Rush Limbaugh’s real purpose

RushI remember the date, November 7, 2016 because it was the day before the presidential election. I was driving down into Denver, and turned on the radio. When the other channels are nothing but ads, and it is between 10 A.M. and 1 P.M., I often tune into Rush Limbaugh.

On this particular day, Rush was going on about oddities in the election campaigns. He said the Trump rallies were always full and enthusiastic, while Hillary Clinton’s were not. He went on and on about that and other signs, and I did not know what he was doing or why. Like most people, I assumed Clinton was the anointed one. After all, we had a black president, so it was time for a woman.

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Thom Hartmann: Government stooge

I have been reviewing past work concerning Brandon deWilde, who in my opinion faked his death in 1972 in order to become radio personality and author Thom Hartmann. Mr. deWilde was a somewhat familiar face to me.  I probably saw episodes of Alfred Hitchcock, Wagon Train or Hawaii Five-O as a kid. deWilde was a familiar face for a few years on our TV screens. He did not stand out to me, but I do have a faded memory of that face.

Brandon deWilde was good friends (and is anyone surprised?), with Gram Parsons, whom we have outed here as also faking his death (“their death,” as Parsons was a set of twins). This is a red flag for deWilde, being buddies with another zombie. Also note this from Wikipedia, concerning his death in Lakewood, Colorado, just a few miles from where I live:

DeWilde’s final western role was in Dino De Laurentiis‘ 1971 spaghetti western The Deserter, one year before his death.[8]

That “[8]” is a spook marker, along with 11,27, 33 and all the variations. It’s a way of spooks telling other spooks that the death was fake.

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Total spectrum dominance

We are lied to 24/7, with every image seen on TV, even supposed candid ones, either being staged or reviewed before airing. Television is a social control medium used to hypnotize that vast majority of Americans. But some of us have escaped, and are more awake than those around us.

If you want to get away from censorship, there are many avenues. For instance, there is alternative media. You could go to Alex Jones and his Prison Planet. Alex, who was once Bill Hicks, will tantalize you with lies of a different type, but lies nonetheless, designed to satisfy your curiosity. Conspiracy thinkers tend to be smarter people who notice more detail and think critically. Alex knows this. He very carefully satisfies our yearning to know what is true by plying us with lies of a more intuitive type. Alex is a gatekeeper.

Or, you can get the inside scoop on the Internet from SNOPES. It is designed to catch you when in doubt and set you straight. It prevents you from committing thought crime. If you don’t believe jet aircraft can fly though buildings like knife though butter, for instance, SNOPES will reassure you that indeed they can, and tell you why in detail. It’s is a CIA front.

There is always Wikipedia. It is the go-to source, our modern day Encyclopedia Brittanica. It’s riddled with back door spooks, and craftily constructed so that Intelligence agents can glean real information from it while the rest of us need hip waders to maneuver in the bullshit. It’s a CIA front.

Or you can swill in right wing punditry over at FOX. Bill O’Reilly, like Amy Goodman, is a Zombie, planted there to catch you unaware. The whole of the FOX operation is designed to keep low information people in that state, while at the same time helping them imagine they are well informed.

FOX News content is identical to NPR and PBS but in a different package, the latter designed to reinforce your unstated supposition that you are intellectually superior to those around you. NPR and PBS feed you that cat food, opening up a fresh can every day.

Or, you can go the left wing route. Amy Goodman, a Zombie, is waiting to greet you, and lead you a little further into the rabbit hole, but only a little. She’s a gatekeeper too, just like Jones and O’Reilly. If there is really important truth to unearth, she’ll take you there, almost. Not quite.

Talk radio? It’s an agitated medium, and used mostly to keep you angry and upset. Anger clouds the brain and prevents rational thought processes. Don’t like Rush? There’s Thom Hartmann, a Zombie, is waiting to greet you “on the left,” performing the gatekeeping function. (Thom actually hates liberals and progressives. Say what you will about him, he works hard, as does Goodman. I would not want their jobs, living and breathing as they do with people they loathe.  It sucks to be them, but face it, Janis was skating on thin ice as a blues singer, and Brandon DeWilde (Hartmann) was on his way to daytime soaps as an actor.)

The Internet? The Blogs? Reddit and Quora and all the discussions sites?  If you put something true up at those sites, an automated mechanism appears to be in place to vote you out of sight. Those sites are riddled with spooks and trolls, some paid, most just late night voyeurs shooting from the bushes, guerilla snipers. They’ll leave you fifty shades of confused. Some of these snipers are very mean, others very stupid. None are worth our time.

The answer? Turn off your TV, turn on your brain. Vigilant citizenship is work! It requires thinking. We stumble, make mistakes, keep pushing and burrowing, as learning requires mistakes on the way.

Mistakes should not scare you. If you place trust in someone not worthy of it, it is easily reversed. Further, not knowing the answers is a lovely state of mind. Searching for them is the stuff of real intelligent discontent.

This blog, unlike others, has made real discoveries, come upon new insights, and has done something really odd: it has both searched for and found some truth. I beg you try to find another like it. (If you do, tell me. I will link to it.)

We have only just begun.


PS: I forgot the most important left-wing gatekeeper of all, put there to satisfy those of us of higher-than average capacity for processing large volumes of information, Noam Chomsky. He’s advanced in age now, not putting out books like he used to, but I would bet that if you emailed him (his address can be found online but it would be rude to publish it) you would get an answer within hours. I have done this. He used to spend maybe six hours a day on email, indicating that he doesn’t really have a full-time MIT job, just an office. And that makes sense, as MIT is just an adjunct campus for DOD.

