Fun with photo analysis

I have planned for some time now to do an exposé about Jim Morrison, lead singer of the Doors who faked his death in 1971. We have already found his girlfriend, Pamela Courson here. It turns out she became a late-inning replacement for Barbara Walters.

Jim we have not located. I do know that before his fake death, he was body-doubled. So he was somewhere else when he died. I don’t think he has reappeared. I could be easily surprised. However, I think we can have more fun with this matter if we take another angle.

While at the Miles Mathis conference last summer. I brought up the matter of the photo below:


Those are the three children of Clara and Rear Admiral George Stephen Morrison. They are, left to right, Anne, Jim and Andrew. And Jim is indeed the “Jim Morrison” we knew. Make no mistake about that.

Miles looked at this photo on my IPad and I instantly saw a light go on behind his eyes. It is fake. He took it and passed it around the room for everyone to view, and then after our input, gave his own view of what is wrong with the photo.

I could pass all that along to you, but am not going to. We do a lot of work here with photos, but speaking for myself, my naked-eye work is not anywhere near the caliber of Mathis’s. So I thought this might be fun – just to lay out some photos, and let readers judge whether they are real, of if fake, what is wrong with them.

The photo above is #1. Following below the fold are seven more. All of them exhibit signs of photo monkey business, in my humble opinion. But I am no expert, just a student, so please chime in. And above all, have fun!


Photo #2 above, the one of the young boy with his chin on his arm and next to his father, appeared to me to be a genuine photo. My only thought was that it was not Jim, but rather younger brother Andrew in the photo. Miles looked at it and saw something far more subtle going on. See if you can spot it.


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  1. Photo #2: The hand Andrew is resting on looks like it belongs to his father- The father’s ear is 8 shades too light- The finger at the temple must have been inserted under the top layer which is Andy, four shades too light- Plus, Andrew doesn’t appear to be looking at anything but the barrier in front of him- That’s all I got on that one-


        1. George has a shirt on under his short sleeve shirt, apparently- Or the left arm was pasted in- Those might be Navy Air Corps wings over his left shirt pocket but it doesn’t seem too substantial for a medal- He’s holding wire rimmed eye glasses- I’m not getting the overall here-


          1. Yeah – it is tough to see, but when you see it … follow the hair on the boy’s head, back to front, and see where it changes texture. Then follow that line down in front of the ear, and you will see that two heads have been carefully pasted together … Jim’s face, probably the back of Andrew’s head. Step back after and you will see it. It is very well done.


    1. Nothing in #4 seems all that amiss- The car seems awfully bright for the fuzzy shaded figures so it could be a paste up- If that’s Andrew (has to be), he looks about 6-7 years old which would place the photo in the mid 50’s- George is dressed as a Lt. Commander, which is similar to Major, and one step from Lt. Col by comparison which is a red flag of course, but we know George was ONI so no big scoop there- I’m sure I’ll miss most or all of the Easter eggs in this post- I think Thursdays was in fact Fun With Photo Forensics on the original Mickey Mouse Club-


      1. As I see this one, the admiral has a son, Andrew, but not a son Jim. However, they have access to photos of “Jim” – a youth, and are pasting them in to invent Jim as the Admiral’s son. I do not know why they decided to do this, have no idea.

        The forehead on this kid is way too high, as if he is an ET. And look at his left ear – what is up with that? A very bad paste-up of the head, pasting young “Jim” over Andrew.

        As I see it.

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  2. Probably hard to do but I am really sure that at the end of the Jeremy Mardis shooting video there is an EMT who looks just like Omar Mateen of Orlando fame. The other EMT is clearly gay which would make sense in a queer sort of way. But the EMT who speaks looks at the camera for 1 frame and if you have seen Omar in his movie cameo it sounds like him too.


    1. Interesting. When I first saw him in the video, I thought ‘no way.’ But then when he turns around at 4:51, I thought…hmmm…there is a resemblance. Who knows? There is some evidence that they recycle crisis actors, so anything is possible.


    2. Upon closer study, I’d say close but no cigar. If you compare the shapes of their left ears, especially the bottom, they look different to me. I think there are other differences but ears are telling.


