Jim Morrison … still looking for him

Note to readers: At the end of this post is a long excerpt from the book Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon, by Dave McGowan (fake death 11/22/2015). I don’t know what sent me down this course today, except that I got up, made coffee, and instead of the usual reading going on, I decided to find the video that I knew existed claiming that Jim Morrison is still alive. This is no surprise to me, though in our earlier efforts we looked hard for him, with no luck. Here’s the video. It’s about three minutes and the music is very enjoyable.

Oh, by the way, that guy in the video above in the cowboy hat, said to be William James Loyer, is not Jim Morrison. Someone is messing with us. I did my own work on the subject using this photo below. In so doing, even as Loyer is not Morrison, I could not help but think what a beautiful man this guy is/was! No wonder he was selected to be the lead singer for the Doors. Charisma is written all over him.

Morrison is an enigma, no musical interest or ability, but turns up before the Doors were formed with enough music to fill three albums. He could neither read nor write music, played no instrument, and so had no way to get the music out of his head and into the hands of someone who could write it down. As McGowan suggests, he must have hummed it to his band mates, and they did the rest. I think this might be part of the reason performers often fake their death at a young age … they cannot maintain their careers on limited talent. Morrison was obviously handed a stack of songs, given singing lessons, and made an idol. But in the end the lack of real talent was going to out him. He had to exit the scene.

Morrison set us off on a long quest that started by looking for Jim and ended with me claiming that Jim’s girlfriend Pamela Courson ended up becoming Barbara Walters. More about that later, as I read my writing from 2017 on the subject this morning, and think that it holds up very well. (BaBaWaWa, The Final Cut)

Dave McGowan is a good writer, so if by chance you’ve not read Weird Scenes, I highly recommend it. It will hold your interest to the end. But McGowan lacked the chops to do some basic research, like interviewing people. He wrote some very nasty stuff about David Van Cortlandt (Van Rennselaer) Crosby, for instance, and in my view at least owed it to the man to allow him his say before raking him over in public. McGowan also scored very high on the gullibility scale, describing perhaps seventy deaths of young musicians and actors, and only slightly questioning Morrison’s. No others. He bought it all, which is what made me think that McGowan was doing a limited hangout. We ran all of the deaths through the Social Security Death Index, a basic research tool that McGowan must have known about. Dave did not do that. (We found Ricky Nelson and Phil Hartman’s wife Brynn there, and Sharon Tate was there at one time (SSN 452-74-4733, in case you’re into spook markers, that reads 11-11-11-33), and no others that I recall. (Sharon Tate is no longer listed there but was when we did the research.)

McGowan’s book has one photo in it, at the very beginning, said to be Jim Morrison with his father.

It’s fake. The hand in front of Jim’s face is a man hand. It appears too far away to be Admiral Morrison’s, and anyway, if you look closely as we did you’ll realize that Jim’s face has been appended to someone else’s head. The irony of this is that Jim was not of the Morrison family, yet the spooks who invented his persona elected to put him aboard the vessel that was at the center of the Gulf of Tonkin affair. (The back of that head is probably Admiral Morrison’s son Andrew, with Jim’s face pasted on the front.)

Jim just up and disappeared. He was said to be cleaning up, having shaved his beard, and was going for long walks in Paris. Then he turned up dead, a suspected heroin overdose. There was no autopsy. Only two people ever saw the body, one of whom was Pam Courson.

This is supposedly young Jim with his brother and sister. It’s a professional photo, but the person pasting Jim in botched the job, so it looks like he has a toasted muffin for a right ear. The shadows are inconsistent too, but we did this work long ago, and I’ve no intention here of reinventing it. You can examine the photos for yourself at this post.

By far the most exciting results to come out of the Jim Morrison saga for us surrounded Pamela Courson, his girlfriend, pictured to the left. She’s a very beautiful woman, and if her birthday is correct, she is currently 74 years sold. Pamela was said to be part of a string of people in that era dying at age 27,  hers of a heroin overdose, as with Him, on April 25, 1974. (Jim’s DOD was 7/3/71, so he is 77 years old if still around.)

Memory is not serving me well, so I don’t know why I stumbled on the resemblance between Courson and Barbara Walters. I do know that I saw more than one Walters in my research, the one to the right here most prominent in my mind. Take a close look. The first thing that jumps out is that the photo does not look like the Barbara Walters we know. Also note something about her that probably spelled the end of her career: She is slumped forward, and her hands are under the table. This is submissive posture. That does not cut it in TV News.

