The Donald Trump Psyops

You might be wondering why I am bringing up Trump when we know politics are just a charade. Well, there is some serious subconscious stuff going on with Trump that needs to be brought out into the open so that people are aware.

The biggest one is gender conflict. I like to think that most in the conspiracy community have already realized this but I’d like to talk about it anyway. Right now there is a massive psyop to blend the genders into gender neutrality. Why? Because it will lead to deep, deep unhappiness and a lifetime of psychological issues. That’s why.

Terran Downvale has pointed out the liberal use of purple in the media the last few months and it will only continue. Purple is a mix of red (women) and blue (men). They are also using gold, but it is not as clear as to why.

The last few years we have seen men blackwashed in the media. Johnny Depp is accused of assaulting his girlfriend and Brad Pitt is accused of cheating and child abuse. Brock Turner has collectively made male college students look like pigs, and there are now stories and videos out showing men running scared and leaving women in dangerous situations. This is nothing new, but it had gone into overdrive during the election.

The morning after the election I was in a waiting room that had the TV on. Every time Trump spoke I looked around the room to get a temperature of the situation. Every woman I looked at watched the TV with a look of anger and disgust. Do not underestimate the effect a pompous and arrogant man beating a women has on the subconscious mind. Every time Trump does or says something repulsive, he is representing ALL men since that is how they have tied him to our minds whether the public realizes it or not.

Let’s look at some more psyops. Along with gender neutrality, they have been promoting homosexuality for a while now. Here is the Trump and Pence campaign logo. The “T” penetrating the “P” is not a coincidence.

In order to make gender neutrality seem appealing, they need to make “gender norms” appear like a bad idea. That is the reason Trump’s family is good looking. Every time he says something dumb, there is a pretty wife and daughter standing right next to him. The Trump family will become an attack on traditional (natural) gender roles. Read my social engineering article to learn more about how they are using Alicia Keys and the Stranger Things cast to whitewash gender neutrality.

Disinfo has been spreading the rumor that his young son is autistic. I’m not sure that’s true (I think he is just a pawn for child ADHD drugging), but if it is true that is another strike for pretty Melania in the public’s mind, along with the nude pictures. We know that most if not all celebrity kids are not really theirs, so if the son is autistic then he is autistic on purpose.

Melania Trump is interesting in her own right. For one she is a 2nd wife. In the 50’s and 60’s Zsa Zsa Gabor and Elizabeth Taylor did a great job of making divorce appear glamorous. A 2nd wife as a First Lady definitely promotes a dissolved and awkward family unit.

Next are her nude pictures (NSFW) released in August. What does this do? Well for one you have a first lady (a classy role) acting like a you know what. What impression will that have on young girls? Talk about a loosening of sexual mores. Next you’ll notice the lesbian-eque theme which promotes homosexuality. In the nude picture where she is standing, you’ll notice a shadow between her legs resembling a tampon string. I am not 100% sure of the meaning but it could either be promoting birth control (if she is on her period then she is definitely not pregnant) or is just supposed to make her seem trashy. The timing of the photos coincides with a recent anti-slut shaming movement. The goal of that movement is not women’s rights, but to turn women into men and delay starting a family until it is socially acceptable not to have one. There is a another side to that coin which is a touchy subject. By giving social approval to women having dozens and dozens of sexual partners, it forces men to accept their past when marrying them. I believe men have a natural aversion to marrying a woman with too many partners and they are being forced to push that negative feeling back and shame them for having a problem with it.

Now let’s talk a bit about predictive programming. Tyrone had a good article on it a few days ago if you missed it. I mentioned in the comments of another post that Independence Day predicted the Monica Lewinsky scandal two years before it happened. Cheating jokes included.

You may remember in the movie that the First Lady ended up dying of her injuries. Well who was the First Lady in 1996 when the movie was released? A common objection to voting against Hillary was the potentially poor health, culminating in an on-camera (fake) faint.

The word “trump” means to beat someone or to do better. The word “pence” refers to a British penny. Another way to describe Trump/Pence is “cheap victory”. During the time of the election, one of the top songs on Top 40 radio was “Cheap Thrills” by Sia. The song’s chorus is a seemingly positive one.

