Weird scenes in Clear Lake

I am not going to waste a lot of time on this. Oh hell, I already have wasted a lot of time on it. I wanted to know if the music truly died on The Day the Music Died. It’s a tough call, but my answer, if had to give an answer, would be no. Nobody died, or maybe four strangers died, or four corpses were brought in to serve as cadavers, or the whole thing, beginning to end was faked.

Start with the plane crash itself: Nobody saw it. That does not mean it did not happen as we are told, but we are missing a critical element, eyewitnesses.

Crash site, Buddy Holly and company

This is the crash site. Three bodies are visible. Closest to us is said to be Richie Valens, and then Holly to the left, and in the field beyond, the Big Bopper. The pilot, at the time of the photo, I assume is still in the wreckage. He too died, we are told.

The plane is said to have cartwheeled 540 feet before coming to rest against the fence. We don’t have photo evidence of that – only verbal reports. Photographs are confined to the place where it finally stopped. Even so, if that is true, the plane would have been moving slowly by the time it got to this point, so that centrifugal force was no longer tearing at the victims, and they were gently deposited here. After all, the fence is not damaged. The plane merely came to rest there.

Given that, it is hard to imagine how the plane, at this time lacking force of movement, was able to deposit the Big Bopper forty feet away and across the fence – forward motion.

Richie Valens corpse at crash site

This is a better shot of the crash. That is said to be the body of Richie Valens. In those days they did not “Photoshop,” per se, but rather cut and pasted in photographic studios. If Valens’ corpse was added to this shot in a studio, they did a very good job. The grass around his right shoulder and left forearm looks real. The shininess of the hair and jacket is odd, meaning it was probably taken with a flash photo, I suppose, but I see no other evidence of flash reflection in the photo. I would think that a flash would illuminate the area under the wing of the plane in the foreground just beyond the body, but it only casts a shadow caused by sunlight, and this on an overcast day. As can be seen in the first photo above, the body is very close to the wreckage, so a flash should illuminate that area. This indicates that a flash was used to take a photo of the body but was not done at the crash site. This indicates pasting.

(There are as many as ten men in various photos, always just standing, observing. If “Valens” is pasted in, why not them too?)

Then there is this:

The head was badly crushed and deformed, the calverium region wide open and the brain tissue almost completely eviscerated.

That is from the death certificate. The “calverium” region is the top of the skull, and “eviscerated” means “disemboweled.” This person’s head is intact, and, to boot, there is no blood. The calverium is present and uneviscerated.

Buddy Holly’s death was said to be equally gruesome, with his head split open, half his brain tissue missing, and his chest soft due to the internal organs being crushed. The face was badly cut up. We have no photos to support this. It could be just good taste.

Again, going back to the top photograph, there is no evidence of any of this, so we have to guess that the photographer simply withheld the most gruesome shots. Or, that these bodies were actors, or that they were pasted in in a photo studio. All is possible, including real death of the real people. I don’t rule that out.

Here’s an analysis by a blogger named Hoi.palloi, who seems to have a keen eye for this stuff.*

Then you have the convenient halo of “snow” hovering around the tops of the bodies, making convenient cut-outlines framing their rotated bodies-and-chunks-of-ground-and-grass which seem undinted [sic] by their apparently collapsing into it. The snow on the bodies doesn’t look consistent between pictures, and neither do their heads, but the plants are always happily tucking them in for the Big Sleep.

Finally, for me anyway, there is this shot:


I do not know who the grieving man is, but that appears to be the face of a young child on the middle body. The third body from the left appears to be mere clothing arranged to look like a body. This is a fake photo [or a real photo of a staged scene], and it could be a well-known fake, for all I know. But it does come up under the heading “The Day the Music Died,” so someone is presenting it as real.

This post was inspired by the recent death of Prince Rogers Nelson, whose death is also suspicious.

The list of dead musicians is long – next I want to look at John Denver, as we have now a video that has recently appeared and is said to have been filmed in 1996, a year before his death. Something fishy about it, and it is not that he is fly fishing in New Zealand.
*After I began to look into this, I discovered that others have had the same suspicions over the years. There is nothing new going on here. It is just not widely disseminated. Googling “fake death Buddy Holly” leads you right to debunking sites, but not to any real evidence.


