The boat photo explained


The above photo initially set me off on a journey that resulted in the discovery of the McCartney twins, Paul and Mike. Just guessing about it back then, I placed it in New York in maybe 1964.

In fact, according to a reliable source who claims no interest in the subject, it was set in the Hudson River in 1968. It was a meeting of Apple executives and the Beatles, with at least John, Paul and Mike present.  I do not see George or Ringo.

In the background then would be the Washington Bridge.

I am told that the man leaning against the rail on the left is not Paul McCartney, but rather a “young John Lennon.” While the photo is simply not clear enough to make such fine distinctions as to his true identity, he is clearly not Lennon. I was supplied the photo below of Lennon, taken on that very trip.


See he is not wearing a tie, as is the man in the left. So in addition to not even vaguely resembling Lennon, he is dressed differently too.

Here’s another shot from that day:


That is Mike McCartney, as I know him anyway, the twin who is also known as our current “Paul” McCartney. I can quickly tell by the hair parted on the right, caused by his cowlick. That was always there from his early childhood days.

For all I know, his name could be Paul, and the original Beatle we knew as Paul could be Mike. The point is, he is the twin. He starred in most of the movie Help!, while original Paul sat out. I have no clue why, but do speculate that Mike had more musical talent than Paul, which is why the original was consigned to caretaker of the McCartney family home. 

Which Beatle wrote Yesterday, you ask? Probably neither. That might well have been George Martin, or at least a collaborative effort including George, as the melodic tones are so different, so much more sophisticated than the other music they were putting out at the time. But authorship of Beatles music is, as I see it, a mystery.

Why are they in a boat in the Hudson River? That’s easy. Since If both Paul and Mike were present, they had to be out of public view. That was a major consideration in management if the group. The twins could never be seen together, could not even be in public at the same time, much less place. (For instance, one could not be sunning on the beach in the Bahamas while the other was performing in New York.)

How did the boat photo become public? We can see that here are at least two cameras on board, as the photo with Lennon has a man with a camera [Mal Evans] in it. I would imagine security around photos was tight, and that all film was documented and confiscated at the end of that day. So the photo was not the result of someone just taking a candid shot and keeping it secret.

So the boat photo might have become public by either of two means … accident, or deliberate leak. I would guess the latter. It seems to me that this gathering of publicity agents, Intelligence types (spooks), musicians and performers called the Beatles liked to toy with us. They leaked it to see if anyone would catch on.They could always deny the photograph to have any substance, and most people would accept the denials.

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  1. That’s some great evidence right there. There’s not too much you can say. If you showed me this 5 years ago, I would’ve assumed either 1. the black and white photos and color photos were taken on different days or 2. The pictures are Photoshopped

    However, those are “reaching for straws” kinds of excuses where you attempt to dismiss the evidence, rather than explain it. This evidence is on par with the “missing hand” in the famous RFK assassination photo.

    If anybody is curious about the mainstream explanation to this evidence, I suggest posting it on Quora, which is an intelligence-funded groupthink website for “smart” millennials. You can be sure they’ll pull something out of their ass to explain this way. Regarding RFK, they told me the missing hand was a “lighting contrast” effect.


  2. The guy with the goat-eeish beard in the Paul/Mike holding up the apple pic is Magic Alex- Here’s Waki-p’s preamble on this spook caretaker: Yanni (later John) Alexis Mardas (Greek: Αλέξης Μάρδας; born May 5, 1942) is better known as Magic Alex, the nickname given to him by The Beatles when he was involved with the group between 1965 and 1969, including being head of Apple Electronics.
    Mardas arrived in England in 1965, exhibiting his Kinetic Light Sculptures at the Indica Gallery. He impressed John Lennon with the Nothing Box; a small plastic box with randomly blinking lights, and allegedly said that he could build a 72-track tape machine.[1] Mardas was then given the job of designing the new Apple Studio in Savile Row, and was in India with The Beatles at the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s ashram in India.
    In the 1970s, the anti-terrorism industry offered bullet-proof vehicles, bugging devices and security hardware, so Mardas set up various companies offering these products to royalty and VIPs. King Hussein of Jordan bought a fleet of cars that Mardas had customised. In 1987, Mardas was a managing director of Alcom Ltd, which specialised in electronic communications and security. He now lives in Greece.
    Another gimme-

