Trump/Sanders – splitting us in two on trade agreements

Interesting theory on the presidential election – not sure where I heard or read this: Both Trump and Sanders are saying they oppose new trade agreements such as TPP, while Clinton favors them. The vast majority of Americans oppose the agreements, as their impact in the past has been devastating to us and the other countries involved.

So the effect of the Trump/Sanders candidacies is to split the majority of Americans down the middle, negating a potentially unifying issue.

So Sanders supporters, when he bows out and throws his support behind Clinton, as he surely will, would be wise to unify behind Trump and hold his feet to the fire on trade.

I don’t see that happening.

7 thoughts on “Trump/Sanders – splitting us in two on trade agreements

  1. Everything is smoke and mirrors and if its not smoke and mirrors its hiding in plain sight. (the comments below the above link are amazing examples of ignorance/blind loyalty/true believerism) (Can we spell “status quo continuation” boys and girls)

    The more things “change” the more probably they will get worse.

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  2. “Splitting,” or divide and conquer, is SOP for the CIA, NSA, DOD and all the rest of the agencies working tirelessly to steal resources and enslave people worldwide. Neither Trump nor HIllary can change the general direction — more engineered/controlled chaos — of things to come.


    1. Oh, maybe you didn’t hear Trump about Putin, about NATO and so on.
      You mean Killary and Trump are the same, then you are kidding.


      1. Trump already has been or will be absorbed/co-opted by the “banksters”. News hiding in plain sight. (no change I can believe in)


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