Conscious consumers of Gnostic media

I am not a slouch, but often have to be slapped in the face with something before I see it. My saving grace is that I usually only need the one slap. Consequently, I need to collaborate and feed off the work of others as I move forward. I am proud that I did some of the basic groundwork on Paul McCartney, the discovery of twins, but first it took one of those slaps. This is from Miles Mathis, his paper on Elvis wherein he discovered that he was  a set of twins:

“We can now take this discovery back to the Beatles, who my readers tell me had doubles. Maybe they did. But I suggest we should ask first if they were twins. Maybe Paul didn’t die and he wasn’t replaced. He simply had a twin we haven’t been told about. No one has thought of that, have they? Or, maybe someone has, but it isn’t one of the primary alternative theories.”
Thus did I take the plunge.


I have another email address I don’t use, one that Microsoft forces me to have to use their software. In it I have been getting regular notices from the Conscious Consumers Network. I must have signed up with them but used my dormant email address to avoid spam. Just at a glance it doesn’t look interesting, so I have deleted the emails.

So this morning down below a commenter noted:

“As a child of the 60’s myself, I have really enjoyed the excellent research found at Jan Irvin’s website, He has done extensive work on MK-ULTRA and has proof that the entire 60’s counter culture was a creation of the CIA. He has a histogram that shows all the the 1000’s of links he has put together with supporting documentation. On the home page across the top, click on Brain and when that page comes up click on the link for the online version of the data base. There are also excellent videos and audios. He and Joe Atwill have written some really excellent papers. Search for “Spies in Academic Clothing” there is also “Manufacturing the Deadhead”. I am 65 and have been “awake” for 5 years. I try so hard to wake people up, but it is near impossible, even with proof in the form of FOIA documents and unclassified CIA documents. Hope you enjoy the information as much as I have.”

In visiting Gnostic Media I found many links to CCN, and one especially useful in my current project, Laurel Canyon, this one discussing Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead and Ken Kesey and his Merry Pranksters. It all seems legit, the discussion and analysis. I don’t get any sense at first visit that I am dealing with spooks in disguise.

So please, if you are familiar with either of these outlets, give me your take, and otherwise visit and judge for yourself.

As always, we are charged with the task of using our own brains.

18 thoughts on “Conscious consumers of Gnostic media

  1. Been making use of Irvin’s site for about three years. His site’s great. His groundbreaking research is phenomenal, and will become the more appreciated by more and more people in time. He’s indefatigable with his research and work, and he’s an excellent communicator. Not only his papers and books, but his podcasts are another source of excellent education. Time doesn’t permit me an extensive response in an attempt to justify Irvin. His Trivium Method of learning is priceless. I think in time you’ll discover like I have that, indeed, Irvin’s legit.


  2. The site looks fine to me and the posters who recommend him seem genuine, but the word “Gnostic” is a red flag IMO.

    The Gnostic Gospels have been flagged multiple times in Wiki. They were discovered in 1945, two years before the Dead Sea Scrolls (1947) which I have flagged as hoax. Their purpose IMO is to replace the Bible in the long term plan of defeating Christianity.

    So I view the Gnostic reference as being on par with a 33 or a 47. Maybe I’m wrong, but be cautious.


    1. I understand. But if you employ his work and research you’ll discover, as I had, that it has nothing to do with the Gnostic gospels or Gnosticism as such. In fact Irvin is fond of repeating a phrase he happened upon and that’s attributed to someone whose name escapes me at the moment that, “Mysticism is the tool of tyrants.” Irvin’s not “religious”, but he’s respectful. He hammers home Common Sense, Logic, and the Trivium Method – while being fearless and adept in his application of each and making no apologies for such. His research and work is very far reaching and deep. In my opinion anyone will highly benefit from making use of it.


        1. I know you are researching the 60’s music scene…but you might be really interested in a couple of videos and podcasts Jan did with Steve Outtrim. “Shadow History of Burners” part 1 and 2. Steve has researched the start up of the technology boom and Silicon Valley and it’s connection to intelligence. A lot happened in the mid-50’s and it is quite stunning to see it for what it is. Much info about The Presidio, Stanford Research Institute and much more. Stanford Research designed Disney Land and that is connected to Hewlett Packard’s first big job. I gleaned much from these videos and you can download the PowerPoint to follow along. To top it off, former Dept of Defense agent, Douglas Dietrich had YouTube take down the videos citing copyright claims and stating they were his videos…it took 3 weeks, but that has been resolved. Is anyone ever “former” intelligence?

