Climate change exists … only between our ears

GoreNote: As with everything I write here, it is only my studied opinion that follows. It is my view that we currently have the technology to get us off oil, but it is withheld from us. If indeed global warming were real, technology would not be withheld. Even oligarchs have to live on this planet with us.


I have written a lot about what I call “public hoaxes,” which are quite common. Because television has such a hold on Americans, I am automatically disbelieved by “reasonable” people. But what I tell you is true, and what television tells you is lies.

I understand why people do not believe me. Our opinions are not our own, but rather a result of our suggestibility. People are not “reasoned in” to beliefs, and so cannot be reasoned out. Our egos steps to the fore. When I say that John Lennon’s death was faked or that Zika is a hoax, reason and logic go out the window, and defense mechanisms take over.

I am really saying that you have been fooled, and badly, and as a matter of policy. What we are experiencing around us is called, behind the curtain, “public mythology.” It is serious and studied policy, and is deliberately fostered to keep us dazed and confused and under control.

I write about public myths and hoaxes. You do not like that, and react angrily. It is a personal affront for me to say that you are not on top of things. But you are not. You are being snookered and manipulated, right and left. Sorry to be the bearer of such news.

Just to demonstrate how the process works, let’s take a controversial subject, global warming, or “climate change.” It doesn’t exist. It is completely made up. It has merely been suggested to us, and we have supplied our own evidence.

Where is the homework? Where is the rigorous science behind it? Climategate gave away that game. There was shown to be a uniform pattern of deliberate lies behind climate statistics.

But that does not matter, because we have done our own homework. Once it was suggested to us that we are involved in catastrophic climate change, by authority figures no less, we began to look around for verification. And we found it! We have droughts, forest fires, receding glaciers, ocean temperatures that are (might be) changing, disappearing islands … and all of that causes us to worry, keeps us in a state of tension.

We never get to relax, do we.

None of that matters, as the planet is always in a state of flux. We’ll be fine. Just as the Millerites were wrong about the year 1843 (but are still trying to get it right), so too will current climate science be shelved as the planet and its population go on and on and on without catastrophic end.

Climate change exists between our ears, passed on to us courtesy of our state/oligarchic-controlled media. It is a hoax.

Why? Good question. For that we have to look for proposed solutions.

  • Do they want to curtail use of oil? No.
  • Do they want us to stop buying cheap disposable consumer goods that take immense energy to produce, only to be tossed? No.
  • Do they want us to expect a lower standard of living? Yes.
  • Do they advance bogus and useless technology (solar panels, electric cars and windmills)? Yes.
  • Do they advance crazy and manipulative economic schemes like cap-and-trade? Yes.

Do they really want to solve the so-called problem with real solutions that hold real promise, like Tesla technology, tidal energy and hydrogen? No. The current system is built on oil. We should have transitioned off oil decades ago, but it is not allowed. Too much money is tied up in current technology to allow change.

So relax, everyone. We’re OK, the planet is OK. We could all stand to live a more simple existence, as resources are finite. Those are problems we need to deal with. We have the technology, but it is hidden away from us at this time. If we have a real problem, the technology will be made available by necessity.

But the end is not near. Not hardly.

7 thoughts on “Climate change exists … only between our ears

    1. So let’s see – you skimmed page 50 of the UN report on Climate health and are now an expert? Go away, JC, unless you got something besides steam coming out your ears.


    1. It is evidence of a change in climate on the Kenai peninsula, going on for some fifty years now. I don’t know if the Kenai peninsula does not undergo many such periods of change.

      Overall, I think there is evidence of a warming trend on the planet. The genius behind it is to take that trend and create a human crisis out of it.

      Suppose the planet were in a cooling phase. Would we then be hearing scary reports about how humans are causing global cooling?


  1. You think solar panels are bogus and useless? Wow! You must have buku stock in the electric company to pad your retirement.


    1. Your use of the word buku makes me leery of answering, but solar panels cannot begin to do what we are currently doing with oil. That is the only reason they are allowed in the marketplace – oil companies know they present no threat to the business model.


      1. Hi, me again and I would like to introduce you to one of the brightest minds (IMHO) in the blogger world, documentary world and just all around really good guy. Clint Richardson has an excellent blog I have been following for several years. I’m posting this now because he just wrote a really good article with a link to the documentary “Sand Wars”. Whoever added the documentary to YT decided to add “flat earth” to the title, but it is the original documentary and has nothing to do with flat earth, but could have a lot to do with climate change. Clint has exceptional work on numerous other subjects. He has an excellent documentary about vaccines called Lethal Injection. He has given numerous talks about the Common Core Curriculum. He is from the Sacramento area, currently living in Utah. He visits his mom every Christmas and I was able to meet him for lunch this past December before he headed home….he and Jan Irvin are friends. Here is the link to his most recent article
        His YT channel is TheCorporationNation. He had a radio show on RepublicBroadcasting but after almost 500 shows decided he needed a break. Most of the audios of his radio shows can be found on his YT channel. I have a spreadsheet of all the radio shows and a listener has removed commercials and added information about each show to make it easy to find subjects that interest you. If you are interested, please email me and I will forward the spreadsheet.


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