Baby I don’t need dollar bills to have fun tonight
(I love cheap thrills)
Baby I don’t need dollar bills to have fun tonight
(I love cheap thrills)
But I don’t need no money
As long as I can feel the beat
I don’t need no money
As long as I keep dancing

When I listened to that song a few months ago I wondered why they allowed a song with a good message (anti-consumerism) on the radio. I also noted how the words “I love cheap thrills” was rather unnecessary and crude compared to the rest of the chorus. Well now we know why.

But as always, the rabbit hole gets deeper and deeper. A day or two after the election the Bill Burr/Conan O’Brien interview was heavily promoted on social media. I found it strange that Conan would have Bill Burr on the day after such a big event. Burr is a famous comic, but is certainly not an A-list guest. I enjoy Burr and have seen other Conan interviews and they were all very funny. But this one seemed different. For one, Conan and Andy seem depressed and annoyed. Two, it feels like Burr is green-screened in, and three it’s just not very funny and feels forced. Why such heavy promotion.

A few days before the election Dave Chappelle got himself in the news for supporting Trump. You may remember Chappelle’s strange Africa incident 10 years back, which will be a future post of it’s own. So it’s weird Chappelle is suddenly back in the spotlight. On November 11th one of the top posts on Reddit is an announcement that the Chappelle Show will now be available for free streaming, despite being available on Youtube for years. Then on November 12th Chappelle hosted Saturday Night Live and had a much watched sketch that tried to shoehorn racial conflict and awkwardness into the election. I found the sketch unfunny despite liking Chappelle and found it curious why they would have him hosting SNL during such a high profile time after the election.

My first thought at seeing these two unexpected comedians getting so much publicity after the election was that they are trying to plant a seed of “Trump is a joke”. That very well may be the case, but that is not the most interesting part about this. With my Hollywood social engineering work I am discovering how well planned out the hoaxes and fake events are, but I was not expecting what I found. To understand how deep the subconscious programming goes, read this long post proving a Taipei murder was foreshadowed in a Morrissey video 25 years earlier.

On a whim I wanted to watch a funny scene from the 1998 movie Half Baked starring Dave Chappelle that I remembered. The movie was pro-Marijuana propaganda for the youth disguised as a comedy. Well during an innocent opening shot of a scene, I notice something funny. Get ready for this.

What you are looking at is Dave Chappelle sitting on the steps in front of a sign that says “Burr”. Not only are major events like 9/11 foreshadowed in movies 10 years earlier, but a supplemental narrative of a major event is foreshadowed in a movie 18 years before the event! Talk about great organization.

Hopefully we can toss the idea that the Trump victory was unplanned.

39 thoughts on “The Donald Trump Psyops

  1. This predictive programming research you are doing is beyond me, as I am not socially wired to movies or TV anymore. No doubt they work on me in other ways, but their focus has to be youth, as the older we get, the less susceptible we are to marketing and propaganda. Or not.

    We were in Chicago last May and while there took the river tour, a talking trip highlighting the buildings in that city. I did not expect to be entertained, but it was fascinating and I really enjoyed it. What I remember most is the last building we saw at the end of the tour, a massive shining reflective structure with the words “Trump Tower” at the very top. I thought Trump Tower was in New York or Atlantic City, but he is in Chicago too.

    He is fake, the business tycoon part of him, and now the president part too. He’s got no real talent, is no billionaire, and is an actor in a psyop, as you say. The buildings are part of the psyop, with their impressive facades meant to intimidate us with his power. They were surely built knowing the future plans for his image. It will be interesting to see what they do with the persona they have manufactured. Another green screen presidency?

    SK in a comment below the MIchelle is Twins post suggested that he might be a placeholder, and that Michelle is now in the predictive stage. Interesting take.


    1. Brand awareness is the top of the marketing funnel. We’re being repeatedly set up for a long ride down to buying our next “pig in a poke.” One can scream “open the bag, people” at the tv till the cows come home, but huge numbers of consumers fall for the trick every time. Thanks all you contributers for exposing a) that it’s all a long-con, all the time, and b) that it’s easier to spot, once you know where (and how) to look.

      I’ve been thinking for awhile about the benefits of some direct comparisons between this group’s methods and conslusions, and others out there trying to carpet bomb the landscape with limited-hangout distortion, and crafty disinformation.

      One that’s been bugging me: Jimi Hendrix. Is he Cornell West, or is he Morgan Freeman, as the high-powered “popular” sites claim? Odd tidbits include: Freeman’s first film appearance was in 1971 in “Who Says I Can’t Ride a Rainbow?” Hendrix died in 1970. his “Rainbow Bridge” album was released in 1971. Coincidence, no doubt.


