Just a side note here: I realize that a stranger walking in off the street and reading down below, for instance, that the OJ trial was all a hoax, that no one died, that no one went to prison, and that the participants were all actors … I know it is a lot to swallow.

I went through the same process when I learned, rejected, questioned and finally accepted that the JFK assassination was a similar hoax. It takes readjustment, and serious reevaluation of what we call “reality.” If it comes from TV, it is fake.

I know the objections … too many people are involved, someone would have talked. So giving you the real evidence, that Nicole Brown Simpson is alive and well, and that OJ has been replaced by a body double, forces us to look at those objections and come up with an answer. Because the event was a hoax, a lot of people were involved, and they have kept quiet.

Tyrone McCloskey, who participates in discussions here and does excellent research on his own, answered some of my questions. He wrote a 160 page paper called “JFKTV”** that addressed the TV aspects of the Kennedy hoax. In reality, that is the entire hoax. It was a TV show. Dealey Plaza was a stage, and several run-throughs were done. All of the “witnesses” were hired actors. (Ask yourself why, when the streets of Dallas were overflowing on 11/22/63, Dealey Plaza was barely populated.)

For what it is worth, prior to Dealey, the motorcade stopped three times, two of them photo ops where JFK was approached by a nun and a young girl scout. That happens, right? Complete strangers are allowed to approach presidential motorcades. The third stop was at a department store, the assumption being that JFK had to pee. That is when body doubles were inserted, just prior to Dealey. JFK was never seen in public again. Jackie was doubled that day too, but continued her public role as grieving widow.

A lot of people involved (including the Parkland doctors, by the way). They all shut up about it. Why?

One obvious answer is power … people who do these scams can hurt you, kill you and your children and grandchildren even. That is part an answer, but does not answer for someone without family to protect going loud and anonymous, or leaving a deathbed manuscript exposing the whole gig.

Another aspect is that no crime was committed. So the participants are not doing anything illegal or really bad. If the president wants to disappear and they are asked (and paid) to help out, well, the money is nice, and there is no threat of going to jail for a non-crime. What JFK did, while unusual (oh hell, you might as well know, Lincoln did the same thing and perhaps FDR*, so it is not without precedent), is not illegal.

But Tyrone added a third aspect that had even more explanatory power. There exist, and have for centuries, closeted groups of men (historically, always men) who work behind the scenes to help powerful people stay powerful. They are called “masons.” Whenever a scheme is going down and participants are needed, who better to call on that people who have been processed through degrees and have taken sacred oaths of secrecy? All of the hired players in the JFK assassination would have been masons. So too with the OJ show.

That is why the number ’33’ so often pops up … OJ sentenced to 33 years in prison. The number has no power by itself, but is a signal to insiders. “We are here.”(Scottish freemasonry has 33 degrees, or levels of oaths and secrecy.)  And all members of Masonic lodges who have advanced beyond the usual bar fraternity know what is up, and to shut up. People like keeping secrets like that. It makes them feel powerful and important, and anyway …  they have taken sacred oaths.

It can get nasty, of course. What if someone, say OJ, who has taken an oath, decides to violate it and go loud? (Body double appears.)

Of course, there is far more to this game than a few lodges full of drinking buddies. “Intelligence” is a huge enterprise spanning continents and operating behind governmental facades everywhere. It pretty much defines reality for us. It controls news and TV and entertainment. And those three things were the key to pulling off the OJ hoax.
*Both Lincoln and FDR were tired and sick and wanted out. Their fake deaths were used as a means of putting in successors who were otherwise un-electable – Andrew Johnson and Harry Truman. The JFK hoax had nothing to do with that, but rather had a larger purpose about which we can only speculate – perhaps to take the presidency underground. After JFK we had LBJ and Nixon, and thereafter assorted bozos, including the current crop of candidates, nothing more than actors, and one officially just that.
** If you want to read the paper, which I highly recommend, you can bypass the Drop Box link and just do an Adobe download.

27 thoughts on “OJTV

  1. “Too many people would be involved” and “somebody would talk” are the #1 reasons people reject the types of things we talk about. Hell, that was my reason. It was my intuition that something wasn’t right and a few inexplicable things like Robbie Parker that led me down this road. Otherwise, I would’ve been stuck forever in fantasy land.

    I do still wonder how they get so many people to keep quiet. The size of the 9/11 operation, for example, seems staggering. Actors to play survivors, family members, police officers, fireman, media people, lawyers, friends of the dead, etc. And then the hundreds if not thousands of misdirection agents pushing Truther theories.

    But it’s no longer “it’s impossible BECAUSE so many people would have to be involved”, but “How do they keep this quiet?”


    1. It is inexplicable other than by enforceable oaths of secrecy and cash payments and even contracts. A contract to engage in illegal activity is not enforceable, but public hoaxes are legal so long as no one gets killed or injured.


      1. There may also be severe legal consequences. I’ve read about the NDAs that intelligence operatives have to sign. And I’ve ready plenty about how Intelligence recruits for narcissistic personalities and those with substance abuse problems that they can control easily. But that can’t be ALL of them.

