Weird scenes in Clear Lake

I am not going to waste a lot of time on this. Oh hell, I already have wasted a lot of time on it. I wanted to know if the music truly died on The Day the Music Died. It’s a tough call, but my answer, if had to give an answer, would be no. Nobody died, or maybe four strangers died, or four corpses were brought in to serve as cadavers, or the whole thing, beginning to end was faked.

Start with the plane crash itself: Nobody saw it. That does not mean it did not happen as we are told, but we are missing a critical element, eyewitnesses.


Crash site, Buddy Holly and company

This is the crash site. Three bodies are visible. Closest to us is said to be Richie Valens, and then Holly to the left, and in the field beyond, the Big Bopper. The pilot, at the time of the photo, I assume is still in the wreckage. He too died, we are told.

The plane is said to have cartwheeled 540 feet before coming to rest against the fence. We don’t have photo evidence of that – only verbal reports. Photographs are confined to the place where it finally stopped. Even so, if that is true, the plane would have been moving slowly by the time it got to this point, so that centrifugal force was no longer tearing at the victims, and they were gently deposited here. After all, the fence is not damaged. The plane merely came to rest there.

Given that, it is hard to imagine how the plane, at this time lacking force of movement, was able to deposit the Big Bopper forty feet away and across the fence – forward motion.


Richie Valens corpse at crash site

This is a better shot of the crash. That is said to be the body of Richie Valens. In those days they did not “Photoshop,” per se, but rather cut and pasted in photographic studios. If Valens’ corpse was added to this shot in a studio, they did a very good job. The grass around his right shoulder and left forearm looks real. The shininess of the hair and jacket is odd, meaning it was probably taken with a flash photo, I suppose, but I see no other evidence of flash reflection in the photo. I would think that a flash would illuminate the area under the wing of the plane in the foreground just beyond the body, but it only casts a shadow caused by sunlight, and this on an overcast day. As can be seen in the first photo above, the body is very close to the wreckage, so a flash should illuminate that area. This indicates that a flash was used to take a photo of the body but was not done at the crash site. This indicates pasting.

(There are as many as ten men in various photos, always just standing, observing. If “Valens” is pasted in, why not them too?)

Then there is this:

The head was badly crushed and deformed, the calverium region wide open and the brain tissue almost completely eviscerated.

That is from the death certificate. The “calverium” region is the top of the skull, and “eviscerated” means “disemboweled.” This person’s head is intact, and, to boot, there is no blood. The calverium is present and uneviscerated.

Buddy Holly’s death was said to be equally gruesome, with his head split open, half his brain tissue missing, and his chest soft due to the internal organs being crushed. The face was badly cut up. We have no photos to support this. It could be just good taste.

Again, going back to the top photograph, there is no evidence of any of this, so we have to guess that the photographer simply withheld the most gruesome shots. Or, that these bodies were actors, or that they were pasted in in a photo studio. All is possible, including real death of the real people. I don’t rule that out.

Here’s an analysis by a blogger named Hoi.palloi, who seems to have a keen eye for this stuff.*

Then you have the convenient halo of “snow” hovering around the tops of the bodies, making convenient cut-outlines framing their rotated bodies-and-chunks-of-ground-and-grass which seem undinted [sic] by their apparently collapsing into it. The snow on the bodies doesn’t look consistent between pictures, and neither do their heads, but the plants are always happily tucking them in for the Big Sleep.

Finally, for me anyway, there is this shot:


I do not know who the grieving man is, but that appears to be the face of a young child on the middle body. The third body from the left appears to be mere clothing arranged to look like a body. This is a fake photo [or a real photo of a staged scene], and it could be a well-known fake, for all I know. But it does come up under the heading “The Day the Music Died,” so someone is presenting it as real.

This post was inspired by the recent death of Prince Rogers Nelson, whose death is also suspicious.

The list of dead musicians is long – next I want to look at John Denver, as we have now a video that has recently appeared and is said to have been filmed in 1996, a year before his death. Something fishy about it, and it is not that he is fly fishing in New Zealand.
*After I began to look into this, I discovered that others have had the same suspicions over the years. There is nothing new going on here. It is just not widely disseminated. Googling “fake death Buddy Holly” leads you right to debunking sites, but not to any real evidence.


PS: I should come clean here. I was coy about offering up that they might really have died. I do not think that at all. I think that the wreckage might have been real, perhaps hauled in on the back of a truck and deposited there. Snow then covered the tracks. Everything after that is fake – there were no cars or men standing around, no corpses – that was all pasted in in a photo studio. Most likely no plane took off that night, none of the suposed victims were even at the airport. It was all a manufactured event.

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18 Responses to Weird scenes in Clear Lake

  1. Gerard van den Heuvel says:

    I know your paradigm: everything is fake, twin, CIA and so on.
    But you and Miles Mathis seem not to feel how extemly good this music was.
    Only then you can humilate senseless and shameless Buddy Holly, the Beatles and the Stones.


    • How you jump from my saying “some things are fake and here is the evidence” to “everything is fake” is a debate tactic nothing more. And I watched the Buddy Holly story, though years ago. It’s entertaining.

