Magic markers …

I got into a debate over at the Beatles Never Existed blog and posted some of our evidence about Bill Hicks becoming Alex Jones, or at least links to it. I find it interesting how I am immediately suspected of being disinfo, of deliberately planting lies. This is a universal problem, as so many of the supposed truthers out there are in fact disinfo agents. The obvious ones are Dallas Goldbug, Jim Fetzer, Alex Jones, Crrow777, and some less so. I think sometimes that anyone who has a forum is disinfo. The ones who are real … we don’t hear too much about.

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Of numbers, books, hidden hands

We have found here in our research that people we call “spooks,” or Intelligence agents or assets, love to both signal one another and leave clever signatures. Often the signals are numerical, with the numbers 8, 11, 33, 47, 555 and others appearing in many forms. For instance,

  • “33” can be expressed as 6 (3+3), 9 (3 X 3), 27 (3 to the 3rd power), etc.
  • So “9/11” contains 33 and 11. It was a spook operation.
  • 47 also works as 11 (4+7) and stands on its own as 47 or 74.
  • “555” means big changes are on the way. John Denver, who faked his death, had changed the wing number on his aircraft to “N555JD.” Hint hint.
  • The John F. Kennedy assassination happened on November 22, 1963. 11 + 22 = 33. See how it works?

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The Dreyfus Affair on Trial

Miles Mathis posted a paper I wrote showing that the famous Dreyfus Affair was a manufactured hoax. For those of you coming here from that paper, welcome! Below I have a brief clarification about the goals of the Dreyfus affair plus a bonus outing of another French spook. But first a few preliminaries:

I am a new addition to the blog here along with several regulars who have until now only contributed to the comments section. Mark Tokarski is the captain who prefers to stay out of the limelight. He welcomes thoughtful comments and constructive criticism. But he runs a tight ship, so please be thoughtful and respectful when commenting or you might have to walk the shill plank. (-;

Mark, along with another contributor who goes by straightfromthedevilsmouth (or ‘straight’ for short), has discovered a shocking number of celebrities who we know as a single persona but are actually ‘played’ by identical twins. If you’ve read Miles’s work, you know that Intelligence loves twins, like Paul & Mike McCartney and Elvis & Aron Presley. Well it turns out those ones are just a drop in the bucket. You can find all of the twins uncovered so far in The Honor Roll of Twins on the right sidebar under the Blogroll. We have a working hypothesis that twins can be ‘engineered’ by artificial embryo splitting, but that’s for another day.

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The Laurel Canyon massacre

Speaking of fake events, I’ve been devoting my spare time lately to a little research project having to do with Dave McGowan’s book, Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon, subtitled Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops & the Dark heart of the Hippie Dream. Dave missed as much as he caught. This could be either because his was groundbreaking first generation work, or because he was doing a “limited hangout” (diligently exposing what is already known while hiding the important stuff). If the latter, then his own untimely death is suspicious.

I am, of course, a product of that era, and formed many impressions and attitudes in  the period 1965-75, aka “the sixties.” I was deeply curious about what went on behind the scenes, but that is fan magazine stuff. Before the book I had eagerly read all of Dave’s stuff on his website, since taken down by his son. I had also read about The Wrecking Crew, but without understanding that their role was vital – they were the actual musicians of the era. Most of the groups were mediocre, even Monkees-style fakes. (A few genuinely talented musicians emerged from that era, but only a few.)

Dave was approached by a publisher to write a book to expand on his Laurel Canyon work, and that too is suspicious, as true groundbreaking work does not usually find money backing in this land. The publishing houses, along with the news networks, are long compromised. Bill O’Reilly has people with outstretched hands pushing his tripe, his Killing Whoever series, but true scholarship backed by sweat and hard evidence finds no avenue to the public.

In part, my efforts gained fuel by my own discovery (which had already been exposed by others) that Bill Hicks had faked his death and reemerged as Alex Jones. Hicks was an actor playing a role, and when one gig was up, he was given another. Eventually he will replace the aging Rush Limbaugh, himself a suspicious character.

I did not realize when I first read Laurel Canyon that the Manson/Tate massacre was a fake event, the object to destroy opposition to the Vietnam War. Sharon Tate’s dad was an intelligence agent, and was active at that time. Dave gives that important fact one line in the book. Whoosh!

Of course, the implications of Manson being a fake, and his “Family” being intelligence agents on assignment, are staggering. Most people cannot handle it, and stop the thought processes there. This far, no further!

So I set out to re-read Weird Scenes with two objectives – to better understand those musicians and actors with parents in the Intelligence business … Morrison, Crosby, Stills, Nash, Zappa, Phillips, Browne, Nicholson,* Fonda, Fonda, Deutschendorf Jr.,  Joplin, Baez others. I also wanted a list of untimely deaths. There were far too many suicides, motorcycle accidents, murders and drug overdoses.

In real life any chosen group of a hundred will experience maybe a couple of premature deaths. Members of this Laurel Canyon group were dropping like Indians in a bad western. The meme is that music is a high-charged drug-laced business where people routinely die off. But if that were true, members of The Wrecking Crew should have been dying off too. After all, they were real and talented musicians. They all survived.

It is the related deaths, coupled with the Bill Hicks discovery, that puts me where I am today, with a list of 88 names of people who died young and suspiciously. Where I go with it I do not know. I started over the weekend with a trip to the Social Security Death Index. Armed with date and place of birth and death along with full (or real) name for each of the 88, I searched for an official record of their passing.

Eight were foreign nationals. SSDI is a tool used by the Social Security Administration to prevent fraud in that system. It does not list non-Americans.

Another three were simply unsearchable – not enough data.

That left 77. I started with Jim Morrison (not listed), Frank Zappa (no), John Phillips (no), Sharon Tate (no), Ron Launuis (no), John Denver (no), Cass Elliot (no) … was I even doing this right? Surely I just didn’t know how to use this tool!

Then I got a positive hit. Jimi Hendrix died in London. He turned up. It took me a while to grasp that my access point to SSDI, the free Macavo site, is a compilation of sources, SSDI being only one. Hendrix is listed under BillionGraves, where only grave markers are shown. I realized that even with Hendrix, I still did not have a positive hit. A grave is not a death record. Graves are easily faked. I still had nothing on Hendrix.

In the end, confident my methodology was accurate, I found that of the 77,  17 turned up on SSDI. 60 did not. And of the 17, seven are suspicious for reasons I will cover later. But for sake of introduction, I have 60 undocumented deaths.

I will continue on this project, as I am just beginning to refine my insight on the whole Laurel Canyon Scene, which was part of either (or both) CIA’s Operation Chaos and FBI’s Cointelpro. Those were  spook operations designed to infiltrate and undermine the antiwar movement of that time.

But my first insight: I am looking at possibly 60  – even more fake deaths than Orlando!


*Jack Nicholson does not belong on that list. He has no known parentage, and appeared on the scene a fully-formed adult with no history.