More holders of the Get Out of Jail Free Card: OJ Simpson, Sirhan Sirhan

SirhanSimpson OJ 3The next two “Get out of jail free” card holders were the central focus of two of the most traumatic events of our time, the supposed deaths of Robert F. Kennedy, Nicole Brown-Simpson, and Ron Goldman. It does no good for me to sit here and taunt the reader, saying “Look again how you’ve been fooled!” I’ve been fooled often enough myself, and know that awkward feeling of coming to grips with reality. I do not imagine I possess some greater wisdom, and hope as you read this that you are not insulted by my “superior” knowledge. I too merely want to understand things. Once we break free of the grip of “news,” fraud is easy to spot. But before breaking free, it is quite difficult.

The “public hoax” is in large part due to the hypnotic nature of the medium to television (though it has been going on since the advent of mass communication of all types).  Such is the power of television that anything seen on the screen and said to be news is automatically assumed true. Given this power over us, our leaders have elected to use it to distract us, shock us, and keep us under the thumb of their control. The Robert F. Kennedy assassination is useful to study in this regard, as it contained a good deal of “predictive programming.”

The OJ Simpson affair is far more difficult to understand.  In that instance they took a man of seemingly good nature and destroyed his image, making him into a monster. What is more difficult to understand is why he let it happen. I suspect he was told “We gave you your fame, we are taking it back now,” but one cannot know such insider details.

I will try to understand the Simpson matter. Wish me luck.

OJ Simpson

Face palmThe heavy lifting regarding Orenthal James Simpson was done here, and I am not going to attempt to redo any of it or critique the work, as each reader has those abilities. I will only say that I went through the phase of enlightenment known as the “face palm” when I read it, coming to grips with being deeply fooled.

OJ Simpson has had his name dragged through the mud unlike any other save perhaps Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. It is an interesting spectacle to watch. He did not kill anyone. He is supposedly in jail in Nevada for burglary in which a weapon was used. His sentence was 33 years. Not likely.

White Bronco
Hint: OJ was not driving this vehicle.

The Simpson affair is long and complex, beginning with the entry into our consciousness known as the Ford Bronco low-speed chase, seen by all of us via helicopter. It was staged, and appears to be intended as a dramatic opening to a long saga. Our senses were shocked to learn that two people had been brutally knifed to death, and that the man we knew as the talented football player and gifted comedic actor was actually a monster in disguise.

We were then given a show trial, complete with apparently real attorneys acting their part, a fake judge once known as “Bruce Lee,”  the fateful scene of the glove that did not fit, and acquittal (complete with racial overtones). I used to ask people quite frankly if they thought it possible that OJ was innocent, given that the glove did not fit. No possibility, I was told, and yet I had my doubts. I was, of course, asking the wrong question – not about his guilt or innocence, but whether indeed a crime had been committed.

The assault on our senses was not over by any means. OJ had to endure yet another fake trial, this a supposed civil suit where he was stripped of all his wealth by the two families of the fake victims. Since the victims were fake, this lawsuit too was fake. But OJ was further humiliated. The verdict: He was to pay $33.5 million to his fake victims. It was a fake trial – here’s how I know, Wikipedia making it obvious:

“Following Simpson’s acquittal of criminal charges, Ron Goldman’s family filed a civil lawsuit against Simpson. Daniel Petrocelli represented plaintiff Fred Goldman (Ronald Goldman’s father), while Robert Baker represented Simpson.[63] Superior Court Judge Hiroshi Fujisaki presided,[63] and he barred television and still cameras, radio equipment, and courtroom sketch artists from the courtroom.[64] On October 23, 1996, opening statements were made, and on January 16, 1997, both sides rested their cases.[65]”

While the original OJ trial was a TV show that violated every standard of courtroom procedure, for this one we have not a shred of evidence it even happened. The script was presented to our fake news media, and they presented it as real. Since it was on TV and called news, we believed it.

For the closing act, I suspect that OJ was tired, and could not appear in public without stares, even harassment, and asked his handlers for a way out of his predicament. He had played his part faithfully, done everything asked of him, but wanted some privacy, some solace. He was offered a way to disappear from the public eye via a fake jail sentence. A fake burglary was staged in Nevada, and OJ was subjected to yet another show trial. This verdict was appealed all the way to the Nevada Supreme Court. (If that is even true, it illustrates the depths of our corruption.)

He was found guilty, given a 33 year sentence, and removed from view. Where he lives now is anyone’s guess, but I would place him in Brazil, Asia, or an island somewhere, relaxing on a beach, and wondering why such public shaming was part of his fate.

This is all well-known, of course, except the murders and jail sentence being fake. The part above was easy to write. The question of “Why?” is a little more difficult. I have to ask some basic questions – what is the purpose of “news,” and what is the nature of “television?”

