Note to readers – D-Day deceit

I put up a post today about a D-Day photo and then took it down. Looking over other photos, I got a sense that it is a very big subject and I need to be a little more thorough. So it will reappear down the road as part of a larger analysis, and then you can chime in too. (There is monkey business going on there for sure, but I don’t know why.)

Or, have a crack at it yourself and I will run your work here or link to it.  I know we have some crack photo and Wikipedia analysts among the readership. My forum is open to you.

9 thoughts on “Note to readers – D-Day deceit

  1. For our researchers. Some weird Internet psyop going on right now.
    Google that and a countdown timer appears with an end date of 9-14-16. Google will also list the Reddit thread concerning all the commotion. Also a FB page worth noting. Apparently there are fake US Currency notes with occult imagery and esoteric hints being found across the United States, including Alaska and even Europe. Worth looking into especially if you are inside on a rainy Saturday like I am.


          1. Hop Stoopid. One of my favorites. Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA another favorite and one I just found I really dig, Clown Shoes Space Cake Double IPA. There are so many. Houston alone has 3 breweries selling beers. Then a couple more out around Austin.


  2. Regarding D-Day, Stalin was allegedly complaining as early as ’43 that the Germans and the Allies had a gentleman’s agreement to offer little to no resistance on the western front so Germany could concentrate their resources in the east- If it wasn’t for Omaha Beach, D-Day would have looked just like that photo- So, I’d concentrate on the imagery of Omaha in sussing out fakery- Clues Forum did some investigating on that topic, if memory serves-


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