Time Magazine has a penchant for giving us the enemies du jour of the empire in a most frightening fashion, almost caricature. Sometimes they even use parts of the word “Time” as devil’s horns, as above. I’ve seen on Facebook that Steve Bannon is scaring people, and this cover by Time confirms that something is up. Time is always lockstep with the latest propaganda push.They are using him as a scarecrow.

See below the fold for a rogue’s gallery of Time covers over the years.

15 thoughts on “Scarecrows

  1. I go to a local chain supermarket nearly everyday after work to pick up a few items (dinner is my big meal and I cook every night). As with most grocery stores it has a racks of impulse buy items- and celebrity magazines and Time Magazine are there. For the life of me I can’t remember seeing Anyone buy these magazines or do much as pick one up, My family cancelled Time and Newsweek sometime in the late 80’s and I think the only time I have picked one up since is in a waiting room. These magazines have to be all losing money and must be subsidized.


    1. I deliver mail in Seattle, and I can say that I deliver a surprisingly high number of The New Yorker, and Time.
      I know that sometimes people get boondoggled into “free” magazine subscriptions, so who knows how representative it is of actual desire to read/buy these rags. I doubt many people are paying the cover price at the cash register of their local grocery store, at any rate.
      I buy a yearly subscription to Rolling Stone for my parents. Every year I ask my Mom if she still wants it, and she half-heartedly says yes. Most people have a definite lean either right or left, so I can see how certain magazines would appeal to a certain audience.


  2. Ah, let’s see what Wikipedia has to tell us about Steve Bannon:

    Intelligence Background (?):

    “Bannon was an officer in the United States Navy for seven years in the late 1970s and early 1980s, serving on the destroyer USS Paul F. Foster as a surface warfare officer in the Pacific Fleet and stateside as a special assistant to the Chief of Naval Operations at the Pentagon.[33] Upon his departure he was ranked as a lieutenant (O-3).”

    Executive at Goldman Sachs:

    “After his military service, Bannon worked at Goldman Sachs as an investment banker in the Mergers and Acquisitions Department. When he left the company he held the position of vice president. In 1990, Bannon and several colleagues from Goldman Sachs launched Bannon & Co., a boutique investment bank specializing in media.”

    Movie producer and founder of a production company with an awfully spook-y name:

    In the 1990s, Bannon became an executive producer in the Hollywood film and media industry. Bannon produced 18 films[26] from the 1992 Sean Penn drama The Indian Runner to executive producing Julie Taymor’s 1999 film Titus. Bannon became a partner with entertainment industry executive Jeff Kwatinetz at The Firm, Inc., a film and television management company.

    And, just in case we missed the fact that he is a master propagandist on assignment:

    “In 2004, Bannon made a documentary about Ronald Reagan titled In the Face of Evil. Through the making and screening of this film, Bannon was introduced to Peter Schweizer and publisher Andrew Breitbart, who would later describe him as the Leni Riefenstahl of the Tea Party movement.”

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    1. Thanks for this little nugget, daddieuhoh. It seems that all of Time front-pagers’ biographies are equally intriguing to read, that’s what interconnects them. When I read what you quoted about comparing Bannon to Leni Riefenstahl, I was appalled with preposterous bragging. As it is with big majority of everything pushed through MSM outlets, this Time’s in-your-face, perverse symbolism game is just repulsive to learn about.

      Funny to notice is letter “M” as 13th letter symbolically used to draw devil’s horns, must be some kind of tantalizing feeling to it, as this ill-minded group laughs seeing it published. I think it can be said with great probability that alluding to Satan is not what we think it is – most probably it is quite the opposite, which would imply you find Satan as both “real” (as much as good-sided messiah of any religious story) and worth of belief into. Since this devil worship subject (and symbolism partially) is something I always avoided as part of the occult knowledge or some knowledge not worth spending time to acquire, maybe it is supposed to be so. As I learned occult “gurus” were fake, with occultism set as controlled whatever, maybe it is deployed exactly for this reason -> to turn all truth-seekers off by its repulsive and bizarre essence. But still, as is usually with the PTB, they leave clues behind and what one could expect is to find some interesting clues within piles of nonsense. What I’m suggesting is that there might be some key to understanding this devilish aspect by diving into the “ignored” knowledge, disguised as occult for purpose of scare(crow)ing us away from it. I’d expect it to be a very time-consuming task, to read through it all, with possibility to find/learn nothing useful/substantial while at it. Any volunteers?

