On Freemasonry

One thing I have learned on my journey through life is that people need validation. They need to feel special. This has been true since my early days as a bagger in a grocery store to today, retired and independent. When I first worked as an accountant in a workplace, the politics were depressing, everyone trying for a chokehold position on everyone else. All wanted to be special and a cut above. I participated, and felt like shit. Self-employment was the only escape.

I will return to that in a second. We are in Paris, soon off to museums, so I only have a few seconds. Miles Mathis said something quite interesting recently, that there are no “Rothchilds,” per se. Rather it was an invented name, meaning Red Shield, and only serves as a means of identification. Similarly, use of the book Catcher in the Rye is a signal, a coded message to insiders. Certain numbers … 8, 11, 33, 47 serve the same purpose, a coded signal to insiders.

For instance, I learned recently from his Wikipedia page that Nicola Tesla died in a hotel in New York City, in room “3327.” Get that? In case you don’t, it is 33 and 3 to the 3rd power, or two 33s contained in one number. It is a signal. Wiki is saying “He was one of us.” And it’s a powerful statement, having TWO 33s, meaning “he was one of us, and he was special.” Honestly, why else bother with a room number? Who cares?

It’s like when I was bagging groceries as a kid – people need to feel special, and will go to great lengths to gain positions of power over others. Secrets are an important part of the power game. People just love having secrets!

I am talking, of course, about Masons and Freemasonry. That’s all that it is – a game of secrecy making people feel important. Granted there are massive fortunes that are protected by secrets, and just about everyone in public life in the world is wearing a mask. But in the end, I don’t care. They are just people. Masonry makes them special, they imagine. They hold the keys, have meetings, wear stupid costumes and masks, send hand signals to each other (as in hand inside vest over heart). It’s all part of the game of life, being special, having secrets.

Tyrone McCloskey in his paper JFKTV speculated that the event, the fake death of JFK, was pulled off because of many local people in Dallas who assisted, from police to Parkland doctors to “witnesses” in Dealey Plaza. Afterward, they shut up about it, kept the secret. How is that possible?

Easy, he said. They were all Freemasons. They come in handy.

I wonder if Freemasonry was a reaction to the Catholic Church and it barbarism, inquisitions and murders. If so, secrecy was a matter of life and death. Those days are over, however, so the secrecy game now is just a way for people to feel special. I do wish they would grow up.

2 thoughts on “On Freemasonry

  1. Freemasonry at a guess: It’s really a British phenomenon once the Venetian party took over England in the 16th century- As the craft developed, the mapping of the land and seas brought a sense of the finite to the globe’s resources- Whether information was stolen, leaked or given to pirates to work these new ocean routes, soon enough the burgeoning British Navy corralled the pirates who had helped to weaken the Spanish navy- In time the British rested hegemony over the seas from the Spanish and took over the global drug trade- Alliances with foreign powers to solidify British dominion required a fraternal organization that transcended borders- Thus Freemasonry became the binding element to global trade- By the time we get to Dealy Plaza, this bonding was so ingrained in the all-male business culture that the use of Masonic ritual as misdirection in the sham killing of the king was familiar to all who participated above the need to know basis- Those below the horizon line who were used to fraternal pecking orders knew when to look up and when not to- The global fraternity of the Church was superseded by this pseudo-secular fraternity- Non Christians were allowed in, you see- They won- The Church works for them or it goes out of business- See the leash tighten using the vastly overblown sex abuse scandals propagated by the secular press (unconsecrated scripture)- See the current pope push the gay agenda, population control, androgyny/transgenderism, feminism (condoms= extra-marital callousness towards the act of procreation, families dissolve and are not replaced, part of the population replacement agenda)- See church properties sold or abandoned and refit as night clubs where sex magick rituals to invoke the demons of hell are practiced nightly… AAAAiiiiiEEEEEEE!!!!!! (Screed complete- Please return your chairs and tables to their upright position)

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  2. Miles Mathis is not as smart as he thinks he is (I haven’t been bothered with is ‘important’ physics findings). Or at least, he spends too much time trying to convince people. He is really big on how many ‘pages’ and ‘pictures’ of ‘evidence’ he can gather. Not how convincing the evidence is, but how much there is. I feel like he tries to put out PG13 versions of conspiracy theories, “Its OK, no one actually died!” Sharon Tate MAY have faked her death. JFK? His case was much less convincing. Hawking, yeah, the guy was probably swapped out.

    Everyone is a spook except Miles Mathis, according to Miles Mathis…


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