Bill Hicks became Alex Jones: Case Closed, Part 2

This post was originally published in August of 2016. There’s been an ongoing debate about the comedian Bill Hicks, who in my opinion faked his death and re-emerged as Alex Jones. Some of the drawbacks to this are facial differences, like a more pointed nose for Jones, easily done by plastic surgery, a thinner lower lip, ditto. In the first photo below, image three on the far right of Jones shows telltale lines indicating some plastic surgery. I have seen these as well on both McCartney’s, Paul and Mike.

However, the post below was a different story – someone had put up the two photos, one of Hicks and one of Jones, saying that Jones has a smaller mouth than Hicks, but what jumped out at me instead was that I was looking at identical teeth. Further down in the post you’ll see a Photoshop overlay in which every single tooth in both mouths line up exactly.

Another objection was voices, Hicks higher pitched than Jones, whose is almost guttural. I thought that for his TV show Jones could easily be speaking into some sort of voice distortion instrument, and that still might be the case. However, I was reading a Michael Connelly book (The Narrows) and in it the lead character, Harry Bosch, mentions that someone, a really bad guy, had probably had surgery to change his voice. I wondered if this was common.

Googling “surgery to change voice” I found it quite common, most often in women who want to sound more feminine. But there is thyroplasty surgery, which does indeed lower a man’s voice. I thought – what the heck – – the had Hicks under the knife for plastic surgery anyway, a makeover, so why not change his voice too?

From August, 2016:

My colleague Straight wants me to move forward, to get better at using PhotoShop. It offers a far wider array of possibilities than my current tools. I have been using them because I have so much work ahead, and don’t want to take time to learn such a big and complex program. But I must. Fortunately, Straight is already well-versed.

We were attacked over the weekend with what appears to be honest but misguided criticism, that the Bill Hicks/Alex Jones comparison is bogus – a golden apple laid out by Intelligence just waiting to be found. I was aware of that possibility, which is why I went to videos, and not Internet images, to pull two together that showed his features to align.

The comparison is difficult, as Hicks has had plastic surgery to become Jones. But I am convinced they are the same man not just by photo comparisons, but also by profession (both fake “conspiracy nuts”), demeanor (both actors who can project intense venom), having the same cameraman and producer, Kevin Booth, and the simple fact that any damned fool can see that Alex Jones is not 42 years old, but rather a man in his fifties, as Hicks would be. Add all of that to alignment of facial features that cannot be changed by plastic surgery, and we have our man.

The person who attacked us lined up several photos side by side looking for differences, as skeptics do. Straight was able to set them to the right proportions, but we noticed something in all of them. See what you think:

Same teeth

The critic is saying that Jones obviously has a smaller mouth than Hicks, but he shot himself in the foot, as Straight and I noticed that Hicks and Jones have exactly the same teeth.

But this calls for PhotoShop, and Straight can do this sort of thing. Here are his four overlay progressions after aligning the photos based on the teeth:

In the end, the teeth in the largest photo there are overlaid over the Hicks teeth in upper left. Note how they align with precision.There is only a slight ghosting effect, but no teeth in different positions.

Straight then went one step further and created a gif of the progressionhicks-jones-morph

Focus, if you will, on the teeth as you watch that. After all, what are the odds of perfect alignment of one tooth in one photo, much less the whole rack, on two supposedly different men? Statistically speaking, Straight has proven beyond reasonable doubt that Bill Hicks became Alex Jones.

Amen to the Bill Hicks/Alex Jones saga. Case closed.


PS: On the last Jones photo in the gif, or the one on the bottom where all four faces are displayed above, notice the lines extending outward from his eyes. Those are crow’s feet, and not the result of natural aging. Instead, they are a result of extensive plastic surgery, the only reason there is any question about his identity. I expect he may go off the air here soon, maybe a hiatus, as more surgery is necessary to cover those scars.  Or they may just can his ass. We saw this too with both the McCartney boys.

39 thoughts on “Bill Hicks became Alex Jones: Case Closed, Part 2

  1. You told AB I said Rosalynn was a tranny “because ‘she’ has small tits”. I never said that!! 🙂

    Would you please take a look at your beautiful wife…and then stare a good 10 minutes at THIS:

    Lunch warning…


  2. Just listened to a Bill Hicks comedy routine and that phony Alex Jones Sandy Hook “deposition.” I don’t think voice surgery would be necessary to explain the difference in his voice. His younger voice is more of a “head voice”, his older voice is an almost overly exaggerated “chest voice,” but it’s not uncommon for the voice to drop down more into the chest as we age–for men and women. For a performer, I think “Alex Jones” would be an easy character voice for Bill Hicks to sustain. What I noticed was the exact match in dialects, including subtle variations of vowel pronouncements that are unique to an individual and hard to shake. Along with your teeth overlay and other evidence I’ve seen, I’d say yeah, same guy.