      As much as it’s with numerology issue, which we (or at least I) merely observe / acknowledge as something probably important. But since it can’t be understood properly / entirely, it seems trivial and here is where the trap is – one may dismiss it entirely. And by dismissing it, we could miss an important path of where to look for higher understanding / knowledge. Plausible? Certainly so.


      1. Interesting thought there, Vex. I believe straight has some very clear and well-informed ideas on how TPTB warp spiritual truths to keep us away from them. And that might part of what the occult is about — hiding those truths from us. But I don’t think they actually practice those truths themselves, and I don’t think they’re teaching those truths as part of the occulted knowledge they spread — if indeed they do.


        1. Whatever TPTB do, it is done with malign attribute to it, which is one of the truths they preach. Politically correct would be to say, that they are troubled with cognitive dissonance, but I call it a bluff. When all this suffering of the commoners is caused while chasing some pervert world domination plans of self-imposed wanna-be rulers, the truth about it is devilish. There is just no way it can be seen as different. So there is actually no need to know who of those within TPTB believes and practices some weird stuff, since all of their ruling is corrupted with pure evil, no other connection is needed. Their dirty deeds are more than telling by themselves. By pushing devil’s horns symbol, associating it with images of notorious individuals, some Time’s editor believes that readers do associate with it in expected way. What is that expected way precisely, I wonder? If there is some kind of trick to it, related to programming mode we’re exposed to since our birth, is impossible to say with my knowledge about such. But the idea of devil/Satan implied on Time’s front page does suggest we’re considering beliefs when experiencing it. What does it suggest? It’s impossible to know how serious should it be taken. Is it an occult and perverse joke? Or do we need to take it much more seriously? I’m only playing with my thought, if it’s worth spending precious time searching for some answers to all above questions within the knowledge, that’s presented as occult.

          I’d join to such opinion and say as well, that many things are kept away from most of us, with knowledge about spiritual part of reality hidden as much as in example physics or history and who knows where it ends. Most likely, nothing is the way we were taught.


  3. I wonder if they play with the position of letter “M”. In Bannon’s case the letters are red and the parts of the letter “M” that can be seen give the impression that Bannon has Satan/devil horns. Kim and Oswald look like cute/harmless creatures with pointy ears. Sadam is red and has the mark of Satan/Cain on the forehead (the first thing that comes to mind). Bin Laden almost has the smug of Pepe the frog. Khrushchev is like some action movie star, and old Jason Statham/Bruce Willis. LOL the preacher with Noriega. Hitler ready with 2 fists for 2 fronts. Maybe the pictures are coupled with additional smaller titles.


    1. Great link! They included four Pope shots, Billy Graham and Jesus himself, leaving out the most obvious demonization effort I’ve seen, Milosevic.

      The decision has to be conscious … do we put the Logo in front of the face or behind? Do we give the person horns or not?


  4. Slightly off-topic, but related to scarecrows:
    Perhaps you remember the Berlin Christmas market attack with a large truck during the Saturnalia (the days of lawlessness and blood sacrifice in alleged antique Rome, the week before the birth of Sol Invictus, err, Christus).
    Well, it turned out to be a False Flag as well. For details see here:
    As a side note, the German secret service can be seen as a 100% subsidiary of the CIA. Germany had never been independent since 1945, de facto occupied by the SHAEF since the end of WWII.
    Can’t anyone put the face of the ineffable Merkel-thing at the Time cover, please …


    1. Agreed about German secret service, but the article you linked to smells like misdirection to me. It’s the ‘mainstream’ conspiracy theory released by the intelligence agencies to cover up their hoaxes. The ‘mainstream’ conspiracy theory of all these events is that they are false flags where the events really occurred as portrayed by the media, except that the perpetrators were in some way assets or patsies. James Corbett and Sibel Edmonds are prime examples of ‘truthers’ who push this mainstream conspiracy narrative. They use this storyline as a cover and distraction for the truth, which is (usually) that the event was hoaxed or faked.


      1. Agreed about German secret service, but the article you linked to smells like misdirection to me.

        Actually, I pulled the link from here:
        A site named “World Socialist Web Site” is more than highly suspicious. (BTW, does anybody know the actual difference between “national socialism” and “inter-national socialism” ?). I just take the link between the “terrorist attack” and the Secret Service as given.
        I know of no “terrorist attack” ever perpetrated that was not controlled or executed by a Secret Service – either domestic (against the own people) or foreign (against the perceived enemy). So I had suspected this all along.

        What is more important to me: Germany – with it’s small appendix Austria – is the only thing keeping up the EU zombi economically and financially. Doing mass-casualty attacks in Germany NOW signifies to me that TPTB are about to tear the thing down soon.
        IMHO great events await us this year. And you Americans will not be spared …


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