The confidence game

I think what I saw on TV’s Jeopardy was more recent than the video above, and it has stuck in my craw. Please look closely at David Muir, news Anchor for ABC News. He is dressed impeccably, his eyes are piercing. He takes himself very seriously.

He is an idiot. He was hired because he delivers that serious and believable cadence, and because he is so damned good looking. No doubt if you went out for beers with the man, by evening’s end you would discover that, like the state of North Dakota, there is no “there” there. The man probably can’t place Lebanon on the map.

Television casts a hypnotic spell wherein the mode of delivery is the message. Muir could as easily tell us that Canada is infected with dinosaur lice and Americans have stopped aging now, and typical viewers would think ?”Hmmm. How about that.”

That is how news works. It is not about anything true. Most of what we call “news” is lies and distortions. It is designed to get viewers to “look here, not there.” It is merely about distraction and believability.

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