John Denver’s death: Another hoax

[Note: See footnotes dated 10/20/2016 and 10/25/16.]

When you ask how I’ve been here without you,
I like to say I’ve been fine, and I do.
But we both know the truth is hard to come by.
And if I told the truth, that’s not quite true.
(Some Days Are Diamonds, by Dick Feller, Performed by John Denver)

memorialThe National Transportation Safety Board on January 26 1999 held a public meeting regarding the 10/12/97 death of singer John Denver, real name Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr. I called NTSB earlier this summer to get hold of a copy of that report, only to be told that they have no record of it. I did find it, eventually, in the Wayback Machine.

That’s odd, NTSB missing a report on one of the most high-profile plane crashes in recent memory. But it makes sense from another standpoint: If the death was faked, and if higher powers were involved, then people of integrity at NTSB might simply want to back away from it. They would not want their careers or character sullied by such an affair of deceit. So they allow the report to circulate, but do not claim ownership.

Here at this blog we do a lot of research of fake deaths, and on the surface, Denver’s had all the earmarks. He died at an appropriate age (53, 5+3 = 8, Spook marker*), and the circumstances of his death are completely hinky. He is said to have been struggling with the fuel tank switch in his Long EZ, a second-hand home-assembled model he bought and flew even as he could easily afford something new, something factory built. It doesn’t read well. Denver, a smart man and accomplished pilot with hundreds of hours of flight time, was not going to perish in an act of idiocy.

Other markers of fake death are present as well. Denver’s once-prolific output had dwindled, his more current offerings were just not very good. As with Elvis, Karen Carpenter, John Lennon and most recently Prince, faking death is a business decision that maximizes the monetary value of the body of work. Denver’s Greatest Hits, along with his cutting room debris, have all been repackaged and resold to the tune of millions of dollars, as with the others who fake their deaths.

I’ve been working on this issue for months now, off and on, and am convinced now that John Denver did not die that day. Too many things are wrong with the picture. And yet, I don’t think I will ever be able to prove beyond reasonable doubt that he didn’t. While the people who planned the charade were sloppy and while the whole day of his death seems a cheap and contrived detective novel, there is enough “evidence” to keep the myth alive. There is a fingerprint match, probably facilitated by Monterey Sheriff Norman G. Hicks, and the absence of two toes on the corpse, said to be a link to the real Denver, but probably contrived and circular. While I cannot disprove these two pieces of evidence, I will cast doubt.

John Denver: Fly Fishing in New Zealand

Let’s start with a video which caught my eye months ago. Something is not right.

The video was said to be shot in 1993, and released to YouTube in 2009. Denver is hidden behind sunglasses, hat and beard. The hair looks like that he had back in the 90s, but could easily be a wig. Below is a screen grab of a known video of Denver in 1993:

Denver 1993

Several things jump out at us. One, in side view close-ups in the New Zealand video, Denver has pronounced crows-feet and other facial wrinkles, where in the image above his eyes and face are still youthful and unwrinkled. Of course, that could be makeup and the poor quality of video available in 1993, as the latter is a stage performance. So that is not conclusive. In 1993, Denver was 49 years old. Tough call. In 2009, he was 65. The  crow’s feet and lines below look more like 65 than 49.


The other matter however is a bigger tell, and that is the quality of the video. A member of the team that shot the video in 1993 claimed it was done on Sony Betacam 1/2 inch tape. Tyrone, a writer on this blog who has seen the above video and has good knowledge on such matters, says it is entirely plausible that it was shot in 1993 when Denver was still a big deal and high-technology films would be made of his performance. The question is, why? The conversion to video is slick and contains high production values. In 2009, putting it on YouTube does not generate a revenue stream. They basically kept it in the can for all the years it had maximum value (1998 especially), and then cut it loose for nothing.

As with everything else in the matter of the death of John Denver, it is plausible, but highly suspicious.

John Denver, by the way, had three children. Anna Kate was adopted and now lives in New Zealand. Zachary, adopted, still lives in Colorado, and Jesse Belle, product of the second marriage to Cassandra Delaney, lives in California. When I speak of them below, it is only as a matter of trying to clarify their father’s behavior. They were not in control of the events of Denver and his handlers, and I urge everyone to leave them be.


The exclusion of Jesse Belle from the John Denver estate

Denver, we are told, died “intestate,” that is, without a last will and testament. (This was also said of Prince.) It is nonsense, of course. Denver was said to be worth $21 million, though we never know whether our rock stars are living on royalties or are salaried employees. He had a private foundation supervising land near his home, Windstar**. Having three children, two ex-wives, and surrounded by business advisors and investment managers … I have no doubt he had (has) a will. To think otherwise is delusional.

There is a problem in faking his death, however. The provisions of the will of a living person are only triggered by death. If he was still a living person, it could not be done. In the case of intestate death, courts step in to supervise probate, and assets are distributed by rule of law. In Colorado, when a person dies without a spouse, all assets are distributed evenly to the children.

So Denver’s kids should have each inherited something in the area of $7 million if the $21 million valuation is accurate. There is a 2003 article about a dispute between Zach and Anna, the adopted kids, and the IRS over valuation of the estate and some deductions, we are told, but that is the end of the story. We are told the matter was settled, but not enough of the details to understand exactly what was settled.

His third child, Jesse Belle, would have been fourteen at the time of the IRS dispute, and so a minor. Even so, she should have been named and had representation before IRS. She is not named in the dispute. Why was she excluded? Disposition of property in intestate deaths is by rule of law, so that no human can overrule it. Jesse Belle was entitled to 1/3 of the estate. She is not mentioned.

His Aspen house was sold in 1999 by its legal owners, Anna Kate and Zachary. Again, Jesse Belle, legally entitled to 1/3, is not mentioned. It sounds, oddly as if Jesse Belle, the product of a stormy second marriage, was short-changed. If indeed he died intestate, that is quite impossible. The law is clear that she was entitled to 1/3 of the estate. The movement of assets to Anna Kate and Zachary would appear then to be perhaps a gift than an inheritance. Valuation of the gift would not affect the children’s cost basis, but would affect the value of the gift and the amount of tax paid by Denver, and not the children.

Disposition of assets in deaths is usually public knowledge. Wealthier people try to avoid public disclosure by avoiding probate, and that is usually done by setting up trusts during their lifetimes. In the case of intestate deaths, disposition of assets is controlled by the courts. Usually, with small estates (most of us) the matter is routine, often not even handled by courts. But Denver’s estate was very large. The Pitkin County Combined Courts (Aspen, Denver’s home, is in Pitkin County) were involved, and did indeed supervise disposition of assets.

I called Pitkin County on October 12 of this year and innocently asked questions regarding intestate deaths. After being assured I was in the right place, the clerk asked me whose death I was inquiring about. “Henry Deutschenforf,” I said, hoping she would not recognize the name. She quickly said “I can save you a lot of time here. You’re not going to find anything out. Those court records are sealed.”

I asked if disposition of assets in intestate deaths was not a matter of public record, and she said yes, but in this case “the family’s privacy took precedence over the public’s right to know.” It was the end of the line.

The Long EZ

John Denver is said to have died on October 12, 1997. His experimental plane, was an Adrian Davis Long-EZ. There are many inconsistencies about the plane and the crash.

The Long-EZ is no longer manufactured by the Rutan Aircraft Factory, since renamed Scaled Composites. It is a home job, that is, if you buy one it comes in a crate. You assemble it yourself.

There has been one other known crash of this model, where an author, John Gleick, crash landed in New Jersey. He was badly injured, and his eight-year old son was killed. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) link to that report is a dead-end. This will factor in again.

The Long EZ was famously flown around the world in 1997 by Dick Rutan and Mike Melvill, with some legs lasting 14 hours. It was a light plane designed for fuel efficiency, and not comfort. In 1979 the Long EZ, flown by Rutan, set a world record for distance flown, 4,900 miles.

The “EZ” refers to ease of assembly. Denver’s model was second-hand, we are told, and here it gets murky. The official cause of the crash was pilot error. Denver was supposedly attempting to switch fuel tanks when he kicked a lever and entered into inescapable descent into Monterey Bay.

According to the official story, the previous owner of Denver’s EZ had made some adjustments, one of which was to move the fuel tank switch behind the pilot seat so that his children in the back could make that change while he was flying. This model has two fuel tanks, one in each wing, and a switch between the pilots legs. On Denver’s model, we are told, the change of fuel tanks was difficult, requiring the pilot to turn around and use a vise grip. That’s why Denver screwed up. He was monkeying with it and got twisted up and his foot hit one of the control levers.

That story insults our intelligence, in my opinion. Denver, an experienced pilot and wealthy performer, did not need to be buying planes off the used car lot. He did not need a plane designed for fuel efficiency. As he was not a stupid man, he would have assured himself that the plane was safe to fly. He would not have taken off until all systems were performing well.

Moving the tank switch to a place where it is not visible or easily accessible to the pilot achieves so little, while increasing flight danger, so that only a fool would have done it. We are told that the original owner did it so that his children could perform the maneuver from their seats behind the pilot, and also keep track of fuel. Not only do I find that hard to believe, but also that Denver would have owned, much less taken off in, such a Rube Goldberg contraption.

(Denver, we are told, on taking ownership of the plane, changed its wing registration to “NC555JD.” Again, numerologists take note*! The number “555” signals that a person is going though a major life change, neither good nor bad, but major.)

The crash

Denver died on October 12, 1997. Having just purchased his Long EZ, he was anxious to give it a trial run. He was using it that day to practice take-offs and landings. Though he was not legally qualified to fly on that day due to a drunk driving episode in Colorado, later toxicology reports show that he was clean and free of drugs and alcohol.

Here is Wikipedia’s report on the crash itself:

The NTSB interviewed 20 witnesses of Denver’s last flight; six of them had observed the plane’s crash into the ocean near Point Pinos.[35][36] Four of the witnesses indicated that the airplane was originally heading west; five of them observed the airplane in a steep bank, with four of those five reporting the bank was to the right (north). Twelve witnesses saw the airplane in a steep nose-down descent. Witnesses estimated the plane’s height at 350 to 500 feet while heading toward the shoreline. Eight of the witnesses said that they heard a “pop” or “backfire”, along with a reduction in the engine noise level just before the airplane descended into the water.

[Emphasis added.] I left the footnote citations 35 and 36 in because both of those links are dead. Footnote 36, linking to the NTSB report, is an interesting one. As mentioned above, the report does exist in the Wayback Machine.

While NTSB does not name any witnesses, the report of the Monterey County Sheriff/Coroner names eleven. Nine are at odds with NTSB. I’ll review them later.

Denver took off from Monterey Peninsula Airport at about 4:30 in the afternoon. He was wearing a bright shirt and gray pants. Everyone who saw him that day remembered his clothing. (Often times when looking for my wife as she disappears on me in the grocery store, I realize that I don’t know what she is wearing that day.) But according to official reports, everyone who encountered Denver that day remembered his bright shirt and gray pants.

Denver discussed his flight plans with Chris Hadland, airport mechanic, who said that he was only going to do a couple of practice take offs and landings, and go for a short flight thereafter. He was low on fuel but did not think that a problem and refused to fill up. He discussed the problem with the switch on the Long EZ aircraft. He is said to have requested a mirror so he could read his fuel status from the gauge, which was behind him.

Although NTSB does not name its twenty witnesses to the crash, the Coroner’s Report does list the eleven by name. Both reports conclude pilot error, and “case closed.”

Norman G. Hicks

Norman G. Hicks, the sheriff in 1997, campaigned in part based on his military service record, but I can find no record of it. Although officially both sheriff and coroner of Monterey county, on official reports he is a ghost. He signed no documents that I have seen in regard to the Denver death.

The Coroner’s Report

I first called the Monterey County Coroner in May of 2016, and trying to be coy asked if I could get a copy of the Coroner’s Report for the 1997 death of John Henry Deutschendorf, Jr. It is numbered 97-227. As I hoped, the clerk did not recognize the name, so no red flags went up. So I thought … she then expressed surprise, as their records are computerized, but that the record of this particular accident was still on paper, had never been digitized. She would have to search for it. Nonetheless, she said, I had to write and request the report, enclosing $10. I did so on May 18.

Time went by, other matters interfered, and I next broached the subject in July of 2016. It had been two months, and they had not sent the report. I called, and the same clerk said they had no record of my letter or check.  So on July 5th I sent another $10 check. This time I got a phone call back saying that my original check had been located, would be processed, and that the report was on the way.

It did arrive, some time in July or August.

The report is a 19-page document. The first page is the Coroner’s Register, which serves as a death certificate, I suppose. It lists Denver’s Social Security Number as 453-70-6010 – that, for numerologists*, contains a 53 (8), and two sevens (6+1 is the second). I don’t know what to make of numerology, and do not consider it to be solid evidence, but I do note that Denver’s death is littered with markers.

ccf10122016_00000The report states that Denver’s corpse was fingerprinted by Susan Clark, the body was examined by M. Burns, and that another investigator was A. Wheelus. Photographs were taken by T. Jenkins and the above listed M. Burns. Carl Wheeler was the officer on scene. The pathologist was F. Walker. As I make it out, the report was signed by Chief Deputy “Joe Submeier,” even as the officer with legal accountability was the County Coroner, in Monterey County, the Sheriff, Norman G. Hicks.

A word about the Sheriff/Coroner functions. Combining the two offices may be common, but in my view, that combines two functions that need to be separate. The sheriff has  “line” authority, that is, the power to enforce laws, while the coroner is a “staff” function, there to assure accountability. Most counties in the United States have elected coroners, as we need to know the truth of deaths. So, operating independently of law enforcement, the coroner has the power to examine every death, perform autopsies, and assure the public (and insurance companies) that there is transparency.

The sheriff with law enforcement duties, the coroner operating as a check and balance against the sheriff, assure public integrity in the matter of suspicious deaths. When one person holds both offices, there is a conflict of interest.

But in either case, Hicks is absent from this report. In an event this significant, the death of a major public figure, the absence of the sheriff’s signature on the report speaks to me. (If anyone reading this has access to public military records and can locate those of Norman G. Hicks (Army, as I recall), please do so. I have had no luck.)

The Coroner’s Report recounts the events leading up to delivery of the corpse to the morgue. A police lieutenant, Carl Miller, reported that a small aircraft had crashed into the bay. Part of the pilot’s remains were recovered, and Miller believed they were that of singer John Denver. Chris Hadland was contacted, and claimed to be present for pre-flight inspection, recounted his dealing with Denver and the color of his clothing.

It is noted that Denver had changed the wing registration number of his plane to #N555JD, and sure enough, a portion of the wing bearing that number was said to have been recovered in the wreckage.

