Of numbers, books, hidden hands

We have found here in our research that people we call “spooks,” or Intelligence agents or assets, love to both signal one another and leave clever signatures. Often the signals are numerical, with the numbers 8, 11, 33, 47, 555 and others appearing in many forms. For instance,

  • “33” can be expressed as 6 (3+3), 9 (3 X 3), 27 (3 to the 3rd power), etc.
  • So “9/11” contains 33 and 11. It was a spook operation.
  • 47 also works as 11 (4+7) and stands on its own as 47 or 74.
  • “555” means big changes are on the way. John Denver, who faked his death, had changed the wing number on his aircraft to “N555JD.” Hint hint.
  • The John F. Kennedy assassination happened on November 22, 1963. 11 + 22 = 33. See how it works?

Once you are aware of these signals and signatures, you can see through much of the news. The Zika virus, for example, was discovered in 1947 – it is a hoax. The Chilean miners disaster was 33 men buried underground for 69 days (3+3 and 3 X 3), and was fake. Once you see a little, you will see a lot.

I don’t take these people as seriously as they take themselves, so looking for their spook numbers is for me just a fun hobby. The numbers are Masonic. You’ll begin to see them as we do here and enjoy the “news” as never before. We are talking about secret communication, but please be aware, I do not use the “I” word, “Illumin***,” and don’t regard them as anything but bored and wealthy and needing something useful to do with their lives.

These spooks also use other devices – the book Catcher in the Rye is a favorite. The book was written by a Mason for other Masons, and is loaded with Masonic and Satanic symbolism, too much for me to decode, but others have done it. I don’t care about the book so much as its use. Lee Harvey Oswald was said to have checked it out from the library, for instance. Masons all over the world, when they read that in the news, knew that Oswald was a Mason, and that his death, like JFK’s, was fake. Similarly, investigators of the Reagan shooting were said to have found Catcher in the hotel room of John Hinckley, Jr., and Mark David Chapman was holding the book after the fake John Lennon shooting. Chapman was said to have believed he would become Holden Caulfield after the shooting. Such nonsense. Talk about overkill.

People have over-researched this phenomenon, and some think that Catcher is an “assassination trigger.” Supposedly the assassins above were hypnotically programmed, and on seeing the book, went postal. Not hardly. It’s just a signal, or a signature, spook-talk.

Another favorite signal is the hidden hand. Masons often insert their hand in their jacket or vest in photos and paintings, implying that they have hidden knowledge. Spooks love their signals! Here are a few paintings and a photo of people using the hidden hand:

Lincoln, Stalin, Marx, Napoleon and McCartney, all signalling. Spooks, all of them.

But lastly I want to show a photo of a hidden hand, one that I did not see or understand until very recently – that is – I’ve known about the photo but did not understand its significance. Just like ’33’ appearing in many forms, so too does the hidden hand.


It is not in his jacket. It is ‘not’ behind his head. Notice that the hand holding up his head is invisible.

This is a photo that appeared on front pages all over the world after the Robert F. Kennedy assassination, also a fake death. When I first saw it, in the real sense of seeing something for the first time, I thought “how sloppy!” How could such bad photo editing pass unnoticed? Only now do I realize that they are again showing us the hidden hand, signaling that RFK too faked his death.

I guess that if eleven copies of Catcher in the Rye had been used to prop up his head, or he suffered 33 fake bullet wounds, it would have been too obvious?

Now that you are attune to signalling, you’ll be aware of it, and news will be fun for you. Look for numbers, references to Catcher, the hidden hand. No doubt our astute readers here will have more to add in the comments below. I can’t wait. Enjoy the show! It’s all fake.

20 thoughts on “Of numbers, books, hidden hands

  1. I love it! I had never thought about the hidden hand in the RFK “assassination”. I might start looking for it in the other fake assassinations. I probably read every book ever written on the JFK and RFK assassinations, but I don’t remember reading anything about O(Z)wald and Catcher in the Rye.


  2. I came to your website via my boyfriend Phil Solesky he wrote an article for you and I’m doing so he sent me the link. I like many other people was skeptical about the things Phil was telling me. After reading a few of your article’s things made more sense to me and now I’m a believer of spooks, and fake celebrity deaths. Love your website thanks for sharing…


  3. I don’t think the numbers are signals. I think they believe the numbers have some sort of power to influence the public. It is part of their belief system, like a mojo, like casting a spell, etc.


