A book review

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The Falsification of History:  Our Distorted Reality, by John Hamer

Take what is good, ignore the rest!

It is interesting that Mr. Hamer has chosen the least used medium of all, books, and beyond that a book that requires ability to process large volumes of prose, to reach ordinary people. That is OK, however, as ordinary people cannot be reached. I viewed the book as a venting process. Mr. Hamer got it all off his chest.

Something we all have to consider is how a book like this gets published when the media is controlled by just a few corporations, and books that are published by the normal process are subject to extreme censorship. It appears that Rossendale Books merely helps people self publish, so that Mr. Hamer thereby escaped the censors. This explains the absence of an index. Bibliography I don’t care about, for obvious reasons. Our own brains are our best bibliographies.

Then we have to answer a question that Hamer himself addresses … are we dealing with a limited hangout? Is Hamer just another spook? He cites Dave McGowan, for example, who did a limited hangout called Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon about the LA music scene in the 60s and 70s, failing to realize that McGowan is (not “was”) a spook. It is possible that’s Hamer just missed the clues, and he gets a pass, but I expect more. So my caution flags are up.

And, the biggest failing of all, Hamer either knows and does not say, or does not realize that the deaths of JFK, RFK, John Lennon, a long list of others including John Denver (which I investigated on my own), and another that he dwells on, Whitney Houston, were faked. The clues are all there with Houston, contradictory evidence, indifference of witnesses and friends. However, he interprets it all as some sort of Satanic ritual about a real death, a macabre scene in which bloodthirsty villains are feasting on death. Whoosh!

Taken as a whole, much good to be said. His section on education is well written, as are others on Shakespeare, student loans, big name charities, health and nutrition and many others too numerous to list.

I skipped over the 9/11 section, as it is an area littered with rabbit holes. As with JFK/RFK/MLK/Malcolm X, those riddles will take decades to solve, and by the time we do, it is too late. Chemtrails/crop circles/stone monuments and all of that I don’t think about, as they are riddles not worth solving, possibly even fake bread trails. I stay focused on things like TV/entertainment/sports//music, as that is where the rubber meets the road. The only way people of higher capability are ever going to be un-wedged from the system is to break them out of those thought control mechanisms. That is where I put my effort, though I don’t claim much success. (I am amazed, for instance, that while TV and TV news is pervasive and hypnotic, people I discuss these things with don’t actually watch it! People who are obviously deeply indoctrinated are claiming exemption from the primary thought control mechanism. Some do confide that while they don’t watch TV news, they proudly get their news by reading newspapers, a better way to stay informed. Aye, carumba!)

Enthralling in parts, tedious in others, clueless in yet others, all in all, you can search high and low on Amazon without finding a better book to spend some early morning hours reading. At 733 pages, it’s a bargain.

16 thoughts on “A book review

  1. Thanks Mark! I’ve listened to John Hamer speaking in podcasts that also included his Titanic Conspiracy. I find that subject fascinating and plausible, but we will never know. I’ll download a sample of the book and check it out.


      1. Thanks Mark…but I have a hard time reading actual books these days….it would be preferable, but it is easier on my eyes to read an e-book


    1. The Titanic conspiracy can easily be solved by reading both the US and the British wreck commissioner’s inquiries. I won’t spoil it for you though.


      1. Is that anything like the Warren Commission report on JFK or the NIST report on 9/11? We all know how much truth those tomes contained…thanks, but I’ll pass


        1. Sorry for the delay in replying……First of all, they were both whitewashes. While the Brits at least had some practical sea knowledge .The people whom I wanted to hear testify, the crew members, were the least represented of all. Especially those left to die ( hey we all use our own scales ). According to one of them, I can’t remember his name offhand, who was in the engine room where the ships actions were illuminated on a large board, had this to say. The ship at first stopped for 5 minutes. Then went forward at 1/3 for about 15 minutes, stopped, and then reversed at 1/3 fir 5 more minutes. My guess is that the first stop was where the Captain, 1st and 6th officer, engineers and others got off. I would guess that they used none of the 18 lifeboats but had one or more in the large hold just fore of the bridge. They could have loaded below deck and dropped from the crane very quickly and nobody would have been the wiser. Just my WAG as nobody to my knowledge has offered this. If you just want proof of the switch this is quite easy. All 4 before and after pictures of Olympic and Titanic nameplates are easy to find. The after ones are much larger. Stick a fork in this fast food entree.


  2. I never heard of John Hamer. I know that I watched a titanic conspiracy documentary a few years ago, but I don’t know who made it. Probably I will listen to some youtube podcasts/interviews. Actually I clicked on some videos and now I remember some of the titanic stuff. From what I remember the titanic conspiracy is not elegant (elite faction eliminating other faction or big players). The titanic is probably a big hoax . The insurance scam is probably a misdirection. Was the Titanic a test for Lusitania?
    He may have something interesting about the bankers. I have to agree with Michael Tsarion that there is something else behind the bankers. Mathis still sees the elites as superficial materialists. To me the bankers are still only a front or one branch of the hydra (they still belong to the elite families). In fact in many elite families one cousin was a cardinal, another was a general, another was a banker etc. If they have a private religion/doctrine, probably it has nothing to do with blood sacrifices/rituals .