While very little of Denver’s body is supposed to have survived this crash, the following items were recovered from the ocean bottom by the Coast Guard:

  • The aforementioned wing portion bearing the registration #N555JD.
  • Several documents relating to the aircraft’s registration and specifications.
  • Several pieces of aircraft, a “Long-Eze”[sic] serial S54, number 228vs.
  • A torso which consisted of a right arm, hand, part of the head (missing the teeth portion). Missing were “both legs and a pelvis.”
  • Clothing – a “dark, multi-colored shirt and a dark pair of pants.”
  • A baseball cap bearing the inscription “Yuma Rod and Gun Club”.
  • A pair of black jockey shorts.
  • A right cowboy boot and dark sock.

Given this array of surviving evidence, we are to conclude this was indeed the body of John Denver. It was just enough to be a postcard from the edge. There was no face or teeth, only one hand. And his underwear.

The body was put in the morgue cooler and placed under guard. Reports of Denver’s death were already appearing in local and national news. Since the only person who suspected the crash was that of John Denver, the news must have been planted by Lt. Carl Miller or his superiors. They were the only ones suspecting it was Denver at that time.

Given the news spreading like wildfire, the immediate object was to contact family members. Denver’s brother Ron Deutschendorf, his mother and ex-wife were all contacted.

Annie, we are told, helped identify the body. She told investigators that John had lost two toes in a lawn mowing accident as a youth. If perhaps the leg that survived the crash were his right leg, and if the foot were still intact, well, that might just help identify the body. And it did! The Coroner later reported “…healed partial amputations of the right first and second toes” on the right foot. Annie’s song was the right tune, it appears.

Later we learn that Denver left his wallet containing his driver’s license and a wad of cash in his car at the airport. Perhaps the bulge on his backside was too much for such a small aircraft.

The body was delivered to the autopsy room in multiple bags. A full examination was done on the remains. A toxicology report reveals that Denver had not been drinking or taking any substances of any kind. The esophagus and stomach were intact, and even though Denver enjoyed lunch that day with friends at the country club, no mention is made of contents. The right hand survives intact, and so the Coroner was able to identify fingerprints as matching those supplied by Colorado authorities as belonging to Denver. Cause of death is listed as “multiple blunt force trauma (seconds).”

A final note about the body – while no alcohol was present in the blood stream, ethanol was present in liver fluid. More later.

Witnesses, and the “Pop!”

NTSB failed to name its twenty witnesses, as noted above. It gives a general summation of their statements, seeing a plane enter the water, a loud “Pop!” before that.

The “Pop!” is interesting given  the lower speed of sound, that it was heard by witnesses before the plane hit the water. The crash was said to be 150 yards offshore. Witnesses were said to be on the beach and further inland. Sound travels  in in air at about a football field per second, there would have been as much as a half-second delay in sound arriving onshore after a visual witnessing of the event. Estimated speed of the craft on impact varies from “very fast” to 60-100 mph. Taking a mid-ground of 80 mph, the pop sound would have occur when the craft was 120 feet higher in the air, that is, the “Pop!” occurred 120 feet before people actually heard it.

The Coroner’s report makes no attempt to explain it, and witnesses could not identify it, so that “Pop!” sound remains unexplained. Reasonable explanations – an explosion, breakage of a wing or other major part of the craft, or a shot fired at the craft or engine backfire …  are pure speculation.

It can always be said that eyewitness accounts vary.  Keep in mind the NTSB report as we recount the listed witnesses in the Coroner’s Report. Here is what NTSB said, according to Wikipedia, repeated from above:

The NTSB interviewed 20 witnesses of Denver’s last flight; six of them had observed the plane’s crash into the ocean near Point Pinos.[35][36] Four of the witnesses indicated that the airplane was originally heading west; five of them observed the airplane in a steep bank, with four of those five reporting the bank was to the right (north). Twelve witnesses saw the airplane in a steep nose-down descent. Witnesses estimated the plane’s height at 350 to 500 feet while heading toward the shoreline. Eight of the witnesses said that they heard a “pop” or “backfire”, along with a reduction in the engine noise level just before the airplane descended into the water.

Coroner’s Report witnesses


I have placed the witnesses listed in the Coroner’s Report on the map above. Descriptions of their locations are vague – only two were specific: “1273 Ocean View Boulevard”, shown by a red pin above, and Rachel Bertone, on the eighth hole of the golf course. Since witnesses said the plane crashed “beyond the rocks” or “behind the trees” I have placed the crash site beyond a rocky area and beyond some trees as shown below:


Peter Aline and his wife said the plane flew directly over their house at 1273 Ocean Grove. Roger Rodriguez thought it came from the direction of the “cemetery on Asilomar Avenue (El Carmilo Cemetery, near that street, is located not too far from the eighth hole of the golf course), so I have put in an guesswork flight path that draws a line over their house to the point beyond the rocks. This report forces us to do a lot of guessing. (NTSB reports witnesses saying the plane was flying towards the shoreline.

Here is a brief summary of the eleven witnesses recounted in the Coroner’s report:

  • Rod Rainey was driving on Ocean View Drive, caught a glimpse as a craft hit the water, at about 15 feet above water. He heard a popping sound. He thought it was traveling 60-100 mph, entered the water nose first. He thought at first that it was a “remote-controlled” device.
  • Andrew Mulkey had been at the Butterfly Grove Inn, several blocks inland, but we are not told his location at the time of the crash other than that he had a “clear and unobstructed view of the ocean.” He called it an “ultralight” plane, that it was going very fast. It suddenly nose-dived and disappeared behind some trees. He heard the popping sound. He did not estimate the elevation of the plane prior to the nosedive.
  • Clifford Dilling, active duty in the Navy, was on vacation in the area and on the beach at thee time of the crash. He claimed to be very familiar with many types of aircraft because of his military background. He said the plane was in descent at a 35-4o degree angle under full power. He said prior to the crash the plane pulled up to 50 to 55 degree angle. He thought the pilot was trying to avoid harming people on the beach. (Dilling, active duty military, happened to be on that beach, was familiar with aircraft, and could read the mind of the pilot.)
  • Christina Rodriguez was also on the beach. She saw what she thought was a remote-control plane flying lower than 100 feet. She thought it appeared to speed up to clear some rocks before crashing into the water. She saw brown smoke.
  • Roger Rodriguez saw the plane coming from the direction of the cemetery on Asilomar Avenue, passing over some houses and then started dying. It throttled up over some rocks and then crashed 3-4 seconds later. It was at full throttle upon impact, angle of descent 45 degrees. He did not estimate elevation.
  • Judith Finn was parked in a lot “by the rocks” with her boyfriend, and was positioned in such a way in the vehicle that she was looking up. She saw the plane pass over and veer to the right, perhaps 50 to 100 feet in the air, flying level. There was no testimony from her boyfriend, who perhaps chose to be anonymous. There is no description of the vehicle, which was possibly a convertible, or having a sun roof? Or perhaps her head was positioned close to a window to allow an unobstructed view upward.
  • Richard Ellis was driving on Ocean View Boulevard when he saw the aircraft plummeting from 3-400 feet in the air. He said a wing had broken and that he could not hear the sound of an engine. He placed the crash at 50-75 feet beyond the rocks. He could not tell if it was a plane or a helicopter.
  • Peter Burshinger, at his apartment  approximately 1/4 mile from the crash site, had just sat down to watch football when he heard a plane go by. He placed its altitude at 300 feet, and said that at the beach it plunged straight down. He did not hear engine sound on descent. (I guessed at buildings looking like apartment complexes near the beach as his place of residence.)
  • Peter Aline and his wife were working in his back yard on Ocean View Boulevard (she atop their roof) when a light plane flew over. The woman saw the top of a pilot’s head as it flew over, meaning that her angle of view was far off to the side rather than directly overhead. She is the only one to see a pilot. She said the plane may be been as low as 20 feet over their house and barely clearing power poles. Peter heard the popping sound and the splat as it hit the water. He said the pilot probably did not realize that he had almost hit power poles. He said the plane was only using enough power to keep it above the houses.
  • Rachel Bertone was playing golf at the Pacific Grove Municipal Golf Course  when she looked up and saw a plane going down at a steep angle. She thought it sounded like a dirt bike. She said it was going very fast.

Contradictory witness reports are not unusual, but this is a mishmash. We have a plane flying so low that it nearly clips telephone poles, and also hurtling down from 300 feet (NTSB 350-500 feet). Two witness reported what appeared to be a “remote-controlled vehicle,”  one heard what “sounded like a dirt bike.” None, however, describe any features of a Long EZ, as shown here:


The craft is 16 feet long and has a 26-foot wing span. It has a forewing called a canard, an unusual feature on aircraft. The propeller is behind the aircraft. It has the wings with the ends sticking up in the air. No witness described any feature that would make what they saw a Long EZ.

Most of the witnesses place the vehicle low to the ground, and not doing the “350-500 foot” uncontrolled drop described by NTSB.  Most report it heading out to sea, while NTSB reports it heading towards the shore. Only Ellis, who saw an airplane (or helicopter) plunging from 3-400 feet, and Burshinger, who place the altitude at 300 feet, are in agreement, somewhat, with NTSB. And none saw the crash. They only saw the events before the crash. Only one person, looking directly up from her rooftop at 1273 Ocean View, saw the head of a pilot.

So, we either had a plane scraping rooftops and narrowly avoiding light poles, or one plummeting from 350-500 feet in the air. But not both.

Or maybe, both.

While NTSB does not name witnesses and only summarizes, it offers a different view of the crash than ten of the eleven referenced in the Coroner’s Report. Only Ellis places the aircraft anywhere near the 350-500 feet in the air that NTSB claims. In fact, other witnesses have the aircraft flying low over Pacific Grove, skimming rooftops, even nearly hitting telephone poles. No one describes anything like a Long EZ.

Pathologist’s Report

Rumors abound that Denver had a drinking problem, this associated with “a number of drunk driving arrests” (Wiki)  in Aspen. Due to this, he was not supposed to be flying.

The body that was delivered to the Coroner in bags, and was severely damaged, the head mostly gone, and only the right half of the torso present. It was identified as Denver’s by fingerprints and the presence of sutures on the right foot where two toes had been severed as a youth.

The toxicology report showed no sign of alcohol present in blood or tissue except for .04% ethanol in the liver. This is significant.

Toxicologists have long struggled with the presence of alcohol in corpses. It is vital information for law enforcement and insurance companies. A problem arises when a  corpse has laid around for a long time prior to autopsy and toxicology reports. Microbial contamination and fermentation occurs,  and the corpse can produce its own ethanol.

John Denver’s body was recovered from sea water three hours after the crash, and stored for a brief time, not stated, before delivery to the morgue. There it was refrigerated. The autopsy was performed at 9:30 the following morning, or about 16 hours after the crash. Given the short time and overnight refrigeration, there was not time for natural decomposition to produce ethanol.

But even so, presence of ethanol in the liver and nowhere else is atypical, and indicates that the ethanol in the liver was a product of decomposition. This is evidence that the body examined at the autopsy, unrecognizable and massively deformed, which could only be identified by potentially circular evidence (a right hand fingerprint and two toes missing on the right foot), might well have been a cadaver.

Below is a copy of the toxicology report, furnished on 10/15/97 by the Institute of Forensic Sciences in Oakland.


Please note that the name of the body is not “Deutschendorf, Henry John Jr.”, but rather “Denver, John.” This is evidence of fakery, as official documents around this death are not going to refer to stage names, but rather for historical purposes, real names. (Did the toxicology report on the death of Jiles Perry Richardson, Jr., refers to “The Big Bopper”? Of course not. This is not done. Official and legal documents are going to refer to the real name.)

I suggest this document is a fake.

Photographic evidence

There isn’t much. Internet sites will show us what are claimed to be pictures of Denver’s corpse, but I doubt they are real and I would not show them here anyway. As told to us by the autopsy report, the remains were unrecognizable anyway. There are photos of the “John Denver plane crash,” but these too are not real. There are no photos of the wreckage, and even though the Monterey Sheriff/Coroner’s Report claims that the wing with the plane ID #N555JD was recovered, there is no photographic evidence of that on the Internet. Perhaps it is all available in the official archives, but there is nothing available to the public on the Internet to give evidence of a plane crash that day.

There is this:


That looks like Denver, might be real, but is not of him in the Long EZ, which was a white aircraft. It looks more like he is leaving on a bombing raid for Tora! Tora! Tora!

There are these:

Those are said to be of “John Denver’s body being carried ashore.” The problem with that, of course, is that Denver’s body was said to have been recovered by the Coast Guard and divers, put aboard a ship and taken to a dock and kept under guard. What we see here is a yellow tarp.

There just isn’t much photographic evidence of the crash that day available to the public, and what there is tells us nothing.

What really happened – an alternative explanation of events

What follows is a recounting of the events of 10/12/1997 as they might really have happened, and not the fairy tale recounted above:

Sometime long before 10/12/1997 the decision was made that the public performer “John Denver,” widely beloved and having a large fan base, but whose output had slowed and talents had diminished, had to be fake killed. In the music business, people who have a large body of work, like Elvis, Karen Carpenter, Prince, Queen, Michael Jackson, for instance, are often “killed off” in order to maximize the postmortem value of their works. In Denver’s case, his post-death sales skyrocketed, and are still significant to this day. His later works, songs that did not catch on or make it off the cutting room floor of the recording studio to the public, have also been packaged and sold.

This is one reason why older musicians fake their deaths. But note, the decision to fake their deaths is probably not theirs. These are not independent people making their own way through the business world. They are the products of music companies, producers, managers, public relations. Often they have Intelligence ties. They could be nothing more than wage slaves, though the wages are a bit higher than for most of us. (I often question whether the music they write is really their own, or the product of a group of people assigned that task. I do not believe that John Lennon and Paul McCartney wrote everything attributed to them, and have similar suspicions about John Denver.)

While Denver was a talented man and a good performer, it was decided that it was 555 time for him, or a new life in anonymity, quietly enjoying his earnings and family in peace. So plans were made to stage his death. A script was written.

Since Denver was a pilot, a plane crash seemed the logical end. But staging a plane crash can be difficult. It would have to be done in a place where all the elements were controlled. Monterey County, California, is the center of the old Hearst empire, a county long under control of oligarchs. The Sheriff/Coroner’s office is probably under their control as well. Having both sheriff and coroner in the same man, an ex-military man, would help.

So the Pacific Grove location was decided. Several elements would be needed to sell the production. A corpse would be needed, and that corpse would have to be positively ID’d as Denver’s. A plane would be needed, but it would have to be a flawed aircraft … fatally flawed I would say. Who better to supply the aircraft than a spook-run aircraft company, Burt Rutan’s Scaled Composites. Did they have anything sitting on the shelf that could be used?