I figured the switch took place in 1976, the original Walters paid off and put to pasture with an iron-clad non-disclosure agreement. Something very interesting happened around that time. A Saturday Night Live cast member, Gilda Radner, picked up on a lisp that no one else could seem to discern. She played the character BaBa WaWa after that, a recurring one on SNL.

I suspect that Radner, very talented so this is no slight, was given the task of running Walters up the flagpole, making her a national figure. The manner in which Radner impersonated Walters literally defined Walters.  No longer was the public aware of a mousy newscaster making her appearance as the first woman newscaster on The Today Show. Radner’s caricature sealed in the public mind the face and voice of Barbara Walters.

(And yes, we also looked for Gilda Radner among the living dead. No luck, in fact, and she is not in the Social Security Death Index. I suspect that Mrs. Gene Wilder is out there somewhere.)

Another photo that caught my eye was this one to the left, said to be Walters in her early days. I think we can all agree that that person might be Barbara Walters, but not the Barbara Walters that Pam Courson became.

The hardest part of the Courson/Walters transition was the age difference. Walters is said to have been born in 1929, and currently is 91 if still alive. Courson was born in 1946, and is currently 74 years old. That is quite a difference to overcome.

Take a look at this photo to the right and below, of Donald Trump and Walters in 2017. At the time of this video, Walters was said to be 87 years old! Does that look like an 87 year old woman? I’m aware of the power of makeup and illusion, but I make that woman out to be in her sixties or seventies. Not 87.

This is an 87-year-old woman. I know that she is that age because the headline that accompanies her photos says she was accused of a crime involving the death of a grandson at that age. Do you imagine that TV and makeup magic would make the woman on the left look like the one on the right?

Anyway, the Courson/Walters transition was a hard sell. It is a good thing I believe in myself, as I even had a visit in the comments from someone from the Courson family claiming the Pam really did die and to stop defaming her. Fortunately, you cannot defame a dead person, so I was on safe ground.

So what evidence did I gather? First, a striking resemblance between the two.

I did not do many face chops because there were  not very many full frontal face shots of Courson. But this was enough to convince me I was on the right path. I was also at that time playing with profiles, and I did find a nice left profile of Courson. The problem with profiles is a standard by which to size the two images, one of Walters and one of Courson. I decided just to align the heads to the same size, as I had good evidence in the face chops that I was on the right path. Here’s what a came up with, a GIF of Walters transforming before my eyes into Courson. If nothing else, look at the nose. [The similarity in the hair, texture and part, speaks to me as well.]

I have noticed in doing this kind of work these past years that people tend to assume the same posture throughout their lives, even the angle of tilted head. You might say it is fortunate that I caught both women at the same angle, but I think it more the good fortune of them being the same woman at different stages of life. Unfortunately, there are no profile shots of Courson where her ear is visible. That too would be added evidence.

I had no idea where I was going with this piece when I sat down to write, and now that I am out of things to say, I have no idea where I am at. I am fully aware that the people I write about, Barbara Walters, Jim Morrison, Gilda Radner, etc., are of a prior age and generations apart. But I can only write what I know, and I have not much interest in the current crop of famous people. It’s part of aging, you see.

Excerpt from Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon, by Dave McGowan, page 128 et seq

At the very beginning of this journey, it was noted that Jim Morrison’s story was not “in any way unique.” That, however is not exactly true. It is certainly true that Morrison’s family background did not differ significantly from that of his musical peers, but in many other significant ways, Jim Morrison was indeed a most unique individual, and quite possibly the unlikeliest rock star ever to stumble across a stage.

Morrison essentially arrived on the scene as a fully developed rock star, complete with a backing band, the stage persona and an impressive collection of songs – enough, in fact, to fill the Doors’ first few albums. How exactly he reinvented himself in such a radical manner remain something of a mystery, since before his sudden incarnation a singer/songwriter, James Douglas Morrison had never shown the slightest interest in music. None whatsoever. He certainly never studied music and could neither read nor write it. By his own account, he never had much of an interest in even listening to music. He told one interviewer that he “never went to concerts – one or two at the most.” And before joining the Doors, he “never did any singing. I never even conceived of it.” Asked near the end of his life if he had ever had any desire to learn to play a musical instrument, Jim responded, “Not really.”

