Thom Hartmann: Government stooge

I have been reviewing past work concerning Brandon deWilde, who in my opinion faked his death in 1972 in order to become radio personality and author Thom Hartmann. Mr. deWilde was a somewhat familiar face to me.  I probably saw episodes of Alfred Hitchcock, Wagon Train or Hawaii Five-O as a kid. deWilde was a familiar face for a few years on our TV screens. He did not stand out to me, but I do have a faded memory of that face.

Brandon deWilde was good friends (and is anyone surprised?), with Gram Parsons, whom we have outed here as also faking his death (“their death,” as Parsons was a set of twins). This is a red flag for deWilde, being buddies with another zombie. Also note this from Wikipedia, concerning his death in Lakewood, Colorado, just a few miles from where I live:

DeWilde’s final western role was in Dino De Laurentiis‘ 1971 spaghetti western The Deserter, one year before his death.[8]

That “[8]” is a spook marker, along with 11,27, 33 and all the variations. It’s a way of spooks telling other spooks that the death was fake.

I’ve been listening to Hartmann  yesterday and today, really just watching him on camera and hoping to catch him in similar poses for which I have deWilde photographs. He gives me the creeps. I am reminded of and again will cite Kim Philby, a lifetime actor who lived most of his life under false pretenses:

“[There] was the liberal smokescreen behind which I concealed my real opinions. One writer who knew me in Beirut has stated that the liberal opinions I expressed in the Middle East were ‘certainly’ my true ones. Another comment from a personal friend was that I could not have maintained such a consistently liberal-intellectual framework unless I had really believed in it. Both remarks are very flattering. The first duty of an underground worker is to perfect not only his cover story but his cover personality.” (Philby, My Silent War, page 201)

Hartmann has perfected both his cover story and cover personality. He’s a fake liberal/progressive, but mouths the platitudes with sincerity. As I listened to him talk about ADD and ADHD, I got a creepy feeling, thinking “you phony son of a bitch, saying all the right things. You are controlled opposition, nothing more.” Hartmann, formerly deWilde, is acting, still.

“Controlled Opposition” is important. If you do not grasp the concept, you cannot begin to understand American politics, where everyone is acting. From the link immediately above:

The familiar expression nature abhors a vacuum can be applied to politics. If a group of powerful, evil people exploit or tyrranize [sic] a group of weaker people, someone will likely eventually rise up to lead a rebellion.

But if the bad guys quickly create a fake (or “two-faced”) leader to fill the void, any budding genuine leaders will likely be discouraged, opting to instead [to] follow the fake leaders.

Hartmann also co-authored two books – I have never read anything written by him individually, as I find him tedious and formulaic.* Those two books with LaMar Waldron are 2005’s Ultimate Sacrifice: John and Robert Kennedy, the Plan for a Coup in Cuba, and the Murder of JFK and its updated version, 2008’s Legacy of Secrecy: The Long Shadow of the JFK Assassination (2008). I gobbled up that stuff in those days, I admit, and both books once adorned my bookshelf. I have since discarded them. ( Unlike most people, I have no problem tossing bad books into the trash can. I would burn them, but we have restrictions here in the forest.)

LaMar Waldron is an interesting character – having graduated from Georgia State and having two degrees, one a Masters in Counseling/Psychology[citation needed, says Wikipedia], he took the logical career path of comic books before busting on the scene with the JFK stuff. His writing merely reinforces the mythology behind public hoaxes like the JFK, RFK and MLK murders, failing to ask the right questions. He has Watergate centering around Nixon trying to find a dossier exposing the assassination plots. He says the U.S. wanted Castro dead, even as we know now that Castro was an actor too, and an American agent.

In others words, Waldron has all the earmarks of a disinformation agent. His assassination co-authorship with Hartmann then makes sense, as he used Hartmann for access to a somewhat mainstream audience of two million or more listeners. Hartmann, as controlled opposition, would naturally allow himself to be used in this manner … was probably even ordered to do so.

The book Legacy of Secrecy: The Long Shadow of the JFK Assassination is being made into a movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio. As with Oliver Stone’s JFK, they want to keep these mysteries alive, and breed a new generation chasing rabbits.

*Perhaps my inability to read “Hartmann’s” prose is my inner self recognizing his insincerity. His words are nothing but a rehashing of the obvious.  He could well be ghosted by a committee at Langley, as Bill O’Reilly and his “Killing…” series surely was.  For whatever reason, even when I followed the liberal or “progressive” pathway, I could not stomach the guy.

