Notes: New writer, Katy Perry, the davidcrosby effect, Freddie

I want to put down a couple of brief notes before I go on a search for Tyrone McCloskey’s piece, written to be published here. I want his article to assume top-of-page position, and cannot wait to read it.

Tyrone, author of the paper JFKTV*, has been adding to our efforts here in the comments, and always comes up with interesting stuff, often out of the blue. His family background is in the movie business, so you might guess that he knows a little bit about the people and forces behind it. But I will leave him to tell us what he wants to tell, and welcome him aboard.

I have to search for his piece because WordPress does not notify me when an article has been put up for “review.” He said it is in there, and I don’t know how to find it on my own blog! It is a kink, and we’ll get it worked out.

I am looking forward to being one of a stable of writers here. It being me, myself and I over the years has been many times fun and not, as my mistakes are ‘out there,’ while my successes got very little traffic. I am not much of a promoter.


I am backing off on one article, Katy Perry, and moving even further forward on another. As I mentioned in the comments, I am a CPA, and we are by nature obsessive people (who put little numbers in little boxes, who make order out of chaos.) With KP, I keep dwelling on the ears as the only real evidence that she is twins. They are not reliable enough – that is, when they misalign, it is evidence, but evidence on a second tier. So while I would not be surprised if KP is a twin, I am doing a double link here – anyone clicking on it on the right hand Honor Roll of twins comes first here to see my misgivings, and then to the article itself.

I could go back and work it some more, but she just doesn’t strike me as that important. She is more like a person elevated to stardom by forces around her than her own talent. That is so common that I will try to coin a phrase to short-hand the phenomenon and see if it catches on: She was davidcrosbied to fame. It’s not the talent in her genes, but the genes in her background that made her famous.

And there is this: I don’t want to look at her face anymore. I assume she lives in a penthouse and I am in the basement, so I can say this without her knowledge. I bear her no ill will, but after the hours I spent on her realized she is nothing more than a product of makeup, photographic effects and promotion. If I saw her without all of the glitz in the grocery store today, she would not catch my eye. Enough of KP!


The other obsession is Freddie Mercury, and again, I don’t want to look at that face again. If you read the comments under the Mercury/Dr Phil article, you will see that we had trouble with ear alignment between the two, and that this trouble originated with Mercury himself – his own ears do not align in photographs, a hint that he might be twins. But if he is, he’s more a replica more than a twin , as there is only the slightest hints in other facial features that there is more than one.

So I carry with me the suspicion that Freddie Mercury/Dr. Phil are a set of twins, and that only one of the twins is prominent now as Dr. Phil, the other fading to black. Who knows, maybe he died? But not of AIDS.


*(JFKTV can be read or downloaded here – you can easily bypass DropBox if you don’t have that app. It is 160 pages, less print than average for a pdf on each page, and a gripping read.)

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