News is fake. Television makes the fake seem real by its somewhat hypnotic transmission wave length. It is comprised of “reporters,” most of whom are useful idiots. But as we make our way up the ladder of fame, we will find active participation in hoaxes. Someone like “Brian Williams,” for instance, knows he is but an actor and revels in the part. ABC’s “David Muir” (none of them use their real names) strikes me as a pompous ass. Their job is simple: Sell it.

Saying that “news is fake” is a blanket statement, I realize. We all know that when a building burns and we see it on TV, that there probably is a building burning somewhere. Far more important would be questions like “Was it deliberately set on fire?”, “Was it staged for effect?,” and “What else is going on while the building burns?” Those questions are never asked, of course. Most of news is controlled distraction, focusing our attention on unimportant people and events (like “Winter Storm Stella”), fake controversies, the object being to keep us distracted and misinformed, and out of their way.

So the television networks willingly participated in the OJ Simpson public hoax. That is the hardest thing for people to grasp – willingness by media to deceive us. It is a hurdle. We want to trust those TV images. That’s why they were hired – they look trustworthy.

Williams on 30 Rock
Williams on 30 Rock

Brian Williams is a good example. He was demoted from lead anchor on NBC, we are told, for making up his facts while reporting on Iraq. That cannot possibly be true, as all those “facts” are made up. It had to be more basic than that.  Williams was appearing in shows like 30 Rock and The Daily Show and Saturday Night Live, showing off his comedic chops and appearing less than serious. It is all about gravitas. Selling lies with a  straight face requires believability.  Williams was winking behind the mask. He was replaced by Lester Holt, a far better liar.

So coming full circle, the OJ Simpson affair was meant to shock us, distract us, and keep us focused on something entirely unimportant while the real business of running the planet goes on elsewhere. Television “news” was the vehicle used to sell the hoax. You might ask what news we missed while we were so distracted, and the answer is easy: I don’t know.

That is the whole point of fake news, which is everything you see on TV or hear on radio or read in newspapers. It keeps us from knowing anything real.

I will stop here, as I’ve written far more than I set out to write. I will deal with Sirhan Sirhan in another post, as he too illustrates the extreme abilities of our news media to swamp us with lies using “lifetime actors*.” Sirhan is not in jail. I am going to have to satisfy myself that this Sirhan we see on occasion is the kid we met in 1968. It is going to be work. Stay tuned.


*Lifetime actors are people like Sirhan, Charles Manson, Amy Goodman, Thom Hartmann, Alex Jones, who assume a name and personality in perpetuity as part of a public hoax. I thank the guys over at Gnostic Media for the term, though I don’t know they originated it.

19 thoughts on “More holders of the Get Out of Jail Free Card: OJ Simpson, Sirhan Sirhan

  1. David Hawkins, as the mavin of muscle testing for truth and falsehood, see Power vs Force, has revealed a key concept relevant to why the DOODs promulgate lies. (Dept. of Organized Deception surrogates=DOODs).

    Believing a lie makes us weaker. The lie machine is cranking all the time. Keep people weak.

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  2. The OJ Simpson character is also part of the racial conflict psy op. In the 90’s we also had Rodney King. Is the Rodney King case suspicious (if anybody looked closer)?
    Funny that OJ Simpson was in the “Capricorn One” movie. In that movie the hoax is exposed in the end. We also have the astronauts unwilling to participate. Also the movie has a whistle blower scientist (I forgot if the movie has an investigative journalist that tries to do everything to find the truth). So you see, the movie proves that nothing can be staged because there is always a great soul that will step in to expose the lies.


    1. I’ve seen that movie. It is suggestive, but like you say, it self-remedies at the end as one astronaut survives and tells his story – to a vigilant news media we are left to assume.

      Rodney King, I have read but not checked it out on my own, is not beaten up by cops. It was staged.


      1. The Rodney King charade also allowed them to push “double jeopardy” as Bush 1 and the Feds came after the cops after they were acquited locally. I guess we can at least appreciate them trying to stretch our stolen money further by pushing multiple agendas with one event…


    2. I heard a story from a guy with a relative fairly high up in the LAPD that the reason King was being chased in the first place was that a video store near there had been robbed, and the elderly woman who ran it had been shot. He also told me this cop demonstrated how easy it was to take someone down with a nightstick when you hit them at a specific point on the knee. He said he dropped like a rock, and his wife ran out of the house screaming, but it was painless.

      He was also prone to tall tales every now and then so I take it with a grain of salt.