Hartmann recent photoIt could be that because Brandon deWilde was not well-known and not a household name, there was little effort made to transform him into a new persona. It is very easy to spot Hartmann in deWilde and the reverse. I don’t see signs of plastic surgery. There are timeline problems, as Hartmann is said to have been born on 5/7/1951 and a deWilde on 4/9/42.  Since both dates are likely false, Hartmann could be almost 75 (not likely) or  nearer 66 or anything in between. I would place him hovering around 70.

The photo to the left is a screen grab from his April 10, 2017 radio show, simulcast on TV. Keep in mind he is wearing makeup, and the hair is never trustworthy for TV personalities. The face looks long and sallow to me, like he is perhaps a vegan. He looks malnourished to me. (I know nothing of his diet.) The lighting is somewhat darker that we usually see on TV broadcasts, but I see in him all the lines I see on my own 67-year old face. I am not seeing timeline problems here.

On the radio/TV show he is doing the flip side of Rush Limbaugh, who attacked Obama as 1) a real president and 2) a leftist. Hartmann does the same favor in reverse, making Trump into 1) a real president, and 2) a right winger. The combined effect of right and left-wing talk radio is to reinforce the two-party structure as a genuine choice of alternative views. Hartmann and Limbaugh play for the same team.

Let the fun begin. Here is a gif of Brandon deWilde slowly overlaid by Thom Hartmann. Keep in mind that deWilde is smiling (rare in his photos) and Hartmann is not, instead focus on eyes, nose and ears, hair and shape of head. Here are two photos, and then a blending gif:


It is the similarity of hair and part that led me to think long ago that this was a match. The noses are in perfect alignment, and when they are lined up, so too are the eyes and mouth.

Here’s another angle, a very young DeWilde and an older Hartmann:

And the blending gif:


There is some apparent ear difference there, but it is in length of lobe, which does grow as we age. Otherwise, check this out:

Ears deWilde 2

There appears to me to be similarities in the way that the upper crus of anthelix protrudes. Pardon my French there (Latin, actually), but I have been studying ears lately. The protrusion (orange arrow) is pronounced in both. In addition, the intertragic notch (yellow) appears identical. Since these photos are years apart, I have to suggest that there is enough similarity to consider that this is further evidence of the same man. It is not conclusive, of course. For that I need to rely on more photos, and the coup de grâce, a family photo at the end of Hartmann in his youth … a fake.

Here’s another set:

Hartmann and deWilde are striking, unknowingly, a very similar pose. Here’s a gif of those two photos. I am relying on the nose as my guidepost, and once that is aligned, look what happens.


That looks pretty dead-on to me.

Here are two more photos, each again unknowingly assuming very similar poses, as people tend to do over time.

Watch how seamlessly they blend:


I could  go on and on here, but this post has already gotten away from me. I hope by photographic evidence, including ear analysis, you agree with me that Brandon deWilde and Thom Hartmann are one and the same, the original name possibly the real name (see below), or perhaps Wilde, and Hartmann a lifetime actor, controlled opposition, and a complete phony.

About the names:

Since all we can do is speculate, I start with the assumption that the name “deWilde” is perhaps a real name of a real person. In fact, young Brandon was a Broadway star before his TV days, so unless he took a stage name as a boy, he might indeed be “deWilde.”  The name is Dutch in origin, and there are many somewhat famous Dutch people with that name, but none that jump out at me.

However, dropping “de” we get Henry Tingle Wilde, an engineer aboard the Titanic, said to have died and whose body was never recovered. We also get Oscar Wilde, the Irish writer, Andrew Wilde, an English actor, Cornel Wilde, an American actor, and Olivia Wilde, the most interesting, supposedly the niece of Alexander Cockburn, and whose real name is Cockburn. Wilde her stage name, but was a name selected for a reason, I would assume.

So there are any number of possibilities for the arrival of Brandon deWilde on the American stage, famous actors by that name. If deWilde is but a derivative (“de” an article, like “the”) meaning “the savage”), then we have more possibilities with “Wilde.” .

Hartmann is a German name, but often enough seen in Britain as a given name, and not a surname. However, Wikipedia tells us that Thom’s ancestors are Norwegian, Welsh and English. That does not compute.

Hartmann family photo

Hartmann as a kidHere’s a family photo of Thom taken from his radio show web page.  Wikipedia gives no names for his siblings, but the caption here is “Dad, Thom, Stan, Steve, John, Mom.” It’s an interesting photo. It would have been taken during the sixties (Thom said to be born in 1951), when cameras were quite common. This is either the only extant photo, or they chose a very bad one out of a group. See how his eyes are closed, and how everyone except him is distracted and not looking at the camera.

