More holders of the Get Out of Jail Free Card: OJ Simpson, Sirhan Sirhan

SirhanSimpson OJ 3The next two “Get out of jail free” card holders were the central focus of two of the most traumatic events of our time, the supposed deaths of Robert F. Kennedy, Nicole Brown-Simpson, and Ron Goldman. It does no good for me to sit here and taunt the reader, saying “Look again how you’ve been fooled!” I’ve been fooled often enough myself, and know that awkward feeling of coming to grips with reality. I do not imagine I possess some greater wisdom, and hope as you read this that you are not insulted by my “superior” knowledge. I too merely want to understand things. Once we break free of the grip of “news,” fraud is easy to spot. But before breaking free, it is quite difficult.

The “public hoax” is in large part due to the hypnotic nature of the medium to television (though it has been going on since the advent of mass communication of all types).  Such is the power of television that anything seen on the screen and said to be news is automatically assumed true. Given this power over us, our leaders have elected to use it to distract us, shock us, and keep us under the thumb of their control. The Robert F. Kennedy assassination is useful to study in this regard, as it contained a good deal of “predictive programming.”

The OJ Simpson affair is far more difficult to understand.  In that instance they took a man of seemingly good nature and destroyed his image, making him into a monster. What is more difficult to understand is why he let it happen. I suspect he was told “We gave you your fame, we are taking it back now,” but one cannot know such insider details.

I will try to understand the Simpson matter. Wish me luck.

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