  3. Since both the OJ murder/bronco chase and Rodney King beating occurred in LA, it might be worth taking a close look at another famous LA event from the same period, known as the North Hollywood Bank Robbery Shoot-Out. The shoot-out was televised live by news helicopter and can be seen on YouBoob. The shoot-out allegedly lasted 44 minutes (8 for numerology fans) and the bank that was robbed, a Bank of America branch, was located on……wait for it…….Laurel Canyon Blvd, home of the famous Lookout Mountain spook film studio.


  4. It was obvious to me at the time that the Bronco getaway was staged. It was ridiculous in that “he” was driving at about 40 mph so it was an attention getting stunt. But the main thing was that it was timed to happen during one of the NBA finals games, so they would get maximum exposure, specifically to the black sports fan.

    Of course, I had no idea how things worked, and assumed his lawyers planned it out to create a shitestorm of publicity and try to prejudice as many potential black jurors as possible. That implied to me they thought he was guilty. Not long before the chase began, his original lawyer, Robert Shapiro, (if memory serves) was telling us on TV, “OJ is at my house, getting his head together and will turn himself in soon.”

    This opens another rabbit trail in my mind worth a look. The Duke lacrosse scandal. And the related controversy around Don Imus, who got “fired” for a fairly mild (for him) racial faux pas right as the verdict came out in the Duke case, and at the time seemed to be a smokescreen to cover up what happened there. The association sticks because his sidekick Bernard McGuirk once asked the question, “who was the first Jew awarded the Heisman trophy?” (Answer: Ronald Goldman’s father). They really do weave these webs of deception…


  5. The interlude… ” Flight of the Bumblebee” Used on the radio show, was linked to the Green Hornet series by the public and so was used for the television series. And I think that our friend OJ would agree that this can happen at times when bumbling flights are concerned. I’m glad to see all the 33 1’3 references are coming to light. Not sure where the 33 1/2 one came from. The Hornet ( Van Johnson ) was also a crime fighter who posed as a criminal and who’s true identity was known to only a few people. Though it lasted only for one season, I would like to think that our heroes are still working on low brow cases, as well as using a secret entrance. Not sure if the 2 part billboard still advertises ” Kissin Candy Mints” though. I’m thinking of a folding shot of KK’s backside. Cheers!


    1. Van Williams- Sorry, but you accidentally hit my geek response button- Also, though credit for this goes to one of the other writers here, Green Hornet’s sidekick, Kato, was played by Bruce Lee/Lance Ito while OJ’s house guest was Kato Kaelin- As Cesar Romero’s Joker would say while eagerly rubbing his gloved hands together: “Oooooo, Deeeliscioussss…”


      1. Thanks, yes it was Williams. Kaelin was supposedly nicknamed Kato from the series. So it would seem to be a backstory i guess. Perhaps ushering in the new meme of the white guy being the sidekick and mooch. While I’m not sure if Star Treck was really showed in Japan as ” Sulu, Master of Navigation ” ( SNL Joke ). The Hornet was ‘ The Kato Show ” in Hong Kong. Perhaps Batman said it best in ” The Impractical Joker ” episode 55, Part 1,Aired on November 16, 1966 ( sigh ). While watching tv together with Dick and Alfred, Batman says ” It’s time to watch the Green Hornet “.. Plausible deniability, at least they warned us. Slapping my forehead again.


  6. The war in Bosnia was going on during that time frame. The Clintons amping up their shenanigans over there and other places needed a distraction. Unless that was a fake war?


    1. The Clinton’s had as much to do with uprisings in old Yugoslavia as you and I do with seals washing ashore in Florida. That he happened to be president as these events took place is not causation.


      1. Much of the focus of Clinton’s foreign policy during his first term was the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. There would need to be a distraction. Most people have no clue about the Bosnia conflict, however they can converse somewhat about the OJ Simpson trial.


        1. You have a good point about it possibly being a distraction. If so, It didn’t seem to work very well. But Eastern Europe was behind the curtain for a long time.So I’m not surprised that few Americans responded to it very well. ( Well meaning showing interest ). All conflicts were spun relentlessly however. Propaganda was never left to chance. No governments that I’m aware of have ever really helped the researchers. Knowing at least some of the truth as well as the behavior of the parties involved, it’s not surprising that there is so much controversy now concerning wars in general. I have always assumed that getting to the truth would be pretty much a solo adventure.


  7. Patty hearst is one also, do you knkw how many television stations are owned by hearst productions? I thought that money was donated to homeless. I recently made a trip to California to find my missing mother of 23 years on new years eve. How many people’s regular news station channell was automatically cut off. I can name some.


    1. My question is where is peter Jennings son and daughter? Does anyone know??? Does anyone know that Charles Manson real last name was not manson? I do because I know whose son he was.


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