      I am not sure you are aware how much musical talent is out there. I met a guy in the LA music business last year at the gym, and we talked quite a bit. He developed or at least sold a device that allowed kids to do their own demo tapes, which was expensive technology back then, and I said something to the effect that there has to be a lot of chaff in only a few really good ones, and he said no – the kids who did them were loaded with talent, had worked their tails off. But making it in the music business was more about being selected to succeed rather than rising to the top.

      And that explains much of the Laurel Canyon scene that McGowan wrote about – those guys were selected. They did not rise to the top on their talent. Some of them, like Crosby, had virtually none. For every Buddy Holly there were probably several hundred more who could have done as well, but were not suggested to us as being destined for stardom. Most music ‘stars” come to us by power of suggestion. Taylor Swift, anyone?


    • Dorothy Johnson says:

      I would love to know because this just don’t make any sense to me none at all, however will somebody please tell me because maybe I’m a dumb person, tell me why on earth they would want to fake these singers death? why? Where would the singers go? they just getting out there don’t have much money so where would they hide? Unlike Michael
      Jackson I know he not dead and you may ask me how I know things just didn’t look right, What funeral you know given at night? and the family looking happy and laughing and the song soon and very soon we’re going to see the king and we know he was called the king of pop come now his mother couldn’t had stood it none of the family couldn’t had stood it even Mr. Jackson would have had a tear or two in his eyes this how I know


      • It’s a big subject, the “why?” John Denver, for example, was pretty much done, not producing anything good, and became more valuable dead than alive. So they faked his death, and pow!, his music is a bonanza feast, $33 million in sales since 1998 they tell us. That is the normal reason, $$$. Denver, Prince, Karen Carpenter, Kurt Cobain, Jim Croce and many others probably followed this path, disappearing from public view with new identities, retiring to obscurity. Fake death maximized their financial value.

        Others, however,take on new identities. Janis Joplin, for example, also twins, became Amy Goodman. Jimi Hendrix is now Cornell West, Sam Cooke is Louis Farrakhan, Pete Ham became Bill Mather. They are Intelligence assets on assignment, lifetime actors, controlling public opinion from every possible angle, each filling a niche. Those are just a few. Probably everyone of significance in news is a fake person, and the many many deaths in the music business appear to be people in training and being reassigned after their “deaths.”

        But Holly is something more, as his catalog was not big, he wasn’t talented. My theory, which appears in other posts, is that 1) he was a set of twins, or clones, as we spotted two of them in our work, and that he later became Gram Parsons, who also faked his death, and ended up as David Geffin, with the twin becoming Jeffrey Katzenberg.

        To grasp all of this requires a major leap from the fake reality we call every day life, into a new understanding of news and public personalities. It is shocking, most people cannot bear it, turn away and settle back into fake reality. It is easier to understand.


  2. Gerard van den Heuvel says:



  3. Gerard van den Heuvel says:

    And remember Buddy Holly


  4. madgemidgely says:

    Just a couple of days ago, I was trying to google all the celebrities that said something cryptic a week or less before they suddenly died. Seems that they are hinting at something.

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  5. Gerard van den Heuvel says:

    The photos do not prove at all that Holly survived the first days of february 1959.
    Maybe this wasn’t his plane.
    Maybe he was killed or murdered elsewhere.


  6. Why do you propose they want to make a cover story? What is the purpose of the conspiracy?


    • As I see it, musicians run their course, come and go, but dead musicians are worth much, much more. A tragic death makes an ordinary singer into a money printing machine.

      (Will be writing about John Denver, whose death I am pretty sure was faked, soon. Stay tuned.)


  7. Dave says:

    This is great. Definitely a fake plane crash. Just wondering where the three of them got to afterwards though…I mean, in the entire history of the 20th century no-one famous who is purported to have died has ever, EVER been proved to still be alive. (ever) Isn’t it worthwhile not debunking a death but actually proving the person is still alive? Ah, then we truly have a fake event on our hands…


    • In my opinion, Holly went on to become Gram Parsons, faked his death again, and is now David Geffen. His twin brother became Jeff Katzenberg. We have worked this pretty hard so don’t write us off too quickly. Articles are on sidebars.


  8. Ann Harlow says:

    I was born and raised in Lubbock Tx and was 11 when Buddy Holley died. Waylon Jennings brought the body home because he was in Clear lake Iowa with Buddy and he gave up his seat on the plane to the Big Bopper. It is to bad that this comes out now Mark because Waylon is gone also or you could have asked him what happened and got the truth. He laid in state at the church and I am a musician who talked to his parents and their house was a shrine. Why don’t you go talk to his brother Travis Holley in Lubbock and find out the truth instead of assuming. I talked to Waylon and he told me he had to identify Buddy’s body and that was he hardest thing he had ever done. He brought the body back to Lubbock from Iowa. They had to get dental records from Buddy’s dentist to make sure Waylon was identifying the right body because him and Richie Valens were close to the same size. It was easy to identify the Big Bopper. Get the facts before you start calling something fake.


    • No, I’m calling hoax. We get this a lot, people who have known somebody who knew somebody who saw a body or saw something but it’s never a first-hand evidence. What you are presenting here is second hand evidence to make a case that anybody actually died that day. Go above and read the post. Look at all of the deficiencies in the original story. Then come back and tell me that everything that we were told happened actually happened.


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