Straight From the Devil’s Mouth

A commenter here has started an intriguing blog called “Straight From the Devil’s Mouth.” I will refer to him as “Dan,” as he treasures anonymity.

Wikipedia is an excellent source of information on all topics, but it is important to understand what it is before trusting anything about it. It did not appear by accident, and it is usually wrong about important things. That is deliberate. That is why it was founded. Its ongoing fundraising efforts are fake, as it has access to the bottomless pit of money called “CIA”, or “Intelligence” behind it. It is part of the ongoing misinformation scheme to keep us all up to our eyebrows in lies. On important matters it is a compendium of official truth, also known as lies.

Like any con game, confidence is the essence of Wiki. Once you trust it as a valid source, you’ve lost the game and are the mark, so to speak. Just like another Intel operation called “Snopes,” Wiki’s job is to gain your trust before feeding you bullshit.

But once we know that, we can use Wiki to our advantage. Spotting the lies in Wikipedia is an arrow in the general direction of truth.

According to Dan, built into Wikipedia are little clues, “red flags,” built around numerology. I do not truck with the “occult,” and regard numerology as a mere signalling device. For instance, below is a screen grab from the Wiki page on Kurt Cobain:


The footnote “7” is apparently referring the reader to the page number 331 of Charles R. Cross’s Heavier than Heaven, a 2002 biography of Cobain. But according to Dan, that is not so. “331” is a signal to spooks world wide that Cobain’s death was a hoax. It is done by embedded use of the number “33.” That, along with “8,” “47” and “74” and a host of variations are a means of sharing information with the thousands of “spooks,” or intelligence agents around the world, that certain information is false.

In the same manner, the book Catcher in the Rye was a pre-Internet signal. Note that Lee Harvey Oswald was reported to have it checked out from the library in 1963, that John Hinkley, Jr. had it sitting on his kitchen table in 1981, and that Mark David Chapman was holding it when arrested in 1980. By use of that signal, all of the spooks of the world instantly knew that the shootings of Kennedy, Reagan and Lennon were faked. Dan’s numbers provide a similar service.

There’s an old saying, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.  Every appearance of one is not phallic. “33” follows 32 and precedes 34, and cannot be skipped. As with everything in life, we have to sort through a lot of noise to find the truth. Dan’s system is useful, but only one of many tools at our disposal in decoding the world around us. Have fun with the blog – each of his entries is a starting point to further research. Some of it is simply jaw-dropping.

26 thoughts on “Straight From the Devil’s Mouth

  1. I don’t doubt that most or even all “news” or “historical” events are false, but I wonder — does “Dan” plan on supporting his declarations of falsity with any facts?

    I’m not a fan of the occult but I do notice the telltale numerology accompanying many news reports. However they don’t seem to appear in all such reports — even those that are as obviously fake as the others. So, while it is always good to notice such things, I wouldn’t use it as any sort of absolute rule in determining the falsity of a report.

    Also, why would spooks need to “signal” each other that certain events are fake? Aren’t they pretty much ALL fake? Wouldn’t they know that already as we do? And, if not, don’t they have phones?


    1. Hey lux, I’m “Dan”.

      No I do not. My website is focused purely on outing the numerology that I find. The research required to out the 10-15 articles I already wrote would take a year, yet it only took me 2 days. I have 15-20 more bombshell stuff ready to write already. I think of each article as groundwork for a research project if any of it intrigues anybody enough to look for details. It’s certainly ambitious, but I feel like I don’t have time to waste on small details, when I can find out King Tut and most great archaeological find of the 20th century as frauds, like I’ll write about today.

      If I am correct and this wiki numerology is how the spooks signal each other, then I don’t want to waste too much of my time researching it. The whole point of this numbering would be to quickly and efficiently notify agents around the world of what is real and what is fake, so that they are not fooled and they know what to discredit. It is sort of the “black book” or “akashic records” of the agents.

      I have always wondered how disinformation agents on the internet know what ideas to attack and what to ignore, and this might be one way how. I feel very strongly and intuitively that I am extremely close to the truth.

      For example, I googled “dead sea scrolls fake” and found a thread on the Icke forum (disinfo haven) where a guy presents reasonable ideas suggesting they are fake. He is then ridiculed by a large majority of posters. These people believe in Reptilians, yet they’re closed minded about the Dead Sea Scrolls? How do the disinfo agents know to attack him? It’s not a conspiracy you often hear. I believe they have a quick and easy “guide” that tells them just enough so that they know who is on their team and what is a hoax.

