Eyes are a window to the soul

Here is some Sunday morning fun for you. It is a 1964 interview with the Beatles. It is a mere seven minutes, and so will not tax your resources. Keep in mind that they are all hiding a secret, that there is a fifth Beatle, Mike* McCartney. The implications are a bit severe, as young men at age 21 or so are not sophisticated enough to pull off such deception which includes, as we shall see, plastic surgery. That is being done by their handlers. These boys are each selected for various reasons. Like the American group The Monkees, they were assembled by experts.

Mike with linesPlastic surgery is apparent in this photograph to the left, where the skin lines are a huge tell. This photo is of “Mike,” and not the “Paul” who appears in the YouTube above. He has had plastic surgery about the eyes, and age is exposing it. He will have to have yet more to hide those lines again. He is now almost 73 years old, so that his skin must be like hard rubber. Imagine the makeup he needs to appear in public! The price of fame.

Paul with lines in videoPaul is the photo to the right, and the same type lines are apparent, but not as severe, indicating that Mike was the one who endured the most facial reconstruction to look like the other.

I watched this clip in earnest because I was looking for signs of nervousness and lying. For the most part, they are straightforward and honest. George shows no signs of deception. Ringo too seems candid. Paul seems nervous throughout.

However, and some basic body language reading ability helps here, at about three minutes in, John and Mike/Paul begin to engage in eye darting and evasive gestures. She is asking them about how they write their music. I mentioned in my Sir Faul post that the origins of the Lennon/McCartney music is a separate subject that needs exploration. It is simply quite impossible that these two lads, even as they play and sing well by this time, are turning out pop hits by the score. They are too young, are touring anyway** and so taxed to the hilt, and so have neither ability nor time. As George says when asked what he does with spare time, he says “sleep.”

Now step back and take in the body of work of the Beatles. If you have a discerning ear you will hear a cacophony of writers, from She Loves You to A Day in the Life to Lady Madonna to Yellow Submarine to Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band to Come Together, many voices, many writers. It is a committee, or an office of song smiths somewhere in the bowels of London. Such efforts are probably still underway with a young woman said to hatch new hit songs in bushel baskets, Taylor Swift. Not very damned likely at her age or apparent current level of intelligence.

The deceptions behind The Beatles go far beyond twins and body doubles and are still mostly hidden. They did not form by accident. Nor do most of the pop stars, then and now, appear and gain fame in an accidental world. Our entertainment, like our news, is controlled.
*We have no way of knowing who is Mike or Paul, so the man parading around these days as Paul McCartney could indeed be Paul McCartney. That would be funny. For writing purposes, I use “Paul” as the one we knew in early times, and “Mike” as the one who took over from the movie Help! forward.
**It could be that Paul is doing public appearances while Mike is doing studio work at this time, just as with the two Presley twins, Elvis and Aron, one singing on stage while the other was making movies. This is one advantage of using twins in the music business.

12 thoughts on “Eyes are a window to the soul

  1. If obedience to authority and group think is all that is taught in schools, and attendence is mandatory, how can we reasonably expect critical thinking to gain traction in the existing environment? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZp7eVJNJuw

    The source of the problem is structural/institutional. Media is icing on the cake. I think of it (media) as continuing adult “education.”


    1. For reasons I don’t yet understand I have lost sound on my computer, so I cannot watch that YouTube just now. I did see a map of Prussia, so have a good idea what is in store. I will fix my problem and view it later.

      Media as continuing adult education is a nice concept. What troubles me more is the simple idea of persistence and concentration over an extended period of time to examine and assemble evidence. It seems a lost skill.

      There is or was a TV show, CSI, about forensic investigators, all beautiful people, of course, who solve crimes by means of quickly discovered evidence that leads right to the truth.

      One, beautiful people usually don’t develop their minds, as they don’t have to to enjoy success.

      But one step further, crime solving is hard work requiring sweat and brains. Any detective will tell you that they usually suffer from too much evidence, and that the ability to put it into a coherent package, get rid of that which is unrelated or a red herring, takes a life time to develop. Many crimes go unsolved. I am tempted to say most, but the type of crime police investigate (as opposed to bankers stealing from everyone), well, I don’t know how much gets solved.

      The TV show merely gives the impression that you must be good looking and that the right answer is easy to find. Life does not work like that. Everything takes time, from babies to fine wine.


    2. Nice video …

      Education should aim at destroying free will so that after pupils are thus schooled they will be incapable throughout the rest of their lives of thinking or acting otherwise than as their school masters woudl have wished. When this technique has been perfected, every government that has been in charge of education for more than one generation will be able to control its subjects securely without the need of armies or policemen. (Johann Gottlieb Fichte, German philosopher)

      Chances of a revolution or upheaval of the status quo in this country are right up there with your local little league team winning the world series.


  2. Right at the end, Paul appears as tall as John and slightly taller than Ringo, who may have taller heels on his boots so as to not look too short- Paul’s hair looks like a wig- John looks stoned, certainly more sedate- I wonder if the hand wringing Paul wasn’t in fact Mike this time around- I doubt the program was live and therefore could have been shelved if Mike wasn’t capable of pulling off the charade- Both Paul’s sharing air time would seem necessary to keep the game going-
    A friend of mine saw Paul up close at a concert last year and reports that the drummer ghosts Paul’s vocals on many songs- How many Paul’s has it been since the cute one? The guy on stage today may be younger than 74 but made to look older- He certainly can’t hide the nips and tucks now-


    1. I think, based in the nose, that the sitting-talking Paul is original Paul. But you’re right – he was short. So that at the end it might have been Mike. That would answer the question why the odd staging, two aside … Shot at different times and Mike had to step in and be Paul for the George/Ringo part. Amazing deception.

      I love the way you dissected. Thanks. John’s eyes are puffy.

      Of course, I ain’t sure. That could be Mike all the way.


  3. This is my last flogging of this viddie- It was apparently shot in Scotland where chairs are at a premium- The freeze frames are allegedly from the original footage being damaged- If it’s local Scottish TV, I doubt Britain proper saw this and would not be able to use much more familiarity of Paul to be puzzled by any percieved difference-
    One need only read the You Tube comments section to see just how thick the fog still is- Many finding these guys off the cuff witty when this content free mumble fest is as boring (unrehearsed) as I’ve seen them- I’m going to go with Mike all the way, not just because of the nervousness and height issue, but also because of the off on a side stage, pre-recorded nature of the whole thing- It’s one of a number of test flights with a low margin for detection to get the twins ready for any switches ahead-
    (Please note the emphasis on “changes” in the early part of the interview- A deliberate “tell” to test the project’s current limits?…resting…)


    1. Damned nice observation. Mathis says to pay particular attention to the eyebrows on Mike and Paul, which I have not done. So I get fooled on that often, especially with the young photos. Now looking at the sitting Paul, I just am not sure. This has happened before.


  4. I’m not sure what I’m seeing here, but if you haven’t seen this, it’s all about F/Paul’s mismatching teeth- (I’ve been accused by professional musician friends of indulging in conspiracy porn)


    1. “Conspiracy porn?” How about “follow truth, no matter where it leads.”

      Fascinating that they can do such thorough work indicating the presence of two “Pauls” but not ask the question … twins? I should not talk, as I did not think to ask it until I read Mathis’ Elvis paper.


      1. I think the twin theory will gain adherents when someone makes a twin Paul video- Maybe I’ll try one, if you don’t mind-


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