Prior to the event, Denver wanted to be sure his assets were distributed to the people he wanted them to go to, and so gifted them to Anna Kate and Zachary, leaving Jesse out. This included his home in Aspen. It was a taxable gift, which later put the two children in a dispute with the IRS over valuation.

The Long EZ was chosen because it was home assembled and so could easily be defective. But something else was needed, as there would not be a real crash – a simulation vehicle, a remote controlled light plane. That is what the Pacific Grove witnesses saw, not a Long EZ.

But the critical element was the body. That required a wait, as they needed an unidentified cadaver that could be mutilated to the degree that it was unrecognizable, and then supplied to county morgue people. (Most of the staff people involved in the autopsy were just professionals doing their job.)

Where to get a cadaver? One might turn up in a car accident or wash up ashore in a river or on the beach. Since the Sheriff, Norman G. Hicks, was compromised and a player, he was put on the lookout and told to notify the John Denver people when a body was available. One turned up, the phone call was made, and the plan went into action.

The plane was flown in and put on display at the local airport, but Denver would not actually fly it that day. His job was to be seen around Pacific Grove, wearing bright clothes, happy and chipper, playing golf, avoiding alcohol, in general just being visible. Since he had never flown the Long EZ, he might not have actually flown it that day, if one was flown at all. But again – he might have. The problem is that when a pilot’s license is suspended, airports can get in trouble if they let the pilot use the facilities.The suspension is meant to be enforced.

In fact, he could have merely parked his car at the airport and left the scene. He did leave his wallet.

Assume he did fly that day, and airport mechanic Chris Hadland was a real guy, and not a player. In that case, he might have done a couple of take offs and landings, and then flown off into the sunset, landing the craft at the nearby Coast Guard air base at Alameda. Other landing sites were no doubt also available.

Or perhaps Denver made an appearance, but another pilot familiar with Long EZ flew it, did some take offs and landings, had some contact with the tower, and then flew to Alameda. (Coast Guard, we must assume, which also recovered “the body”, was also part of the charade.)

Or perhaps Chris Hadland was given a script and told to read it – no Denver, no pilot, no Long EZ.

In the meantime, the remote-controlled aircraft was flown over Pacific Grove, low enough that people would be sure to see it, and then out and over a bunch of rocks, possibly crashing into the ocean. Perhaps it was blown up by remote control, resulting in a loud “Pop!” heard by many witnesses. However, the “Pop!” event was later downplayed and ignored, as it was not congruous with a plane merely hitting the ocean at high speed.

That was it for the real event. Ron Deutschendorf and Annie Denver knew in advance, and possibly Anna Kate, Zach and the mother, Irma Deutschendorf. They were told to lay low and not offer anything but grief and regret remarks to the press, and not to worry, that John would be OK and in touch as soon as possible.

Coast Guard higher-ups agreed to allow their name to be used in the publicity around the event, but did not recover either plane parts or a body. That is an indication of the source of the power behind this event.

Photos of men carrying a stretcher with a yellow tarp were staged, again out of sync with the official script, which had the body transported by the Coast Guard to a dock.

The cadaver, in cold storage, was delivered to the autopsy team on October 13th. It was already known that it was missing two toes on the right foot, so a story was planted that Annie Denver told them that John was missing those two toes. He was not. She said nothing of the sort.

Finger prints were crucial, and had to go through channels. A set of prints was taken off the cadaver, and in the meantime, Colorado authorities supplied the real John Denver prints to Sheriff Hicks. He switched them so that technician Susan Clark indeed could match them and report that the identity of the corpse was John Denver. Such an act, switching of finger prints, requires real juice to make them look authentic. The new prints, made to look like they came from Colorado, might have been prepared at Langley. Susan Clark was not a player. (This is the only aspect of the fake death that might involve illegal activity. It is NOT a crime to fake your death. If insurance fraud is involved, that is a crime.)

The NTSB report was fake, which is why they had no reference to it in their files. It was probably written by people at Langley, who would have the necessary muscle to force NTSB to go along. The Monterey County Sheriff and Coroner’s report was genuine, and the witnesses, with perhaps the exception of Ellis, Dilling and Burshinger, were real. Or maybe they were all fakes reciting a script. That’s why the people who prepared the NTSB report in advance did not name them. They did not know who they were going to be.

But suppose they were real. If so, they saw the remote-controlled vehicle, and not a Long EZ, as there was no Long EZ to be seen that day, far too high in the sky to identify.

Various county officials tried to do their job, but in the end, knew they had to shut up if they wanted to keep their jobs. They did manage to smuggle some clues to us, enough to tell us the event was faked, most notably the presence of ethanol in the liver of the cadaver. Medical personnel would know that to be an anomaly.

Denver was said to have died without a will, as even in a corrupt environment as ours, it is still impossible to probate the will of a living person. There was no life insurance, as that kind of fraud brings in powerful insurance companies and their investigators. The Pitkin County Courts had to be strong-armed into silence, forced to seal the records, and I do not know how that was done other than sheer brute force, again indicating the source of the power behind this event. The Coroner’s report was never made part of the official records of Monterey County, and is only now available electronically. As with NTSB, people of integrity knew to keep quiet and back away from it.

Denver himself made his escape. He might live in New Zealand, now 71 years of age. But like others before him used to the spotlight, he could not help himself, and with friends staged the Fly Fishing in New Zealand video in 2009. It was a message to his fans.

He was telling us “I am still here.”


*Spook marker: There are (at least) hundreds of thousands of Intelligence agents around the world, and they have apparently designed a shorthand method of communication with each other, part of which is numerology. Several numbers have significance to them, among them 8, 9 (3*3), 11, 27 (3*3*3), 33 (especially and in many forms), 47 (4+7=11), and Denver’s age at death, 53 (5+3=8). The number “555” has significance to them.

**Windstar Foundation closed its doors in 2013.

[Footnote, 10/20/16] Several interesting points have come from the comments below. Lux brought in childhood photos of the Deutschendorf family, and it appears the John has been pasted in. As with Jim Morrison, he is apparently not a member of the military family whose name he bears. Daddieuhoh notes that his post-death sales are 33 million, that he got his first guitar at age 11, additional spook markers. And we learn that divers the day after the crash miraculously recovered his ring from the ocean bottom. A pilot with a suspended license would not have been allowed to fly – those rules are enforced, so that the Monterey Airport would be culpable had JD actually flown that day.  He is said to have a nephew by brother Ron who is also Henry John Deutschendorf II, indicating that John Denver did not own that name. And then it gets even weirder. Thanks to all who chimed in.

[Footnote, 10/25/16] Immediately after the autopsy and at the request of the family, the body was cremated, thereby forever disposing of evidence of fraud. There were public memorials and remembrances, but never a formal death ceremony for John Denver. Since, as I contend, it was not his body and he was not really dead, is anyone surprised?

189 thoughts on “John Denver’s death: Another hoax

  1. My initial thoughts when I read the coroner’s report was that everything was just a tad bit too convenient. They found the bare minimum that they needed to make an identification.

    Hand for fingerprints – Check
    Plane part with the identification number – Check
    The aircraft’s documentation – Check
    His clothes and jewelry – Check

    How hard would it be to send a cadaver, add some of Denver’s clothes to it, throw in some plane parts and specs and then get the family to confirm? Like Mark said, the fingerprints would be the tougher part, but it’s easy if they are comparing it to the cadaver’s prints or if Susan Clark was in on it which would not surprise me. They could have “killed” him anywhere, they must have chose Monterey for a reason.


    1. If John Denver is not dead then where is he? I am sure that his family is not covering for him. His Mother passed, one of his Uncle’s passed, a nephew and two of his band members. Their deaths were not fake because I knew all of them. I only met John Denver once but I have had several conversations and interactions with family members and they are not liars. So where is he?


      1. New Zealand is my guess, if you read the article. Also, though we know his name was not “Denver,” it was also not “Deutschendorf.” We don’t know
        his real name or real parents or relatives.


      2. Maybe he’s back on the road performing under an alias name. You know, a look alike, sound alike John Denver named Ted Vigil. Just Saying…


          1. I was always intrigued by Denver’s death, and also thought it too “clean” to be true! Do you know where i could obtain his Coroner’s Report in PDF?


            1. I had to go to the Monterey County Sheriff, as the Coroner and Sheriff are the same person there, probably one reason why that county was selected. There might be a fee. I paid $10 for a hard copy, and it took them a long time, as the check was not cashed. I called again and was told they had lost the original check, so I sent them another. Then they called and said the found the original. All this meant, to me, was that there were discussions going on behind the scenes, and, perhaps, changes being made.

              When I first asked for it, that report was one of the few (perhaps the only one) that had not yet been scanned. Shortly after that they found it they scanned it, as I remember. Good luck!


    2. You only saw the toes missing?That was enough to convince you?Im sure he’s dead and still singing. Singing for the Father.Im only 56 and he’s songs got me threw a horrible child hood.I used too think, wow one day he’ll be my Knight in Shinning armor to come rescue me from a horrible Dad at times .I got threw it and I thank god I got to hear his music and feel they where being sung to me.Gave me strong strength of who I wanted to be.Sometimes I looked up when I see single planes flying and I think of him how he might of been or what he was thinking befor he got plane trouble.Still to day I listen to his music and play videos ..Sometimes at night help me sleep.Eigther way he’s gone from the lime light here but still in hearts and minds becouse he was a great nobble man.With what I believe he had a great soul of love for the earth and life.Thank u for sharing.🙏🤗🌹✌️😘


      1. The missing toes are circular evidence … that is, no one knew about them before his “death” but then Annie chimed in, and sure enough the stump they found has missing toes. A little too convenient, easily contrived. If you can show me some evidence other than what is probably a doctored photo (I will look at it but these days photos mean little) that there was any medical evidence of him having missing digits, then you’ve got something. Right now it is highly suspect, and anyway, this piece is 7,500 words and full of evidence, even more presented in the comments. I am calling bullshit.


          1. I have too. It could be he really is missing some toes. If so, that fact was used to complete the circle of deceit, nothing more. However, my analysis of the photo led me to beleive it was a product of PhotoShopping.


            1. He really was missing the first two toes of his right foot. John mentioned it in his autobiography. It happened in a lawnmower accident when he was 17. The fact that this cadaver was missing two toes on the right foot does not mean it was John Denver’s body that turned up. All of this research done by Mark seems to really be conclusive that John is not really dead, just living in anonymity. It is very possible. Prior to John’s death, he was actually receiving death threats. It’s possible that to protect himself and his family from any possible harm from someone, he decided to bow out of the music business and leave the US to start a new life with Anna Kate in anonymity. He possibly had plastic surgery because no one else on the planet looks exactly like John. Even his imitators look slightly different. Plastic surgery would further ensure his safety. When you consider the body parts and clothing that the Coast Guard retrieved from the ocean m, how could John’s missing toes be identified when his legs were supposedly missing? A sock was recovered, but the sock would have still been on the foot. Common sense should weigh in here. Thank you so much Mark for your extensive research into John’s death. It makes me feel a lot better knowing that he could still be alive. Sadly his career his over. John was supposedly starting to make a comeback at the time of his “death”, and it is sad to know that whatever music they would have come from him post 10/12/97 will never exist.


              1. I did concede in the comments on the two toes.

                I have come to understand that many big names in music do not write their own music, but are given credit. Paul McCartney comes to mind, making it interesting that in the video I feature he is singing Mother Nature’s Son. I wondered if that song was a homage to JD, who played MNS as part of his act.

                At a live concert Denver announced a new song, Is It Love?, and he stuttered in the intro after “new song” and then said “Which I wrote.” That seemed disingenuous, and made me wonder if Mother Nature’s Son, like the Beatles, were the product of anonymous songwriting teams.

                Anyway, a future post of mine will be done merely to highlight the comments here, not to rehash the original post. I learned so much from readers.


        1. I knew John. You are mistaken everyone knew he list the tops of two toes. There are even photos of him in sandals that show his tops of two ties missing. Everyone knew it. No conspiracy. Henry was in that plane.


          1. Not so says all the other evidence, but on the toes, I do think they worked it into the narrative. I was wrong to question that part. Still a hoax, and his name was not Henry, not Deutchendorf. We don’t know who he was or where he came from.


              1. The family photos are the product of a dark room, worked over to insert him. Birth records can be faked. Musicians are selected for fame, though JD had talent. Ask yourself why, if JD is Henry John Deutchendorf II, why his “brother” named his son “Henry John Deutchendorf II”. Should it not be III?

                Below is the faked family photo.

                In those pre-PhotoShop days they had to “cut and paste” to fake photos, and they had a very hard time with lighting. If you look closely, you’ll see that JD is brighter lit than the others, his features pronounced where the others are smoothed. Anyway, JD in this photo bears no familial resemblance to either his “dad” or “brother.”

                The other thing you’re probably not seeing is that the music business is not organic. Stars are created, and they are usually chosen from aristocratic families. Often times, as with Jim Morrison and his “Admiral” father, they are assigned to military Intelligence families (Jim was not a Morrison). JD was assigned to Dutch’s family. I do not know why, if Dutch was in charge of keeping him in line, never spilling the beans.


          2. I don’t know about the toes. But upon looking at a photo of Anna Kate in New Zealand she is talking to what is I guess is John. It appears that he might have some facial disfigures and the hair looks crazy. I always thought maybe it was a tragic accident where he was disfigured and chose to go away. I learned it is not a crime or illegal to fake one’s death but only if it is to defraud insurance companies. There is also a disease where people fake their deaths to see who cares. It has been going on forever. I would feel bad if I let people I know or who admired me think I was dead but truly not. I could understand why someone though might do this. I miss his him and concerts plus all he gave to our crazy world. I often think what he would think about this pandemic covid and all that has happened with his foundation. The land that was sold hurting his brother and workers. He tried so hard to make things better for everyone. Wherever he is I hope he felt his life mattered. Whether here or in Heaven.


        2. Denver lost the 2 toes as a result of a mowing accident when he was 17.I read about the toes as far back as 1976.It’s how he got out of the draft. He mentioned them in his autobiography, his conductor Lee Holdridge told stories about teasing him about the thick socks he wore to protect his stumps. There are several photos I’ve seen of Denver barefoot & missing the toes in the 70s, 80s & 90s. I saw these photos years before he died. Whatever else is true or false, the toe thing has been well-established for over 40yrs.


          1. A few of those photos cannot see his toes. The photo with the people behind him on the beach wearing pink hats with arms crossed looks like a mirror flip of the same person.