Also note that while his younger brother has a shadow backwards on him, and while Dad and Mom and the other brother show no shadows [beneath the chin], Thom is lit from above and has a shadow under his chin. The head is slightly out of alignment with the body. This photo appears to me to be fake, with Thom’s head pasted on another body, ergo the dark shadow, the misalignment. And appropriately so, as in the mid 1960s there was a “Brandon deWilde,” but no “Thom Hartmann.” So I have to ask why, if Thom is a real person, he has to be inserted via the darkroom in his family photo?

Thom, according to Wikipedia, hooked up with the Students for a Democratic Society and protested the Vietnam war. This would fit controlled opposition, to establish credibility. Tom was a government infiltrator. (We have Thom beginning his business career “in the early 70s.” That fits his timeline, as deWilde “died” in 1972. There was apparently no waiting period. He turned right around after fake death and started the new life.)

Hartmann HippieHartmann Hillip comparisonI have one other photo of Thom in his youth , apparently from his SDS days … seen to the left here. I am somewhat limited in what I can do here, given the absence of ears. But it is a good profile shot, so to the right are two shots for comparison.

I see possibilities, and would assume that Thom’s garb at that time is part of his cover. Agents in Operation Chaos were instructed to dress in this manner, even to avoid bathing, so as to seem genuine. That would be the Hartmann M.O., government stooge.

So there we have it, Brandon deWilde recruited as a youth, trained in acting, fakes his death and becomes “Thom Hartmann,” fake progressive radio host, probably a fake author too, a former government infiltrator into the antiwar movement, and an all around good guy.

PS: Where is my head at? When I said that Hartmann looked undernourished, as if in a vegan diet, it was right in front of my face. He has that lean and hungry look that Shakespeare wrote about.

13 thoughts on “Thom Hartmann: Government stooge

    1. He looks very Jewish there, I suppose.

      My head in the wrong place, I completely forgot that Thom has promoted sheepdog Bernie all these years. This is fuel to the fire that Bernie is a big fake was well. Thanks for the reminder.


  1. Great stuff! The stage names of juveniles have their own connotations. Jackie and Bobby and Patty and the like, diminutives connoting youth and spunk and light comedy, which was the norm for a long time. More recently there was a run of kid actors with three names, Michael often popping up as the middle name. This is mere marketing, aping the hot hand, a Hollywood staple. Brandon is unusual in a Little Lord Fauntleroy kind of way. If he’s a blood bastard, he may be House of Orange rather than Windsor, thus the Dutch handle to let those who need to know, know.
    TH looks pasted on in most of his photos. Cut off at half length with the same expression. That South Sudan pic is total PS. A faux libtard who seems to walk the walk, but is too valuable to allow tsetse flies a shot, so he’s pasted in hither and yon.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. At least one of your photos of DeWilde appears to be reversed. In the first and second side-by-side comparisons, you can clearly see that DeWilde’s left eye sits higher than his right eye, while with Hartmann it’s the reverse. His right eye is slightly higher than his left.

    Come down to the fourth side-by-side group and suddenly both men have a right eye that sits higher than their left, i.e. it indicates that DeWilde’s photo has been reversed.

    The same situation occurs with the slope of the eyes. For DeWilde, in the first two groups, it is his right eye that slopes downward, for Hartmann the left. In group four that again reverses, but again only for DeWilde.

    And lastly, the kicker: DeWilde’s hair is parted on the opposite side in the group four photo. In all others the part is on his left, but in that photo it now parts on his right.

    Taking into account the difference in eye height relative to other features; the difference in eye slope between the two men; the difference in hair part, etc., these do not appear to be the same person. At least one photo has been reversed.

    To sum up you have:
    1. A set of side-by-side photos of two men, one approximately 40-45 years old, the other approximately 20-25 years old.
    2. Another set of side-by-side photos of the same two men, the one approx. 45 years old, the other approx. 20, but the position of the two men has been switched, i.e. where Hartmann was first presented on the left in the first group, when the second group appears he’s in the right-hand photo. This confuses the mind, if not the issue.
    3. Another set of side-by-side photos of the same two men. Hartmann is now back on the left, DeWilde on the right. For consistency and ease of interpretation, all groups of photos should have been presented in a consistent manner. To go back and forth in this way is not conducive to an unbiased investigation of the matter. At any rate, Hartmann appears in the 40-50 yr. old range, while DeWilde appears 25-30.
    4. Two more side-by-side photos of the two men, and again they have switched positions. Hartmann has gone left/right/left/right; DeWilde the opposite. Age ranges appear to be roughly that of #3, but significantly the photo of DeWilde appears to be a reverse image, as his eye height, eye slope and hair parting have all switched sides.