        I understand that a real Bradley Manning situation would never happen since the media would never report it. But you would think that some intelligence agent going through a mid-life crisis or a spiritual awakening would recoil at what he’s been involved in and do something to get the word out in any way they can, consequences be damned.

        I’m sure as part of the training process, Intelligence scares the agents silly, perhaps in the way depicted in The Game (although not as dramatic). Break them and make them feel that they can never, ever defeat the system.


    2. All the mysterious deaths of people that talked? That could be good incentive…or just the threat to family and loved ones….I hope they enjoyed the money (if paid) but I doubt they consider it was worth it at this point. Can’t believe it has been almost 15 years. I didn’t wake up to it until right after the 10th anniversary….watched “Loose Change”…certainly imperfect, but it started me down a path that hasn’t stopped…but my 9/11 research came to an end when I studied the work of Simon Shack on September Clues…very eye opening http://www.septemberclues.info/


      1. I used to be 100% on board with September Clues, but I was really turned off by their attitudes on the forum, their ban happy nature, and the obvious shills they allow on there because they agree with everything Simon Shack says. I was actually banned from there for proposing Martin Shkeli was an agent. Turns out they only wanted to talk about him if I thought he was a “sim”. Anything else is not worth their time apparently.

        I still believe nobody died that day, and I like their “WTC was empty for years” idea and the concept of everything being pre-recorded and military grade smoke obscuring the WTC for miles from each direction so nobody could see what was happening in person.

        But I’m now completely on the fence about everything being a computer simulation. Maybe, maybe not. But that would be perfect misdirection, and when I add it with their snobby attitudes on the forum, complete lack of progress for years, the cult-like vibe. I just don’t know about them anymore.

        I will say this, if September Clues is for real and 100% accurate description of the true events of 9/11, then Intelligence has done a GREAT job of neutralizing it. All they need to do is kiss Simon’s butt and breed suspicion against the real members.


      2. One person you might look into Annspin is Dr. Judy Wood. I am of the opinion that the “9/11 Truth” movement is misdirection, that it was set up to lead us down blind alleys and protect the actual technology used that day. Dr. Wood’s name will get you banned on most 9/11 forums, including Sept Clues. I think she is on to something. I have her book and will lend it to you when I get it back in the near future – it is 500 pages of hard-rock evidence, seismic data, electrical fields, a Hurricane that was sitting right off Long Island that day, and the behavior of the metals as the buildings turned to dust.

        Let me know. .


        1. Mark, I found Judy Wood extremely compelling, everything she said made good sense and discovering the hurricane that was just offshore during all of this…very eye opening. I have visited her website numerous times. It is so hard to put this (9/11) to rest because there is so much purposeful misdirection. I haven’t experienced the clues forum and was unaware of how quickly they ban people with differing ideas…why bother with a forum if it is moderated so tightly? After reviewing all the info on Clues, I was unsure of a portion of video Judy presented at the end of one of her presentations…it was heartbreaking and I have never seen it before or since….the people taking their clothes off before jumping….if directed energy weapons were used people would be in agony. It is just too painful to think about….this means people died horrible deaths…so I stuck my head in the sand and was convinced of vicsims. Another compelling Clues argument that hit me hard was “where did all the flyers come from?” The area was closed off and what kind of person would put out a lost flyer as though they were trying to find a beloved pet. Where did they come from?…someone on the inside had to have orchestrated that easily forgotten tidbit.


          1. Thanks Mark. I’ll see if I can find some pdfs online.

            Ann, there’s still some good stuff on their forum that opened my eyes, like the NASA hoax, nuclear weapons, and their theory on GPS. Worth checking out. But there’s only about 3 posters there that I trust are not shills, so be careful. Apache, BrianV, and nohocapito, I’m pretty confident are real.


            1. Thanks, TH! My recent research has led me to the conclusion that the whole of NASA is a fraud and I discovered the nuclear weapons hoax while searching out other knowledge and I think Miles Mathis did a paper about it. I found Crrow777’s youtube work about the moon very interesting. He has a fairly new site with some really good interviews. His hope is to expose NASA fraud. There are people that think his lunar wave theory is nuts, but I found it interesting. I find him credible and subscribe to his site. You can listen to the 1st hour of each interview free. Here is the site address: https://www.crrow777radio.com/free_audio.php
              His latest podcast is about The Hubble Telescope. I’d be interested in what you guys think.


    3. the size of the 911 operation is not staggering at all. how many people out of a population of 300million do you think are of upstanding moral certainty and can’t be bought? that hoax MAYBE required 2,500 people with non-disclosure agreements…and we’re talking about intel agencies with unlimited budjets.


      1. let’s not forget the IN YOUR MOTHERFUCKIN FACE movie WAG THE DOG. they spelled out exactly how they play.


      2. Perhaps. But I wonder about all the “satellite” agents involved. Someone like Rick Pitino, the basketball coach for Louisville, who has a “close friend” who died in the attack.

