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Cutting Through the Fog

It is with heavy heart and no small amount of hand-wringing that I am announcing my departure from Piece of Mindful. I will henceforth be blogging at My decision does not stem from any ill will towards Mark or … Continue reading

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Firehose of Propaganda

One thing that has become very clear to me in the last few months is that TPTB have dialed the smoke machines up to 11 trying to blanket us in a thick fog of misdirection and disinfo. It’s just an … Continue reading

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One of the Most Fake Photos of All Time: The LBJ Swearing-In Ceremony

So last night somebody posted this famous pic to Reddit’s conspiracy subreddit with the catchy title “One of the most disgusting photos of all time:” Here was his comment to go along with the picture: “This photograph was taken on Air Force … Continue reading

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Fauxtography inside the Matrix

The Tel Aviv Museum of “Art” has an interesting exhibit called “Fake?” It’s an exploration of various forms of fakery in art, from some of the most notorious Vermeer forgeries by Han van Meegeren to phony archaeological artifacts. I recently … Continue reading

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The Curious Case of the Jerusalem Truck Attack: Notes on “Operation Fantasy Land”

On January 8, 2017, a resident of the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Jabel Mukaber plowed his flat-bed truck into a group of IDF soldiers getting off a bus near a promenade overlooking the Old City. Or did he? Surveillance footage … Continue reading

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Who’s That Hitler?

In the wake of Tyrone’s explosive post on Hitler and his contention that “multiple actors played Hitler during the course of the character’s life,” I’ve compiled some pictures of Hitler at various points in his life. How many different Hitlers … Continue reading

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Did Those Uruguayan Rugby Players Really Start Eating Each Other?

It is known as “The Miracle of the Andes.” A plane of people, including Uruguayan Rugby players crashed in a remote area of the Andes mountain range. In waiting for help, they were forced to turn to eating the flesh … Continue reading

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Shiny Noses Can’t Guide Sleighs!

Look, the fact that Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer has an IMDB page is really all you need to know. Obviously a crisis actor. (-;

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“History Is Written by the Winners”

I was thinking about that old aphorism the other day, “History is written by the winners.” It is one of those self-evident truisms taught in high school history classes. But I think it’s misdirection. How can that be? 

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Real News IS Fake News

Not exactly an Earth-shattering headline for our readers. But I saw this video linked to over at Reddit and liked it enough to share. It’s just the sort of thing to show people who are less aware of how controlled … Continue reading

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