we see are individualized … that is, are we allowed to see our own comments and selected others? Do others see the same comments that I do? Please report back. Is mine there?

2 thoughts on “Zika is currently on the back burner, but will rise again

  1. All the stories linking this to Monsanto came out so the establishment had to direct their media organs to stop reporting it.


    1. You saw that – me too. Not only not reporting, but out front of the story, denying any connection. (SNOPES, by the way, the “debunking” source, has the reputation of being a truth-searching site. I don’t buy it.)


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