    The physical differences are one thing. Not everyone is very good at recognizing facial details, etc., and that’s fine. But if the idea is to objectively judge or compare images of the two men, there is zero reason to present them in such an odd alternating fashion, left/right/left/right, and in fact such positioning only hinders objective judgement.


    1. I stand by the work.

      I have been watching you, by the way. It is not that the work here is immune from criticism, but the objective of the disinfo agent, whether a spook in an office in Virginia or a college kid making money on the side, is to wander the Internet looking to cast doubt on good work. There are a lot of disinfo sites out there … why don’t you trouble someone else?

      I think sometimes that 90% of the people I meet on the tubes are spooks. You would not be the first to come through here in this manner. I read your exchange with Straight regarding the role of the Sun in sports and thought you were just off on a tangent, maybe high. He threw up his hands in frustration. Your criticism here speaks more of an effort to look for any little thing that can upend a body of work. Always the objective of the spook is to create doubt, undermine.

      You’re on a short leash here. I just recently removed all of the banned IP addresses we had accumulated over the months, thinking everyone had gone their way. Perhaps that is why you poked your head in here? Be a little forthcoming now, tell us where you live, about your background. Or you’ll soon be gone.


      1. Clearly if you’re checking IP addresses you already know where I live, or at least where I’m writing from. The land of chocolate and watches. The heimatsort of Heidi. Switzerland: champion of the cuckoo. Specifically, that fabled city of Turicum, modern Zurich, where the saints Felix and Regula carried their own severed heads several hundred yards up the road from the lake where they’d been lopped off, if the legend is to be believed.

        The rest of your response amounts to bald assertions with zero evidence other than your feelings. My criticism of your piece is what it is: criticism of the conclusion. I gave specific reasons why I disagreed with it, which I felt were pretty straightforward, as well as falling well within the realm of polite discourse. I didn’t insult, didn’t flame anyone, and so on and so on.

        Your response is that you stand by the article. Fair enough. But rather than simply leave it at that, i.e. “I disagree with your criticism, and stand by the work”, rather than address any specific point or the like, which of course you’re not obligated to do, you proceed to float an accusation because…. reasons?

        Again, fair enough, I suppose. Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean everyone’s not out to get you. But I wonder how you’d take it, or how you’d react, if I proceeded to do that which you have done? If I claim to just have a vague feeling of distrust, or suggest that your entire site is just one of “a lot of disinfo sites out there”? I’d not make such a claim without some decent evidence at hand. Surely something better than having a bad feeling, or something better than that you refused to box someone’s strawmen.

        Anyway, gone or not gone there’s no real difference, is there? Not when you’re both “not immune to criticism” but are simultaneously ready to condemn as disinfo etc. someone who politely and reasonably expresses said criticism.


        1. OK, you get a full answer.

          Your criticisms were specious, the result of a glance or two and a jump to a far-fetched conclusion. I’ll answer them directly in a moment. As for the “paranoid” aspect, that’s a sharp-edged tool often used to discourage people from using their minds rather than uncritically accepting what they are told by media and teachers as true. It is a disinfo tactic as well, used to herd the sheep, keep them in the pasture. People do not like to be thought of as mentally ill. You surely know this, which is why I distrust you.

          I am tempted here now to defend my mental state, a serious mistake when the “p” word is broached, as you surely know. I’ll just take it to this point: I have a very high level of awareness of the human state, and realize that most people I encounter are so inured to the propaganda system, so deeply mired in news, education and visual stimulation, that they are akin to lost souls, unable to think on their own feet, and certainly unable to perceive anything behind the masks all about us. That is the intended effect of our system of “education” and entertainment – to deaden the senses. It cannot, in the vast majority if cases, be overcome. This is the sad state of human development in Western civilization, to put a sack over people and suffocate their brains for their entire lives. Who needs Inquisitions when they have education?

          Regarding your criticisms, you said that I was dealing with photos that had obviously been flipped. There is nothing obvious about that unless you are looking only at the hair in one of the photos, in that case tussled as part of deWilde’s role in a movie. He (and Hartmann) wear his hair short and part on the left. For that role he was made up to be a somewhat more wild character, and they did his hair accordingly. I am familiar with flipping. When it happens it is usually obvious, and usually you see both sides of that flip when looking at hundreds of photos, as I do. I am not immune to mistakes, but very experienced at this, more so would venture than you, and so less inclined to jnstantly analyze and conclude. I have many hours into the Hartmann project, all tolled, perhaps 15-20 just on this one piece. I have perhaps thousands of hours now into various projects like this, gazing at photos, trying to decipher what they tell me. I sit down at the computer and get lost in time, fully absorbed, only coming up for air late in the day when fatigued. Did you experience that as well? Or do you just glance, rattle off your conclusions, and imagine you have keener insight? (For flipped photos, by the way, unflip them.)