        And then, how many disinfo shills are there online? Those all over every forum and major blog on the internet. There must be thousands. They know to attack anyone who questions 9/11 (or fake planes if it is a Truther site). How could they do that if they don’t know something funky is going on?

        It may have required 2500 to pull it off, but I feel like it requires tens of thousands to keep it going.


        1. We went to a graduation ceremony for Metro State College in Denver, and two of the speakers were the parents of one of the Aurora shooting victims. That event was fake and these were actors. Multiply that by the number of events. There has to be a large agency in charge of running the fake victims and fake victim families.


          1. I’ve seen a few of the same actors used at different fake events. So they probably reuse them when necessary. I always wondered about the children though. Are they just children of intelligence or are these lab babies grown in incubators who will grow up to be the celebrities of the next generation?


          2. They have been known to use their own children.
            I did a little work on Ted Bundy but there is nothing can be done. Mathis thinks that “Ted” is one of the four children of McGeorge Bundy, speaking of using their own kids in psy-ops. McG had four boys, Stephen, Andrew, William and James, not one public photo available. So Mathis had to go over and up one generation to compare features in William Bundy, the brother of McG, which are striking. He may be on to something.But it is weak evidence, just intriguing.


        2. maybe 10s of thousands to keep it going…maybe 10s of millions….and none of them even know the truth. anyone who believes it “keeps it going”.


  2. Ah, yes…I read the JFKTV pdf when it was first released on Fakeologist last August and it changed my view of the “incident”.. I was 12 years old when JFK was “assassinated”. I remember the heartache and trauma and a weekend of drums and the coffin pulled on a caisson by horses, the funeral, the lighting of the “eternal flame”. Younger people know about the death of a president, but they have no idea how it changed a country. I guess I became a “conspiracy theorist” way back in 1963. I didn’t like the glee in Johnson’s eye and knew there was something amiss. Thanks to Tyrone and Miles Mathis, my research into the JFK assassination has been laid to rest, as it were….and has been replaced by anger. The unmitigated gall of the actions of these evil “people”….are they even human? Here is a 44 minute color Youtube video from “tapsbugler” youtube site….just to give you a taste of news coverage that lasted for 3-4 days. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3KJQkn6zUvM


  3. Thanks for posting the link, Mark- I printed a few copies to hand directly to some locals and got no real response- I think they put the book down, thought for a moment, and turned heel and walked back the way they came, content to remain in their wonderland- So be it- This sort of change has to come from within, not from debate, as many physical threats to my person will attest when trying to present common sense arguments on various hoaxes (A very short exchange with a colleague whose family back when knew Abe Lincoln nearly led to fisticuffs)
    One interesting thing about whatever this Bernie Sanders thing is, that BS appears far more popular than HC and may have been robbed of the nomination, this puzzling situation has made some people I know begin to have second thoughts about the media, with one woman actually admitting she’s starting to think I am right- It’s a glimmer…

    One last thing about JFK hoaxing his own death being a difficult sale: For quite awhile he’s been labeled the last real president and the rarest of political birds, a politician genuinely interested in trying to aid “the people” and their best interests- But once St. Kennedy is outed as part of the ongoing scam, he looks far worse than even Nixon, who nobody was ever fooled by, as if Tricky would care- Another statue in the hall of heroes has to be mothballed- The classic response is to fill the gap with a better hero rather than drop heroics altogether and get back to your life in progress-


      1. Being able to report live events was still a fairly new technology. The nation, as a whole, was mostly unaware of how TV and movies could shape our world view. We were certainly played..and pulling off the JFK hoax as the real thing, in front of millions, made “the powers that be” very bold.


          1. I think it was a dry run to see how well MK Ultra would work before they geared up with LSD and mushrooms and started the whole British Invasion and hippie counter culture. Sorry bunch of SOB’s.


      2. I am more talking about structuring the image of the man so that his death would seem like retribution for his heroism and charisma. It was all contrived. For instance, he said in ’61 that we had to put a man on the moon before the end if he decade, and then NASA pretended to do that because he was a fallen hero. All contrived. And as JFK sat watching the fake moon landing in 69, he knew that $35 billion had been swindled out if the taxpayers for space-based weaponry.

        I cannot keep up with that kind of deceit. It is too well done.


        1. It makes me so angry to know that the nation was played that way. In instances like this I have to agree with David Icke…these people aren’t human.


        2. no space-based weaponry. another hoax. satellites don’t even exist. all your “sattelite-based tech” is sky wave propagation that has existed since the ’40s with nautical navigation systems LORAN


    1. I agree there have been eyes opened with the Bernie Sanders thing. On Facebook, I have seen a few die-hard Sanders supporters become jaded and agree that the voting is rigged.

      HOWEVER, Intelligence came prepared with the misdirection. To the Sanders supporters, voting is rigged because of the delegate system, not because the votes are just made up. There has been a real push to get voters to feel apathy towards Clinton/Trump, and just a real sense of “both candidates suck so I’m just not going to vote”. Of course, they don’t care if you vote since the voting is fixed, but what they really want is for you to feel helpless and powerless.

      One sloth step at a time I guess.


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