      And not everything is fake. Many times studies claiming something is fake, are the ones that are flagged as fake. The world is not cut and dry like that, and far too complex to think “everything is fake”. Not only do they fake the truth, but they hide the real truth.


      1. As for why they can’t just call or email each other, I see Wikipedia as a gigantic encrypted Knowledge Base.

        In an efficient company, they have intranets or KBs so that every employee of the company can quickly and easy look up whatever it is they don’t know. I once designed a Knowledge Base for a growing mid-size company. It’s a natural progression from a disorganized organization which depends on sticky notes and making phone calls to one that is efficient with their time and resources.

        We are talking about the largest organization in the world, of course they would be organized. And due to the nature of the business, they can not all have access to an intranet where they can login with their usernames since that could be hacked and would be an obvious indicator of who they work for. In this case, there is no suspicions since they are on an innocent website like Wikipedia.


        1. This makes much sense, MH. Thank you. This goes far explaining how quickly wiki entries regarding “events” pop up so quickly for easy reference.


          1. No problem, Nathan.

            I find many times, like after the Orlando incident, they make a page but purposely keep it brief in order to give the appearance of “gathering information”. A day or two later it will be filled out completely.

            You may remember that many years ago the meme was “Haha I bet you used Wikipedia to get that information” and then suddenly a few years ago it changed to “Actually, Wikipedia is a really good starting point for information”. Now we know why.


  2. Mark,
    Thank you so much for the shoutout. I appreciate the anonymity but MH are not my real initials, so I’m fine admitting it is my blog.

    Couple things to add:
    The numbers don’t always indicate that something is fake. They usually indicate a mix of: “This person is an agent”, “This company or organization is a front”, “This event was staged or hoaxed”, “That’s not true”. The interpretation is up to the reader although if you read the entire article and similar articles, it will begin to be consistent.

    My biggest concern when starting this project was the randomness of the numbers. How will I know I’m not just some goofball who is picking random numbers and creating a story out of them. Well, for one, it is all very consistent. It matches much of Miles Mathis’s and this blog’s work, and much of it intuitively makes sense.

    The next question is how do they do it? Well, looking at hundreds of articles for this numerology, I began to see patterns. Purposeful moving around of the footnotes so that the perfect sentence will get marked. Grouping of footnotes so entire nests get outed. The same people and fronts getting flagged over and over again on dozens of different pages. A clear consistency throughout hundreds of papers.

    In times of doubt, to make sure that I’m not wrong and just declaring everything a hoax, I would go on pages of things I know are true, and would find the footnotes suddenly ending at 7, or the red flags only marking the skeptics or agents who commentated on the matter. This makes me believe that not only are intelligence agents continuously monitoring the hundreds of thousands of wiki pages that are filled with their flags, but they also monitor the millions of pages that are not connected to intelligence in order to make sure they are not accidentally giving false flags.

    It’s amazing stuff and I am very impressed with their work on this project. They must have a very large Wikipedia writing force.


  3. I like it, though your findings so far are controversial even for me. But who cares. As I always say, I can be fooled, and then un-fooled too. It’s how I learn. Some of the numerology I have seen is patently obvious – the Zika virus being discovered in 1947, OJ getting a 33 year jail sentence, the Alex Jones/trump interview being 33 minutes and 33 seconds long, Sharon Tate’s SSN being 452-74-4733 – knowing a bit of their communication system is very useful, a direction signal.

    So,as you know, I read Rush Limbaugh’s wiki page last night with your system in mind, and found not a thing unusual. He seems quite legit and above board – that is, he would not be on thee radio without a clear mission, which I think is to reinforce the two party illusion, but he himself is who he says he is.


    1. Interesting. I will probably have to write out a guide indicating how I use it. There might be some confusion.

      So you know, there are even more controversial things I have not written about yet, so not to scare off too many readers right away, believe it or not.