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          1. Of course … I got preoccupied on 60s, but it is ongoing … along came “Punk” and my kids and I lost track of everything. The whole of Silicon Valley is spookville, the “heads” of the companies and start-ups mere hires. Microsoft, Google, Apple are DARPA technology, Gates, Jobs, Zuckerberg frauds. I would love to watch the Jan and Steve videos. I work in my garage making picture frames as a hobby and have such things in the background.


            1. I forgot to provide links and as a side note, after 6 weeks most episodes are archived and there are several options to “pay” for downloads.(with exception of CNN videos that I don’t believe are archived) There are older podcasts/videos that I want to hear and I plan to pay the weekly fee so I can do that. You can also check out their YouTube channel for older items that are always available.
              It is so unnerving to know how controlled “we the people” have been and, to me, very freeing to understand the truth.


        2. That’s a circumstantial ad hominem attack. I was into “Gnositcism” years ago and through my research I ended up exposing the entire thing. So rather than using guilt by associations and ad hominem attacks, just focus on my research. If you get hung up on a name you’re looking only at the cover and missing the content. I explain my own change of opinion based on the facts and research throughout my work.


          1. I was never attacking your site, simply showing caution, as I have every right to do in this disinfo world.


        3. From the FRONT PAGE of my website. Sometimes if we look past our assumptions, the answer’s right in front of us:

          “Gnostic Media is open-source, independant media. Here the word ‘gnostic’ pertains to knowledge and not necessarily dogmatic ‘Gnostic’ teachings. The word gnostic has its origins in the word ‘knowledge’ or ‘to know’.”


  3. I listen to most of his podcasts- His team-up with Joe Atwill extends back a ways- Though I have differences with Atwill on the Flavian influence on the Imperial age, his identification of the archaic revival espoused by all those tools in the sixties (Leary et al) is his most important contribution- Irvin’s impact on me has been at times profound, especially concerning diet- His Q and A style takes some getting used to, but his approach to unraveling the counter culture is first rate….However, I don’t know what he thinks about media fakery- Atwill concedes some false flagery, but Irvin, I’m not certain what he thinks on that topic-
    Atwill also teams up with a very good researcher named Jerry Russell on a weekly podcast on Revolution Radio- RR has a lot of new age mumbo jumbo, but for some reason they also host Jerry and Joe- Jerry did a quick critique of my JFK book, and also discussed whether nukes were a hoax after listening to my podcast on the topic- I contribute to their forum on occasion- Here’s the link to their web site, The podcasts are archived there-

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  4. gnosticmedia33 says:”The word gnostic has its origins in the word ‘knowledge’ or ‘to know’.”

    The only true gnostic is one who has experienced actual gnosis.

    Gnostic knowledge is nothing that can be learned or taught. It’s pure experience. Any other definition or use of the term “gnostic” is of the path of deception and based on lies.

    As one who knows, anyone claiming to be “gnostic” and pushing learned systems of knowledge is a complete fraud. It’s why they invented the christian religion and the fictional messiah jesus.

    Gnostic knowledge is spiritual only.


      1. Jan Irvin is the same sort of (faux)gnostic propagandist as was DM Murdock, there’s not one bit of gnostic wisdom found anywhere in their work. What their work is is to keep you concentrated on the elite and what they create with their lies, deceptions and their manipulation of humanity and reality. Notice they never have a solution to the problems and not only that, they make quite a profit selling their shit to you.

        Propagandists are under the employ of the elite and they will never tell you the truth. Understand that constant attention (good or bad) to the elite is worship….and it is they who wrote and created the fictional bible in order to be worshiped and keep humanity as slaves to them. Your creator (and self) is to be “known” (gnosis), never worshipped.

        And since you’re exposing frauds here add this one, John Lamb Lash (faux-gnostic) is Paul Hogan.


        1. I don’t get “propagandist” out of him, and I do like his work in the area of the “trivium,” (is that what he calls it?) or merely learning how to interpret the world around us with our own eyes. Oddly in this day and age 99% of people don’t know how to spot a lie.

          I do wish they’d spend less time on done deals, Jerry Garcia, Kesey and all of that. Those guys succeeded! They got away with it. It’s done. And, of course, Pizzagate roused my suspicions, as the event is an obvious hoax. But it is better to be right about a few things than wrong about everything. I would tend to want to be more charitable with them and hope people would give me the benefit if the doubt now and then as well.


          1. Those may be “done deals” but I appreciate the fact that they did the research and brought it to our attention. I tried to talk to my daughter about it and she wanted to know why she should care…I told her she should care because it is still going on to this day with all the false flag events and psyops that seem to happen with more and more frequency. The fact that I know allows me to view these things with suspicion and not buy into every shooting and bombing until I do a little research of my own.

            People that are still unaware of what was accomplished in the past, have no idea how easily we are being controlled to this day.


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