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  3. Mal Evans, head of Beatle security, is the guy we see taking photos- His death by cop in LA in ’76 is another howler- He would have been the guy to take care of the photos on the boat- The leak of the two Paul’s black and white could have come from Evans, whoever and wherever he is today-


      1. Yes, a pretty well-known murder. It never occurred to me, however, an all these years of curiosity about things like that, to ask the question “was it real?” Perhaps the murder was never investigated because it never happened.

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  4. Thanks for the additional information’ guys. No doubt Mal Evans faked his death, so we should have him on our list of potential zombies, Straight.

    Some other stuff – the guy in the green and white striped jacket appears in the B&W (way off to the right sitting down) to be another Paul lookalike, but as he sits there in the Lennon photo, looks nothing like him at all. Also, the portals on the boat are key, seen in all three shots. And Mike/Paul’s shirt and neckwear are a perfect match, B&W and color. I am not all all convinced that the “Paul” off to the left in the B&W is original Paul, but by that time he had been replaced in everything, and was known to be the “short one,” so if I had to bet, I would say it is him. But not with certainty.

    Straight – go ahead and put this up on Quora if you want, see what you get back.


    1. My guess is Quora will say the Paul all the way to the left could be anybody, and use the green and white striped Paul as proof of that. It doesn’t even have to be a solid rebuttal, they just need something so that people who don’t want to believe have an excuse to look away.

      And if it truly became an issue, they would find an unreleased picture from that day, and paste somebody else’s head on him.

      Regarding Mal Evans, he looks closely like John Oliver, who has achieved manufactured fame the last year with “hard-hitting” humor-filled, self-important exposes on things the mainstream already accepts as scams. Old enough to be his father.

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      1. Oliver was promoted by Jon Stewart, and was a Daily Show correspondent. He’s got a pretty spunky delivery.

        But I have to say, Daily Show is much like Saturday Night Live in that a lot of mediocre talent passed through there, and is then was heavily promoted after leaving the show. But as Chris Rock said at one of the SNL reunions, very roughly quoting, look at all the bad movies that have come from the people in this audience! Just one example, Will Farrell: if we are not constantly reminded how funny he is, we probably don’t realize it. He has to resort to running around in underpants when you get right down to it. Jack Benny owned his audiences, had them rolling just with pauses, looks and gestures. Never once had to run around in skivvies. That was real talent.

        Just messing around here… 10:00 where I am.


  5. The boat picture does not even look real. Unless Paul in middle of boat has the mumps. I assume middle Paul is sitting at a….. table? mump smiling while talking to…..who? The far away guy next to his paying no attention chick? Middle of boat Paul must also be mump smiling how excellent his hearing is then. And what in the world is his buddy sitting to his right sitting next to? Weird looking stuff right there. And what is protruding out the leg of the leaning back Paul on left of boat? Almost looks like large worm-like parasite slithering out the dudes knee. There’s all kinds of stuff all over this picture that looks questionable. Like the dude wearing the… shades? His left hand looks like a lobster claw. There’s a dude farther back from that looks like his face is whited out. Then there’s a ………to infinity


    1. Other than the one photo that appears to have two Paul’s in it, all I see in this collection are Mike McCartney, the name I tive to the twin.

      And again, this is not conclusive evidence. For that all you need do go to their childhood photos, where you will find a set of twins.


        1. It was 1968, and styles should not be judged outside their time frame. His hair parts on his right, severely (a cowlick) so that in those days he would even wear wigs so that no part was apparent. Original Paul, his twin, has a hair part is on the left, but gentler, easier to brush over.

          [Edited this, as I get confused with these two guys.]


          1. Have some of the boat pictures been colorized?
            19 seconds in, Faul looks like he has mumps in his right cheek, but not his left. (Very strange)


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