The paper caper, footnote

This is written just to complete the circle from a prior post on the fake whistle blower, Daniel Ellsberg.

Follow this link to Wikipedia, and then down to the section titled “Repeal.” Wiki is heavily censored but often has information hidden in broad daylight. This is such an entry. It is about the Gulf of Tonkin affair, and the resolution that was the legal justification for the Vietnam War.

Maybe you did, but I did not know until recently that Congress repealed that resolution in January of 1971. It was perhaps the last gasp of breath by Congress before the institution was taken down by CIA. Congress these days is a fake lawmaking body, rubber stamping laws written by corporate and other power centers, and quivering in its boots before the executive. It is of no use or purpose.

Note then that Daniel Ellsberg appeared on the scene with the Pentagon Papers in February of 1971. It was a distraction. The paper caper would dominate the news for months to come, only to be supplanted by Watergate. News that Tonkin was repealed, that the Vietnam War was illegal from 1971 forward, would be buried in the clutter.

That explains the paper caper, and at least in part Watergate.

Two things to note: One, if we have an event that dominates the news, like OJ or Monica or the Michael Jackson trial or Donald Trump, it is a cue to be alert for what else is going on. These events serve to cloud the landscape and distract us. Just as we do not have a real Congress, we do not have real news. It manipulates us, but does not inform.

And two, the purposes of reading are many – to enlighten, entertain, inspire, relax and to keep our minds sharp as we age. If, from reading, we are able to connect dots and gain some understanding of this crazy world, then it is worth doing for that reason alone. It is not done so that we can make lists of books we have read or have impressive book shelves.

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