    1. You’re bringing the occult into it as something real. That’s the wrong path to take. These people should not be credited with superhuman powers or belief in nonsense. They use the occult to hide their true intentions and to scare people. But they are too smart to believe in it themselves. It’s just a masking technique.


    2. I think it’s hard to know what they believe. You might be right, Lux. But leaving aside the substance of what their beliefs might be, we should also ask ourselves a question: does it matter if they really believe it or if they are simply acting as if they believe it (to make us think they do)?


      1. You’re right. It is hard to know what they believe.

        I worked in Hollywood for 20 years (at low levels but still rubbing big elbows). I also worked in the music business and in other “key” areas that I’d rather not mention for privacy reasons.

        This is totally subjective and impossible to prove to someone else but my experience with others in these areas has led me to the opinion that many of THEM do take the occult seriously. However, some do think it’s a joke and laugh at it but many do believe and participate in its rituals, etc. At least as far as the rank and file goes. Those at the top may think it’s all mumbo jumbo, I don’t know. But, many who follow them do believe it.

        I also believe this makes some “sense” (using the term loosely). It’s like this …

        I am not a Christian and I do not believe in what Christians believe but I don’t want Christianity to be destroyed. Why? Because Christianity gives people a reason for not cutting my throat if they don’t happen to like me. A good thing in my opinion. If Christianity is destroyed, I wonder what reason would they have for not blowing me away?

        Religion, as usually practiced, is a control mechanism. It gives people reasons for adopting certain rules of conduct, certain moral codes. These codes control people 24/7, even when no one is looking. They control not only one’s behavior but one’s VALUES. It’s important to keep in mind that occult beliefs are religions. They are often not thought of as such but that is what they are.

        Now, let;s say we want to organize a group whose purpose is to do all sorts of evil and destructive things to the human race. Well, there’s a problem with that. Some call it conscience or innate moral judgement or other names but it’s the natural tendency for sane humans to not want to harm others. This presents a problem for the controllers, no?. How do they get their minions to do their evil jobs without guilt or hesitation? The answer? Employ a religion that makes it OK to do these things! Like Satanism! Luciferianism! Black Magic! Crowley-ism! Moriah! .OTO! Golden Dawn! … and all the rest.

        So, (my opinion again) these occult practices are pushed to this crowd and many do take them seriously. I have met a number of the people involved in this and I have been invited to join myself, even once by a real 33rd degree Mason and by others. (I declined.)

        And, I have reason to believe that these same people are part of the “army” ultimately employed by the controllers that we discuss here. But, that is purely my suspicion and, again, impossible to prove to someone else. Sorry, but that’s the feeling I have from my association with those persons combined with what I now know.

        So, anyway. my main point is that I currently believe that the occult is at least used to control the rank and file of the controllers’ minions, many of whom do take it seriously. However, I don’t know about those at the top (or, for that matter, even what “the top” actually means in this case). Maybe David Rockefeller laughs at the occult or, then again, maybe he wears a black robe on Halloween and eats babies — beats me. 🙂


        1. This all makes sense and is well written. I am not surprised that many who are under the influence of the occult believe in the teachings and rituals. Just as with Catholicism, the further down in the ranks you go, the higher the likelihood of true belief.

          I don’t have a problem with religion. I was raised in a very religious family, and my late older brother, a priest, was a wonderful man who truly helped many people, and was not at all judgmental in his outlook or controlling of his parishioners. He may be an exception, I suppose. But I have met many priests through him, and most are nice men.

          And of course, with Catholics, the higher up in the ranks you go, the lower the likelihood of true belief.


        2. Yes, that is my thinking as well: they use these things as a form of social control over their minions, in the same way that religion has been used as a form of social control. I don’t know whether they actually believe it themselves. But I remain open to the possibility that TPTB really do have a radically different belief system. Most of what we think we know about them is really based on very circumstantial evidence mixed with a lot of assumptions and guess work. Even if I am convinced by the argument that they use the occult and satanism as cover for their projects, does that mean they are only using that as cover? But I was surprised when looking into the subject that many parts of the ‘Satanic’ belief system are now widely accepted notions, such as survival of the fittest (social Darwinism) and moral relativism. Egocentrism seems to be the way most people are living their lives nowadays, and that is also compatible with a Satanic/Luciferian belief system.