  2. Epic! Mathis-esque!! Well done-
    I wonder about Mother Nature’s Son as the selection on the “1993” video- It appears to be a key song in JD’s repertoire and the title of his posthumous biography- Given what we know of Paul and that ongoing ruse, the video might also be a signal to the spooks out of the immediate loop- Like numbers, references to certain celebs may also be short hand to communicate within the fraternity- Even so, the song is set within an NRA friendly huntin’ n’ fishin’ atmosphere that one would assume would grate with super vegan Paul- But then, veganism is just another pseudo-scientific affront to humanity and especially to proper brain function-


    1. I wondered about that too – I don’t care for the song, it’s no classic, and McC is no nature boy anyway. It was almost as if JD was hat tipping the guy, but why? I have seen other musicians almost fall down before McC in awe. There has to be inside baseball knowledge that he’s a twin.

      [I just realized your point, that McC had written the song for Denver, a kind of tribute for the guy who had to play the “nature boy” but who was nothing like that in real life. That’s why Denver glommed on to it.]


  3. Fantastic essay. I tried to get court appearance information on a minor (fake) stabbing at my local high school, and was told I would need a court order to get the transcript (ie. impossible). That’s enough for almost everyone to give up – but it’s probably not legal.

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  4. I was just reading through Denver’s Wikipedia bio, and a few things popped out at me:

    He is said to have raked in sales “of over 33 million.” Yes, of course he did.

    He got his first guitar at the age of 11.

    His dad was a Lt. Col. (!!)

    Why do they list the registration number of his aircraft? It just seems like really extraneous detail. (Likewise with his NTSB accident Id number.) Could it be because the 555 is another signal? Or they are simply trying to make the event appear real by adding these details that make is seem so much more concrete and official? Or is the whole registration number a clue to something…?

    He was involved in many spook-front activities throughout his career, including winning an award from NASA that is usually reserved for astronauts and engineers for his promotion of space exploration by the brotherhood of man.

    You mentioned that he was not technically allowed to fly at the time due to a DUI arrest. When I read that it seemed akin to driving without a license. But reading Wikipedia I saw it a bit different: “In 1996, the FAA decided that Denver could no longer fly a plane due to medical disqualification for failure to abstain from alcohol, a condition that the FAA had imposed in October 1995 after his prior drunk-driving conviction.” I read that and was hit with realizing the obvious: flying a plane is not like driving a car. Doesn’t the airport bear some blame for allowing an uncertified pilot to fly? If I bought a plane and wanted to fly it out of a local airport, I doubt they’d let me unless I got a pilot’s license/certification. Isn’t this basically the same thing? Wouldn’t the airport at least get in trouble with the FAA for letting someone fly a plane who was not allowed to? Note that this issue is not brought up in the Coroner’s investigation report, for example “it is not known nor did I ask anyone I interviewed in my extensive investigation why they allowed Denver to fly an airplane although his pilot certification was revoked by the FAA.”

    Another thing: a quick scan for his genealogy indicates that he has a nephew — who has an identical twin brother — with the same name: Henry John Deutschendorf. Now, John Denver was named for his father, who was Henry John Deutschendorf, Sr. That makes John Denver a junior, in which case his nephew should be HJ Deutschendorf, III. But he is listed everywhere as HJ Deutschendorf, II. What gives? Well, sometimes when the Sr. dies, instead of keeping the numbers going, they move everyone up: the junior becomes senior and the III becomes junior (or II), so maybe they do that in this family. BUT: if they do that in this family, then this nephew should not be a Jr. or a II or a III, since both John Denver and his dad are presumably dead. So: could the fact that he does by HJ Deutschendorf II be due to the fact that John Denver isn’t really dead and the family knows that, so the nephew is still the second, since the “first” is still alive?

    And finally, I watched that video you posted. I don’t know that he looks 65 in that video, but I agree he looks older than he did in 1993. (Though his Wikipedia photo from ’73 shows really heavy crow’s feet when he is smiling.) Of course the video could have been shot anytime in the intervening years. I started listening to some of his videos and then landed on this video of him singing a duet with none other than Cass Elliot. The opening banter is classic propaganda for voting: “it doesn’t matter who you vote for, just vote. It’s the best way, it’s our way.” Yes Cass, you’re right — it doesn’t matter who we vote for. And yes, our vote counts just as much as yours. Meaning it doesn’t count for anything. Another example of them telling us the truth right to our faces but we’re too stupid to realize it:


    1. Just think of the chutzpah to have John Denver’s most famous words be “leaving on a jet plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again”.


  5. Oops I posted this comment by accident on the wrong post. It was meant for this one: First class, grade-A prime research here, Mark. I love the bit in the coroner’s report where they sent divers back the next day who “found” his ring at the bottom of the Pacific ocean. Sure they did!


    1. Thanks Daddie – I was hoping that others would chime in and pick up details I missed. There are plenty. What intrigues me now is that McCartney’s song, Mother Nature’s Son, was a tip of the hat to Denver, who was masquerading as Nature boy – while McCartney was doing his own bit, later vegetarianism and animal rights, all fake. Denver always ends his Mother Nature’s Son piece by admitting that Paul did it better, a curtsy before the king, I suppose. They are actors, all of them.


  6. Some notes and observations of mine after a quick search re: John Denver

    Not many early family photos of John Denver on the internet. This one is almost the only one I could find:

    located here:

    Look at the left side (our left) of each of the faces. John’s face is well lit on that side while the others are shadowed on that side. It appears John was pasted in.
    Here is another early photo of John with his alleged parents:

    found here:

    It might be a legit photo but Dad’s head looks too large in comparison to Mom’s and they all appear to be looking in a slightly different direction. This suggests a composite paste-up to me. It’s also odd that there are so few early family photos of John.

    John is noted as being born in Roswell, New Mexico in 1943. His father was a Lt Colonel at the air base there which was the home of the 509th Bomber Group responsible for the alleged nuclear attacks on Japan in 1945. The Deutschendorf family is, of course, of German descent which suggests to me that, since we were at war with Germany at the time, that his father was likely involved with intelligence in some capacity.


      1. Another IVF batch-er? Born in 1943 (allegedly), around the time disinfo says Nazis were “experimenting with cloning”. The father is German. Who knows? Perhaps they are pasting all these family photos because they have no real families?

        Here’s a matchup of Denver and John Ritter, born 5 years apart. Both probably fake deaths.


        1. Note: I am not saying they are the same. They cannot be with the overlap. I’m just saying look at the resemblance.


          1. By the way, that is 5 checkpoints matches and perhaps 6 if they have a relaxed face. Can’t see Denver’s ear to see if that’s a match, but wowzers.


        2. OK, I’m not generally one for conspiracy theories, but being a Photoshop person, I do see a lot of clear inconsistencies in the photo alleged to be of John and his “family”. Not only is John lit differently, but there are four people in the photo, and only two shadows on the scrim behind them.

          The autopsy reports differ: one says both legs and pelvis were “missing”, yet they were somehow able to identify the body based on a mysteriously-present right leg with two conveniently missing toes that corroborates their claim about a childhood accident (or vice versa, story made up to go with the toes. They found a right boot and sock, but how does a crash cause a boot and sock to fall off of a leg before it “disappears” along with the rest of the lower body?

          Though as a huge Denver fan who as a child read every sentence posted about him, I do seem to recall hearing about missing toes. Of course, if they needed a leg to match, if the body “found” was actually a cadaver, I’m sure they could mock that up. Hollywood movie magic and all.

          But the creepiest thing of all that is causing me to question my logical mind is this: when I clicked on the image to see Denver and Ritter, every single time, despite evidence that my internet is working just fine, I received a message saying:

          No internet
          Checking the network cables, modem, and router
          Reconnecting to Wi-Fi

          OK, that’s strange… router lights are flashing like normal, everything else is loading…

          So then, I set up a tab right next to the image tab and loaded Facebook, which opens and refreshes just fine. I clicked back and forth rapidly between the Ritter/Denver image and the FB wall, refreshing each in quick succession to see if FB would also return an “internet disconnected” error.

          I did this five times.

          The first image to pop up on FB on the fifth switchback?

          A friend’s post REMEMBERING JIM MORRISON. And she wrote happy birthday, and these lines:

          “The days are bright and filled with pain
          Enclose me in your gentle rain
          The time you ran was too insane
          We’ll meet again, we’ll meet again”

          Side note: said friend? HUGE believer in political conspiracies.

          Now, I like to think of myself as a sound-minded logical person, but that’s awfully weird, even to me. In fact, I’ll be surprised if this even posts…


          1. I loved him and still do I just wish the truth would reveal its self although to day he’d be in his 70’s but Still singing up a storm I’m sure.


          2. Never saw the two pictures posted of Ritter and Denver
            But being a fan that went back stage many times one of my besties told me about his toes long long long before his death he was barefoot back stage and looking down she saw them and told me about it I have seen pictures of his toes blown up in pictures it is true!!! By the way Ritter always reminded me of Denver!
            You are crazy if you think that wasn’t his family!
            If he is still alive I find it hard to believe that he could not be singing
            Not to say that things are screwy in his reports and if he is wow I have been mourning a man whom I loved and adored have wept for missing him even just two days ago
            I enjoyed reading all your stuff
            I would in some way like to believe he is still alive …. but my sane mind says he died that day!


            1. Initially I regarded toe evidence as a circle-closing piece of fake evidence used to make it appear that a corpse that was unrecognizable was actually Denver. I am now at a point where I suspect that there was no cadaver, no body, and that all of that was made up. If so, and if Denver really did have a missing toe or two, how easy would it be to merely add that to the fake coroner’s report. Fake deaths are very common in entertainment, so I imagine they have gotten very good at planning and executing them, so to speak. We do not have a burrowing news media, no one looks into anything in that area, so people can do anything they like and get away with it.

              If you claim that to be his family, explain this: His supposed real name is John Henry Deutschendorf II, or Jr. His supposed brother Ron had a son he named John Henry Deutschendorf II – should that not be III?

              By the way, the opening video in this piece shows that he was indeed still singing after his death. His homage to McCartney is somewhat weird, as the McCartney legacy is as strange as Denver’s, so that Denver using Mother Nature’s Child suggested to me that that song was possibly written as an inside joke about Denver, who was no nature boy. But speculation can get out of hand. I believe I’ve assembled a solid body of evidence here and ask that you address it rather than to make his life or death a matter of “belief.”


    1. Great catch with the photos, and I agree 100% with your analysis. I have a couple of points to add:

      In the first pic, his brother is super tall. Like nearly a full head taller than John. The front row people don’t look like they’re sitting down, but I suppose he could be on a stool or riser. Anyway, he is standing just behind them but his body and head seem much smaller than they should be for such a big guy.

      In the second pic, look at the shadows across baby John’s face, compared to the shadows on mom and dad. First of all, the shadow is darker. But it also looks painted in. Look how straight and smooth the shadow line is on his face. Then look at the other faces. They don’t look the same. The shadow on baby John looks artificial, like it was darkened by hand. Note, too, his collar just to the left of his face. It should be dark, but it isn’t. I think the shadow should begin right next to his face, not half an inch over. If you look at the shadows to the left of mom and dad, there is no gap between the face and the shadow. It just extends naturally from the face, which is what you’d expect with a light source to the right.


        1. It was Miles- Also, young John in the horn rimmed glasses reminds me of Steve Parent and his bespectacled mug with the same shit eating grin- Parent/Branson from the same cookie batch as Denver/Ritter?


    2. Oh, two more things:

      If John Denver is just the invented son of Henry John Deutschendorf, Sr., that would explain why Ron’s son is Deutschendorf, II: Because Denver was never Deitschendorf, Jr.!
      Roswell was, well, you know, Roswell. As in the famous UFO crash of 1947 (ahem ahem). I am growing increasingly convinced that the whole story was either just the kick-off of another major project, or it was invented as a way to cover-up the crash of an experimental flying-saucer type aircraft built and piloted by humans. (Actually those are not mutually exclusive options.) Anyway, the link to Roswell is interesting, even if they had already moved on by 47.


      1. Good catch. That could also explain why the records are sealed at Pitkin County. There are no records, since Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr. is not technically a real person.


    3. I’m pretty sure that his family’s origin was of Dutch descent. He doesn’t look like either of his parents. The son ( brother? ) at the back resembles the mother quite a bit.


  7. We’ve also seen this faked family photo thing in the recent Jim Morrison thread here.

    I can only think of one reason for faking a person’s family photos, that being the person’s alleged family is not their real family. If it were, there would be real family photos and, normally, plenty of them so there would be no need for fakes.

    In these cases of faked family photos it appears that not only are the parents and siblings not their real relatives but also that the individual probably never even met those “family members” (hence no real group photos are possible). It might even be that some of the parents/siblings never even existed, that is, that they are “ghosts” or “sims” created out of fake photos, records, etc. as we have seen in so many other hoaxes. Or, they may exist but are not really related.

    I hate to mention this but I now wonder what the value is in dutifully tracing back the lineage of a celebrity when, in fact, the target of one’s research may never have even been in the family being researched? At best, all one would be doing is researching the fake parents, assuming that THEY really did exist which may not be the case.

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    1. I had a reply for you but now I’m not sure. Every layer of the onion makes us ask new questions and reconsider previous findings.


    2. “I now wonder what the value is in dutifully tracing back the lineage of a celebrity when, in fact, the target of one’s research may never have even been in the family being researched? At best, all one would be doing is researching the fake parents, assuming that THEY really did exist which may not be the case.”

      On the first point, I think it still has value because if the parents are intelligence operatives who are just posing as family members, then at the very least this method helps us trace back who those operatives are and how they are connected to the others.

      As for researching the fake parents… well you’re right. They might just be fake constructs of intelligence. In some cases we can use find-a-grave to see their gravestones and such, but we really do need to ask if the entries in genealogy sites are real. Miles’s recent work has shown us how much of it is scrubbed and stubbed and edited. But he sort of takes for granted (in his papers at least) that they are real. But what if they’re not?


    3. It was not uncommon for adopted children back then to simply be assimilated into the family with little or no fanfare. Assuming he was adopted and neither children were ever told about this in later life, that could be the case. Of course the parents would have known but they are both gone and assuming cremation, so is JD if that actually happened. Until today I never really gave this a second thought that all this might have been fabricated. I loved JD and his music — in fact I attribute my return from Vietnam after four tours to his song: “Take Me Home Country Roads”. I then saw him perform in 1972 at Billings, Mt, shortly after my return and I was only a few feet away from him, back when JD was only a two man band. Later I saw him perform three other times, the last of which must have been a 40+ person orchestra. Still after reading all the info here, it really makes one wonder, because you can’t simply deny various facts. When you couple all this with the fact that JD had lost his young singing voice and could not properly perform some of his own songs anymore, along with serious family problems, alcohol, etc., it would not surprise anyone that he might have had to capitulate like this. Where ever he is I wish him the very best, whether here on earth or in the hereafter.


