Did Those Uruguayan Rugby Players Really Start Eating Each Other?

It is known as “The Miracle of the Andes.” A plane of people, including Uruguayan Rugby players crashed in a remote area of the Andes mountain range. In waiting for help, they were forced to turn to eating the flesh of the passengers who died during the crash. Their story was made into a Hollywood movie in 1993, “Alive,” starring Ethan Hawke. True story or another public hoax? 

A regular commenter here picked this event apart in his new blog: Vexman’s Thoughts. Check it out. Here’s how he starts:

I turned on my radio in the morning and there was a lady host talking about the events that happened on 23rd of December throughout recorded history. As she was talking about some events I don’t even remember anymore, she mentioned the airplane crash/accident/incident of Andes, that famous / notorious aircrash that happened in 1972. Allegedly, an airplane with entire Uruguay football team and other passengers got into a bad weather and crashed somewhere in the high Andes region, I even remember watching that movie » Alive« when it was released. As the speaker on the radio mentioned few facts about it, I caught myself laughing – the event occurred on Friday, 13th of October 1972 (1+3+1+0=5, 7+2=9), there were 45 (9×5) passengers at take off , 16 survivors (1+6=7), 29 dead (2+9=11) , all remaining survivors rescued after 72 (7+2=9) days on 12/23 1972. Although I laughed, there was a second thought to it and I certainly didn’t want to make fun of those people, who may have actually died there. So the joyride began, I digged into it.

First stop was at Wickedpedia  and immediately some more numerology jumped at me – the unlucky flight was Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 (5+7+1=13). But that may all be just coincidental numbers, meaning nothing in particular, so let’s look at some more details.

Welcome to the blogosphere, Vexman!

20 thoughts on “Did Those Uruguayan Rugby Players Really Start Eating Each Other?

  1. Thank you kindly! Straight got me inspired, he spilled the glass for me…and daddieuhoh pushed me saying it’s really easy to blog. It sure is. So credits go back here at least partially.


    1. I read the entire thing. Well done. I have high hopes that all the lies will soon be totally deconstructed and laid bare for all to see. And we will realize that there was nothing really to be afraid of.

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    1. All my thoughts here are just my experience in dealing with numbers in this manner. I have no true knowledge about it, when I think about it scientifically. There is just so much that can correlate to any chosen number, but I noticed and learned that some get abused more than others. Personally, I think it is all crap 🙂 but cannot ignore it as it seems relevant.

      On “7”:
      The divine legacy of ‘7’ is also found in the otherwise unexplained origin of the seven days of the week. Most of us take the 7day week for granted and assume it is a natural cycle. In actual fact, it is not a fixed cycle at all, and scientists have struggled for years to explain why this tradition should have originated. Theologians would claim that the answer lies in the Biblical seven days of creation, but the origin of the Biblical ‘days’ is almost certainly the seven tablets on which the Enuma Elish was written. This is evident from the contrast between the first six Babylonian tablets describing Marduk’s acts of creation and the seventh tablet which is dedicated to a general exaltation of the god (and thus a parallel to the Biblical seventh day when God rested) … But what is the ultimate origin of the sacred number ‘7’? Why did the Babylonians write their creation epic on seven tablets?”

      Triple Lucky 7’s, are used in slot machines for their mystical quality. 711 the convenience store encodes 7×11 = 77. The G7 summit (G = 7th letter) is numerologically 77. K&G Clothing stores as well (KG = 11×7 = 77). Apollo 11 launched in the 7th month making 77.
      The Pentagon is located on the 77th degree longitude and was supposedly hit by Flight 77 on 9/11. Flight 175 (1+7+5 = 13) struck the South Tower at the 77th floor.

      This 7 gives me creeps, as much as 7 deadly sins, but all above is from here: http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/atlantean_conspiracy/atlantean_conspiracy39.htm , whenever I need associations or to get grasp on this, I go there and get inspired immediately. The site in general is not to be 100% as it has some misquotes, so use it with precaution.

      Like I said in your numerology post in comments, there is something more to all of this numbers than just using them as markers. They obviously believe there is some mystical meaning when applying numbers in any possible way. I.e. the letter “E” is the 5th letter and if you’ll take notice in corporate logos it is very often emphasized in some obvious way (as i.e. Microsoft’s Explorer logo which uses “e” along with the Saturn’s ring around it). Whereas number 9, in example, has some interesting properties – try looking at the first picture in the above link, you’ll find it in the middle of it. That picture reveals as well many patterns to this hokus-pokus…

      What’s your thought about it?


      1. My thoughts are that every single number and letter has an esoteric meaning, but it doesn’t mean they are all used by Intelligence to signal. I am still confused as to why you thought 5, 7, and 9 were relevant in regards to spook numbers, even after your explanation.

