Anderson Cooper: Both twin and zombie

Note to readers: See the post The Steve Clark Blunder. This post was a cluster of errors.

I am going to blame this on jet lag, as I do have  a bad case, but it is just an excuse, as I did make a mistake in the original version of this post – I used a 2016 photo of Def Leppard rather than one that included Steve Clark, which is now used. Comments below refer to the original photo. They were accurate.


A week or so ago I inserted the above photo of Def Leppard in with the mix of photos taken in Europe, and asked readers who Staight’s latest discovery, his latest Zombie was. Where I could, I emailed the answer to people expressing interest, as I don’t like teasing people. For all of us now, the answer is that the guy in the middle above, who is holding a microphone in a creepily suggestive way second from the right, is Steve Clark, who died of alcoholism in 1991.

He is now known as Anderson Cooper, intrepid CNN news reporter.

If you are curious what a pool of talent exists that one man can be both a world-class lead guitarist and stage performer and a newsman, the answer is easy. Cooper may have done some excellent air guitar work on stage.  What we have discovered about Zombies, people who fake-die as musicians and then return as news personalities, is that they are actors, not musicians. The whole of a recording performance can be faked, and stage performances too.

Straight and I have learned now too when doing facial comparisons to first answer the question: Are we dealing with twins?

In Cooper’s case, yes. Most assuredly, Anderson Cooper is twins.

Her is twin #1, whom I think of as Anderson the Serious:

And here is Twin #2, who I think of as Fredo, the slightly less credible Cooper:

cooper-on-jeopardyAs I have discovered, if he is wearing horn-rimmed glasses, it is Fredo. Also, Fredo has an easy smile, sometimes even looking a little intellectually challenged, the reason for my nickname.

(Jeopardy, the TV Quiz show, annually runs a week of news personalities they call “Power Players,” in which they dumb down the questions and put our nightly news people on display. This year Cooper was among them. After a while you’ll get the hang of it, but it was Fredo, and not Serious, who was on that show this year. See to the left. Easy smile, pointed nose are two keys to telling them apart.

For those of you who eschew face splitting, I will tell you that as I randomly grabbed ten photos, I could tell without thinking that I was dealing with twins. Here is a side-by-side comparison, with the yellow line used to make sure the eyes are in alignment. The green line highlights the ear difference, and the red the chin.


As can be seen , Serious Cooper has lower ears, while Fredo has a shorter chin. Fredo also has a sharper nose. Keep in mind that while one photo is of an older twin, the other younger, ear lobes get longer with age, but ear height and skull shape remain constant. Noses can be altered by plastic surgery, but these have not. These are two different men.

Anderson Cooper, said to the son of Gloria Vanderbilt, has either a fake bio in which the Vanderbilt portion was invented, or really is that guy. If he really is that guy, then he was sent to England to become Steve Clark and impersonate a musician – and to learn how to act.

But Cooper’s bio is a little more interesting, as Gloria Vanderbilt is said to have had another son, Carter Cooper, who did a swan dive to his death at age 23 from the fourteenth floor of their New York City apartment in 1991. This is from an interview of Gloria by (Serious) Anderson in September of 2011:

‘I still run through it,’ she said. ‘He was sitting on the wall with one foot on there and one foot hanging over and he kept looking down.

‘And I kept begging him and then when he went, he went like an athlete, and hung over the wall like this.

‘And I said, “Carter, come back”, and for a minute I thought that he was going to come back, but he didn’t. He let go.’

She told her 44-year-old son, who was 21 at the time of the tragedy, ‘There was a moment when I thought I was going to jump over after him.

‘I thought of you and it stopped me.’

That is really sad, as any parent who has lost a child can testify. The problem is that I do not believe it. I think it is just bad writing, a damned soap-opera ending. Once I knew we were dealing with twins, I knew one had to leave his regular life to become the doppelgänger for the other. They chose a dramatic suicide as the back story.

Here is a photo of Carter Cooper, as nice and well-adjusted a young man as you will ever meet:


And here he is matched up with Fredo Cooper, the less serious twin:

Carter Cooper did not plunge to his death. He merely became the Anderson Cooper twin that we never knew about until today.

We rest our case. Anderson Cooper is a two-fer, both a twin AND a Zombie.

PS: Oops! I almost forgot. Which Cooper, Anderson or Carter, played the part of Steve Clark of Def Leppard? From all appearances, it was Fredo. Clark died in 1991, while Carter Cooper died in 1988, leaving three years there. However, I would not be surprised if both stepped in and out of the role, but that is a subject for further research, and I am tired. Please excuse the oversight.


Footnote: I ask readers to bear with me on this one, as in looking at other comparisons of Steve Clark and either Cooper twin, results are all over the board. When this happens, I usually go back to the person I am looking to compare to see if he or she is more than one person. What I am finding, as can seen with the photos below, is that Steve Clark does not match up well with Steve Clark – as if he had a double or twin in use. This would fit perfectly with use of both Coopers, Anderson and Carter, but the evidence does not take me there. So tomorrow morning, when my head is clear, I am going to re-examine this whole matter. In the meantime, see below the problem I am having – each person below is said to be Steve Clark.