      1. I was at that same concert in Billings. We were in the back. Whatever his name, he was a gifted singer and played a mean 12 string. All you say is true, but the music business is not as you view it, people rising up due to talent being a small part. Anyone can be made a star, but some in the business due to real talent are allowed longer careers. This was JD. I opened this piece with him performing Mother Nature’s Child, homage to another person with real talent and a long career, McCartney. I regard the song as an inside joke, as McC also did not write his own music, only performed it. I suspect it was written to mock us, as JD was no more the country boy or nature’s child than McC, who was one of a set of twins, both still alive. Search this website for a piece called “Sir Faul.”

        Sir Faul revisited


    1. I tend to agree, and did suggest we leave the kids alone. It was not their doing. But JD, we find, is phony top to bottom, not a country boy, not a nature kid, not a Deutschendorf. He likes exposure, so we gave him some.


      1. I disagree somewhat, because even if everything you point to is correct, we do not know the complete circumstances that would cause someone to do this. Perhaps it was his choice, or perhaps he was somehow coerced, or mentally reached a point where he could not go on, or chose not to. Regardless, to me we should pay him respect for what he did achieve in life, if for no other reason than to allow his family, friends and fans, who may not be complicit, to live their lives without unnecessary defamatory destruction of the legacy they inherited or believed in. After all, he was (is?) a successful poet, singer, song-writer, actor, and entertainer, etc. Truth is often stranger than fiction, and unfortunately we may never know all the truth or enough of it here in this life. It is easy to look from the outside and make correlated or uncorrelated suspicions about all the various disconnected facts that surround this situation, but that does not necessarily connote perfect happenings according to however we choose to interpret those findings.


  8. Another tidbit I recently came across was that from ’83 to ’85 Mae Brussell broadcast from a radio station based in Pacific Grove.


      1. I think she was equal parts yenta and idiot who liked being in on secrets, therefore she was vulnerable to being fed convincing bullshit- She was a Magnin so very well connected- Her talent was sounding sincere and if she didn’t believe what she was saying, she deserves a dozen Oscars- She certainly had me in her pocketbook lo those many years ago- “Died” at age 66-


  9. Greetings: I, too, was (and still am) a JD fan – I confess to rather liking “Mother Nature’s Son”, though I’m surprised to find out it’s a Beatles song. I was just listening to the “Rocky Mountain High” tape, BTW, and still enjoy his music. But I digress….

    I read through the original posting and all the responses, and I guess I understand why older celebs have to “off” themselves (follow the $$$$), but what about the families? The children? The spouses? All they all fakes or are they real, but sworn to secrecy? Has anyone considered the emotional damage that may be caused to those closest to the person being “killed off”? Or am I being naive thinking it actually matters? I’m having trouble wrapping my head around the extent of deception you suggest (“Everything you think you know is wrong”). To me, the most glaring question is “what’s the point?”

    I’ve heard it said that public adoration and the spotlight can be as addictive as any street drug; this may explain why JD has sort of reappeared (the plane crash story does sound bogus). Just a few thoughts that occurred tonight. Thanks for letting me ramble.


    1. Excellent comment … if I had all the answers, I wouldn’t be so humble about these things. What I have noticed in my (our) explorations here is that secrecy is honored at all levels within Freemasonry, to the degree that I suspect real punishments are handed out to any who violate that code, perhaps Bill Cosby the latest example. These people are not killers, but they do enforce that code. Lifetime actors never break character, no one speaks out of school. So Denver’s kids (and Annie) would have been counseled in advance, made aware that a large amount of money was coming their way, but to never speak about what they knew, as repercussions would be quick and severe. That’s all I got.


  10. The timing of finding this article is spot on. I’m actually heading out to the Asilomar Conference Center next week for a guitar clinic. I have had JD on my mind ever since booking this trip last August, and am planning on visiting the beach along Ocean View. I have been, and always will be, a huge fan.

    Being one who definitely does not trust ANYTHING having to do with government and any institution affiliated with, I wouldn’t be surprised to find that most of what you present to be true. I especially like the list of items recovered stating “no legs or pelvis”…….yet they were somehow able to make an identification from the missing toes? Hmmm……maybe they were just discovered afterwards by the diver who was able to locate the ring on the ocean floor? Who was that, Golam from Lord Of The Rings?


  11. Dear Mark,

    congratulations with this outstanding piece of detective work. It was a joy to read. Not being familiar too much with John Denver Deutschendorf (sounds very much like an invented surname anyway; imagine someone being called Britishvillage or Americantown), other than that he is (not was) a country singer, I like this piece of real investigative research.

    Someone in the comments called it “Mathisesque”, but I would say that doesn’t really describe your work well. As an avid reader of Miles Mathis (his hoax papers at least), he does a good job in pointing readers in the right direction of unknown hoaxes (outside of the standard stuff that is introductory like 9/11, Sandy Hook and Boston I mean), but his work is, at least in my opinion, too much focused on genealogy and too little on the cases themselves. Great exceptions of course in his JFK stuff (I am still to read the work of Tyrone on that) and the Tate “murders” among others (Lincoln, Zodiac, Napoleon, etc.).

    What you have done is real fieldwork (by requesting -and getting- that document) and that deserves extra credit as for us, internet researchers, most of the time it is a step too far due to time constraints or other reasons.

    I found your blog via Josh’s blog which I found through Miles Mathis’s paper, sent by Josh (the Business Plot) and I have been reading POM for the past few days in detail. Thank you for opening my eyes on Mozart, another “hero” shattered which only makes sense in hindsight. In those days and ages staging these actors was far easier because of the much smaller higher classes and controlled locations. His Wikipedia article is a laugh and full of typical schizophrenic writing “no money”, “owning a horse”, “being ill all the time” and “a grand tour through Europe”, etc.

    Your blog and that of Vexman (which I also read almost fully, made some comments there too) made me to decide to start my own blog as I have my own thoughts and ideas to share on different hoaxes, staged events and other baloney presented to us as “real”. Will provide a link when I have content ready, now still in drafts on my computer.

    Two things on this paper (sorry, Mathis language, but I regard this work as such), a comment and a question:

    1 – do you know what this date and time in box 38 (no numerology clue here I guess) and 39 mean where it says 10/11 1997 19:15? One day before the alleged “Death of Denver”, but why is it there? What is the meaning of boxes 38 and 39? The last moment he was confirmed seen by his family or what is it? It seems strange to me to have a date before the alleged event “happened” on such a document.

    2 – your excellent unraveling work aside, the whole story is already so ridiculous because of the “discovery” of Denver’s “body” just at Monterey Bay. Allegedly he crashed with his small plane just off the coast in 10-30 ft of water, but was found 3 hours later completely dismembered as a torso and a leg etc.? That cannot happen. At such a crash, even if it were real, the body would be found more or less intact (broken bones of course) strapped in his pilot seat. Bodies don’t dismember/decompose within 3 hours after such a crash. Complete and utter bollocks as the British would call it.

    I will keep reading your work and that of your remaining (pity Josh and Vexman left here but their respective blogs are an interesting “oil spill” of research and the links between the sites shows the Elites were not able to Divide and Conquer) blog writers. Especially Maarten’s and Tyrone’s writings are very good too. The Vermeer series was an enjoyable read, comments and the 32 years of experience by Maarten shared were very valuable to me, far “behind” in this fakery research, too.

    Just those two points for now, I have a couple of other observations I may share in the next days if you like.

    All the best,



  12. Well if John is out there some where I sure wish he would come back this world could do with his wonderful words of poetry and feeling of peace that he gives x


    1. I dont no what to think..eigther way he’d be 73 now. No one will ever no the truth im sure.However he is missed so much gor so long.I think I was and still am in love with him.I will keep him in my heart forever.His music got me threw some hard times when i was young and still does today.,🤔😢😔


      1. He was never the man portrayed in his public image, just a lifetime actor, but take heart. He’s still alive. I assume he lives in New Zealand, but he could be anywhere. Once we assume someone is dead, that person can appear on public and no one believes it, ergo the “Elvis” sightings.


        1. Two questions I have…and forgive me if I missed something along the way.
          1) Why was Jesse left out of his will and therefore received nothing?
          2) What proof backs up the belief that he was not a nature boy, but a lifetime actor playing a role?

          Thanks for your time and patience.


          1. My only clue as to the exclusion of Jesse is the dispute between Zack and Anna and the IRS over valuation of the house in Aspen … Jesse was not included. If he died without a will, Jesse would be entitled to 1/3 and would be involved in the IRS dispute. This told me that some legal mechanism was in force to keep her out of it – perhaps he gifted the home to them knowing his fake death was on the horizon, and left Jesse out for unknown reasons. Or, perhaps Jesse is not legally his child. That second marriage was not a happy one.

            Regarding “proof,” I don’t use that word, or only rarely. Life does not offer much proof. I came away from this project with the impression that JD was a phony, a gifted singer, performer and 12-stringer who did not write his own music. At the time of his scripted rise to fame (we do not know his real name – it was not “Deutchendorf”), environmentalism was in vogue, so that the song-writing people behind most of the musicians of the day were tasked with supplying him with songs of that stripe. In the (post-“death”) video at the opening of this piece, he is tongue-in-cheek paying homage to Paul McCartney with Mother Nature’s Child, a song that McCartney did not write and which may have been sarcastically written with JD in mind, the supposed nature boy. The music business is not at all what you might imagine. Very little of it is real, and very few artists write their own music, McCartney included.

            By the way, I despise the song Mother Nature’s Child. I hold it up there with supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.


  13. I don’t doubt it in the least. However only the chosen and very influential and rich get to
    Do this…. many musicians and actors fake their deaths throughout the Jewish entertainment complex. It goes wayyy wayyy deeper than this about john. This is bad but trading people out while they are still alive with a double is happening all the time. Every celebrity or musician you know has been replaced within two years of their initial popularity such is a first or second album or a first or second movie . Due to the extensive resources the government has in these programs that are a psychological operation perpetrated by the government through Hollywood they are able to have vast resources to concoct there nefarious plans . Look on Google images and look at the bottom piece of your favorite celebrity or musician they will have a retaining line on the bottom teeth which signifies false teeth . There are literally thousands of pictures on the Internet right in your face that you don’t know you are looking at a double .literally everyone has been replaced


    1. The doubles are a bit like serious anti-gravity research. At one point early on each is in the public domain and referenced in publications, movies and so on and then come a certain year the topic goes jet black and shrouded in secrecy.

      In relation to doubles and “twins” it overlaps with the “schools for the gifted” (inspiration for the X Men etc.) that John Keel stumbled over in the early 1960s and which produced for example the multiple Lee Harvey Oswalds.

      The endless duplicates is not quite like LHO but related without any question.

      It kept leaking – or was flaunted at us mere mortals – in television shows like Mission Impossible, Batman and Doctor Who – and many others – where the symbolic rubber face mask was pulled off in such a way that it was clearly impossible, almost hilariously so. So why keep doing it in shows?


    1. Just sloppiness in the details. If there was even a body, it was probably a cadaver from a medical school scheduled for cremation, which was done after the fake autopsy. JD was not missing two toes, Annie said nothing about such a thing.


      1. I would love to think he’s still alive.Are u close to finding out if so that would put him JD in his 70’s wow I’d love to no the truth


      2. Sorry Johns ties were definitely messed up and the facts are facts! We fans knew he spoke of it and we saw them when he would come back stage afterwards bear foot!


  14. I personally think that is a huge red flag. Can one person “confirm” that legs were not present, and another person “confirm” toes were “sutured” ? I think that’s huge. Sloppiness in the details, I agree…but that is how the truth comes out in many cases. It would be nice to think he is still around, but at what cost? It must be awful to have to live like that.


    1. Yes, and did anyone except me notice that the autopsy only looked a 4 or 5 tiny ingredients of the whole body? To me they would have opened up all the bags of parts and assembled them onto a table to review all of what was there. Also, if divers found his ring at the bottom of the ocean the next day, did they not find any other wreckage of the plane? Even if the plane hit the rocky area and exploded into pieces, there would still be pieces.


      1. Once they capture your belief system, they can make anything seem real. There was no plane, no Denver, no ring, no body, no autopsy, no toxicology report. John, whose real name we do not know (it was not Deutschendorf) left the scene, career over, and not his choice. He was retired by the very ones who made him a star, wrote his music, and orchestrated his image and life. I think he moved to New Zealand, but cannot know with any certainty. He had simply reached a point where, like Elvis, like Karen Carpenter, like Prince, he was more valuable dead than alive.


  15. Nothing surprises ne any more i know a,very prominent car dealer and business man who owned alot of property and business’ who fajed his death and knew people who told me he didnot die but wouldnot say where he was. People in the car dealership.said he would come by ocasionally.He died in a private plane crash and took all the money from a realestate venture he and investors were developing. A friend of mine sold life insurance he said if a body is not found as in this case the insurance has to pay after 2 years.


    1. I think these stars like Denver, Prince, Robin Williams, etc., have to be very careful not to commit insurance fraud. I do not think it is illegal to fake your death as long as there is no theft or abandoned obligations, that is, fraud will get you, but death-hoaxing not. In John Denver’s case, there was no life insurance.


  16. Note to yesitsreal … continue to comment as you did, and I will not “approve” them but can read them. Note that I do not trust WordPress. There is an email service, protonmail, that claims to be secure and free of interference, but suspicious me thinks that might be a way to attract people they really mean to follow into a trap. There is always snail mail if we can develop trust, always a problem in this world. In the end, there are so few of us who are alert enough to figure things out that they safely ignore us.


    1. Your comments, to my dismay, were not in the moderation bin, but in the “approved” bin. I did not do that. I double-deleted them, that is, they first went to trash, and then to the ether. No one will see them, ever.

      “WordPress” is the company that I use for this blog. It is a massive enterprise with millions of people doing what I do, so that I assume without knowing that it an Intelligence front, much like Facebook, a magnet used to draw everything to one place to keep an eye on things. But it is all I know and for the most part they have left me alone.

      I have put your screen name and IP address in the “banned” list. Don’t be offended. It merely means that anything you write goes automatically to trash, and there I will be able to view it without having it see light of day. No one else will look for it there. I hope this works for you, but if not I understand.


    2. Of course I have read your comments, but only this morning. I get up very early and do not do much reading in the evening, as I do not absorb. Since they are in the “trash” bin, which is automatically emptied, I have copied them into a Word file for safekeeping. While generally interesting there are not a lot of specifics to go on. If this man is indeed JD, he was removed from his real life and given a false one, as a Deutschendorf. This would fit a pattern, as with Jim “Morrison” of the Doors being assigned to the that family, a military one. This indicates to me that these two talented men (Morrison had only charisma) were selected for fame, given fame, and then retired. But that is speculation. Now you come and tell me that you are a family member, and yet know nothing about him other than that he played guitar, drank too much, and that as far as family members know, he died in that plane crash.

      I’ve long suspected that JD retired to New Zealand, as his adopted daughter is said to be there running a B&B, and the video I used to open this piece was filmed there. It shows an older JD, but was not conclusive as to his still being alive.

