Oops … too late!

It is amazing … I don’t listen to or watch any news, don’t take a newspaper, and yet by 7AM I knew of the latest fake* event in Dallas.

On my way to the gym, a radio sportscaster solemnly lamented that his job shrinks in importance to that of the real fake news people who report these fake events so faithfully.

Then I got on a treadmill and the on-board TV (before I could turn it off) showed cops hiding behind cars, moving from place to place, the usual fake event nonsense. (If cops have to hide behind cars, why is the guy holding the camera not hiding too?)

So folks, please, until you are given incontrovertible evidence, assume Dallas** is fake.

This just in … the event has been reported on television news. I am too late. People have already swallowed whole even before I sat down here to write.

* Until shown otherwise
** This comes quickly on the heels of Orlando, which was badly botched by the actors. Is its purpose to replace Orlando from our collective consciousness?

7 thoughts on “Oops … too late!

  1. They want racial conflict so bad.

    I watched the new Tarzan movie last night and the entire movie had subliminal racial conflict throughout. Black tribes killing whites, white men murdering black tribes, white men gunning down gorillas, Tarzan fighting a black chief. Total mess and totally unnecessary, I mean it’s freaking Tarzan! And at the end the bad guy gets eaten by alligators. Talk about reality reflecting real life. Now you know how the zoo incident and the Orlando incident ties together. They WANT you to see Tarzan, and not just so you’ll buy a ticket, but so that you’ll pay for your brainwashing.

    And just in time for this psy-op, which followed the most recent black vicsim getting killed by the police. I’ll tell you this, these psyops work. My Facebook feed is blowing up with opinions from people who don’t normally share them, and they are getting very emotional about it. Frankly, I do too when I see how much we are getting manipulated and tricked into fighting each other.

    And if whites aren’t mad enough yet, they get a shill like Joe Walsh to write this tweet and then promote it on the front page:

    ““This is now war,” Watch out Obama. Watch out black lives matter punks. Real America is coming after you.”


    1. It is really interesting to watch, once you get a notion of what they are doing. These fake events are just a way to keep us off balance. Orlando was wearing off, so we get a booster shot. The fake events go all the way back through the fake serial killers to the Texas Tower shootings, 1966. I can’t remember anything before that time. Orlando was so damned sloppy, like Sandy Hook, so they might have bumped up the next event to get it off the stage.

      It is a matter of nudging us, every now and then a hard push. The music, TV shows, movies, fake news, keeps us all thinking alike, only disagreeing over wedge issues. We are scared of one another, scared of strangers. We’ve accepted sexual promiscuity as the norm, homosexuality is out and loving it, “transgender”, surely an invention, is right there in LGBT. And if they were not screwing with us like this, life would be so mundane! People are good. Dumb, but good.

      Where are they taking us?


      1. This has been around for a while, and it may very well be a limited hangout considering it alludes to nuclear weapons and false flags being real, but when it comes to social engineering I am always surprised by how accurate it’s been and accurate going into the future.


        Like Tyrone says, they want to federalize/militarize the police. They also want everyone to be gender neutral and you are seeing that in overdrive right now. I can’t find one movie, TV show, or commercial where there is a strong male character. Everything is women in charge, women kicking butt, men in the kitchen, men are stupid, men are pigs, rape culture, etc.

        That’s nothing against women, but it’s clear how they’re trying to switch gender roles and confuse us, and take away the last sliver of chance there could be a revolution.

        Eventually they want to break up the family, limit the number of children we have, and have us giving birth to children outside the womb. Give it a read, it’s shocking. They’re already promoting IVF in movies geared towards young women.


        1. Rense gives me the creeps, but I moved the piece over to Word to print, as I cannot read for long periods on a screen. Turns out to be 38 pages. That’s what I will be doing in the morning, I guess.


  2. By the way Mark, your email address keeps bouncing my emails. I sent them to your 2nd email.


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