So here we had a guy who had never sang, who had “never even conceived” of the notion that he could open his mouth and make sounds come out, who couldn’t play an instrument and had no interest in learning such as skill, and who had never much listened to music or been anywhere near a band, even just to watch one perform, yet he somehow emerged, virtually overnight, as a fully formed rock star who would quickly become an icon of his generation. Even more bizarrely, legend holds that he brought with them enough original songs to fill the first few Doors’ albums. Morrison did not, you see, do as other singer/songwriters do and pen the songs over the course of the band’s career; instead, he allegedly wrote them all at once, before the band was even formed. As Jim once acknowledged in an interview, he was “not a very prolific songwriter. Most of the songs I’ve written I wrote in the very beginning, about three years ago. I just had a period where I wrote a lot of songs.”

In fact, all of the good songs that Morrison is credited with writing were written during that period – the period during which, according to rock legend, Jim spent most of his time hanging out  on the rooftop of the Venice apartment building consuming copious amounts of LSD. This was just before you hook up with fellow student Ray Manzarek to form the Doors. Legend also holds, strangely enough, that the chance meeting occurred on the beach, though it seems far more likely that the pair would’ve actually met at UCLA, were both attended the University’s rather small and close-knit film school.

In any event, the question that naturally arises (though it does not appear to have ever been asked of him) is: How exactly did Jim “The Lizard King” Morrison write that impressive batch of songs? I’m certainly no musician myself but it is my understanding that just about every singer/songwriter across the land composes his or her songs in essentially the same manner: on instrument – usually either a piano or guitar. Some songwriters, I hear, can compose on paper, but that requires a skill set that Jim did not possess. The problem, the course, is that he could not play a musical instrument of any kind. How then did he write the songs?

He would’ve had to have compose them, I’m guessing, in his head. So we are to believe that the few dozen complete songs never heard by anyone and never played by any musician, existed only in Jim Morrison’s acid-addled brain. Anything is possible, I suppose, but even if we accept that premise, we are still left with some nagging questions, including the question of how those songs got out of Jim Morrison’s head. As a general rule of thumb, if a songwriter doesn’t know how to read and write music, he can play the song for someone who does and thereby create the sheet music (which was the case for example with all of the songs that Brian Wilson penned for the Beach Boys. But Jim quite obviously could not play his own songs. So did he, I don’t know, maybe hum them? Will he will a is for insulation on

34 thoughts on “Jim Morrison … still looking for him

  1. The military-industrial connection to the 1960’s Laurel Canyon musicians is the “tell.” And Morrison’s back story on the songs he “wrote” stretches credulity.
    So I can understand deaths being faked in order to extricate assets from assignments, but why re-insert them in new, high-visibility roles, like Courson/Walters?


    1. Good point. I suspect they could not fire the real Barbara Walters, as she was a rollout for feminine reporters.But she wasn’t cutting it. So they back-shelved her, and when Courson came available, they used her. Courson did a good job, but the Gilda assist was key. Walters was not well known, so that it was easy to slip one personality into another. Memory of the real BW was not strong, maybe a little cognitive dissonance, but not much.

      I have no problem with women in these roles, and they do good work, not that I watch any news. I just view them all as actors, some better than others. Courson did a good job.


  2. Mark I think you had the idea there were two Jim’s? There are stories that the chubby 2nd Jim ended up as Rush Limbaugh. You could do a face comparison and see if anything is there. Krieger, Densmore and many Morrison family members are still alive, although i’m sure they are paid very well not to disclose anything but if we could ever get them one on one in tied up a chair with the chainsaw running to get the truth out, count me in.

    It’s not uncommon for unknown average joe singers and poets to have pre written material. I’ve had quite a few myself. Studio people can do wonders with rough drafts of lyrics and music. However it does appear The Doors was a project that was planned in advance and that’s sad since I like most of the songs.


  3. Limbaugh was Goldbuggery, nothing more. There was a fat bearded Jim photographed in Paris, but that was not Jim. I think he went to Paris to make his escape, and Pam knew it. He was simply exiting to his new life, whatever that was, an assignment, or obscurity. I doubt he was a person of exceptional talent. Maybe he became a postmaster somewhere.


  4. Did Courson have a lisp, or would she have affected one (per script & Gilda assist)? Seems like so many hoops to jump through, given that they could have used new or unknown assets. But perhaps the op was small.
    I looked at the 2016 POM Morrison photo analysis. Images clearly ‘shopped by individual(s) who didn’t care if finished product was believable, or perhaps the technology didn’t exist at the time. Interestingly, Jim stated in an early interview, & i think it was listed on album bio, that his parents were dead. Later, it was spun that Jim was estranged from his father / family, which is why he said they were deceased. So Jim could easily have been appended to the Admiral’s family.