      I will continue to save your words and try to mine them for anything useful. So far, it’s all pretty vague.


      1. Why go thru all this trouble to get rid of John or some of the other celebs? Why not just a heart attack, stroke or passed peacefully during sleep? All the same behind the scenes people would still shuffle the paper work followed by a quick private funeral service and cremation. Seems like too many chances for errors and too much evidence to hide with the elaborate crashes, unless they are just wanting a challenge. All we have left is a couple of toes and a hand, sorry nothing more to see, no more sunshine on your shoulders, move along everyone, go buy the greatest hits CD and have a nice day.


  17. Why fake the deaths of Elvis, Morrison, Denver, Freddie Mercury and Prince, but not Steve Perry, Stevie Nicks, Anne Wilson, Robert Plant, and others who are just as popular? Perry, obviously, withdrew significantly from the limelight for decades, only recently re-emerging with a long-awaited solo album. But his fanbase was as actively rabid as ever, regardless of his presence or absence in the spotlight.

    Could this be just a “new” method of increasing sales and demand without faking a death, like an experiment to see if simply pulling them from the spotlight does the same as “killing them off”?

    What is so special about Elvis, et al, that is not as special in Perry, et al?

    Just curious. This has my brain whirring.


    1. Obviously I can only speculate … Denver was waning, his style of music on the way out … as it was with Karen Carpenter. Jim Morrison I don’t think was ever sustainable, that is, he could not read music or play any instruments, so what was in store for him? Amazing thing is that he supposeldy wrote 12 songs and carried them with him in his head before forming The Doors. How? A good memory? (Google “Jim Morrison Oregon” for speculation on where he is today.) The rest, I have no idea. I am on the wrong side of the curtain.


    2. I have never even heard of all the other names you mentioned.

      But I imagine (wink) it is the John Lennons (wink), Princes, Deutschendorfs, Mercuries, Shakurs, Morrisons, Jacksons, Hutchences, Winehouses and others “higher up” who wanted to get out of the demanding lives and got an easy (and profitable!) retirement.

      While others (who didn’t “die”) either didn’t want the hassle of a new life or were not ‘good’ enough for such a retirement.

      And another batch really died, I imagine. People die all the time.
      I am quite sure El Gran Joe really died. From humble beginnings, lifelong user of bazuco (=crack cocaine). His tribute was amazing, glad to have been there.

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  18. Fascinating article, thank you! Always loved his voice and his music helped me through some pretty rough teenage times. Singing along was very calming because of the necessity to breathe properly.

    I noticed that one of the top comments on the Fly fishing video was from ‘one of the camera men’, John Dietrich, supposedly confirming the date 1993 and even giving an email address. Apparently he does work in Alaska…?


  19. (I don’t know if my comment ‘took’. Apologies if it comes in duplicate)

    Fascinating article, thank you! Always loved his voice and his music helped me through some pretty rough teenage times. Singing along was very calming because of the necessity to breathe properly.

    I noticed that one of the top comments on the Fly fishing video was from ‘one of the camera men’, John Dietrich, supposedly confirming the date 1993 and even giving an email address. Apparently he does work in Alaska…?


    1. The New Zealand video, which I opened with, featured a JD with more facial lines, and who I suspect was wearing a wig under that cowboy hat. I did not see the Alaska one. But I had to wonder … these videos had immense value right after his death, but were not released until the late 2000’s, and then for no revenue. Of course, this was not conclusive, just evidence tending to support the hypothesis that his death was faked. The fact that no witness described the odd aircraft, short wings (canards) on the front, propeller on the back, to me was a huge tell. Such an aircraft is memorable due to its distinct differences. Yet a woman standing on her roof, who clearly saw it and claimed that it almost hit a nearby telephone pole, noticed nothing odd about it. If real, what she saw was a drone. I do suspect that something happened out over the water, the loud pop!, and something descending into the brine. But it was not Denver. He had long left the scene, was probably on his way to New Zealand (via military craft) by then.

      Interesting comments to the effect that while we know his real name was not “Denver,” neither was it “Deutschendorf.” We do not know who he really was.


      1. I often wonder is he alive or dead. Righter way he has to be in his 70’s I was in love with him back then but he was older than me but I loved him .Hes missed


      2. Just checking in. I’ve been working on patching up some of my life. I notice you have not responded to my last bit of information, which is fine since I haven’t been on here in months. I might have a little more later on. Nothing weird has happened that would seem to be tied to me posting on here. Ummm….. as far as me having only vague details about the John I knew – my family had been excluding me from a lot of family-insider information since I was a teenager, if not even before then. I was not in on the illegal activities of my family (involving the drug trade). They knew I would be a whistle-blower. If they knew he was your JD, they would not have shared this with me unless I had actually shown a personal interest in him. It was always obvious to me that they were being very vague and circumspect about any details concerning John.


        1. I think you for your time and update but due to having open heart surgery and then intern in the county I have been very busy so I’m sorry if I missed any of your comments keep them coming I’m always interested in hearing more about John Denver have a blessed day and thank you for caring enough to keep the girls dream alive of her favorite entertainer


  20. I’m not sure how I stumbled onto your blog; I was searching for information on John Denver songs, which lead to reports of his death (as part of biographical information), which led here.
    I’m fairly intelligent, but am having trouble processing the “why” of his or others’ faked deaths. What purpose is served, who benefits, basically: what is the point? Not trying to argue with anyone’s viewpoint here, just a general question.
    BTW, emigrating to New Zealand is tough. The best one could hope for would be a “skilled migrant “ visa, which has a lifespan of five years (according to the most recent information from (we “emigrate” there, they allow “immigration”). One would have to check out the ‘long term skill shortage list’ to be considered for immigration.
    Not sure that John had any other skills than entertaining. He is a draughtsman as evidenced by his schooling, but not a needed skill in NZ. If he has been there for the past 20+ years, what’s he been doing? Are we looking at global conspiracy?
    I love his music and would love him to still be alive, just don’t think he is. Sad loss for everyone who admired his talent, energy, ambition and deep care and concern for the environment. Thanks for letting me comment.


  21. Hi, my friend Daniela told me how she stumbled onto this site and her comments. I now live in Seattle, but am from North Platte Nebraska. John Deutschendorf was my second cousin, once removed. My paternal grandmother was Erma Swope’s oldest sister (Verna Hatt). Johnnie was older than I by seven years, I only saw him about five times in my life. I’ve read here about how you think Johnnie’s death was faked; it wasn’t. The last time I saw him was in April of 1997. Pictures were taken during the get-together and one was snapped showing Johnnie’s right footed toes being all messed up. He lost the big toe and some of the second when a lawn mower went over his foot when he was 17 or 18. So the part of him that survived his accident, showing the injured toes was real. He passed away almost 22 years ago. I will be happy to share the photo, but don’t know how to attach to this message. I wish his death wasn’t real, but it was. Hope this clarifies things a bit.


    1. Well, my friend Daniela and I showed up at this “late date” when she was looking for a random recording by John Denver (yes, my second cousin once removed; and no, family doesn’t have special access to his music) and stumbled on this website. She wasn’t looking for a story to debunk or find fake photos or FAA non-existent reports. We are NOT spooks and have no agenda to prove or disprove. I do notice that no one responded Daniela’s comment about the extreme difficulty of emigrating to New Zealand, where you think John fled for the past 22 years. No one could do that w/o publicly discoverable documents. We really think you’re on the wrong track here. Your premises are very, very thin, attempting to be presented as evidence. You are totally wrong about the photo; I took that and posted it on FB a few years ago (my account now closed). It is not fake. Must be difficult going through life thinking is fake and is a spook or has an agenda. So much work for nothing. Contact me at my email, I will respond. I have nothing to hide and wasn’t sent by some government agency to plant misleading data. Sheesh.


      1. There is a large body of evidence presented here. You are ignoring it, instead focusing on the toes. That is a standard spook tactic.

        And when you think about it, since we never saw the cadaver, which is all it was, they could say anything they wanted about it, that it had three toes or five or no toes. Emigration to New Zealand was speculation, as his adopted daughter lived there. I really have no idea where he went.But think about it …if a man is so juiced that he can fake his death and no one investigates, do immigration barriers really present a problem?

        Now, I challenge you to go back, read the entire post, deal with ALL of the evidence, and address it, all of it. Just the toxicology report alone is a giant red flag … a legal document, meant to stand in court, uses his stage name? What about no witness describing any feature of a Long EZ? You’re a spook until give solid evidence otherwise. You’re using spook tactics.

        And good day.


        1. Does anyone have access to the social security death index search and is there a better death search engine out there? Not sure how accurate they are since a few local people from my town that passed are not showing up on the free searches. Also I checked and John’s son and other family members are on Facebook. Although just like a few of the Columbine kids I contacted through there, if they do reply they will stick to the mainstream story and won’t admit to any wrongdoing and then block you.


          1. I used to have access, but like everything, SSDI has been co-opted to serve the people behind these charades. As I understand it now, there is a three-year prohibition in effect, so that the supposed victims of the 10/1/2017 Las Vagas shooting would not be listed until 10/1/2020. This effectively gives control of that asset to the planners. The Columbine kids are all lifetime actors, and know to avoid anyone who questions the reality of the event.

            But I will search comments as there are references to SSDI in there and a means of searching it that is quite easy … when I get time. It is still a useful tool in what it does not contain more than what it does, for instance, the supposed 2,996 victims on 9/11.


            1. Do you really believe what you distribute? Really. I say YOU are the spook, sent to sow paranoia and confusion. Folks, Mark Tokarski is the fake here, not the deaths of those under discussion. His photo: off the web. The photo of him and his ‘better half’: two strangers. Wake up!! This nonsense is just that, non-sensical. Oh, and the Columbine kids…several have been in therapy and several have spoken at schools. That’s not really staying out of sight, is it? Knowing you Mark, or whoever you are, this post won’t stay up long. That’s ok, patience and a keyboard is all it takes. But you probably knew that already.


              1. Again, in your evidence-free world, a boldfaced attack is easy, especially since you are anonymous. I did not say that Columbine victims stay out of sight. I said they are paid lifetime actors. Quite different.

                If you want to continue to comment here, deal with evidence. Otherwise, fuck off.


                1. Evidence. That’s a great word. What evidence would you have me submit? You have had plenty of time to plant your story and seem real. Do you want evidence ferreted our to prove you are a fake? And “fuck of”? Must have touched a nerve to get such a reaction. The right and the righteous don’t have to threaten with language.

                  Hmm…paid actors. How much did the dead kids get? Oh yes, they were actors, too. Just as we’re all the medics and police; all the medical examiners and health care people in the hospital, all the parents and school administrators. It’s not possible to get a flash mob together without a leak somewhere, and now hundreds were in it at Columbine. You’re full of it. And no, I won’t tell you to fuck off. Your dwindling “following” will do that organically. I’m just here to watch.


                2. Few more thoughts on “evidence”. Where is evidence that the students, et al, we’re actors? Where is the money trail as proof? The money trail to all the other “participants? Doesn’t have to be money: property, easy college entry…something. You have provided nothing in the way of evidence about anything as related to that one event (and ongoing conspiracy). Nothing. Just because you say it does not make it true and does not constitute evidence.

                  As to John Denver’s death (hoax, as you put it): where is your proof that he is still alive? Just stating so does not make it fact. You deal in evidence, so where is yours? Same goes for all the other conspiracies you say exist, where is your tangible, irrefutable evidence. Isn’t any.

                  Your arguments and statements purporting to be facts are very, very thin. Non-existent some would say. Puffery, easily pushed aside by one salient thought. Let’s see, you’re about 68-69 years old right now. Time to forget about the fantasy and go live a real life with that fake woman in your picture. Nothing to see here, folks. Nothing to see.


    2. I am not a toe expert, but if you look at the picture, It looks like his “Big” toe is still there and its his pinky toe and toe next to the big toe that is half gone. According to Second cousin once removed John is missing his “Big” toe and part of second. Not quite matching up . Just saying…


  22. To just begin with one of your documents as evidence: it is poorly done. John’s Birthday was 12/31/1943, not 1944. If you’re going to debunk something, use the original document, not one you or yours fabricated. Celebrities who have changed their names legally, as John did, can go by either name legally. To have either name on a legal document is not evidence of a conspiracy. On an earlier post, you requested I fuck off. I think I, and others, now know how close to the bone my comments have come. I am not a spook, I am not anonymous, I just call bull when I see it or smell it. This man, Mark Tokarski, is the fake, the spook. John is dead, Elvis is dead, the Beatles wrote their own music, Columbine was real. By sowing doubt, Mr. Tokarski’s comments fabricate dependence on his opinion. Don’t fall for HIS fakery, HIS misinformation. Yes, Mark, I have two emails, just as you do.


    1. So everything is as you were told. Why do you come here? I am just one person. I stand by my work. You don’t like it, but you are not dealing with the 7500 words of evidence I presented. You are just nitpicking around the edges, looking for little inconsistencies. You got nuthin’ as far as I can see. Why don’t you use your real name, by the way?


      1. My name is Jack Taylor; I live in Garwood NJ. It is currently 9:02 pm. To answer your question: “why do you come here”?…that’s a very loaded inquiry. If I don’t answer at all, you have uncovered and chased a spook away. If I give you a reason, whatever it might be, I’m skirting the issues, nitpicking and without evidentiary merit. I’ll just stand by my comments, as often or as sparse as they might be. If I spot injustice, fakery, nonsense, I call it out.


        1. Are you as important in real life as someone easily can seem that way online? What research have you ever done in your life, that required more than 15 minutes? I don’t see that Mark, at all, is acting like someone who wants to be right, however the redundancy of you trying to prove him wrong, is psychologically like someone feeling unimportant.


          1. I’ll take that to the chin, but ask you to take a look at the evidence, not me. This blog post consumed far more than 15 minutes of my time. At every point in my research, which included exchanges with Monterey and Pitkin Counties, reading and interpretation of autopsy and pathological studies, review of first-hand testimony of witnesses, research and phone calls regarding the aircraft he supposedly flew that day, I had doubts. Any bit of evidence, such as the missing toe, could set the whole project on its ear. Along comes you, probably having done a skim of the article, to psychoanalyze me while ignoring the assembled evidence.

            Fuck off.


    2. You say you are not a “spook”, but how then do you explain the funny fallacy of calling all Mark’s work “the fake”, even in the case if and when he would be wrong/incomplete/imprecise in this particular case on a minor issue?

      Your tarnish work is old and anyone can see through it.


      1. Well, Mark called me out as a spook and challenged me to use my real name. I have done so, along with the town in which I reside and the local time. I highly doubt your name is “gaiassphere”. No call has been placed for YOU to use your real name. Using that as the determiner of real vs. spook, you then are the spook.