          For overlays I concentrate heavily on the eyes. If they are out of line it is going to manifest. What you are seeing in the apparent angular difference is merely something you’re projecting from your own mind … the only reason this project makes any sense, why I use it to expose the whole phenomenon of fake death and lifetime actors, is because of the precise lineup of features, all the way down to dimples and assumed postures. DeWilde/Hartmann was one of our first discoveries many months ago due to the fact that he did not undergo plastic surgery or disappear for ten years after fake death. He literally jumped off the screen at me, the arrogance, resentment, that “lean and hungry look” I mentioned in the postscript. I also saw him in person back in 2009 or 10, sat through a lecture and q&a and was surprised to find a seething kind of person, a slow boiling guy going through the required motions if a book tour, very much someone who did not like his job and who I did not like. I did not know then, of course, about Zombies. The lifetime actor often enough wants out if his life … look at Bill O’Reilly, once known as singer Bobby Fuller – look at the bursts of anger, the desire to mount every woman he meets. He’s a caged beast!

          I’ll be doing another post soon comparing people where there are slight disalignments, for another purpose … it is not like I don’t see them. I’ve got quite a few hours into it now, but I don’t suppose it will meet the rigorous test of your instant analyses. In the meantime, we’ve had plenty of disinfo people pass through here, and their MO is quite apparent – sow doubt, division, using whatever tools easily present in our work. The object is not to enlighten or help in the search for truth, but rather to keep secrets secret, to keep people of low perceptive ability from wandering off the paddock. This is what I see you doing.

          I do not like thee, Doctor Fell,
          The reason why – I cannot tell;
          But this I know, and know full well,
          I do not like thee, Doctor Fell.

          And, of course, I stand by the work.


  3. I would wonder it there was no spook around here, just for surveillance. But I would expect the CIA’s/NSA’s attention to be scaled to the traffic primarily, and content only secondary.

    BTW, sometimes I’m even not sure about myself – what if I’m a STASI sleeper ? …

    But to the topic of DeWilde/Hartmann, there is one ominous point that doesn’t match the “faked death” theory immediately. According to Our Disinfo Source Wikipedia, he died in hospital on complications like broken back, legs, etc. from his car accident. The usual faked death involves almost always burning beyond recognition.

    But since I’m European and know/knew neither of both, I maintain an emotional distance to this case. I view Hatmann as just another controlled-opposition disinfo agent, being DeWilde or not.


    1. We know the plant by the seeds sewn … doubt and disruption, divide and conquer being the usual. But of course we can never “know” anything. It comes down to instinct … I do not trust this guy.

      Re deWilde: My work on the John Denver fake death revealed use of a cadaver. There was no plane, making it a “no planer” event three years before the big one. Everything they needed to accomplish was done via controlled information and controlled media. It is it on TV it is real. There did appear to be a drone flown over the area and a loud boom, so that when people heard of the JD death they would connect the two. Power of suggestion. (Or, all witnesses were fake.)

      I wondered about the DeWilde event, as I assume they would not spend the money to really destroy a vehicle when all they need is controlled media and photos. Police, hospitals, those not in the know, would assume it was someone else’s beat, or would quickly learn to keep their head down low when questioning something like this. Most likely DeWilde caught the last train for the coast, that is, was safely out of Denver when it happened.


      1. I wondered about the DeWilde event, as I assume they would not spend the money to really destroy a vehicle when all they need is controlled media and photos. …

        That might be true. There are surely different paths to fake the death of somebody. And the more famous the person, the more elaborate (supposedly).
        With a “burned beyond any recognition”, any later questions concerning the identity of the remains can be avoided. In retrospect, especially after the rise of DNA analysis, the spooks now try to avoid this mistake of lacking foresight.
        However, one can still forge DNA analysis results, as seen with high-ranking Nazi allegedly killed during the last days of siege of Berlin. But that begins to involve too much persons-in-the-know too quickly, and consequently shush money or hit squads …


        1. Again with John Denver, the pathology report was a complete fake. It was even made out in the name “John Denver,” a show biz name. At the time of writing I thought his last name was Deutschendorf, but that turned out wrong too. Anyway, a legal document like that would be in the name of the real person.

          [The point is, authorities control all aspects of the case, and that would include medical reports, including DNA.]


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