Bill Hicks became Alex Jones: Case Closed

My colleague Straight wants me to move forward, to get better at using PhotoShop. It offers a far wider array of possibilities than my current tools. I have been using them because I have so much work ahead, and don’t want to take time to learn such a big and complex program. But I must. Fortunately, MH is already well-versed.

We were attacked over the weekend with what appears to be honest but misguided criticism, that the Bill Hicks/Alex Jones comparison is bogus – a golden apple laid out by Intelligence just waiting to be found. I was aware of that possibility, which is why I went to videos, and not Internet images, to pull two together that showed his features to align.

The comparison is difficult, as Hicks has had plastic surgery to become Jones. But I am convinced they are the same man not just by photo comparisons, but also by profession (both fake “conspiracy nuts”), demeanor (both actors who can project intense venom), having the same cameraman and producer, Kevin Booth, and the simple fact that any damned fool can see that Alex Jones is not 42 years old, but rather a man in his fifties, as Hicks would be. Add all of that to alignment of facial features that cannot be changed by plastic surgery, and we have our man.

The person who attacked us lined up several photos side by side looking for differences, as skeptics do. Straight was able to set them to the right proportions, but we noticed something in all of them. See what you think:

Same teeth

The critic is saying that Jones obviously has a smaller mouth than Hicks, but he shot himself in the foot, as Straight and I noticed that Hicks and Jones have exactly the same teeth.

But this calls for PhotoShop, and MH can do this sort of thing. Here are his four overlay progressions after aligning the photos based on the teeth:

In the end, the teeth in the largest photo there are overlaid over the Hicks teeth in upper left. Note how they align with precision.There is only a slight ghosting effect, but no teeth in different positions.

MH then went one step further and created a gif of the progressionhicks-jones-morph

Focus, if you will, on the teeth as you watch that. After all, what are the odds of perfect alignment of one tooth in one photo, much less the whole rack, on two supposedly different men? Statistically speaking, MH has proven beyond reasonable doubt that Bill Hicks became Alex Jones.

Amen to the Bill Hicks/Alex Jones saga. Case closed.


PS: On the last Jones photo in the gif, or the one on the bottom where all four faces are displayed above, notice the lines extending outward from his eyes. Those are crow’s feet, and not the result of natural aging. Instead, they are a result of extensive plastic surgery, the only reason there is any question about his identity. I expect he may go off the air here soon, maybe a hiatus, as more surgery is necessary to cover those scars.  Or they may just can his ass. We saw this too with both the McCartney boys.

23 thoughts on “Bill Hicks became Alex Jones: Case Closed

  1. this should blow any skeptics out of the water….I still wasn’t sure, but this work definitely puts the issue to rest


  2. It was Mark’s idea to look at the teeth though, I need to give him props for that.

    One thing the skeptics COULD say, is that Intelligence purposely put the same teeth in both men’s mouth to mislead us, but now we’re really splitting hairs. If they truly did that, then DallasGoldBug and crowd would’ve created a Youtube video about it years ago.


    1. I thought I should clarify: Photoshop the teeth in each man’s mouth, not physically put in fake teeth.

      Regardless, I think this post is the back-breaker for many skeptics. People may not be familiar with facial alignment, but identification by dental records is mainstream knowledge shown on CSI. I really think we got checkmate here.

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  3. My first thought is that the wonk that ran this project from the beginning must have retired years ago and left all of these crumbs without leaving his successor exhaustive notes- As in most bureaucracies, no one currently on staff wants to take responsibility and so this particular op remains untidy- The scramble to alter Jones’ photos smacks of desperation by an uncoordinated staff getting repeated calls from an increasingly paranoid level of upper management- I wonder if Jones will simply be retired to stanch the bleeding-


      1. I have never heard of Mitch Hedberg but the long hair and sunglasses would make it easier to do radical makeover into another persona- Also: Who is Andy Kaufman playing these days?


        1. I don’t know who Andy Kaufman became. Rumors abound.

          Hedberg was a mid-level comedian with a Steven Wright kind of deadpan delivery, supposedly so shy that he could barely tolerate being in front of an audience, and who died in 2005 at the age of 37 of a drug overdose. A Zombie candidate! I liked his stuff, quirky things like saying that he bought a donut and was asked if he wanted a receipt. He said no, he did not think that anytime in the forthcoming day, anyone would challenge him as to having paid for his donut that morning.

          That sort of thing. Acquired taste, I suppose.

          You know who I think might be suspicious is Dr. Sanjay Gupta. The guy is right there to reinforce every medical hoax going around. Just want to record that, as I will forget.


          1. Another guy I missed (Gupta)- I don’t have a television machine- O’er glancing his Waki page, big red gonfalon raised over his “dispute” with Michael Moore, vigorous shill for the blue pill industry- Gupta reads like he was to the manor born- You can take the Indian out of the caste system…


          2. Yes, Dr Gupta. Obvious shill. I actually have doubts about his medical qualifications although he comes off quite believable. You are exactly right, he is always there to push the agenda-Zika, Ebola, Influenza, etc. CNN is one big intelligence program. Not a single, real journalist present.


            1. I know Anderson Cooper is CIA, and have long been suspicious that Gram Parsons became Wolf Blitzer but just can’t make it convincing, even to me. But it is so close! Some time down the road I would like to go down the entire cast and crew of CNN – dead musician Johnny Kidd bears a strong likeness to Larry King, the problem being that I could not get images of King to line up with King, as if we are dealing again with twins. And anyway, King is retired, old news.

              William Colby said, according to Dave McGowan, that CIA controlled every major asset in the news business. I did not understand what he meant – that they are actually moles, CIA plants, not even using their real names. So we cannot trust any news outlet, and blatantly made-up news is to be expected.


              1. Yes, I had read that Anderson was CIA and also read that Piers Morgan was associated with British intelligence. I often wonder if they are doing the transgender thing sometimes, because Brooke Baldwin very often looks like a guy to me. You just never know with these folks.


  4. Mathis has a paper on Shepard Fairey where near the end he totals up how all of American media, in front and behind any camera may be intel- 3 million people in various strains of entertainment/news and they could all be intel assets of one sort or another- Don’t know if I buy that but one does not get ongoing work if they have a big mouth-


  5. The problem with your analysis is that you’re focusing only on the face. I watched substantial video of both Jones and Hicks and determined they have completely different body types. Hicks was lanky with slender features and hands. Jones is squatty, bow-legged with sausage fingers. They move completely differently and Hicks is clearly a taller individual. That said, this topic would only be important if someone believes Jones is legit. Either way, he’s controlled opposition and not worth my time.


    1. I stand by our analysis – it is what we do. The basic shape and features of the face do not change with time, as the skull, fully formed around age 20 if not earlier, is fixed in stone. The body does change … it gets heavier and wider, slumps and sags. The fingers become crooked. What we have are facial features the align precisely, and teeth that match up perfectly. That simply does not happen unless we are dealing with the same person.


  6. Is there a possibility that Hicks and Alex Jones are twins instead of being the same individual? I ask because I’ve seen videos of Alex Jones when he was younger and he’s not that identical to Bill Hicks. He is several inches shorter with Stubby fingers, whereas Hicks had long fingers and Alex Jones had a sharper facial profile. They are obviously connected, but I’m not 100% on them being the same person.


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