  4. I’m a world expert at Jimi Hendrix’s murder. It is a shame that few people realize Wikipedia is a CIA operation or that its owner Jimmy Wales is a typical southern political belt right-wing loser drafted into Intel service by the usual pathetic perks. I was banned from Wikipedia by a super-moderator who swooped in and accused me of violating the “defamation of living persons” Wikipedia rule. He made a special tag for me so the other moderators could see the terms of my special banishment. I was banned for posting “actually there is very good evidence Jimi’s manager Michael Jeffery murdered Jimi” on the “Talk” page and not even in the main article. This, of course, is a very factual statement that can be verified, which is why it is a danger to CIA’s Wikipedia. When I pointed out to the moderators that Michael Jeffery has been dead since 1973 and therefore I was not guilty of what I was banned for I never got any direct reply. I was only led to a deliberate maze of vague rules and procedures designed to keep me mired in technicalities that would prevent me from ever getting a fair hearing. Even after showing I wasn’t guilty I was told several times that “I had failed to show I understood why I was banned”. Clearly Wikipedia is abusing the public and doing so for CIA political reasons. Its owner Jimmy Wales is a failed internet porno entrepreneur. But it gets even worse. The ‘Death Of Jimi Hendrix’ article has a critical error that is strategically placed in order to mislead the public. And this is coming from a site that pretends strict enforcement of information and accuracy. The article says Jimi had a 100mg blood alcohol content. This is provably false because in my research I obtained the London Coroner’s Office autopsy sheets and they clearly state the blood alcohol content was 5mg (20 times lower). The 100mg mentioned by Wikipedia is from a speculation by the autopsist that Jimi had to have that level of blood alcohol when he ingested the pills. It is a violation of autopsy procedures to speculate. However critical information has arisen recently that shows the timeline the autopsist was assuming was off by over 5 hours. A lifetime in forensic terms. When I informed Wikipedia of this they ignored it and the 100mg is still there in the article misleading the public as intended. 5mg is a splash of beer not capable of causing the drug conflict listed as the cause of death. I assure you Jimi Hendrix was assassinated by the US Government’s Central Intelligence Agency.


    1. I understand your frustration. But if we understand that Wikipedia is a CIA front, a database of official truth, then we can use it as such to our advantage. No point in trying to change or argue with them.

      Regarding Hendrix, his entire bio is suspicious – he got out of the army way too easy, became famous way too fast, disappeared way too quickly. In my own work on the Laurel Canyon music scene, at this point, I am putting him on the “BSE” list, “Became Someone Else.” I don’t think he died.


  5. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar and Jimi’s extraordinary talent explains his meteoric rise to fame. However, there are some very bizarre intrigue complexities involved with his murder that most-likely involve hypnotic mind control of the woman who set him up the night he died. The German woman, Monika Danneman, showed up in Jimi’s life in a strange way and had no known background. She stuck to her lies about what happened that morning like a real Intel pro and also died a questionable death in 1996 from car fumes after she was being forced to finally tell the truth.


    1. I agree that Morrison was a highly charged charismatic performer, though not a musician in any sense. Just a look at his photographs tells us that.

      However, any murder investigation starts with a body, and with Jim, we have none. There is also strong indications that the heavy set man playing Jim at the end was someone else, and that Jim had already departed.

      There’s more to come on this, so stay tuned. Right now, Jim is on my BSE list.


  6. Janis very publicly said she travelled to Brazil to get sober, and in the company of one David George Niehaus, who returned her to the states- Is he a spook? A schoolteacher backpacking around the world during the cold war? Sure- “She had also started working on an album with a new producer, Paul Rothschild.” Had to highlight that from this typical quick bio which does not ring true at all- Junkies don’t live like this-


  7. As a child of the 60’s myself, I have really enjoyed the excellent research found at Jan Irvin’s website, He has done extensive work on MK-ULTRA and has proof that the entire 60’s counter culture was a creation of the CIA. He has a histogram that shows all the the 1000’s of links he has put together with supporting documentation. On the home page across the top, click on Brain and when that page comes up click on the link for the online version of the data base. There are also excellent videos and audios. He and Joe Atwill have written some really excellent papers. Search for “Spies in Academic Clothing” there is also “Manufacturing the Deadhead”. I am 65 and have been “awake” for 5 years. I try so hard to wake people up, but it is near impossible, even with proof in the form of FOIA documents and unclassified CIA documents. Hope you enjoy the information as much as I have.


  8. Very interesting stuff here. The blog has been taken down. Is there anywhere I can find it?

    BTW — I’ve noticed the numerology of 331 and 74. See Vincent Asaro’s wikipedia page (for 74) & FDR’s day of infamy speech.


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