        Mark does nothing other than state his opinion about nonsense scenarios. When he cannot find logical, evidentiary support for what he has stated, he calls it conspiracy. What possible difference can it make to him if John D died then or now, that Elvis died in 1977 or later, that the Beatles did/did not write their music, that Columbine did/did not occur? He attempts to create a sense of “knowledge power” by making his outrageous claims. If he wants/needs a following, he might take up a more worthy project. Homelessness (I know, those are paid actors); hunger (I know, only certain groups are being starved to keep them from existence); cleaning up the planet (I know, it’s all lies, perpetuated by Big Brother). A conspiracy can be called anywhere if all that is being sown is fear and dependence on others’ ideas. Have your OWN ideas. Publish your real name so we know you aren’t a spook.


        1. I don’t care that you don’t think the work matters. It does to me. I’ve been doing it for a long time, and to very little approval from the galleries. Each of the hoaxes I have worked on has been exhilarating and fun and tiring. Outing John McCain, Waco, Jonestown, John Denver, John Brown, Dennis Washington, Napalm Girl, Tiananmen uncovers a pattern. It may be that Denver was just fake-deathed to give his music sales a booster shot, but focus on just Napalm Girl, and see that a famous photo was designed to enrage the population against a war, to divide us, and was just an advance form of governance. Our votes and opinions do not matter, so elections and public opinion can be ignored. Fake events is how we are governed. School shootings, all fake, get them frightened very young, preparing them for adulthood fear. Fear rules. Knowing things are fake, I get to be unafraid, to float above it all.

          Don’t know why you come here so angry, ready to tear me a new one, over John Denver. if you were a fan, you should be happy he’s still alive, but it doesn’t work that way, does it. Your validation comes from your ability to be fooled and stay fooled. And anyway, I am not convinced you even read the piece. Most people don’t read long pieces, in fact, can’t.


          1. I am able, and have read your 7,500 words. They are so filled with holes and conjecture, there is no way any of that can be taken seriously. I don’t “come here angry” with an agenda. I just cannot let foolish words and foolish people go uncontested. It is fine that this “work” is important to you, but to present your views as fact is plain ridiculous. I can and will respond to each section of your treatise, but not now. It’s 10:27 pm here. Too late for research and response. I feel certain that my declination to respond now will be construed as my having no ability to respond, another conspiracy of what a spook I am. Not true, back to you in a bit. Not said with anger, just a head shaking at how gullible people are. Yes, I know, now you’ll state I’m the gullible one. I can hear it before you even say it. Predictable.


          2. Have at it. This will be fun. The “holes and conjecture” are, at this point, the first evidence you’ve given that you may have actually read (or intend to read) the piece. When doing this type of work I look for contradictions, which were abundant. The contradictory eyewitnesses, the fact that not one saw a Long EZ, the court records being sealed, absence of jesse in the estate, the toxicology report and presence of alcohol in the liver … just going on memory. I did this work three years ago. it all started with a cute little video that should have been released when it had market value, in 1998, but instead was given away for free in the late 2000s. 555 on the wing, the hokey story about having to turn around to switch fuel tanks, carrying a body covered with a tarp from the ocean when the body was supposedly delivered by Coast Guard to a pier, find g his wedding ring on the bottom of the bay. It’s all coming back now.


            1. Hello, I just watched Autopsy: Last Hours of John Denver and gave in to wanting to see his autopsy report and maybe some ghoulish photos, sorry, and I found you. I read the entire article you wrote and I never thought his death or most other celeb deaths as fake but my eyes were opened about a year ago. About a lot of things. I lived on Greenbriar Way in Salinas from 1994 till 2017, age 36-59. A 20 minute drive along Hwy 68 will get me to the outskirts of Monterey and a few more minutes to Pacific Grove. I remember the news about JD’s crash. I believe you are on to something. I say that about a Bitchute channel by Bitter Truth. Check it out. The world is not what we were or are being shown. Imagine that all the answers to the Jeopardy questions are wrong. I question everything. Was this a hoax? Was that a hoax? I’ve been thinking about Jack the Ripper. Never identified but trotted out every so often to keep women afraid. I used to think jealousy made the world go round but I see it’s fear. If we let it rule us. Thanks for a great read!


          3. While you are at it, Jack Taylor, you might as well deal with the comment section, where new facts were unearthed, including the aforementioned unfathomable recovery of his wedding ring from the depths of Monterey Bay. There we also discovered that his image was crudely inserted into the Deutschendorf family photo, meaning he is not a member of that family. Further, we discovered that the title “Henry John Deutschendorf II was bestowed on his “brother’s” son, meaning that he was not his father’s son. Someone else in the comments above noted that there was no record of the plane crash in the records of the FAA, which dovetails nicely with my having to go to the Wayback to find the NTSB report on the crash.

            You’ll find all of this before the invasion of Ruthie and the missing toes crowd. Do be thorough, deal with ALL of the evidence. No cherry picking allowed.


            1. And as I try to get others to open their eyes, I always say the other person doesn’t have to believe me but just remember one thing “what if?”


            2. I just finished reading your article & through an hours’ worth of comments & decided to post my 2 pennies as an avid JD fan (and counting). First, I’d like to know how they knew that it was John’s wedding ring they found. In every photo & tv show I’d ever saw him in, he wore a simple gold wedding band. Even after he remarried, it was the same kind of ring. Unless it was engraved with some telling information on the band, it could have been thrown there by someone ending their own marriage. Another observation; a few years ago, PBS ran a few videos as a part of their fundraising program, showcasing JD & his life. There was supposedly a final video that shows a very rough-looking John with a beer belly & facial scrub, making him look more like a homeless person than someone of means. As an avid fan, his appearance greatly disturbed me, making me wonder how interested in his career he was. The video was pretty much a puff piece, showing a more laid-back man that loved fishing & drinking. I saw another side of him on that video than what I had seen in previous years & I believe now that it was his way of saying goodbye to his fans. Nothing in his face reminded me of the John I thought he was. Maybe you can get on PBS’s website & get that video to check it out…if it’s even available. I also agree with you on the lack of shred familial features. I pride myself on being able to see family resemblances. My husband comes from a family with features much like John’s. High heavy cheekbones, wide smile, and rounded head. Matter of fact, I have a picture of my husband wearing a denim jacket that looks very similar to a publicity shot taken from the movie, Foxfire. They could be brothers! If you want, I can email you the photos so you can see for yourself. Your article has been extremely interesting, to say the least. I could actually see him operating a B&B somewhere out in the boonies of NZ, singing to the beauty that surrounds him. I also think he had to disappear, as his voice was changing. As a singer myself (a church soloist), my voice has changed over the years & doesn’t have what it used to have. John would be approaching 80 soon. Not too many 80 year olds out there still able to belt out the tunes like they used to. Better to “disappear” into the ocean than give a dissappointing concert to millions of fans. Even considering that your article could be all true, I will always live the music he sang. His music brought me through my mom’s cancer & death when I was 17. Considering that Frank Sinatra didn’t write his songs, he was nevertheless a fantastic singer & entertainer. Much has been said about him too, but that doesn’t seem to change how his fans feel about his music. Die-hard JD fans wouldn’t care if they found out that he was a product of Roswell’s Area 57. Matter of fact, his handlers might find it financially beneficial…ah, but I’m not sure if people are quite ready for something that progressive.


            1. Nope, re-read your comment to me earlier today. Specifically cited was a “wedding ring”. I agree that is incorrect, but that was your statement. Starting on this now. Will be able to do only parts each day, but will do them in a linear progression through your work. I will highlight my answers if I am able to copy and paste the original text. Jack


          4. I said wedding ring in my comment to you, but the discussion in the comments section, which in addition to the original article you need to read, was merely to a ring.


        2. I don’t care about your name, Jack Taylor.

          What I care for is what you have to say. And as it seems, little. But between the lines I read you’re far from an open minded freethinker interested in finding out more about the shadows of society.

          Glück auf!


          1. Even in another language, using an invective is just evidence of how threatened you feel right now. I’m not angry and have no agenda except to call out complete bunk when I run across it. Mark asked for my name, not you. I have no problem publishing who I am, do you? “Free thinker” = gullible. Wake up, free thinker! Retreating to the “shadows of society” only means you are incapable of dealing with reality. Reality can be less fun, less about which to ruminate, fewer shadows in the corners. But. It’s. Real.


          2. Jack Taylor you would have to create a blog with articles and photos that would support your opinions and give weight to your belief with the mainstream stories. Last week I got into a heated argument with my mom over the JFK and Sandy Hook issues, she firmly let me know she IS NOT open for discussion on any of it and accepts what was shown on the television and history books. I assume she will be getting me a tinfoil hat for my birthday. All this stuff is for our own personal conjectures.

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  23. While you are at it, Jack Taylor, you might as well deal with the comment section, where new facts were unearthed, including the aforementioned unfathomable recovery of his wedding ring from the depths of Monterey Bay.

    Here it is, from today at 5:33, July 1 Sorry, can’t highlight in this format.


    1. You’re off on a tangent. I wear a wedding ring. Coast Guard claimed to have recovered John Denver’s “ring” from the murky depths. Not wedding ring. I simply misspoke. Get on with it. If this is an example of your investigative reach, I am thinking of an old Tim Conway sketch.


  24. I would make this a footnote, but the JD piece is three years old now. I come back to it now and then, and wonder, given that Jesse, his daughter by a stormy second marriage, was really his daughter. We do not know what went on behind the scenes of that marriage to Cassandra Delaney, but we do know he (or they, he and Annie) could not conceive in the first marriage. Assume, just for argument, that he was a product of some Bokanovsky process, and was sterile … we have seen that he looks exactly like Richard Branson and John Ritter ((probable) fake death 9/11/03), so that Jesse Belle could well be the daughter of a friend of Cassandra’s and perhaps matters behind the scene resolved that she was not his spawn, leading to divorce. That would certainly contribute to the storminess.


    1. Mark, I remember reading a magazine article from the mid 70’s where he stated that he found out he was sterile, after trying to conceive for several years. That’s why he and Annie adopted. The article was in Playboy & was given to me for my scrapbook. I think I still have it, somewhere in a box in the basement. With the money he made, he could easily have afforded to do an Invetro. I haven’t seen a recent photo of Jesse Belle, so have no idea if there’s a familial resemblance to John. John wrote an autobiography back in the 80’s I believe & he admitted that he fooled around quite a bit while on the road, cheating on wives & girlfriends. He also admitted to doing drugs & drinking a lot. It wouldn’t take a stretch to imagine how that might affect Cassie, maybe seeking out an understanding shoulder. After reading his book, I had a whole new understanding of him & was actually impressed at how much he revealed about himself…not all that “sun shiny”. Maybe it was the only way he could deal with the things that were happening in his life. I’m thinking now, that if he is living in NZ, I’m sure an awful lot of plastic surgery was involved, in order to keep him under wraps, maybe leaving a little hint left so maybe he can “pretend” to be the real McCoy to those staying st his B&B. I have a vivid imagination.


  25. OK, here I will start with the second paragraph of your treatise:

    That’s odd, NTSB missing a report on one of the most high-profile plane crashes in recent memory. But it makes sense from another standpoint: If the death was faked, and if higher powers were involved, then people of integrity at NTSB might simply want to back away from it. They would not want their careers or character sullied by such an affair of deceit. So they allow the report to circulate, but do not claim ownership.

    If, If…that’s your evidence? You were able to get a copy of the report (so you say). I will believe this is a true report, nothing odd to be seen there. But it’s the presentation of your premises that grinds. More to follow…

    Mark: Here at this blog we do a lot of research of fake deaths, and on the surface, Denver’s had all the earmarks. He died at an appropriate age (53, 5+3 = 8, Spook marker*), and the circumstances of his death are completely hinky. He is said to have been struggling with the fuel tank switch in his Long EZ, a second-hand home-assembled model he bought and flew even as he could easily afford something new, something factory built. It doesn’t read well. Denver, a smart man and accomplished pilot with hundreds of hours of flight time, was not going to perish in an act of idiocy.

    So, you note (with an asterisk!) that the number 8 is a “spook marker”. How does one come to believe that? Do you have a special spook handbook? Is this supposed to be common knowledge? Do we believe it because it is written here? Come on, stating “facts” like that without evidence is exactly what I’m talking about. Unless you provide a source of your knowledge, it’s just legend. I can say the spook marker of importance is 4…does that make it true? Nope.

    JD liked old and not common aircraft. This man was a risk-taker, for him to own an aircraft like the Rutan Long EZ was just in his wheelhouse. It had nothing to do with what he could afford, it had everything to do with how he could challenge himself. To say that just the ownership of this plane was hinky is not evidence of a grand plot to have him fake his death. It’s just doubt-seeding. And he had 2,750 hours of flight time (read that in the NTSB report top to bottom), not hundreds of hours. Yes, he was, by all accounts a smart man. What he was planning to do would not take much fuel. “The report doesn’t read well”…that’s just your opinion. These things you say should have hard, factual evidence or be presented as “In my opinion…” The evidence I present is that of the NTSB report, which you so kindly have already provided. Now, if you say were also ‘in on it’, your group of participating co-conspirators is getting very large indeed.

    Mark: Other markers of fake death are present as well. Denver’s once-prolific output had dwindled, his more current offerings were just not very good. As with Elvis, Karen Carpenter, John Lennon and most recently Prince, faking death is a business decision that maximizes the monetary value of the body of work. Denver’s Greatest Hits, along with his cutting room debris, have all been repackaged and resold to the tune of millions of dollars, as with the others who fake their deaths.

    Um, I checked with Billboard; his sales didn’t really go up. If that was the grand plan, failed pretty much. You can check here:
    The chart placements and sales are consistent with his living years. To say that he was part of a faked death to boost his sales might be your opinion, but it is totally without merit. Do you have numbers to support that? I do, look at Billboard.

    The video, said to be from 1993, but released in 2005. What import is this to you…I really don’t get that. I can find pictures that show crow’s feet and neck wrinkles on JD easily on line. I just cannot attached them to this format. I truly wish I could; if I find a way, I will present them. Not much else to say about the video, it’s really a non-starter…except that it gives you a format to claim things are suspicious. Just more doubt. Silly, really.

    Mark: There is a problem in faking his death, however. The provisions of the will of a living person are only triggered by death. If he was still a living person, it could not be done. In the case of intestate death, courts step in to supervise probate, and assets are distributed by rule of law. In Colorado, when a person dies without a spouse, all assets are distributed evenly to the children.

    So Denver’s kids should have each inherited something in the area of $7 million if the $21 million valuation is accurate. There is a 2003 article about a dispute between Zach and Anna, the adopted kids, and the IRS over valuation of the estate and some deductions, we are told, but that is the end of the story. We are told the matter was settled, but not enough of the details to understand exactly what was settled.