      1. Thanks Steve – Hendrix/West has been bugging me too, as it was done early on before we learned to use many many photos. We did run him as Morgan Freeman and it did not work, but Hendrix/West needs a re-visit. It is on the list.


    2. He has 6 or 7 condos in South Florida too. Nice ones, though overpriced. He does not own these buildings, developers pay him licensing fees to be able to use his name for promotion.


    3. I’ve done work on Dirty Harry from 1971 and Journey to the Center of the Earth from 1959. Both films contain social engineering. This is how it has always been. This is not a new phenomenon. There are different psyops when you go further back in the past but also the same ones just at different stages (promotion of pornography in the 70’s, racial conflict, gender conflict, etc.).


      1. I would like your take on Dirty Harry. I saw that film at the cinema with my parents when it came out. It was a big deal at the time. I know it was based on a ‘true’ story-the Zodiak Killer hoax.


        1. Kind of a funny aside. I went to an all male high school in Baltimore from 74-76, right when Dirty Harry and Shaft were popular. The white guys would argue with the black guys on who was the bigger bad ass between the two. I remember laughing and pointing out that they were fictional characters! Haha, look at us now.


    4. Drudge just posted that Melania won’t be living in the White House. She is going to take care of Barron in NYC while he goes to school there. Hmm…


    5. It’s curious that Trump was on a daytime talk show, I think it was Rikki, in 1980. This is 36 years ago. Nobody has ever heard of this guy unless you were a New Yorker. Jimmy Carter was president for crying out loud. And they are discussing him running for POTUS. WTF? Are you kidding me? This is some serious predictive programming. I told a friend about this and based on that I told everyone I knew he would win. And I was right.


  2. I definitely like that guys like you are on the job. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit to find that everything that looks like chaos coming out of Hollywood was tied together. The Burr thing appears to be a bit of a stretch, but maybe I’m missing something?

    I have this thought that most of the tattoos on celebrities are fake in order to promote the multi-billion dollar tattoo scam. Have you done any research to find celebrities with different tattoos in different movies? I can see it all turning around and they make it shameful to have tattoos and then it creates a monstrous market for tattoo removal.


    1. Phillip, you did not reply to my question about MK Ultra.

      As for Burr/Chappelle, please read the link I posted about the Tokyo murder. There are no coincidences.


  3. Purple and gold are royal colors. They are also associated with Saturn worship which goes back to the Phoenicians. If you start to look for it, in every news story of importance you will also see these colors or a variation of purple/indigo/blue and gold/yellow. Lately there has been the appearance of green along with these colors. If you watch for them you will begin to see them frequently. These colors also represent electrical or atomic power. These purple/indigo/blue and gold/yellow can be seen at large fires and explosions covered in the media. I think these events are not quite what we are being told.


    1. That’s interesting Jason – I was struck yesterday by Google’s banner for Children’s Day or something like that. Predominantly red and yellow, Saturn in the top left corner, a comet (symbol of ill portent) moving towards it and 5 pentacles as ‘stars’. At the bottom there was a whale and its water spout is the symbol of Aries (Mars/Ares, god of war). Maybe there’s more that I missed, but it left me with the feeling that it doesn’t bode well for kids.


    2. No matter what color, you will presume some conspiracy.

      Heck, they could forgo color and still be under suspicion.

      They could forgo cloths, and still be under suspicion.

      In what circumstance will you not be suspicious of their attire? When they are doing what you dictate?


      1. No, the key is motivation. Most people can wear a certain color or number and it doesn’t really mean anything, just a regular person wearing a piece of clothing or using a number. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. It starts to get suspicious when it is a person or group involved in particular actions that are driving some narrative, particularly social engineering or political policy. This is a pretty good litmus test when you analyse the types of thing this blog, and blogs like it discuss.


  4. Dave Chappelle would be an interesting face split, from when he was younger (Chapelle Show) to current. He looked very different when he returned to the media from his extended work break in Hollywood.


  5. Speaking of Morrissey, check this out. Matchup of him and Robbie Williams, both famous UK musicians. Supposedly no relation. 15 year age difference.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. That is the kind of lineup of facial features that is so improbable that it has to be replicas. They are alike in every minor detail, including controlled features like length of sideburns. What is up?