  3. it’s him. No need to go deeper and complicate things unneccessary. I knew Alex Jones but I didn’t knew Bill Hicks back then and when this topic came up somewhere I was immediately sure that’s the same person. They speak in the same manner and the same deep voice, behave similar, have the same faces. The aging is right. Alex Jones came up after Bill Hicks disappeared. I’m sure it’s him. I don’t care if Alex was serious when he admitted that he’s Bill. I also have no doubt that Mark Staycer is John Lennon and that John Halliday is one of the McCartneys.

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    1. The Staycer matter is a little more complicated in that there was in that movie a separate person who used the name Mark Staycer, but the scam was that Lennon stepped in and out of those shoes, so that it was a parlor trick. But I satisfied myself that Noel Snow was Lennon and that the separate Staycer was not.


  4. What was the reference to Lemmy from Motorhead in the ‘Bill Hicks is STILL Alex Jones’ article? The link is broken. Can’t recall him being mentioned on the site before.

    Hicks/Jones always struck me as insufferable. There is a 33-minute documentary called ‘Irrefutable Proof That Alex Jones Is Bill Hicks’ which I’ve never been able to sit through, mainly because I can’t stand either of their voices for more than about 10 seconds. Some of the comparisons seemed quite good however. Think I’ll force myself to sit through it.

    Hicks was not a comedian in the traditional sense as for that label to apply he would actually have to have the ability to make people laugh. I personally have never seen a less funny ‘comedian.’ He struts around like a peacock making obvious unfunny observations, spouting inane drivel, haranguing his audience like they are morons and disappearing up his own anus whilst pulling faces and smoking cigarettes like he is James Dean and not a pasty, balding, bespectacled tit. His entire persona was so smug and self-satisfied it actually makes me slightly nauseous to listen to him. I have the same visceral dislike of Alex Jones, whose principal job of course was to make ‘conspiracy theorists’ look like assholes, rip off his shirt from time to time and sell herbal supplements of dubious efficacy. Personality-wise they are cut from the same cloth.

    I have only seen one episode of the Alex Jones show, his David Duke interview. I was interested in it because it was pulled and is now hard to find. Jones barely let him get a word in edgewise. His ‘introduction’ was a rambling monologue that went on for nearly half an hour. It was surreal. I have never seen an interview like it.


    1. I have watched Jones one time only, and feel as though he scammed me and that I fell for it. I was barely aware of him, knew nothing of his work, but when Osama bin Laden was “killed,” Jones came forth with an eyewitness saying that a marine helicopter had landed at the compound that that it had exploded, killing all aboard. I knew nothing of the man, and swallowed it all, hook line and sinker. Mea culpa, says the former Catholic.

      Hicks … I bought into that persona too. Looking back I can see he was used to keep the juggler’s balls in the air, to keep the JFK rabbit hole open for business. Intel was also running a cancer psyop, the idea that enemies of the state like Hicks (and Hugo Chavez, for instance) can be secretly injected or fed with aggressive cancer, which is said to have killed Hicks. I bought that too, and mourned Hicks and Chavez both. Mea culpa says the former Catholic.

      It is good that we learn from mistakes, otherwise my gravestone will say “Too stupid to live.” It still might. There are more psyops about than fleas on a dog.

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  5. Is why I like this site, we are all seeking truth and knowledge…knowing full well we’re doing so in a stumbling manner.

    I admit I’ve been conned too…you’re not alone Mark.

    In short, people on this site are human. To be human involves trust. Maybe its a genetic defect we’ve inherited.


  6. Josh over at CTTF is a confirmed spook, which doesn’t bode well for Miles. Miles has been bitching that DARPA created Facebook–a claim which is as baseless as it is uncorroborated and unsupported (Miles excels at this type of stuff). So I tried to post a little simple logic over there for them which Josh refuses to publish. It comes by way of a simple syllogism (the foundation of logic). Here it is: DARPA is Facebook. Facebook is WordPress. WordPress is CTTF. Therefore, CTTF is DARPA. Well, of course, rather predictably (at this point), Josh will not post that statement in current events section at CTTF. Hard to believe a brilliant scientist and astrophysicist like Miles can’t even figure out a basic, elementary, logical syllogism–If A is B, B is C, C is D, therefore D is A. Well, what do you think that means? In fact, the only thing you can post over at CTTF is nothing but praise and adulation for Miles. Even the slightest rational criticism or objection to Mile’s work results in group mocking and ridicule. Final judgment: Miles and Josh, spooky to the core. Avoid them like the plage.