  3. Ooh, this is fun! I’ll take a quick crack at it:

    Why is his ear so dark? His brother’s ear on the same side is perfectly visible. Also, you can see the shadow that his sister apparently casts on his shirt would mean they are lighted from the left (our left), but the dark ear would mean they are lighted from the right. I guess his ear could be dark due to shadow from his sister if she is blocking the light source from the left, but in that case we would see much starker and darker shadow on their right sides, which we do not see. He also seems a couple of steps darker than his siblings. And why so grainy? Grainy pictures hide details and “evidence of revision.”
    This one has been thoroughly discussed, but I also noticed that the kid’s hand looks like an adult’s hand. Dad is also much darker than son.
    Jim presumably casts a shadow on dad’s face, but its edge is just a vertical line up and down. Look at how all the other shadows in the picture follow the contours of the objects that cast them, except this one. Also, why doesn’t his sister cast a similar shadow on her mom? Jim looks like he has been pasted into the picture—the lines look very unnatural, especially between him and his father.
    Yes, the border between the ear and his dad’s sleeve is weird. You might think he is standing in his dad’s shadow, but it seems only his arm is darker than the rest of his body, suggesting that his face should not be in shadow. But that’s what it looks like, especially since the face does not pick up the same highlights as his dad’s face.
    Why is Jim so much brighter than his siblings? Look at how dark (most of) his sister’s torso is. Ooh and look at her right foot (our left). There is a huge portion that is missing and filled in with grass. And the shadow on her other leg that appears to be cast by some kind of pole extends from the ground up onto her leg but casts a very uneven shadow with a very bright spot, but it should be in shadow. But then the long pole shadow also extends way beyond her. If that pole is casting a long shadow behind them, how come their bodies are not casting a similar shadow behind them?
    Lots of wonky shadows and inconsistent brightness on faces. The guy in the middle to the left of Jim looks like he has a second ear partly tucked under the first.
    Jim looks out of place in the picture, standing off to the side, looking down while the others look at the picture. He is also much darker than the others and has a single, smooth shadow over his face while the others do not. But the others also have inconsistent lighting on their faces. Look at the huge highlight on his dad’s head. Is that woman even the same person as in pic #3?
    Duplicate of pic 3.
    I guess the kid on the hood of the car is supposed to be his little brother, but he looks pasted in. His dad’s shoulder is in front of him, but then where does his arm go? Presumably stretch back behind him resting on the car, put it looks instead like they just cut it off. He would really need to bend it behind him in a very uncomfortable way to get that look. Also the kid’s legs are very blurry and posed in an unnatural way. To see the blurriness, juxtapose the sharpness of the top part of the car light to the pants right next to them. It looks like there is a big smear running across the bottom part of the light, across his knees and over onto dad’s pants (also on “Jim’s” arm and torso in the other direction). And his sister’s hand resting there looks very strange. Although the picture is grainy, Jim’s face looks like it has been smudged, presumably to hide detail. If we’re going with the theory that Morrison Sr. only had two kids and Jim was added in later, then this smudged face could be a sign of pasting in Jim’s face over his real son’s face, with the other kid with suspenders pasted in. But Jim could be pasted in here and retouched entirely. Look at his mom’s hands over him. She appears to be missing most of her fingers. And compare Jim’s shirt to his dad’s shirt. Jim’s shirt is missing all texture—it’s just a flat color almost as if it had been colored in by hand or something.


    1. Bang-up job there! You should work for Mathis!

      I hope others take a shot at this too. MM pointed out to me in #2, which I thought was legit but werein the boy was misidentified, that two heads have been spliced together. You can see a seam in front of his ear. Once you realize that, it becomes readily apparent. The arm belongs to the admiral and I think is OK.

      A friend and I discussed the last one, the color photo, and it began to disassemble before our eyes. The admiral looks like he has adopted old man dress style, having his pants up around his nipples. He is wearing two different shoes. His head, Anne and Andrew and Jim have different lighting than the others, judging by shadows under the chins. The lighting on the car has a showroom quality, light bouncing in every direction.

      Someone at Langley put in a long hard day on these, sixties technology and all.

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      1. Ha! All I know about photo analysis I learned from him.

        On number 2, I only saw the seam after you pointed it out to Tyrone. But the arm and hand under the kid’s chin couldn’t be the admiral’s because he is presumably using that same hand pointing a finger to his head (which Tyrone also pointed out). So either the admiral had three hands or his son had Seinfeldian ‘man hands’?


        1. I had not seen that before. You’re right. Man hands!

          MM reserved the right to take a look at the Morrison situation some time down the road. Given his abilities in these areas, I decided to phone it in with this, just putting the photos up for observation, as pasting is apparent in all of them, some more obvious.

          So it is a question of why – Miles said they needed some one good looking and who could sing to front for the Doors, and I agree, but I don’t think that explains why they chose to make their creation the son of the Admiral in charge of the fleet during the Gulf of Tonkin hoax. That puzzles me. They could have easily made him the son of a captain or Lieutenant, and it would have drawn less attention. Did they want this attention?