PS: I should come clean here. I was coy about offering up that they might really have died. I do not think that at all. I think that the wreckage might have been real, perhaps hauled in on the back of a truck and deposited there. Snow then covered the tracks. Everything after that is fake – there were no cars or men standing around, no corpses – that was all pasted in in a photo studio. Most likely no plane took off that night, none of the suposed victims were even at the airport. It was all a manufactured event.

12 thoughts on “Weird scenes in Clear Lake

  1. i was driving my pregnate wife to the mason city hospitol after staying at a co-workers house the night of the concert, Duane Juhl and his wife had invited us for the weekend. gail, my wife was not feeling well and while driving i spied a plane nose down at the fenceline and three or four people running from a farm house to the plane. suddenly my car slid on ice on the road but i regained control and kept driving to the hospitol being concerned about gail’s not feeling well which proved to be false labor pains at six months of pregnancy. later that day we learned about the plane crash.


  2. after seeing the plane nose down and seeing the people running toward the crash site i determined that my most urgent concern should be for my wife. sliding on the ice on the road didn’t help matters any. most of the photo’s i have seen do not match what i can recall.


    1. This is bullshit. You are the only witness to the crash and for unusual reasons were not able to testify to your presence there.

      I tell you, this blog is a magnet, a magnet! for people who witness things and know people. We’ve had Sharon Tate’s neighbor and a friend of her uncle and people who are related to Las Vegas victims, all on a tiny blog!

      Get lost.


  3. Mark, it’s a bot. A deliberate BS post full of spelling mistakes.

    You have read Miles Mathis’ paper about it; “The Day the Music Lied”, right? Ah, by the way, it is “hoi.polloi”, Greek for “the people”.

    On-topic, I go for actors playing dead. Much easier than pre-Photoshop era paste jobs. If they can strategically place some crushed plane parts in a field, why not 3 actors (who do not even need to be Valens, Holly and Bopper)?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I have a couple of serious questions about what makes you think they faked it. My questions are: Why would they fake their deaths and where did they go? I’m not say they didn’t fake it all just wondering why? All 4 of them would have had to kept quiet for all these years. Along with all of the police and family and friends that would have known about the plan. Just curious what your thoughts are. I am 47 years old and have always been interested in this event that changed the course of history.


  5. Yes but your opinion is that the people wer ejected immediately, The plane impacted causing the crushing of each persons chest as autopsy reports prove, The plane then skidded until reaching the fence where the bodies were deposited, My Valensuela had a severe cut to his left leg that did not leave a bit of blood. There was ample time for one last heart beat in each person. Such a sad ending, at least Buddy left the Apartment tapes that showed his true genius. I still get goose bumps when I hear “Your Mine” from Richie Valens. I am also friends with his sister that lives in Spirit Lake Iowa. I met her in 2012 when I was inducted in the IRRMA (Iowa Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with the Embers Band.


      1. Connie Valenzuela (sorry for the previous misspelling) is certainly not a fake person and the plane did crash. It crashed simply because the young pilot was not able to “fly by wire”. It is a known fact as the single eye witness recounts the plane slowly drifted down and to the Right. This is exactly what happens when a pilot has no visibility and tries to trust the feel of the plane, it happens when the stronger arm and leg of a right handed person presses on the pedal harder with their right foot and arm. It happened on the Patsy Cline plane crash as well. As far as the rumor that Buddy Holly was flying the plain is simply not true. As a former Scout leader it is a known fact if lost in timber let a Left handed person lead the trail as their gait does not place them in a large circle as a right handed person does, due to a longer gait on their stronger right leg. I was the only left handed scout in my troupe so I learned this first hand.


        1. Anyone who parades autopsy reports as truthful must part of the gatekeeping exercise. The coroner, along with the pathologist, is one of the key dramatis personae in any death faking hoax. They are all controlled. Period. As, too, must be the chosen funeral parlors involved but for them it will usually be a one-off bonanza/non-disclosure deal.

          Patsy Cline was no doubt another ‘retirement’ from the music industry. Jim Reeves also.


  6. Oh boy. Those pix & the ‘official narrative’ do not match up at all. The response? Emotions & outright trolls. And for the question of where did the fellas go if they lived? To a new assignment. They were cash cows minimum, and maybe much more useful in the art of deception on an international level.


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