    OK, two Jim’s. If heavyset Jim#2 became Limbaugh (who died a couple weeks ago) what became of the original Adonis Jim#1?


    1. The Limbaugh connection was put forth by “Dallas Goldbug,” an apparatchik who also said that JFK became Jimmy Carter. The two men, Limbaugh and Morrison, are not even close in resemblance, but this is Goldbug’s forte, to discredit honest work by making absurd assertions. Do not go there again. Goldbug is a spook.

      What happened to Jim? How can I know? If he faded into obscurity, as I suspect, he will never be found. He was gifted with good looks and charisma, but not much else. These were not going to carry him, which is why he had to exit the scene via fake death.


      1. Most high profile celebrities have body doubles, for security reasons. It helps them travel about with more ease, for instance, entering a theatre or restaurant, the body double might come in a limousine through the front entrance while the real celeb enters via the back alley. Been like that for all time. It is what security firms specialize in.


  5. I clicked on YouTube this morning and the first video on offer, “John Densmore Answers Jim Morrison Death-Faking Rumors.” Densmore says died, but is it important to anyone to dispel any rumours of fakery?


  6. In high school there was a guy a grade ahead of me who was really into the “Ba ba Wa wa” schtick… I had limited TV exposure growing up, for various reasons, and was out of the loop on both Walters and SNL. Gradually I kind of figured out what the joke was. Boy he sure thought it was hilarious. And lots of others were enjoying his hilarity with him. Probably Walters had just had some Special the night before, to get everyone talking, and this kid leaped in with his impression of an impression… Kind of a snotty, obnoxious guy who always rubbed me the wrong way. But then, at that age especially I could be pretty snotty and obnoxious myself, so there’s that.


  7. Sorry Mark, this is ‘off topic’, however, I wanted to know your thoughts on this matter.

    Regarding the interview with Meghan Markle & Prince Harry with Oprah Winfrey; I watched a BitChute video discussing these characters, and I came across an interesting comment.
    It reads as follows:
    “ever see the childhood photos of Megan. Its a bad photoshop- the father is the face of child murder ,John wayne Gacy and the brother is the face of one of his victims.”

    I did as suggested, and I do see the facial similarity between Mr. Markle and John Wayne Gacy… I am not well versed in photo analysis, however, Meghan’s photos could have been altered.

    What do you think?


  8. I’ve read in more than one article that Chevy Chase was at one time, a Jim Morrison double. In one article it was said that Chevy was not a double but that he was, for a time, actually JM. I’m not saying those articles are true but I like to keep two opposing viewpoints on a subject or issue in my head without making a concrete decision on either or. The way Chevy has acted in the past (behind the curtain at SNL—a close friend of mine worked on the SNL backstage crew—my friend watched a CC/Belushi physical flare-up during CC’s time on the show–plus there was a CC/Bill Murray punch-up that same season)—word was that he was an extreme ego maniac–I wouldn’t put it past him that he was a JM, if only for a time—or, maybe just for photo shoots ? Not much surprises me any longer.


    1. I don’t imagine Jim would have “died” if he had more talent to sustain a career. So I don’t imagine him doing anything more exciting than Tommy Lee Jones when he quit Men In Black, becoming a postman.


  9. The gold standard for women news personalities in the sixties was a fine boned socialite/political reporter named Nancy Dickerson. She was the first woman, I believe, to read news from the anchor desk- one of those 5 minute updates NBC ran during the morning game shows and before the soaps started. Diane Sawyer was a legacy of this type. Many women on TV talk shows back when were more bombastic, like Virginia Graham and those Auntie Mame types that must have ranked high in viewer polling and tests. (See The View where Ba Ba brought in back up bombast for this legacy) In that framing, the meek BW1 would appear lacking.
    The BW2 persona, whomever she was at that point, and after Dickerson left NBC in the early 70’s, began getting promotion, whether deserved or not, and landed the Today Show co-host slot in ’74. She was paired with dynamos like Hugh Downs and Frank McGee, and some guy named Hartz; men I suspect who were chosen so as to not overwhelm her. Consider she could barely stand up to wet rag Harry Reasoner when she jumped to ABC in ’76. It was at that point, because of her unique fame and controversy that Radner developed the running joke.
    I may have mentioned this in the comments from the original Morrison posts, but a famous musician I know dated Courson after Morrison left the stage. It was said she was planning for more than a year to “join” Jim- everyone apparently assumed that she was going to off herself. I don’t know from suicides, but I suspect they don’t plan all that far ahead. Maybe after a few weeks of agony and then ‘sundowning’, but a whole year plus? If she was out there dating, does that indicate disabling distress?
    Just for coverage’s sake, what if meek BW1 was a test subject and the real BW, no.2, was the individual they were developing the persona for. Would it strain credulity to test a persona with a lookalike and work out the bugs before bringing the ‘real’ person on stage? The meek BW1’s body language may be that of a genuine fake, someone who is doing her job, but knows she’s a fugazi and the truth couldn’t help but peek out a bit.
    That doesn’t necessarily help the case for Courson, but that doesn’t rule out that we have a Ba Ba Wa Wa batch at work here on two different ops.