          1. It’s a very, very good question. I guess Morrison was one of their guys and was willing to help them run this operation. But I imagine they could have found lots of people to play ball, so why this high profile officer? Strange days indeed…

            As for the man hands: could be the person in the original photo was an adult and they pasted on a child’s face. In fact, that’s what it looks like — his body and head are yuge I tell ya, yuge!


          2. Having multiple generations of naval officers in my family gives me no real extra insight into why George Morrison was tapped for this assignment save that some lifers are better at certain things than others and the incentives to stay in uniform outweighed the temptations of civilian opportunities. They are all unshakable patriots at that stage and know how to follow orders, but the truly talented have civilian offers all the time and at some point making money for a growing family tempts the lifer to hang up his medals and join the private sector- I had an aunt who was a captain in the Marine Corps and with three kids and a house husband, she had the expensive skills so it was a no-brainer for her to join the rat race-
            My guess is that Morrison was promoted and patronized and probably paid better than most for his Intel friendly skills and demeanor- He worked in DC and then Monterrey and as a high ranking officer, there probably wasn’t a lot to fight there- And Admiral’s retirement packages are pretty good, too-
            All that said, I repeat that Jim was added after his “death” to George’s family, the revelation of Morrison’s father being an Admiral only coming to light in spook author Danny Sugerman’s bio No One Gets Out Of Here Alive, published in 1980-


            1. The timing may be a key as well- 1980 and Reagan is pulling up in the driveway- A dead rock star with a military officer father shines a little positivity on the upcoming war mongering, in a very subconscious way-


  4. My take on the photos.

    This is a paste-up composite. For one thing the shadow cast by the front boy falls to the left while the others’ shadows fall to the right.

    Another composite. As others have noted the hand by the boy’s chin belongs to a much older man. Most likely it is simply the officer’s hand and the one with the finger on his forehead (which just doesn’t look right anyway) was added to the photo. As also noted, the boy is supposed to be looking out the window but there is something there blocking his view so it doesn’t make sense.

    Father & boy look pasted in to me.

    Another composite. The figures look pasted on top of the background. Also the lighting on father and son doesn’t match.

    Here is a larger version:

    Look at the ground by their feet and the shadows on the ground there. They don’t look right at all. The shadows don’t connect up with their feet correctly, etc. Also some weird shadow thing falling on her leg – what is that?

    The guy in the center looks like a floating head – obviously pasted in. Another pasted-in head on lower right guy. Skin tones of the group are all over the place (light to dark). In other words the photo is a hodge-podge composite.

    Figure on right is obviously pasted in. Much darker skin tone and different lighting. You can practically see the line around him.

    Amateur Hour fake. Poor Dad. His hip is embedded in the hood of the Studebaker, his shoes don’t match and he lost his right arm. And, what’s he got his hand on? Nothing that makes sense. Everybody else is pasted in too (badly).

    Here is another fake paste-up composite photo I found easily:

    I tried to find what looked like a real photo of Jim ‘s family and couldn’t find any that don’t look like fakes.

    So, unless someone can show me some real photos, I would say that Jim Morrison’s family, as told to us by the media, is pure fiction. I mean, he had to have some kind of family but they must not be any of the people that we’ve been told about.

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    1. Nice! I am not sure about the hand in #2 being from dad. I agree that dad’s hand with finger pointing to head looks weird, but I think the hand under the “boy’s” chin comes from the same person they pasted Jim’s face onto. And the reason for that is the fabric of the cuff at the wrist. It matches the sweater but not dad’s shirt. Upon looking at the photo, it seems clear that the entire figure there was pasted in. He’s much lighter than dad (that’s another reason the hand under the chin doesn’t match dad). So it seems like they pasted in this guy to the picture, then spliced Jim’s face onto his.

      #6: You’re totally right about the guy with the floating head in the middle. His head is WAY too big for that body. If they sloppily pasted his head on to another head, that would explain the two left ears on the guy. What’s remarkable about that picture is that even though it is a hodge-podge, almost everybody appears to have their eyes pointing in the same direction, except for newspaper guy at the bottom and the guy with his eyes closed. It could be that some of them were in the original picture with others being pasted in.


      1. Yes, on second thought I agree that the infamous hand probably belonged to the foreground figure and the kid’s head was pasted in to that body. The finger pointing hand still looks pasted in – probably as an afterthought so we wouldn’t think the foreground hand was Dad’s. But, the important point is the photo is a fake and the boy and the man weren’t together probably because these two jokers never met (much less having had a father-son relationship).

        In the floating head photo #6 it looks to me just the opposite to your description – they’re NOT all looking in the same direction at all. BTW, is that John Sebastian’s floating head in the lower right? John had a close connection to several other spooky artists of the era – Mamas & the Papas, Bob Dylan, Roger McGuinn, etc.


