Lost in translation?

I learned, to my great surprise, that my remedy to homelessness and addiction, which is to shelter and feed them but otherwise leave them be, is “ignorant,” and that I am advocating “isolation.” Hmmm …

Just to clarify, isolation is a groupthink punishment. Corrupt Democrats, for example, will shut down a blog and ban dissent rather than allow divergent views to be expressed. That way they can characterize those views without contradiction.  It is comfortable to be ignorant. People actually prefer it.

So, in reality, I advocate inclusion, respect, food and shelter for the homeless and addicted, but without the nanny gonna-fix-ya attitudes. I also stand solidly behind expression of viewpoints at odds with group consensus without punishment.

So I am anti-isolation, anti-ignorance. How that became pro-isolation and ignorance, I cannot say. Must be a language barrier.

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