A day in the Colorado Rockies

imageWe’ve been off mountain climbing … At our age, merely walking up trails that lead to mountain tops, called “walk-ups.” We did Mt. Bierstadt today, which at 14,060 qualifies as a “fourteener. I am beat.

Now, if you take this photo and pull up Microsoft Paint, you should be able to merge it with another, crop half the face, and reveal my dark secret: I am Larry David.

I did, however, want to highlight a comment I liked from below from Tyrone – you can tell as he writes that his mind is moving faster than his fingers, and he is dumping ideas as fast as the fingers allow. I found this comment [about the Jim Morrison post below] fascinating.

“Following just the nose in Google images, Sexy Jim seems consistent but Mountain Jim just vibes as another guy, a different actor for a different role, even though the character’s name is the same- I should have thought of this earlier, but the Jim in the Riders on the Storm film is probably just an actor cast for that film- Looking at some of the TV appearances (Sullivan, etc.) there are no shots of the band and the audience together (didn’t watch them all) suggesting their performances were at an earlier date, and probably where there is an edit or dissolve, your looking at a jigsaw of alternate takes with the sound mix carefully synced to the edits to hide them – Lip syncing’s no crime, happens all the time when on a weekly time budget, but one can’t assess whether they could actually play- The chaos at the live events helped mask their suspect musicianship- In the end, these guys were The Monkees without the laffs- A pre-packaged product to sell decadence, like The Stones, but west-coast style- And a prep for the Manson mishigas that brought the whole house down-
PS- It’s a hilarious notion but Rush is too young to have been any incarnation of the twenty something Jim from the 60’s- Rush as Jim may be an attempt to soften the conviction of the Hicks/Jones makeover-“

10 thoughts on “A day in the Colorado Rockies

  1. I’m hoping I can keep this coherent: When did the pics of Jumbo Jim with the beard first surface? They couldn’t have been taken for any promotional reason as they were using the skinny actor in the promo film for Riders on the Storm right near the end of The Door’s run- If the pics surfaced only after Sugerman/Hopkins in ’80, or Rolling Stone spearheading the Doors revival soon after (He’s Hot, He’s Sexy, He’s Dead) then there would have been time to shoot these fat pics with a young Rush as Jumbo Jim- So, I’ll adjust my thinking and buy a position on that theory pending an answer-
    The idea that a young, family connected, blow hard with a hunger for spook assignments (and apparently erectile dysfunction which makes for good spooks [they carry a certain amount of resentment and the hostility manifests in fascistic sympathies- See again early Wilhelm Reich]) would take an early job posing as a bloated, dying rock star seems plausible- So, having succeeded there, Rush moves up the ladder as Reaganism took over the culture- Many voices espousing the new right were herded onto AM radio and Rush was shoved to the front of the herd- The old pics of Rush as Jumbo Jim would need doctoring, but the beard and long hair cover a lot- Miles says Paul’s pics have been doctored to hide the twin- Expect the same if that really is Rush-
    As for hot, sexy, dead Jim, there is a lot of nonsense about a horseman in Oregon named Bill Loyer and a “Morrison” ranch- Manzarek hinted at this rabbit trail, but Loyer is apparently too short- Seems like misdirection…duh!
    There is, however, a spooky British character named Alan Graham who seems too convenient to be true- He wrote a book about the Beatles he knew before they were famous, having worked around the corner of the Cavern Club at a tailor’s shop in Liverpool- Knows The Beatles and has a book contract- Two red flags on the tote board for Alan- Then, wait for it, he meets Jim’s sister Anne Morrison in London while involved in the music scene, and she brings him to America to get married- Nice way for a spook to get a passport and citizenship- He has some contact with an obvious occult/UFO intel front called the Aetherius Society which conveniently has branches in both London and LA- I’m going to turn over all the red flags on Alan- Later in life he’s a spokesman for Larry Flynt(!) Later still, he writes a book about Morrison family life after the Admiral dies in 2008- He and Jim get drunk is apparently what it’s primarily about- My guess is that the ONI Admiral Morrison and this British agent put together the fiction that the actor playing hot, sexy Jim was the Admiral’s oldest son- Jim at the time told everyone he’s an only child/orphan, and the Admiral’s son narrative is triggered by Sugerman et al, post mortem to give the actor a background-
    And just for shits and giggles, Graham had a podcast called House of Detention on the Ghost Radio Network- Paranormal stuff was apparently the theme-
    What happened to the actor playing hot, sexy, it’s worse than that he’s dead Jim? The hunt continues…