        You understand when you add up random numbers in your posts with no rhyme and reason and then finish it off by saying “you think it’s all crap” and “they may just be coincidental” you are discrediting the entire concept for casual readers? Do you understand why that would make me very suspicious of you? As a supposed Miles Mathis reader I figured you would have a better grasp on this.


        1. Hm. I appreciate your idea, but it is just that – an idea. When I say it’s all crap, I mean it as straight as it can be understood – it has no meaning whatsoever in physical reality. If you want to hoax anything, it’s absolutely irrelevant whether it is perpetrated on 7/7, 9/11 or any other similar spooky date. It will not have any more sinister meaning in what we feel and experience because of it once it is introduced into our mind. Senses don’t get super sensual because some mystical or esoteric number is attached to stimulus, at least that is my belief. And that’s why I claim it is all crap when it comes to trying to understand it’s meaning. All that you’ve attached to it is just an idea.

          Coincidence is very much connected to probability and I know that you are aware of that. The way I used it in my piece reveals my doubt about it, but I’m glad you showed it to me. I should have used more words to describe what is worrying my mind, but I’m somehow sure, that you understand that some real people actually had some real accidents on those same bizarre days, numerologically considered as spook markers? Would that make them spooks or just coincidentally red flagged?

          Geez, dude, don’t go there with this spook agenda. You are so wrong on this, it’s just beyond your comprehension how wrong. And I’m not going to prove it to you, I somehow just don’t care what you may think of me.


          1. Don’t go where with what spook agenda? 90% of the commentators here, on SC, and on Fakeologist are shills. Most real people lurk. I will not hesitate for a moment to question somebody I suspect of being a shill.

            As for coincidence connected to probability, you’re talking to the wrong guy. I don’t believe in coincidences. But I would see how that thought process would appeal to rational materialists. I also don’t believe the numerology is crap. It is too complex. But that’s one more opinion you mimic MM and Mark on.

            I’m still waiting for an original thought to come out of you. Until then my assumption is that you are an anti-MM shill who’s assignment is to kiss his follower’s ass, get in with them, and then start planting doubt which is what you are trying to do here already. You just couldn’t wait to do that.


      2. I found a video of Christine Lagarde, managing director of IMF, at lecture on magic number 7. Skip to mark 0:50 for a quickie on numerology by an expert, note how enthusiastic she is when talking about it…


  2. For review, there are certain numbers and other symbols that spooks use to signal one another. As to whether these numbers have any bearing on our reality, it does not matter. It is the signalling that is important. For instance, when I read last year that 33 people had been hospitalized in New York City for use of synthetic marijuana, and saw also the number 11 in the same news report, I knew that the issue was fake, that no one had been hospitalized, and wanted to understand why they are demonizing synthetic marijuana. When Alex Jones interviewed Donald Trump and the interview lasted 33 minutes and 33 seconds, I knew both were Spooks. That’s why it is useful, and not because of any significance in the numbers 33 and 11 or any other. Knowing that JFK was fake-killed on 11/22 is a 33 signal, something I would have liked very much to have been able to recognize in 1963.

    Other symbols, Catcher in the Rye, Alice in Wonderland, are extremely useful – as signals. Again, in 1963 knowing that Catcher was a Spook signal would have been very useful when they broadcast that Oswald had checked it out from the library. I would have known he had not died.

    So while the numbers have no inherent meaning to me, they do to them, and that is critical and useful knowledge to those of us who try to unravel their bullshit.

    By the way, there are a whole range of numbers they use, but they mostly, as far as I can see, use 11 and 33. “33” takes many forms – 6,8,9, 27, 11+22, or even “KKK” which is the 11th number of the alphabet, so KKK=33, a Spook front. 555 is significant to them (not me), signalling big changes. John Denver changed his wing registration to 555 before his fake death. Had I that knowledge in 1998, I would have known right away it was a fake event and would not have mourned the schmuck.

    It does seem that you would want a better grasp of this system of numerology, Vex, before writing an article and so deeply misunderstanding its significance.


    1. But I did grasp something about it in this particular case, didn’t I? It was a strange kind of play with the numbers involved, many of them can be interconnected and written as compounds, that’s what got my attention. How? I don’t know, what did you expect from me, some kind of expertise elaborate about all numbers anyway? I don’t have it, all I have is as much filled with superstition and experience with the pattern, that I’ve learned is corrupt. So it is empirical that I learn about it, but as much as I can see , so is everybody else here.

      If I missed anything due to my insufficient knowledge on numerology, please do fill in with proper explanation for the benefit of all who may have been confused with my poor attempt at it. What it is exactly that you were expecting to read about it from me, Mark? Anybody?