          Anyway it seems to me that there are many possible permutations of this:

          1. It’s all just a cover and nobody believes in any of it.
          2. It’s used as a way to recruit people (low-level assets) and as a form of social control over these recruits. But the rituals are more harmless than anything.

          3. They all really believe in it (whatever “it” is).

          Child abuse / pedophilia could be involved in any of these. Even if nobody believes it (option 1), they might use child pornography/prostitution to make money. They could also ensnare people in situations involving children that could be used as blackmail. If we want to go down the MK-Ultra route, we could also say that the abuse is useful for trauma-based mind control. If it’s option 2, then they get their recruits to believe in the importance of child abuse/sacrifice in their rituals. And if it’s option 3, then they really believe it.

          Or the occult/satanism is really nothing more than a ruse and convenient disguise and the whole pedophilia/abuse/MK Ultra stuff is just a big hoax. Which should probably be our default assumption — but I don’t think we know enough to draw any (firm) conclusions.


  4. Dear Mark and Phillip,

    You didn’t read my post carefully enough, especially the words “they believe.”

    “I think THEY believe …”

    Get it?

    When I say “I think they believe” it means I have a suspicion about THEIR beliefs.

    It does NOT mean that I, Lux, think “the occult is real” or that I, Lux, think “they have superhuman powers.”

    Come on, guys, have another cup of coffee already! You’re supposed to be smart, remember?


  5. He was allegedly shot behind the right ear and the bullet coursing through his brain. He would not have been conscious. There is no blood. The photo is just ridiculous.


  6. Thank you , Mark,

    BTW. I just wanted to clarify something in case it came across in my post. I didn’t mean to imply that everyone who works in show biz is into the occult or works for the controllers. For those at the top, especially the famous ones, that may well be the case but it wouldn’t necessarily be true for the average rank and file employee.

    Having said that, however, I think you’re still much more likely to run into some pretty spooky people among the show biz rank and file.than elsewhere. Nepotism is extremely common in that business so you just never know — some lowly flunky might just be closely related to some big cigar and end up as your boss tomorrow. Bloodlines, you know. Lots of famous people in that business once worked at the bottom. Bruce WIllis, for example, was once an “extra.” You can see him sitting in the courtroom audience in the Paul Newman movie, “The Verdict.” There are many other examples of this. Of course, they do this intentionally to create the false impression that anyone can make it in the business if they have “talent” when this is not the case at all.


    1. Ha! Big cigar- I’m stealing that- Also, James Woods is a very easy to spot extra in Catch-22, at the front of the line at a brothel-


  7. Let’s look at this occult crap from a psycho-babble point of view- There is nothing intrinsic in the rituals and they don’t produce anything tangible- Their value is solely in that nebulous concept Lacan concocted called surplus enjoyment- It’s a spin on Marxist surplus value and indexes the emotional stimulation of the act of acting out the rituals rather than their result- I imagine the creeps who believe this stuff are the ones getting emotional wood from the Hoo Haw and the ones who don’t are simply networking- I recall the exchange two Hollywood agents make in Altman’s ‘The Player’:
    Agent One: I can make it- I’ve got an AA meeting at three-
    Agent Two: Geez, I didn’t know you had a drinking problem-
    Agent One: I don’t, but that’s where all the deals are being made-


  8. thank you for the comments, lux. I have said repeatedly that if people in positions of power believe this stuff, and they have the power to act on it, then that should be sufficient for others to take it seriously, regardless of whether or not you believe in the power of the occult.

    personally, I believe humans have abilities beyond the 5 tangible senses we experience the world with. years ago my wife and I were traveling in Costa Rica and one particular place we were supposed to stay just didn’t seem right. it was a small place with maybe a half dozen rooms and no one around except a young man who didn’t speak English. we communicated enough to get a key to our room, but after maybe 20 minutes, my wife got spooked and told me we had to go. the way she said it I immediately agreed and we left.

    the bed and breakfast we found further down the road was run by a nice German lady who eventually disclosed (after we mentioned the weird vibes several times) that the place we fled was currently being run by an exiled Catholic priest who had set up shop in this town after being kicked out of the states for his indiscretions. apparently there was an effort to get him booted from Costa Rica because of suspicions he was continuing his depravity while teaching English to local children.


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