    1. There is a long section on Titanic, and he has written a separate book on it, and a fictional rendition, done to satisfy publishers. His lynchpin is that the California was out there with thousands of blankets and no passengers. If true, it is indeed important. He attributes the nightmare to confusion, another ship in between Titanic and California sending up white flares when California was looking for reds. The result, California did not respond in time, ergo all the deaths were real. Another interesting aspect that he introduces, that “Titanic,” in reality Olympia, was deliberately attacked by an ice breaker vessel, creating the long and low gouges in the side, something an iceberg could not do, he says. This would eliminate the necessity of hitting an iceberg and doing sufficient damage to cause the vessel to sink.

      It is all up in the air, in my view. Interesting, to say the least, but if Hamer cannot figure out that Whitney Houston faked her death, I got a problem with him.


  3. I want to mention the book “Ireland the land of the pharaohs” by Andrew Power. I found about this book when I used to listen to Michael Tsarion. Unfortunately I read only a few pages (because school or other distraction). But I know that the book says that the battle of Boyne (1690) was some kind of Egyptian ritual or symbolic battle (nobody died). In a way you can say it was a hoax. This book probably came in my mind while reading some of the papers written by Mathis. I believe that Tsarion mentioned the fact that no bullets can be found or were found at the place of the battle. This book may have other interesting historical connections, but I brought it up due to its curious mention of a hoax battle.


  4. Since Hamer’s book seems to deal with specific American topics, it seems redundant to me.
    Meaning, I’m not American, and I learned about this topics elsewhere, not in school.

    However, if we are about the falsification of history:
    I can recommend “History: Fiction or Science”, by Anatoly Fomenko, a Russian mathematician. A long and detailed list of more-than-suspicious facts about medieval and antique history. And Wikipedia calls him a “pseudo scientist”, which a came to view as a badge of honour.
    Not that I support his strange and often nationalistic reconstruction, but it will seed a healthy suspicion towards “ascertained historical facts”.


    1. I still cannot accept his extreme chronological and historical revisionism . Also like you point out, he is very russo-centric. For now I agree that the most ancient recorded events start around 850BC after the history was reset by a great catastrophe (like a comet or piece of comet). I also accept that history was filled with repetitive events from 230AD to 930AD, or the Gunnar Heinsohn hypothesis . Between 230 and 930 many historical events are very similar but 300 years apart (similar battles, plagues etc). After 930 I accept most of the chronology. Maybe there is a plausible scenario with a reset in 14th century before the black death.
      Regarding Russia/Ukraine, I am interested in Sarmatians=Huns=Khazars scenario. Also the Cumans seem to be similar to the Khazars (all were good with horses, archery etc). I should also add the Scytian and Sumerian connection (no ancient historian was aware of Sumerians, not even the Babylonian historian Berossus).


      1. Don’t take my recommendation as support for every claim of his.
        However, I recommend it for all the facts which are suppressed and ignored by the current mainstream historians, which contradict the “established” theory.
        If only it is for the fact that most of ancient history is based upon the works of Scaliger and Petavius, those two trustworthy Jesuits …

        BTW, as hobby archer, I currently found supporting evidence for his claim about Dshingis Khan being not Mongolian. Albeit many Mongolians today still live in a mostly traditional way as nomads, there is no mounted archery tradition at all. I viewed dozens of videos and images, and none of this Mongolians is using a technique suitable for shooting from a horse. And there is no image/video of them shooting from a horse back.
        Beside the fact that this barren land could never muster that hundreds of thousands of warriors, they seemed to have no idea how to shoot from a galloping horse.


      2. As an addendum – even Fomenko noticed the suspiciously high count the spooky number “33” appears in chronology. His conclusions are the same as Miles Mathis’ regarding spook biographies.


      3. I was troubled that this book has 733 pages, as it could have as easily had 735 of 611. Much of the prose is overwrought fearmongering, the notion that we are being watched at all times (as you note here, there is no need for that) and WWIII is on the way, deaths of celebrities and politicians are all real, granting enormous power to them, some of which they have, some not. MInd control is very real, and if they have that, they do not need much more. Population control is being effectively done by lower and later reproduction, as war has never been a truly effective tool and the epidemics (AIDS, Ebola, Zika) are fake. I talk to people, ordinary people about this stuff, and it is a dystopian desert out there, no suspicions that anything unusual is going on about them, secure in their elections and sports and movies and news. What else do they need besides fewer of us, which can be accomplished over time.


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