    1. I think, if I were you, I would not worry too much about “coherent,” as it does maintain a narrative while at the same time allowing you to let the ideas flow as they come to you. It all amounts to a box of material that we need to sift through.

      One, the Rush connection, I will try to definitively nail that down. We have the straight-on photograph of Jumbo Jim, and I was trying to do measurements of distances between eyes and upper lip, but I will simply synchronize the pupils and do an overlay. If they are the same person, there will be synchrony.

      I know nothing about “Sugarman/Hopkins in 1980.” Please expand.

      If there is doctoring of Rush, I might be able to uncover it. The hairy monster is surely haired up for the photos, maybe in a photo studio, but maybe by real makeup artists. (Bottles – catsup, olive oil, in foreground – nice touch.)

      Graham/Anne/Aetherius/Flynt can be unraveled but not right now. Just keep pushing and shut off your edit functions, as you are pouring out raw data that, when assembled, will make sense of it all. This is all new to me, but I can sometimes decipher.

      Paranormal shit is all over the place. It’s like they do that while waiting for the next bus.

      Keep going. Your mental meanderings are extremely useful. Your gift, one among many, is to let it out unedited, so that we can make sense of it along with you.


      1. Looking at young and old Rush, he looks like he was always somewhat heavy set- Late period Jim looks at worst like he was bloating mostly in the face- Pills? Liquor? The last pics of Jim and Pamela in Paris suggest a man past 25 starting to fill out a little, primarily in the face- He’s clean shaven and doesn’t vibe as a junkie about to overdose- Her neither-
        Like the spooky Alan Graham, I think the key to this mystery is understanding who was around the spectral Jim Morrison rather than just ID’ing the actor(s) playing him, though that would be helpful, to say the least-

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          1. Just had a thought: Leather Pants Jim plays as polymorphously perverse and a little suspect as to orientation in his TV performances- Since gay lib hadn’t happened yet, he could get away with it- Enter Pam Courson, stage right- She has double duty: sell Jim as straight, and more importantly, sell the multiple Jims she’s photographed with as only one Jim- She’s there not just as a “beard”, but as misdirection- Pam never changes and therefore, despite weight fluctuation, Jim must be the same guy each time, too- (Note to self: Check for multiple PC’s)


            1. Interesting … Same role that Jane Asher played for Paul and Mike McCartney, perception management. Forehead slap here, it never occurs to me that someone might be gay until someone tells me.


            2. I think junkies tend to emaciate, avoid eating, become gaunt. Too much liquor can bloat the face and neck. It could also be a very good double. I will try and check that out, but I am not yet practiced enough to do anything but head-on photos. It could also be that he had to fake-die because he was not under control.

              Reminds me, we were off playing today, but early this morning I did a facial matchup with Phil Hartman and Glen Beck. It is dead-on except for the ears, and exact matchup. Given that it seemed close, I wondered about the effect of plastic surgery on the ears … Check out Ellen DeGeneres …

              Anyway, more work to do, need to put the two on a time line and compare wiki pages and stuff.,


            3. My wife says the Ellen effect is just camera angle, possible, but sleuth around a little. I think her face, relative to her ears, has moved. Keep in mind it is still her, no body doubles. No way do they replace those eyes.


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