            1. I think you’re right! The fake photo then helps establish an early connection between Morrison and the floating head of Ray Manzarek, keyboardist for The Doors.


  5. Photo 1:
    – shadow of Anne is higher than she is, indicating light (flash?) from below
    – shadow of Andrew is lower than he is, indicating light (flash?) from above

    Photo 2:
    – indeed looks genuine. But I wonder about the military sign on the shirt of the guy on the right (father Morrison I assume). It is loose or so, or pasted in?

    Photo 3:
    – boy looks pasted in; blurry things happening to the left of him
    – different light on all the faces

    Photo 4:
    – different light on the faces
    – boy looks from a sepia photo and dad looks from a brownish photo

    Photo 5:
    – looks ok, but I wonder where the right arm of the girl is, behind the guy on the left?

    Photo 6:
    – extreme variation in light on the faces
    – the guy next to Jim Morrison has a very very strange ear…

    Photo 7:
    – looks like another sepia-grey paste-up
    – Jim (I suppose on the right) looks like not belonging to this group
    – different light on the faces

    Photo 8:
    – At first I couldn’t spot anything strange here to be honest
    – but then I saw the shadows; they don’t match:
    * wheels of the car indicate a Sun at 7 o’clock
    * wheel of the bike suggests more or less the same
    * car in the garage in the background too
    * pants of Father Morrison indicates more like 5 o’clock Sun
    * shadows of the chins all suggest 7 o’clock
    * Father Morrison’s chin shadow is the odd one out, more 4 o’clock
    * shadow in the front (due to angle doesn’t look like the photographer) is much less dark than the other shadows


    1. Take a look again at photo 2, and good work on the rest. I did not see this for a logn while, but once you see it it is obvious. That is most likely Jim’s face pasted on the admiral’s son Andrew. It starts in front of the ear.

      But more than that, look at the hand that he is resting his chin on. Not only is it out of place, but looks like the hand of a fifty-year-old man.

      PS: This photo was used by McGowan in the book Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon, the only photo therein. He for sure did not spot the monkey business as he is part of it. He used it to emphasize that Morrison was the son of the admiral who commanded forces at Tonkin.


      1. Ahh, yes, now I see it. The face is greyer than the white rest of the head. Great Mark.

        I didn’t recognize the guy as Jim, but they are in a boat, right? What is that white “bowl” doing in front of Jim’s head? Where the arm indeed looks like pasted in. What is it supposed to be and why does it stand there in the cabin (or what it is) blocking the view on a Navy ship??


        1. I suppose they are on a ship, though not out to sea, as the boy would not go with them. The white bowl looks like a sheet of paper to me. Note how the admiral’s right hand is pointing at his forehead, meaning the hand belongs to the boy, must be part werewolf.

          Do you imagine, as I do, that they love fucking with us?


  6. Photo analysis is fun! We need more of it, imho.

    Just came across this list of 76 faked photos (admitted), which sets the stage for so many photos that were also faked, but not (yet?) admitted.

    The term “Hanlon’s razor” is used by defenders of mainstream stories to “debunk” a conspiracy/alternative version behind those stories. And when used as an absolutism, I think it is wrong. But I indeed think that most people are sloppy and gullible, not (necessarily) malicious, as can be seen by the thousands of people who just share/retweet the above photos without actually checking their sources.


    1. The 76 photos has a Snopes/Milli Vanilli/Pete Rose quality about it. (The earth shot from the moon is an example … both the color and b&w are fake, but “debunking” the color one adds creditbility to the b&w). You may not know Milli Vanilli, singers who were outet for lip syncing, thereby showing us that the music business polices its own. Pete Rose was a Pele-like American baseball star outed for gambling, thereby assuring us that baseball is on the ups with us. These photos have the same effect, to assure us cops are on the beat and that fake photos are not used in news.


      1. I know Milli Vanilli of course, I am not that young…

        And yes, the other Apollo is also fake.

        As with the Museum of Hoaxes site, it is mainstream, it will not take in the many Space Travel, Nuke Hoax and war photos we have analyzed here and elsewhere into the loop. But that is not the point; the point is to show that many photos that people believe to be “iconic” are admitted fakes. That should help them to see our point of view; that also many photos that are “iconic”, yet not admitted, also are faked.


  7. Jim Morrison is in fact dead, but obviously not in 1971. He actually in fact died in northern Morocco in 2008. His death was staged through Naval intelligence connections as per his father, with whom he reconciled following the 1970 Miami trial. See the letter Admiral Morrison wrote in defense of his son to the court in fall 1970.


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