The blog becomes a travelogue

Europe 242-1
At the John Lennon Wall, Prague, Czech Republic, 2011. (That is me with the man purse.)

We are leaving today on a trip for Europe, and has been my custom in the past, when I have time I will write and publish photos of our adventures. We are two extremely fortunate people, my wife and I, and so these past years since 2007 have been to …

  • Spain (Barcelona, my carried memory the Salvador Dali museum in Figueras);
  • Europe (Rome, Florence, Venice, and then hiking the Swiss Alps, then sight seeing Switzerland, Hungary, Czech Republic);
  • Nepal, where we hiked a portion of the Annapurna Circuit (it was on this trip that I gathered strong evidence that the earth is indeed round, as we circumnavigated it), and Thailand, including an island in the Gulf of Thailand where the water is bathtub warm;
  • Peru, where we hiked the Inca Trail and visited Machu Picchu;
  • Ecuador and the Galapagos, where I marveled at the intricate survival skills and wacky humor of land tortoises – such cut-ups!;
  • New Zealand, in part where we endured five inches of rain over two days on the Milford Trek, completely worth it;
  • Europe again, where we hiked to the base of the Matterhorn and then a trek through the Dolomites, then driving to Slovenia and through northern Italy to our favorite hangout (and everyone’s), Florence; and finally,
  • Costa Rica, beautiful country and lovely people and with great friends, but where I discovered I can live without bus tours.

This trip we will start out in Geneva, where our daughter currently lives, and from there to Switzerland/France and a portion of the Haute Route, hiking fifty miles or so over five days, with 14,000 feet of elevation gain, 16,000 of descent. There is a debate about which is harder – hiking uphill, or down. The answer is “yes.”

After the hike we are off to Paris, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Stockholm, and then fly home from Bergen, Norway directly to Denver. We return on 9/11.

My wife has done all of the details on this trip (and all the others), everything a travel agent would do from airline and train tickets to advance museum passes to avoid long lines, as at the Louvre. She has gotten very skilled at trip planning.

Money? Of course, always an issue. Our question is where we want it to be when we go – scattered about the world, or sitting in a bank. You can guess the answer. Travel is not only fun, it is gives us a broader, deeper perspective. The United States is just a place to hail from. People everywhere know about our country, but they manage to live their lives 24/7 without thinking of us, unless we are bombing them. As one AAA gal told us before our first trip to Europe, “just lay low. Don’t be Americans.”


While away, please play! Use the comment sections here to explore the topics we have discussed in the past months, including putting up your own photography and research. This is more and more a communal effort. I’ll be able to check in and delete any spook attacks, but otherwise will be busy with walking, riding trains and buses, drinking fine wines (my preference: white and cheap), photography and sleeping.

My colleague MH does his research, as I see it, in spurts, and by the time I get back will have a tote bag of new projects. I can’t wait!

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