The McCartney twins


For the benefit of those who assume we don’t know what we are talking about, we who say that Paul McCartney is twins, here they are.

Young PaulMike McCNote the differences: The one we know as “Paul” on the left has a slightly longer face, lower ears, wrap-around eyebrows, and eyes that droop far more than “Mike’s” below and on the right.  This after plastic surgery. They appear to have been fraternal twins, not identical.

As I understand it now, both Paul and Mike played the part of “Paul” in various gigs up until about 1990, when original Paul retired, and Mike became the permanent Paul.

Of course, a commenter below mentioned the possibility that the guy we now call Paul  might have his own double too, a younger man made up to look older. He said a friend of his attending a McCartney concert thought that the drummer was ghosting McCartney’s voice for various songs during the concert. They are squeezing the last drop of blood out of the enterprise.

And keep in mind, Paul could be Mike could be Paul. We have no way of knowing which twin was which and assumed the role of Paul during the early days of the Beatles.

12 thoughts on “The McCartney twins

  1. I don’t know if one can imbed pics in the comments section so here are two Morrison mugshots that I aligned and I’d like you (or anyother readers) to try, if you have the chance- My version strongly suggests it’s the same guy, unless Jim has a twin- (I used the left side of the photo of clean shaven Jim and the right side of the photo of beard Jim) Or, plastic surgery at the Nazi fugitive level that military intel has access to is incredible-


    1. They sure look alike on first glance. I’ll work on it tomorrow, also to see if they bear any resemblance to Manson-maned Jim.

      The Las Vegas picture has an artist’s sketch look about it.

      Don’t they usually take mug shots in front of a height scale?


      1. The lighting in the double mug shot is odd- The lighting appears to have been altered in the profile to make it darker- The longer I study the Bug Powder Dust covering him in the other photo, I’m thinking that this has been altered or created in recent times for some ghostly effect- These items may not be legitimate enough to be useful in studying facial architecture- The arrests were certainly staged- The mug shots were created by agents who may have never been arrested and so had no clue about things like height charts- Maybe halving the face of this spectral figure isn’t going to help- Paul at least was traceable as a fairly convincing actual living breathing human being (with a little help from his twin(s))- This Jim character starts to dissolve altogether the closer I look- A better mind than mine is needed on this one- Meanwhile, I’ve got at least four named actors playing Hitler- I’ll be posting something on that on my own long neglected blog soon-
        Jim A: The early Zoolander shirtless PR shots with a wig and retouched high cheekbones-
        Jim B: The leather pants performer on TV 67/68- Stage mayhem, arrests-
        Jim C: Mountain man-
        Jim D: Paris Jim, clean shaven w/Pam-
        Same guy? Versatile actor? Multiples of young Rush? Post-mortem photo composite? I still like the music and this investigation has given me a chance to revisit this rather anomalous group’s recordings- One question implied on another forum in the last year or so: What was Sinatra’s fee for coaching whoever was singing Jim’s part- The discussion pondered just how mature sounding and controlled in phrasing this young twenties singer was- Both Frank and Jim went to Sebring for hair maintenance, allegedly-


    2. Here are some comparisons. Sebring Jim, Nevada Jim and Florida Jim are all the same person. Manson Mane Jim does not match up. I discovered a Limbaugh body double and so ran him against Manson Mane Jim – no match.

      Morrison NV Sebring Match
      Sebring Jim and Jim arrested in Nevada
      Morrison Sebring FL Match
      Sebring Jim and Jim arrested in Florida 1970.
      Morrison Manson Mane Serbing no match
      Sebring Jim and Manson Mane Jim
      Two Limbaughs
      Two Limbaughs
      Morrison Limbaugh no Match
      Second Limbaugh and Manson Mane Jim


      1. Excellent! Two Jims total- Two Rush’s as well- Now, if other celebs and pols and whatnot have at least one double, why? Miley probably has an ice cube tray full of clones-


  2. thank you for posting this…The “Mike McGear” of today (allegedly “Peter Michael McCartney” birth name) is definitely not Paul’s real
    brother. If you see photos of them as toddlers, they look very much alike, whether twins or one year apart. How could two people who looked SO MUCH ALIKE at toddlers resemble total strangers as adults? McGear doesn’t resemble Paul or either of Paul’s parents.


  3. The “Pauls” were Twins and showed in pictures in the beginning. Mike always stood out as impossible to be related to JPM. Plenty of people know the truth.Be nice this mystery solved as to why the twins were kept secret.


    1. It was a psyop/ Intel project from the beginning, Beatles brought in in the wake of the JFK hoax, social engineering writ large. I suspect John L was twins too, future project. Intel loves twins, as does the entertainment business. I listened to parts of a Paul McC interview on Marc Maron’s WTF, had to turn it off. The man is such a liar, poseur.


  4. I have always wondered why I saw a totally different Paul (it was in his eyes and super long face) back in 1967. I knew what Paul looked like. Those 2 pics of Paul one under the other–the 2nd Paul is the Paul we see on the cover of the USA edition of Introducing the Beatles. I had the original album and that Paul had hazel eyes. My teen magazines had color pics of Paul with chocolate brown eyes. I still have 2 teen mags with the Beatles in color and I see Pauls eyes are definitely brown. To me, thats the real Paul Mccartney. Also look on youtube for Beatles Shakespeare skit in color. Towards the end is a close up0 of Paul and his eyes. They are 100 percent brown. No hazel, no green or blue.
    I think we’ve been played all along and that there was another Paul right from the beginning who was used interchangeably for photos, etc. not for performing though before 1966. Take a look at the album cover Im talking about. Thats the 2nd Paul its not the real Paul.


  5. Nonsense! What nonsense! No one died, there is no Billy Shears. All of that and the wonderfully clever album clues was deliberate misdirection left out as a bread crumb trail for the likes of you to follow. It was done to divert us from a simple truth, Paul was a set of twins. Knowing that we can easily deduce that the Beatles were no accident, and were probably recruited to fill their various parts by closeted people with an unstated agenda. That’s how Intelligence lies, not by telling us falsehoods, but by pointing us down blind alleys. This leaves me with the questions – who recruited them, who wrote their music? It does explain why Paul (Mike) deliberately prom toed use of LSD. That was part of the larger agenda.


    1. I definitely saw “Twins” in the McCartney brother’s photos from the original 1st edition Hunter Davies Authorized Beatles Biography 50 or more years ago right around the time all the magazines flipped over McCartney’s death and resurrection.
      EMI recruited them and the Hamburg Proving Ground schooled them in how to reach and maintain being the Topper Most of the Popper Most!


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