    1. Same here. I have never been able to post criticism on CTTF. It’s always rejected.

      Have you seen the article about the history of the Phoenicians that contradicted the Phoenician origin of the Jews (and Romans, Vikings etc.) on the MM site a few days ago? It was taken down the same day. I tried to mention that on CTTF but my comment was rejected as usual.


  7. I agree. Reality has been purposefully made so complex it would take numerous lifetimes to unravel all the threads. I do however appreciate living in an age when so much information is readily available. I like sifting through all the noise for kernels of truth.

    I was 11 when Hicks died so only discovered him later. I bought his stand-up DVDs primarily because he had two of my favourite albums as a teenager dedicated to him: The Bends by Radiohead and Aenema by Tool. I wasn’t a fan of his persona but I know quite a few people who love his comedy and admire him so I may have similar wording on my own headstone one day.


  8. As little of a fan I am of the “zombies” or re-used puppets theory, in the case of Hicks-Jones it is both unavoidable (due to the thorough broad and complete analysis performed by various researchers, and glad Mark is adding to this) and well done; Jones is so different from Hicks, it is an excellent (voice) charact(or).

    Stemming from the Netherlands and growing up under a music, crafts and drama teaching mother, I was exposed to cabaret at a young age already. Dutch comedy (“cabaret”, nothing sexual about that name in Holland) is of the same high level as British comedy (take your pick from any era, from Monty Python to Rowan Atkinson). The problem is that nobody understands Dutch.
    Maarten, are you still around? I have lots to share, it’s good and funny, vertrouw me.

    Luckily we have my favorite comedian (the “Hicks of Holland”) Hans Teeuwen (those who know me recognize a lot in him and his unconventional controversial style, something I embrace and share everywhere; I am I Radio for a reason). His taxi ride in London is good, you’ll enjoy it.

    After it I can recommend watching the full show, in 8 parts on YouTube; Live in London

    Back to Hicks and Jones.

    I was exposed to Hicks somewhere in the mid 2000s and to Jones in what I think everybody goes through in their everlasting path to waking up (more) in 2014. I got pretty depressed as expected, but got some good leads for later understanding (Miles Mathis a.o. in providing historical context, especially on the Jewist Animal Farming side).

    But can we now at least conclude together that Alex Jones is a former “shill”? He is a visionary (just like what Eye am Eye Radio provides). Just like Hicks, so it fits.

    1 – people atm lock themselves up in their own FEMA camps, or Soapbor so you will…)
    2 – the downfall of the “United” States of America**. Jones has predicted this in his way and clearly shielding for the big-nosed (((elephant))) in the room (how does Oy Vey sound through a Proboscidean trunk?
    3 – it was his work mainly on Sandy Hoax that woke not only me up to the concept of hoaxing, but millions of others.
    4 – the best “shills” are our best guides. Without Eric “George Orwell” Blair I could not have made a list of Newspeak that is growing towards 110 gems (!) already (see Fakeopedia -> Newspeak), because the whole term wouldn’t exist. Same for the horrific teachings of Huxley (both brothers), Dolfy, Shillary and all them playing on The Grand Resetted Chessboard

    **this is why Joey Biden is there. Be honest, no serious democrat wants to see her- or himself be represented by that Senile Pedophile Sniffer Phreak. And there are literally 150 million more sexy and suitable ones to lead a successful US. (those times are over, gringos ‼ soon a Mollycast about America 2050 and much more…!)

    He (Biden) is there to accompany the implosion of the USA, one of the main purposes for (((them))), the 4D chess players, Animal Farmers (thank you George/Eric), niggajews (thank you gaia), the Crazy Apes, the Faux Forces, the Devolvers (idem 3x), the SIN (Super Insidious Network) (100c, Fakeologist member)… of this Coronacaust

    much more here:


    1. Alex Jones changed his mind on his statements about Sandy Hook claiming that he was psychotic at the time. I suspect the lawsuits got a bit too expensive for him…
      I used to be very in to his documentaries cause they got me all excited and scared and didn’t really care if it was all true at the time.

      Are you sure Theo van Gogh is murdered like its mentioned in the video? Despite all the bullet and knife wounds and his head supposedly being almost entirely cut of there was not a trace of blood, not even on the note pinned to his stomach with a knife.
      like most or all Muslim terrorist actions very probably a fake.

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      1. Are you sure Theo van Gogh is murdered like its mentioned in the video?

        Eh no, I think that the “murders” of Fortuyn and Van Gogh were fake af. I even wrote a Miles Mathis style “paper” about it and sent it to him, it never reached him but I think I also sent to to Mark later.

        It was titled Theo, Pim and Anne.

