What game is afoot?

I always do something most others don’t when viewing something like this: I put myself in the shoes of the person holding a camera.

In the case, he is being allowed to film the incident. Normally a camera would be shut down, surrounded, to block out the event.

That, to me, means that the event was meant to be filmed. If that is the case, then the event was probably staged.

And if the event was staged, then that is probably not Hillary Clinton. More likely, it is a body double.

Do you notice that we never see her face?

And, if it is staged, why? What game is afoot here?

17 thoughts on “What game is afoot?

  1. I have been reading about this all morning. Looks like a psyop on the anniversary of a psyop. Look at the photos of Hillary emerging from her daughter’s apartment 2 hours after the incident. Clearly a body double. And, the Bad Self Eater countdown clock that ends tomorrow… Looks like it will be a massive information dump-probably on Hillary and Trump. Bad stuff they say. Stay tuned…


  2. It seems like a younger body double in a wig. There’s just something really fake about the whole scene.

    They’ve been pushing this whole “Is Hillary Sick?” routine for a few years now. It’s hard for me to get a handle on it. My guess is that the goal is to just mess with our heads. Get the Hillary voters nervous so nobody is happy or confident about anything.


    1. I think it is more nefarious. Something is up, something big. Could they postpone the election? Obama stays in office? Hinckley was just released (of course, he was not incarcerated). I am preparing for a faked assassination attempt on The Donald. At this point absolutely nothing is off the table with these psychopaths.


      1. I’m still not sure who they prefer to elect. I’m personally amazed the American people have quietly come to terms with Trump being the potential president. The will of the people has really been broken with that whooper. There was so much anger and amazement a year ago, now people seem to have lost hope, not realizing all the votes and primaries are rigged.

        With HIllary they can push the female > men agenda for 4 or 8 years to further marginalize men. With Trump they can completely blackwash men as leaders, just like they are blackwashing all patriarchs on TV and movies.

        They have worked really hard to make Hillary appear terrible. Just look at Google Images and compare her photos now to 20 years ago. They’ve turned her into a joke. I have heard people say “I’ll vote for anybody but Hillary”. So I’m with daddie_o on this election making Americans lose faith in institutions. That’s why they created the Bernie Sanders cartoon, to give the young people hope, then destroy it. That’s why they have the “I’m not voting for anybody” memes.

        They are trying to completely break our will and turn us into zombies. Which is another reason why they are still making zombie movies and shows. That fad should have ended a decade ago, but now I suspect it’s been promoted by Intelligence. Some sort of subconscious trigger to the public, just like the “people as animals” psyop, just like twerking, etc. Anything to get us acting more zombie-like and animalistic.


    2. Astonishingly off topic: Straight, is Brittany Murphy on The List? She looked like a real chameleon and if she’s half as dumb as they say she “was”, she might be Jayne level smart- Like Jayne, she was apparently mobbed to the hilt- Plus twins, perhaps- She never looked the same twice- Back to Hilary…


      1. I’ve never considered her being twins, but there was a moment a few weeks ago where I was convinced she became Melissa Francis of Fox News. But the matchup didn’t work for me.


  3. I have noticed an underlying pattern with many psyops lately: it seems that many of them are great to handed certain segments of the population lose faith in institutions (among other goals). Take for example the so-called ‘rape of Europe.’ Many Europeans are being led to believe that ‘their’ women are being mass raped by refugees and that their own governments and police are not only turning a blind eye to it but trying to cover it up ahead protect the refugees (whose numbers are anyway massively overblown).

    With Hillary we similarly have manufactured controversies: the email gate and ongoing rumors about her health. Right-wingers just KNOW there’s an ongoing effort by the media to cover up these problems and downplay them. So here they are being fed even more evidence of this but again the ‘lame stream media’ is downplaying it. . Add in some obvious body double stuff and then they really go to town. With the email scandal the FBI etc is playing favorites. So the psyops deepen one segment of the populations trust asked belief in the legitimacy of mainstream institutions. Which, at the end of the day, only serves to further divide the country.

    “Can’t they see she’s half dead? What a cover-up!”

    “Oh those crazy Trump supporters! It’s just walking pneumonia fit crying out loud! She’s working too hard. What idiots!”

    And so it goes… i would guess this little episode is not the start of anything new. Just a booster shot for a longrunning psyop…

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    1. Here’s an example of how they’re pushing this:


      “Media remains silent”, blah blah blah.

      Is anybody else following Colin Kaepernick not standing for the national anthem? Facebook is bombarded by memes and posts about “disrespectful Americans”, and so on, meanwhile making it a black vs white thing. It amazes me how people fall for this hook, line, and sinker.


      1. Just glancing at headlines. I really can hardly stomach the news anymore. It’s amazing how fake and phony it all seems once you are standing (relatively) outside the matrix. But I agree with you notion from that other thread that we are not nearly as far outside the matrix (or down the rabbit hole) as we’d like to think.


    2. Just re-read my comment and realized my phone went crazy on auto-correct. Here are some translations:

      “many of them are great to handed certain segments”
      should read
      “many of them are GEARED TO MAKE certain segments”

      “cover it up ahead protect the refugees”
      should read
      “cover it up AND protect the refugees”

      “the psyops deepen one segment of the populations trust asked belief in the legitimacy of mainstream institutions”
      should read
      “the psyops deepen one segment of the population’s MISTRUST AND LACK OF BELIEF in the legitimacy of mainstream institutions

      I’ll try to proofread before posting in the future…


  4. Living in Niner country, I got sucked into the Kaepernick crap even though I don’t give a fig for football- Now the protest has metastasized, turning up on other teams- The NBA starts soon so it will be interesting to see if this spectacle carries over- MLB is too conservative to allow such a thing- I find this interesting drama, but as fake as any other network programming- Multi-millionaires don’t have a lot to protest about, even if it involves race- But it got my attention, which is a bad thing-
    I REALLY don’t give a fig for politics, but there I was yesterday on Let’s Troll Forums eating up the video analysis of the great Thunkerdrone, posting stuff on Facebook about Hilary having died, hoping my friendly liberal Hilary slaves would get irked- They got me again-
    I think this “game” is for us- The Tokarskites of the cyberworld who aren’t wasting enough attention on these MSM circus acts- They want EVERYONE to look their way- Who knows what we missed sneaking behind our backs in the last day or so-


    1. Benghazi was part of the Clinton campaign strategy to keep her in the news and above the fold on page one because her rallies could not draw flies and her speechifying is the most uninspired crap ever heard on the hustings- The “scandals” and her defense of her behavior was her campaigning for president- A unique strategy to say the least, but if you can’t move crowds with your words, you have to stay in the spotlight somehow- But all of the scandals, from Benghazi to email-gate, were fake and then some-


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