    1. Yeah, I know we discussed these ideas originally, and at that time I was not thinking clones, and the transition from BW 1 to 2 is troublesome. I’ve still got a lot of thinking to do, and I may or may not dive into it. But this I know, BW2 is not 91 years old.


    2. PS, we know what it means, but for anyone else reading, Courson’s plan to join Jim only meant that she too was taking a fly, a fake death, that other things were on her agenda, not suicide.


  10. Jim’s grandmother Caroline Hoover (related to Herbert Hoover) was descended from a Freiherr Ritter Berholdus Huber who goes back to, circa 1132, France (a region East of Paris), before his son Berthold moved to Switzerland. Jim could have to fled to old ancestral lands in either country, or bought a caravan in Spain, and no-one would recognise him with a haircut – just a thought.


      1. But if it is, it’s the same old famous guy is related to Presidents hence Kings, etc.
        Here’s Mr Mojo Rising with his brother Andrew and pa (note mirrored reflection, hard to fake?) –


        1. Here is a photo of Jim taken from our post, fun with photo analysis: https://pieceofmindful.com/2016/10/13/fun-with-photo-analysis/

          Morrison 3

          Jim is a freak of nature in this photo, his neck perhaps one foot in length. Obviously pasted on another body, and the girl is looking at the guy that owns that body, who is not Jim, and not his very long neck. The question is, if Jim really was part of the Admiral’s family, why are any of the photos fake? Even just one, much less many, with professional doctoring indicates some monkey business in this family.

          It could have something to do with the fake death being planned from the beginning, that these musical brats are all assigned to military families. If you read Weird Scenes,, McGowan’s major thrust was that virtually all of the musical stars of that era had military ties, including John Denver, said to be a son of Lt. Col. Henry John “Dutch” Deutschendorf Sr. That family’s photo is faked as well. I wonder if each of those musicians and actors was tied to a military family knowing they would someday have to fake their deaths, not having to involve real family members in the play acting.

          I’ve been trying to understand the reflection in the mirror in the photo you brought. Since the camera angle is slightly up, the reflection in the mirror should be slightly above his real head, that is, unless the mirror is tilted forward. As it is, the reflection of the back of his head is more sharply defined than his head in the foreground. Admiral George might be a vampire, no reflection.


          1. His neck was long, but that’s Fantastic 4 territory. Why fake photos? He wasn’t there for the shoot is the obvious call, but maybe there is a more sinister reason? I don’t know, perhaps, there’s a third or fourth door?

            ‘Jimbo’ in 1958 swim team –

            In the above photo, ‘Jimbo’ looks a wee bit like Jack White aka John Anthony Gillis of The White Stripes.

            Jimbo and a Scottish forbear –


            1. A lot of misdirection … step one, to compare photos with a baseline Jim, as impostors and Goldbug came along later. Jim was a psyop, had doppelgängers, so get back to step one … a photo we can reasonably think to be him, and then study pupil distance, making sure all candidates are standardized.

              Anyway, in the swimming photo, we know nothing and the kids could be anyone. Photo analysis does not work on kids, as their skulls are not fully formed. The photo of the three kids is a total paste-up, just study the lighting. The last one, a face chop, is probably hanky panky, taking bearded Jim and making him look 19th century. Again, a spook photo lab.