      1. this has been photo shopped , also they looked nothng like each other in their 20s and 30s . Even in this picture the chins are out, the face shape is different


  6. Want to hear some opinions regarding this Trump commercial for Serta 9/11 reference starting at second 17. I like when the sheep says “Where’s your dignity”, which is more funny in the context of our discussion. On the right column I see a video discussing this commercial and predictive programming but I didn’t bother to much (maybe later but I definitely don’t expect the deep insight people have here).
    Out of curiosity I look for the word Serta and it can refer to a variant of the Syriac alphabet( This can be interesting but off-topic.


  7. Trump reminds me of OJ Simpson. The media seems to be painting him as the bully who got away with something.

    But, with OJ there was a Part Deux where he DIDN’T get away with something and got his comeuppance.

    I wonder if something similar is in the script for Trump.


    1. There is some Trump assassination predictive programming happening.

      I don’t understand why they would kill him off though. That would make him a martyr, and would whitewash conspiracy theorists and others attempting to bring down the system. The other thing it could do is destroy hope for his supporters who are currently energized. I’m on the fence about it.


      1. I already mentioned in some of my previous comments that I consider the possibility of a Trump assassination. I don’t have an elegant answer but I can make a few disorganized connections. I already said that they can use the assassination to destroy the 2 party system. The assassination can be tied to the 9/11 through the “28 Pages” declassified document. The document is a threat to the house of Saud, and establishment figures from both parties can be connected directly or indirectly to a cover up of information. The assassination can be blamed on the house of Saud and other important figures. I even consider the possibility that some important Israeli figures will be connected to 9/11 and the assassination. With the evil Saud and evil Israeli out of the picture, they can finally bring peace to Middle East.
        I also expect Putin (the other big savior) to be pro Trump and vice versa. China will be portrayed as positive on the economic front. I believe this is all connected to the global transitions that are taking place. To consolidate their power globally, the elites may pull a big elegant deception.


        1. “To consolidate their power globally, the elites may pull a big elegant deception.”

          Enter the Coronavirus pandemic, one of the greatest scams ever sold in history. Trump has helped to accelerate their plans with the passage of CARES and Operation Warp Speed, etc.

          We’re currently living through their vast consolidation of world power, just as you predicted.


  8. Someone posted a disinfo link to Biden disguising himself as Trump. Reading the comments I saw the OP trying to blackwash the concept by appearing to be a bible thumper, so I knew there was some sort of truth there we need to unspin.

    I compared them and while it goes without saying they’re not the same person, it is still a very close matchup. So they are closely related and/or part of the same batch. It also means Biden is probably Jewish, like Trump.


  9. The Trump ‘presidency’ has been a globalist project since the1990’s when handler Rodger Stone started his ‘unsuccessful’ projection of Trump as Ross Perot 2.0

    In 2014, the Trump operation got the green light. The corporate media gave Trump the denomination cover he needed to project his ‘man-of-the-people’ image that his handler Stone could never get off the ground.

    I am in the process of writing the ‘Trump Deception’ at my blog However, it must be understood that in writing the ‘Trump Deception’ the goal is to understand how the globalists / controllers use of the ‘right / left paradigm matrix’ to push ‘all’ the issues, like the ones discussed in this article.

    Even though, at the moment I have focused on Trump, my aim is to show that all of these lines converge in a population control matrix.

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  10. Trump is in office because he was appointed into office by the head plutocrats he was indebted to, now he can pay them back… The entire voting process in the US inc… is a joke and set up to pacify the sheeple into believing that their political opinions matter, sorry folks your opinion matters NOT under the current operating insanity..

    Purple symbolizes the myth of royalty, the Clinton’s are representatives of the people who print money out of nothing, hence they’re paying tribute to their masters, the royal pains in the asses who we all agree or disagree to dictate to us their privatized fairy-tales. Many of us are like dumb horses who follow the carrot over the cliff and into the abyss to no more tomorrows…

    Wake up people, the only common denominator of all the goods and services people consume is ENERGY not money, money is a symbol of our collective ignorance to be controlled as we choose to seemingly do anything for it at the great expense to ALL of our lives… Learn to FREE UP ENERGY and then look around and THINK… Who the hell needs a royal pain in the ass to control everything through the power of of their anti-intelligence myths?


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