    His third child, Jesse Belle, would have been fourteen at the time of the IRS dispute, and so a minor. Even so, she should have been named and had representation before IRS. She is not named in the dispute. Why was she excluded? Disposition of property in intestate deaths is by rule of law, so that no human can overrule it. Jesse Belle was entitled to 1/3 of the estate. She is not mentioned.

    John did die intestate for the provisions not covered by the trusts he set up. He set those for his three children, Annie Martell Denver, his mother and brother. Those do not need to go through probate, only uncovered assets. The will was probated in Colorado (prove to me it was not with your own facts). In that state, minor children are not named outright in legal proceedings. Jesse Belle received her money in trust. That is why trusts are set up, to avoid probate. The fight with the IRS was over property values and supposedly unpaid taxes. Those arguments could not touch the trusts. He was very smart in that regard. See what I did there: I just stated a bunch of items as fact. I don’t have to prove them, I just state them. That is what is done often in this long article. Very, very occasionally, you back off, but usually you just say something as if it is fact. Hard to prove, certainly hard to disprove.

    That’s it for me tonight. Will pick up again tomorrow if I can. I appreciate your offer of also responding to comments. I will be happy to do so, but I am a logical and linear thinker (think scientist) and will take one project at a time. Next, the Long EZ, the crash and the Report. Good night.


    1. That’s a lot of stuff to go through, and I will do so later, but for now I will start at the end and work backwards. I an wondering if these trusts you say he set up were testamentary or inter vivos? It matters because testamentary trusts are products of wills, and we are told that John did not have a will. So John must have gone to great trouble and expense to set up inter vivos trust for those around him. And yet, despite all of this, he did not bother to construct a Last Will and Testament? You seem to assume that people who do set up trusts for their heirs do not need wills. In fact, the IV trust is indeed a means of avoiding probate, but does not negate the need for a LW&T. We are told not that Denver placed everything in trust. We are told that he died intestate. I was not told by Pitkin County Courts that the Mr. Deutschendorf did not go through probate. I was told that court records were sealed. I then asked if such matters were not of public record, and the answer was “yes,” but the these records were sealed to protect the privacy of the family. That was a contradiction. We have courts and public procedures so that the public is protected, and for ordinary people, these matters cannot willy nilly be made private.

      In other words, something is amiss, something is hidden from us. When I wrote the piece, I thought it was merely power from on high enforcing silence on the matter, thinking that the Deutschendorf’s were a protected interest that could skirt the rules, and that JD was so juiced that he could fake his death and the courts would project him. That is true so far as it goes, but more likely now there are other hidden secrets, the primary one being that we do not know the man’s real name.

      Finally, Jesse Bell as a minor is not named in disputes? Not true. She is represented in disputes by others. In the matter of the value of the house, she was not named or represented. Possibilities … she was cut out of his estate, she had no legal claim in the matter, she was not his daughter and the matter had been settled in the divorce … but her being a minor does not wipe her off the face of the earth.

      Your reasoning has an air of fait accompli to it, as in “there, I’ve done it.” It’s a little smug for my taste, especially given that you’ve not accomplished anything so far other than to offer counter-explanations that fall in line with official truth by basically making stuff up. Anyone can do that.


      1. I know, a year and a half go Mark. Jack has impeccable grammar and vocabulary, but possibly jealous of your dedication. Maybe he’ll ultimately be inspired by the real reason he disputes your work.


    2. NTSB not having a copy of its own record of a public meeting is odd. In case you’ve not heard of it, The Wayback Machine is an archive of almost everything that has ever appeared on the Internet. The report was only “publicly available” in that manner. That I had to go there for a public record of a public meeting is odd.

      The “spook markers” are explained in the post. Having read it, you should know about them. Anyone who pays attention to public events should know about them as they are often a key to fakery. But if this is the first you’ve heard of them, I cannot help you.

      Whether or not his record sales actually went up is of no importance, as continued post-death sales of icons are what matters, that is, his music keeps on selling, including his really bad later stuff.

      The video sparked my suspicions. Since he died in 1997, its maximum value would have been right after his death, played as a music video or sold to some broadcast outlet. Instead, it just sat there for 12 years and then tuned up on the Internet, no one cashing in. In it I look for and found signs of aging. In fact, I suspect he is wearing a wig under that hat. But of course you read the piece and so read my words, “As with everything else in the matter of the death of John Denver, it is plausible, but highly suspicious,” “it” being that the video was genuine and shot in 1993.


      1. As I stated earlier, I am going through your long treatise first. After that, I will attend to the various responses you are making. It is too tangential to always be be poking back and forth. And yes, I know what the Wayback is. Later this evening, still at work. J


          1. There is no rest of the debate. It ended here. Why don’t you give a shot at evaluation of evidence using reason and critical thinking skills. Nothing is censored in this thread save some moronic insults by various passers-by.


  26. Taylor, you are purely mainstream media for information, correct? Science up a video of the Pentagon on 9 1 1 w/the freshly crashed airliner laying in smoldering ruin. And when you mentioned John Lennon being dead & not living I will provide a link that shall enlighten you. After you find that mainstream footage of the Pentagon & the weeks of lifting and hauling away the ‘liner on flat bed truck’s, the cranes & CSI teams by the dozen ’round the clock. Good luck.

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  27. Not sure if anyone else picked up on this point or not as I haven’t the time to read through all the comments. So, just in case no one has yet, here goes, it’s a small point but often times the largest crimes are solved by those small points. According to witnesses, JD was wearing a bright colored shirt and gray slacks right? Well the Coast Guard or Coroner or both, I forget which is listed here, said that his body was recovered and he was wearing a “dark shirt” and dark pants. So, he changed shirts while in flight in a plane he couldn’t move around in?


  28. Thank you Mark.
    Appreciate your efforts and work.
    Anybody that has the time to pick throught your writing point-by-point without saying anything intelligible or obvious is just deliberately wasting your time.
    If they raise an new and valid point, that you actually value, then I would thank them for it. Otherwise, you are just giving them what they want.
    It’s your site and your time, so I’m not telling you what to do, I’m only telling you what I would do: I say “thank you for taking the time to write.”
    Thank you again.


  29. Loved the article. There are really good points on both sides. As you wrote, the couple had the plane fly over there house but the variances in the height of the craft are questionable. The other thing and maybe this was mentioned, he was missing two toes. How do they identify that when according to the record, only the upper torso and part of the head were recovered. How would they know if he had on dark pants if they couldnt find the legs and pelvis ? It is a mystery for sure.


  30. Should an aircraft engine run out of fuel it will stop and no pop. The engine will just shut off.
    My question is what was the popping sound? Was the sound the impact into the ocean? But they mention a popping noise, before impact. Important to find out if a POP was heard BEFORE or AFTER the impact.
    Why was the FBI investigating threats on JD’s life, some said like I don’t like your music, with the threats.
    Who was responsible EXCLUDING JD from: (“In 1985, Denver asked to participate in the singing of
    “We Are the World,” but he was turned down.”) Who ran this sham against JD. We all expected John Denver to be present at this. I remember some famous faces at the event. Why did none of those present at this event try to get John Denver on???? Conspiracy against him, his music? He was already well established, loved and famous.
    I want to believe he is alive. Is such a loss. Such a loving good human being.


    1. Remember the Long EZ, an oddball contraption with the propeller on the back … no witness described anything like that. Also look at the contradictory witness statements … I think they flew a drone over the town and took it out over the ocean and blew it up. Denver was nowhere near the crash site. That was the pop. It was all staged. At age 53 he was used up, his career flagging, no more hits. Not unusual in the music business to fake deaths to gin up new sales. His sales skyrocketed after his “death.”

      Liked by 1 person

      1. In the report from the FAA it shows that John received letters that stated his continued airman medical certificate was denied. The last letter from March 25, 1997 said John should voluntarily surrender his medical certificate within ten days from the date of the letter.
        Can people be allowed to fly without a medical certificate?


        1. I learned after I wrote this that any airport that allowed him to fly without papers would be in serious trouble. JD could not waltz onto the tarmac and fly a plane without getting a lot of other people in heat. That he flew a plane, crashed and died, and that there was no blowback makes no sense.


          1. Sad I wish I could have met him I still think of him I had a horrible crush on him love still listening to his music today thank u God bless


        2. Could be in the Witness Protection Program from threats on his life.
          Serious enough to involve the FBI.
          LOL Hey John, if you are still out there….HELLO
          And hurry up and get back here.
          The world needs you!


      2. Not unusual in the music business to fake deaths to gin up new sales. His sales skyrocketed after his “death.”

        That is especially the case with Otis Redding (recording Sitting on the dock of a Bay just 3 days before his death and 3 million copies sold. Redding follows Denver in this mainstream overview video, with possibly more faked deaths than just Deutschendorf (still a funny name).

        The flying without a license part doesn’t seem so impossible, with the money those people make, it is easy to buy off someone and slip under the radar (haha).

        But the case of Denver as a whole doesn’t add up.


        1. Otis lived a full life, I am sure. Maybe still with us. Funny thing, if you look down into the comments here, you’ll find a “Deutschendorf” family photo, and plain as day, John is pasted in. It was not his real family, just as Jim Morrison was not the admiral’s son. All I can make of it is that these prodigies, very talented young people, are given over to Intel for caretaking, and when used up, sent off to live out real lives. Morrison, as far as I can tell from work by other people, lives on a ranch in Oregon. Denver, real name unknown, and just a wild ass guess from my own work, is in New Zealand, now 77.

          Morrison was very good looking and charismatic, and was given a package of songs even as he could not read music and played no instruments, so had no way of storage. The story was that he wrote the music. Not much different with Denver. I had a sense that while he played a mean 12 string and was a good singer, that the music was given over to him by these unnamed song writers, the same ones who gave us the Carpenters, for instance, some sort of committee that churns out our “hits.” There is a deep hint in this blog post that starts out with Denver (post death) singing Mother Nature’s Son, supposedly homage to Paul McCartney, another talented man who did not write his own music, an inside joke. Denver played out as a tree hugger. That was his image. It was fake, like him. Mother Nature’s Son was written about JD, just a joke, but not one we are supposed to know about.


          1. People are strange…. I think one of the reasons (a wee one maybe) that celebrities fake their deaths is a narcissistic desire to read the obituaries and
            to hear/read/see the reactions from their fans/peers on their phoney demise, I mean, Sharon Tate even went her own funeral!


      3. I agree with your comment about John being at the end of his career. He had been seen drinking quite a bit & had a few DWI’s to show for it. My dad retired from truck driving a few years early, due to his increasing alcohol consumption. He couldn’t work an 8 hour shift anymore. Sometimes he would have someone punch him out of work a few hours after he was home because he couldn’t wait to start drinking. As John aged, he probably couldn’t perform as well or as much as he used to. When your life has always been about performing & using your gift of singing, it can really be hard on you emotionally when it gets harder to do the things you could easily do just a few years before. I get that, as my singing voice isn’t what it used to be recently. With a voice as easily recognizable as John’s, I can imagine how that might affect him mentally. It might be one of the reasons for his increased use of alcohol. Not saying it was THE reason, but maybe a contributing factor.


      4. I believe what his children and Annie his first wife believed. John Denver/Henry John Deutschendorf is deceased. We all have a twin. If he is alive I have loved his music and loved his spirit. I want to meet some day in Heaven. If your anywhere your up in Rocky Mountains, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana or in Canada. Along with my Dad. Your Eagle or a Hawk.


        1. People want to hang on to popular mythology. He was a good singer, played a mean twelve string, but his fame was not organic. He was selected to be famous, and assigned to a military family that controlled him (Lt Col Deutschendorf). His name was not Denver, not Deutschendorf, and he did not write his own music. It was given to him. He might have wanted out, as John Lennon did, so his fake death was arranged. His popularity had peaked, his new music, which he probably did write, was not very good, did not catch on. But his post-“death” sales skyrocketed.


  31. Piloting aircraft without a license is akin to taking a ride in your car with a revoked license. Is not hard to do. Prevention is not the norm. Aftermath consequences count. Accountability after the fact.
    Used to be able to take aircraft up with no age restriction. Kids under 16 were not allowed to drive a car but could man an aircraft. So much for the FAA.
    Plus, post downed aircraft, all wreckage and human remains, become immediate property of the government.
    Were other aircrafts in the air confusing this scenario? Passage of birds (planes) in the sky over homes, being the appearance of another flight loving individual?
    Never the less continuation of hazardous after the fact scenarios are too common. A combo of factors adds up to a catastrophe. Pilot odds stacked against them ignoring, “small concerns.”
    Discrepancies with the JD crash may be explained. Has been way too long ago to explore. Agree with inconsistencies of coloring of clothing, ring found later in the ocean, dissimilar aircraft flying, a pop (gun shot?), several yellow bagged “body parts” transported from the beach. How many stretchers are needed to carry part of a torso? Agree there are unanswered questions.
    Could be sloppy documentation?
    Release of the report is not complete without the pictures. Where are they? Sealed to not disturb others with grotesque images, can be understood, however there were aircraft remains appropriate to publish.
    After all other celebrities demolished craft pictures have been published.
    why not JD’s????


    1. Last night I watched this Roseanne video with Tom Numbers and Negative 48 who sounds just like JFK Jr. If you can get through the Roseanne parts, listen to JFK Jr. mention all the people who faked their deaths including John Denver!

      Thanks for this research. You are brilliant.


      1. It’s a little to numbery for me – I stick to the basics, 8,11 and 33 in all their forms. I started listening at 50:00 minutes, and heard only of JFK Jr. Do I need to listen to the whole thing to pick up on “…all the people who faked their deaths including John Denver!”? (I put up a comment that will probably get me kicked of YouTube.)


  32. Last year, I lived with people who swear up and down that John Kennedy, Jr, did not die in a plane crash but is living out his life and is to be the real president one day. I sure would like to hear from you about this! You are a good reporter


    1. No doubt he is alive … ever notice he does not look like JFK’s son? About the future, no clue, but for a dead rock star to return from the dead … cannot happen.


      1. There is a picture of John taken around 2017 in Lake City Colorado I tried to attach it and it is online. I compared it with later life pictures and it appears to be real alright. That, and last week, on Facebook, article appeared that an art gallery opening of his photos. I gasped to see one of them of numerous drones in the air. Correct me if I am wrong, but I don’t think drones were that numerous in 1997. If so, than it is a dead giveaway to a later picture. And so what! I loved him and the songs he created in the 90’s that never became popular. If the last 20 years of his life have been lived in peace and quiet in the mountains of Colorado or Alaska, I am grateful


    1. Qanon has not made a post since December 8th 2020. Unless they moved to another website? Can you show the link? Vincent Fusca kind of resembles John Denver.


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