              1. The last photo was in the Daily Record, a Scottish tabloid, and this one with the interesting name –

                I thought the Jim in the swimming photo looks a wee bit like a Hollywood actor, unfortunately I couldn’t think of his name, from the 90s, but no discernible long neck, the other kid photo shows a longer neck than his brother. There was no intent to misdirect, but it looks from the same session as this one, and they all seem to have similar eyes –


                1. Again, photos of children are not useful as there is no rigorous basis for comparison. I don’t know if he Morrison family sat for formal sessions by professional portrait photographers, but the photos seen here belie that notion … probably a family gathering. The spooks have an army of people in these pre-Photoshop days who did darkroom work, some of it very good, much of it not. To take the good work as evidence of the reality of Jim being a Morrison while ignoring the poorly done work is absurd. As I said, even one badly done photo, as with the long-neck shot, is evidence of fraud that discredits everything. After all, no family back then had a darkroom or the expertise with extremely expensive cutting tools and the ability to blend images by blurring edges – that would have to be done by very talented specialists. Usually is is lighting and too-sharp lines that give it away, but if you find just one, the entire Morrison family group of photos is discredited. Think then … Langley, Lookout Mountain.

                  I think the case is thereby made that Jim was inserted into the Morrison photos, for reasons stated earlier, that most of the musicians of that era were said by McGowan to have military connections. I know the the case of Morrison, Denver, and Joplin that this is the case, that we do not know their real names. Laurel Canyon was a spook show. Jim was given the Morrison cover so that when time came to fake his death, only actors would be involved, no real family.


                  1. Jim’s dad involved with Gulf of Tonkin?

                    Wikipedia says this is a myth. (See Bon Homme Richard article)

                    Problem 1: The carrier involved was Ticonderoga not Bon Homme Richard.

                    Problem 2: Morrison was a captain not an admiral.
                    He was promoted a few years after.

                    Truther Movement (or whatever) is loaded with this theory.

                    Anyone know what is up?

                    Thank You,

                    Glen Schulz


  11. Jim Morrison (stage name) was most likely Cornelius Crane Chase (Chevy Chase) who had musical talent and a band in the 1960’s.

    (Cornelius Crane Chase born October 8, 1943 in Manhatten New York.
    (James Douglas Morrison born December 8, 1943 at Melbourne Florida)
    The/el bourne Identity?

    Chevy Chase was a writer for The Smothers Brothers in the late sixties and Jim Morrison appeared on the Smothers Brothers Show in 1968?
    (NCIS Gibbs Rule #39 “There’s no such thing as coincidence”)

    See this sausage link to determine if there are any musical, entertainment or military connections.

    His Father divorced his Mother and remarriedd into the Folgers coffee Family which connects to Abigail Folger and Laurel Canyon.

    Then there’s this excerpt: ‘Chase spent his twenties at various odd jobs..During this time, he wrote for the Smothers Brothers and National Lampoon’

    That is the same Wealthy Family connected to Chase Manhatten Banking, now called J P Morgan Chase and Company, formerly American Holding Company founded April 2, 1799 as the Manhatten Company chartered by the New York State Legislature to build a water supply system for New York City.

    The Chase National Bank was organized September 12, 1877, by John Thompson (1802–91), who named the bank in honour of the late U.S. Treasury secretary Salmon P. Chase. (Thompson had earlier helped found the First National Bank, a predecessor of Citibank and, later, CitiGroup.) Chase National’s growth was phenomenal, and by 1921 it had become the second largest national bank in the United States, without benefit of mergers. Then there followed a long series of mergers: Metropolitan National Bank (1921), Mechanics and Metals National Bank (1926), Mutual Bank (1927), Garfield National Bank (1929), National Park Bank (1929), Equitable Trust Company, including Seaboard National Bank (1929), and Interstate Trust Company (1930). Such mergers resulted in a proliferation of branches and extensive foreign affiliations.

    And for those who maybe have not a clue about Salmon P. Chase, here are sum sausage links.

    And here is Salmon P Chase on the Greenback

    All 3 of his wives died young. 2 died in their twenties and his 3rd wife died age 32. It must have been one hell of a job to be married to this man!


    1. A lot of that going on in the bloodlines, otherwise you wind up with a bunch of Jay Leno chins. Take a look at JFK Jr. some time, and try to figure out who his dad was. It was surely not JFK. My guess is Aristotle Onassis, others make other speculative guesses. Our writer Tyrone thinks that Harry and William were sired by King Juan Carlos of Spain, and after providing her genes, Diana was set free to live a normal life, well, normal as far as royalty goes.


  12. William is the son of Juan Carlos, IMO. Harry could be the son of King Willem Alexander of the Netherlands. There is an age issue as Willem would have been 16 or 17 when he did the deed with 23-4 year old Diana. Not unthinkable within the bedchambers of royals obsessed with viable lineage.



  13. Willem grown up. Closer to Harry, and with means and motive, than Hewitt, who didn’t start in with the Princess until after Harry was born, according to both camps. Koning en Staatssecretaris van Ark bezoeken  Xycarb Technology


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