      1. I did not expect anything, as I did not know you would be promoted here. And as I read your article I was a bit confused about the numbers, as most of them were not what I regard as a spook signal. But I don’t know that for sure, as I am not deep into the numerology thing. Straight’s got a better grip on it than me.

        Here’s something, a similar incident: The Chilean mining disaster, where 33 miners were trapped underground for 69 days. Get it? Three “33”s there, “33” itself, 6 (3+3), and 9 (3*3).

        That in mind, I would have expected that the Uruguayan plane crash was exposed as either fake in total and staged, or real and used to advantage as a way to demean people and how they behave when in trouble, maybe even some religious inferences. After reading your piece I began to suspect that it never happened. One, the odds of survival are slim and none for so many people on a small craft. Even so, humans being what they are, they would immediately have realized that a search and rescue attempt was underway and would have organized a way to send up a signal. Three, once they realized rescue was not in the cards, they would have appointed a pair to set out to get to civilization and get them rescued. This all would have happened within a week. That is just how people behave. Since none of that happened, and instead we see the hinky photos (which were not very well addressed I might add), I knew we had a fake event. Then I would have looked to see if there was any number signaling going on. (This was not the gripping and distraction-oriented event that say the Chilean mining disaster was, as for most of the time they were gone, they were just missing. They’d be out of the news cycle after a week at best.)

        That’s just how I would approach it, but I’m just one person here. I think you were on the right track, but stopped short of a thorough analysis. Just my opinion, for what it is worth.


  3. Shill? Ass kisser? Mimic-er ? You made me laugh. Simon (Shack) Hytten once accused me of “forum disruption tactics” and nitpicking, but he was an amateur in comparison to you. I don’t know what are your reasons with this ad hominem insulting post, but you have a problem either with jealousy or paranoia, Straight. It’s that simple.


    1. It’s neither, Vexman. I just have instincts that can sniff out shills like you faster than most people. I figured you out a week ago.

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      1. Nope, sorry. Vexman is no shill. He might have a different opinion about which exact numbers count as spook markers (and he might even be wrong), but that doesn’t make him a shill. As far as I can tell his statement that “it’s all crap” is simply meant to convey his belief that the numbers themselves do not have any significance beyond their value as signals for intelligence. As for saying it might be a coincidence, he is simply saying that the numerology (even if correct) is not enough evidence to claim the event was a hoax. I don’t see what is objectionable about either of these positions. He isn’t saying that it IS a coincidence, and in fact he shows us that it’s not.

        Moreover, as Mark pointed out in his response, he views 5 (or multiple fives) and 9 as possible markers, leaving only 7 out of the loop of the numbers Vex added to the mix, but there is a lot out there showing that 7 may have a strong significance. Maybe Vex is right, but since our attention hasn’t been drawn to pay attention to these numbers, maybe we’ve simply missed them when looking for spook signals. Or maybe they’re not and Vex is wrong. But let’s argue on the substance instead of flinging baseless accusations at each other.

        There are several ironies in your attack, Straight. You attack him for not expressing an original thought, but also attack him for expressing his original thoughts about which numbers count as spook markers. You attack him for saying something that might appear to discredit the signalling significance of certain numbers on a blog that claims that Jimi Hendrix and Freddie Mercury were intelligence assets who faked their deaths and were re-assigned to play the roles of Cornel West and Dr. Phil McGraw, respectively. I’m not saying that’s wrong. I’m just saying that we are so far out on a limb here on so many fronts that we hardly need to worry about being discredited by Vex’s observations about which numbers are spook markers. To add to the irony, you recently posted here your theory about the numbers used in Wikipedia footnote numbers to flag false or misleading information. Although it included some of the numbers we’re used to seeing, it also added many new ones that we’re not. To take one notable example, the number 94 is there (also 194, 294, etc.). Why is that a spook marker? Because it adds to 13? Then why isn’t 13 on the list? Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying you are wrong. In fact your theory might very well be right. My point is that a similar argument could be made about that post as you are making here about Vexman. In fact, it would be very easy to mount a case against each one of us here at PoM that we’re deep cover shills.

        I would never want to tell you to disregard or ignore your intuition. Nor would I want to tell you not to speak your mind. But when it comes to Vexman being a shill I can assure you that you are wrong.


  4. There is no harm in having disagreement, even contentious disagreement, on these matters. But do understand that shills usually go for divide and conquer, trying to set us against one another. I would urge that we put this matter in a box and let is set, as time answers all questions. Eventually we stumble on the box, covered with dust, open it up and find the contents are useless and throw it away.

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