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  9. Just to be clear here, Miles and Jared were arguing about Facebook in CTTF thread. Miles has no idea that Facebook owns WordPress! He’s inveighing against the evils of DARPA and Facebook on WordPress, which is owned by Facebook. The irony is positively preposterous, exposing what an utter fraud Miles and Josh are. Those two idiots don’t even know that CTTF is owned by Facebook and, by extension, DARPA. Jared, Josh, and Miles are spooks who should be avoided like the plague.


    1. I never much minded Josh when he was here, did some good work and offered good advice. When I wrote my John Denver piece, out of the blue, Josh told me about how alcohol builds up in corpses as they rot, so that Denver’s, which didn’t even exist, even if it showed up, did not indicate he’d been drinking. I was able to use that in the piece.

      I don’t really understand CTTF very well other than it seems giant in comparisons to POM, so many varied commenters, even though some say they are a few people with many names. That just sounds like resentment.

      Josh quit here on April 1, I forget the year, and I was doing a big spoof on Jesus faking his death and being twins, so we sort of collided that day, but not in a harsh way. He was upset with me for having canned a guy here, I’ve even forgotten his name and blog now, but it was the way I did it that sucked. Josh thought the same could happen to him, though it would not have.

      Mistakes were made. That’s passive voice, a different way of saying “I screwed up.” But I had to get rid of the guy. It was just how I did it.


  10. On the topic of the B. Brats, what do you make of Chris Pratt (not sure if you’ve covered before)? I watched Jurassic World the other day and noticed an uncanny resemblance to Tom Brady. Then the movie reveals that Pratt’s character is named Owen Grady, which I mistakenly overheard as “Brady” – hello, subconscious.

    Btw, if you ever want to do a piece on Tom Terrific, there are some interesting tidbits out there – would be happy to point them out.


  11. There’s audio somewhere of Bill Hicks doing a Tom Waits impersonation. I think I found it on somehow. Anyway, it’s an absolutely pitch perfect Alex Jones.


      1. That was certainly not as impressive as I remember! I’m honestly surprised I would ever have been impressed by that so I’m not even 100% sure it’s the same recording of that routine.


  12. I think the only problem that, on the surface, can’t be explained the Bill Hicks/Alex Jones theory is that the ears don’t seem to match (although it is possible that ears on either of them are disguised to obscure accurate forensic comparisons).

    Alex Jones:

    Bill Hicks:


      1. The ears look very similar, what we can see of Hicks’. I could do an overlay if the side angle is right, but I am seeing the same ear. It’s not a big deal, and I can accept being wrong, but as I see it, especially given identical teeth, Hicks underwent plastic surgery, and the new persona (with the same manager as the old) took on a new task, that of a blackwasher, to advocate for the ideas of his enemies with an unsavory personality … that is, “… these ideas I espouse, which are those of my enemies, should be ignored because I am an asshole.” That is the role of the blackwasher.

        The voice … I assume Jones’ is run through a distortion mic for that effect.


        1. The ears look very similar, what we can see of Hicks’.

          Perhaps to you, yes, but to me, they aren’t really the same. Maybe the only similarity the ears share is that they both have identical auricles.

          Everything else, however, is not impossible to do, including vocal changes, and that’s perhaps one thing I’ll give you credit for, Mark. All the best!


          1. I’ve done quite a few transparent overlays with ears, and have found that straight-on visual inspection is not very reliable. I’ve often been surprised at the results, but there are a couple of problems. For one, it is usually difficult to find two photos where the heads are at the same angle, so that angular distortion is a problem. Two, the standard for comparison – extremely difficult, so I end up just sizing the ears the same, which is not kosher.

            With full frontal facial analysis, at least there is the pupil distance standard. When the result is perfect alignment of placement of features, it is generally indicative of something to study further, which people have done. But many people think that the Hicks/Jones theory is a golden apple, something meant to be found, and automatically discredited anyway, as Dallas Goldbug was on it. I thought possibly it was the one realistic comparison he did in order to give the rest of his crap some validity. He is obviously an agent assigned the task of discrediting this kind of work. They are always two steps ahead of us.

            One guy set to “debunk” my work by showing Hicks and Jones side by side with shit eating grins, his point that something else was askew, Jones having a smaller mouth, something that is not firm evidence, since mouth size can vary depending on the emotion on display. What I saw was a perfect opportunity to examine the teeth, and we did an overlay, finding perfect alignment, statistically so unlikely as to be better evidence that they are the same guy as anything else.

            Bill Hicks became Alex Jones: Case Closed

            Also, with pupil distance, I cannot be in the same room and there will be no photos of the two persons together if they are one and the same. That is a potentially fatal flaw. All in all, it is speculation based on evidence, but I never use the word “proof.” That cannot be.


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