We generally resolve these issues before publishing anything, but I rushed this one. I hope to clarify matters tomorrow.

15 thoughts on “Anderson Cooper: Both twin and zombie

  1. All right guys, I’m convinced about the twins. But I’m afraid the Def Leppard conneciton is going to need some clearing up.

    The band picture you posted at the top is a picture from their 2016 tour:
    The guy in the middle of the pic up top is not Steve Clark, but rather Joe Elliot, who has been their vocalist since 1992, just after Clark vanished. (I possess zero Def Leppard knowledge or trivia, this is all from a quick google search.)
    In the picture you posted from Europe, Steve Clark was second from the right.

    OK, those are minor matters. A little bit of oversight and rush-to-publish. Not a big deal. Here is where you lose me:

    Mark when you e-mailed me to tell me who Clark had become, I thought, well, with a little plastic surgery I could see it working. That is, Clark would have had to have plastic surgery to look more like Fredo. But here you show us a younger picture of Fredo. And he does not look like Clark. So it seems like Fredo would have had to undergo plastic surgery to look like Clark, and then reverse the process to look more like himself again? Doesn’t make sense to me. I would say there’s a fair amount of dissimilarity between Clark and Fredo — they don’t quite line up as nicely as some of the other matched. I think you guys might be off the mark on this one. What does a Clark/Young Fredo match up look like. Or perhaps you have thought of a plausible scenario to explain the young Fredo –> Clark –> older Fredo transformation?


    1. I guess I will blame it all on jet lag. I used a different band photo than the original one and did not check its date, just liking the way the guy I assumed to be Clark was holding the microphone in an odd way. I am gong to replace the one I used with the original, and this will make your comment seem out of place. I apologize for that.

      Secondly, all of my work today was on the twins aspect, and I didn’t even think to match up either twin with Clark. It was troublesome, but I did find one that matched with Fredo, and there have been, as far as I can tell no plastic surgeries on either man. I also went to the email from Straight that had the photos in it that convinced me while in Europe that we had our man, and those links are now dead. So I hastily used the one that you see that you do not like.

      What I am going to do here is take down that portion of the post, as it needs more work, and I am in no frame of mind to do it right now. I hope in the end that I can buttress up the zombie case, but if not, then I will call it a mistake and move on. The twins part I am sure of.


      1. Sounds like a good plan. I guess i could have sent you a private email but i think it’s good to have an open discussion and see how the sausage is made. I hope you agree. I think it says a lot about your integrity to be able to reconsider and rethink in an open forum like this. And i agree about the twins. Cheers and hope you feel better soon.


      2. It is getting more and more confusing, and could take more time than I anticipated. I am finding family photos now, and while the boys appear to be of equal age in some, in others they appear to be different in age. We know the McCartney boys each had plastic surgery to look more alike, so perhaps the Cooper project was seen as a very big deal in the beginning, more so than a lone CNN correspondent. I am leaning heavily towards one of them being in DL, but I first have to work out all the kinks on the Clark side of that matter, as he appears to be more than one person too.

        Anyway, don’t worry about public criticism – you’re an honest critic, and those we have to listen to. Straight is yet to chime in, must be busy, but he will have some insight too. I wish I had his original photos, but will get them again. At this point I am shelving it until my head is clear again.

        No jokes … OK, just one – when has not having a clear head ever stopped me before?


    2. It’s going to be messy while we sort out the twins. We figured out Cooper was twins late in the game.

      There is so much smoke and mirrors here with Clarks twins, Clark body doubles, Cooper twins, the brother’s suicide, the Vanderbilts, the gay thing, etc. Intelligence is unbelievable at misdirection and it’s going to take some time to untie these knots. But in my opinion, the Clark twins became the Cooper twins. Give us a few days to gather the evidence.


  2. Those who read Mathis know that he suspects most of entertainment to be closeted gays. Now that we are uncovering identical twins, we need to start asking questions about whether these guys are really gay, and if they are is it just one twin who is gay or both? And if either one or two are gay, what are the odds of having good looking and many times talented identical twins from a bloodline family who are also gay?

    We have already discussed IVF technology that is not available to the public that may be able to induce twins, but does this technology also increased the odds of homosexuality? Are these children raised to become homosexuals? Do they only pretend they are gay? What’s going on here?


    1. Yeah, good questions. I have wondered about that. Is Ellen DeGeneres really gay, or just hired to push that agenda? And Cooper … something not right about that. Is he fake gay? Is he closeted straight?

      Something else surfacing … One twin is less outgoing and expressive, as with the Joplins. It is as if they play off each other as children, and one developed the dominant role, the other became more introverted. I find introverts more interesting than extroverts, and note that Thom Hartmann said that extraverts are more likely to end up on TV, introverts on radio. The thing about extraverts … You never wonder about what they are really thinking.


      1. One of the best examples of this is with the Justin Timberlake twins (which we haven’t published yet, but we have confirmed). One is the extroverted, funny, ladies man that the girls go ga-ga over. The other is the excellent dancer, singer, and performer.

        You can quickly spot them just by watching an interview. One is effortlessly charming, and the other tries too hard to be the charming one. Together they make an extraordinarily talented “celebrity”.

        Closeted straight, haha. Have we already reached that point?


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