Maury Povich: Another Zombie

On July 25, 1969, Manson family members Bobby Beausoleil, Susan Atkins, and Mary Brunner paid Gary [Hinman] a visit. Manson was under the impression that Hinman had money in stocks and bonds, and that Gary had owned his house and cars. He sent the group to Hinman’s house to convince Gary to join the family, which included turning over his assets. According to Beausoleil, the group visited Hinman because Gary had sold him some bad mescaline and Bobby wanted his money back. Whatever the motive was, the conflict lasted 3 days. During which, Charles Manson and Bruce Davis stopped by. As soon as he arrived, Manson raised a sword and quickly struck Hinman in the head, slicing Gary’s left ear and face. Hinman asked Manson why they were doing this and requested him to take the others and leave. Manson and Davis immediately left in one of Hinman’s cars while the others stayed behind. Mary and Susan stitched up his ear with dental floss while Gary, who didn’t believe in violence, just kept on asking them to leave. It all ended on the 27th when Beausoleil finally killed Hinman, stabbing him in the chest twice. Bobby, Susan, and Mary took turns holding a pillow over his face. Beausoleil then wrote “POLITICAL PIGGY” and drew a pawn print on the wall in Hinman’s blood in an attempt to make authorities think the Black Panthers committed the murder. Gary died on the floor with his prayer beads in hand, chanting “Nam Myo Ho Renge Kyo Nam Myo Ho Renge Kyo”, the chant of his faith. (

That’s not even good fiction. The writers’ object was to create a sword-wielding monster of incalculable evil who strikes out randomly at innocent people, and a murderer who stabs with a knife while his lady friends hold a pillow over the man … Hinman a man of peace and love and chanting a Buddhist prayer. There’s also a biblical reference with the ear cut off.  Oversell … much?

The Charles Manson character was an creation of Intelligence, in real life a harmless puppy hired to play a role. He only sold it with the help of a compliant news media that dutifully transmitted the caricature of a wild-eyed sword-wielding monster as “news.” Because it was news, because it was on TV, it was guaranteed that a gullible American public would swallow whole. I was part of that public.

Manson could only be seen, but not heard. If the public got to know him too well, they would easily see through him. He was an actor, and a musician, and a loser. His name was not “Manson,” his persona was an invention, his “family” mere hired hands who moved on to new assignments when the Manson gig was over.

By the way, Gary Hinman did not die that day, or any other day. In going through the names and faces of the Laurel Canyon zombies (walking dead), the name “Maury Povich” had been thrown out as a possibly as one of the re-purposed personas. I had heard of him, and one night while going through photos, I saw Povich, and knew I had seen him before. This was an easy one, as was Brandon DeWilde/Thom Hartmann and Bobby Fuller/Bill O’Reilly, as each man had struck the same pose, then and now, making a side-by-side comparison easy.

HinmanThere is, to my knowledge, only one photo of Gary Hinman in existence, but it is a good one. All too often when doing facial comparisons, I find different poses among candidates, so that comparisons are fraught with difficulties. But something else sometimes occurs – people tend to strike the same poses for cameras throughout their lives. In my own case, I had a photo from 1982 or so, and another from 2014, and I marveled at how my expression was identical in the two. (Check it out here.) So too with Hartmann, Bill O’Reilly, Barbara Walters, Christa McAuliffe, Matt Stone and Trey Parker and Sharon Tate and all of the other phonies we have exposed here. They tend to pose for the camera in the same manner then, and now.

PovichSo too with Hinman, now known as Maury Povich. I didn’t even have to earn my pay on this one. Same angle, same crooked smile, same droopy and dark eyes. Also notice the line from his left ear to his chin, identical on both.

If you, like me, don’t know much about Maury Povich or his work, he has been all over daytime TV these past decades, from A Current Affair to The Maury Povich Show to Weekends with Maury and Connie. “Connie” is Connie Chung, his wife, who went public with her struggles to get pregnant, with Maury at the wheel. Talk about public lives! (They finally adopted.)

Before I forget, here is the comparison that convinced me the Gary lives:

MH and I discussed this, after it was becoming apparent what was going on with the Laurel Canyon zombies. Bobby Fuller/Bill O’Reilly became a FOX News pundit, and agitates the right wing crowd (including my late mom and dad) from that platform. Brandon DeWilde/Thom Hartmann took a radio slot to work with the liberals among us, his primary thrust to keep them in the Democratic Party. He works closely with Bernie Sanders. Phil Hartman/Glenn Beck, known to emote and shed tears on TV as a good actor can do, also works the right wing. Bill Hicks/Alex Jones works the conspiracy buffs, the ones who need misguidance. Pamela Courson/Barbara Walters worked the female daytime TV set, filling their heads with nonsense about party squabbles and fake issues. We have learned to look among the lightweights of journalism for our zombies.

Where does Maury fit in? He has had a platform on daytime TV at his disposal. Daytime TV is a low information mecca. What we have learned is that these actors, these CIA plants, are there to cajole and entertain those who think less and need mere distraction. It’s a full time job to keep people in that low information state, and yet have them imagine they know stuff.

There are others, more serious citizens and academics, who often read and think harder and look a little deeper than the O’Reilly/Walters/Hartmann/Povich set. In a full spectrum thought control environment, CIA is there too, providing the analysts, experts … the Chomsky’s, the Krugman’s, Drudge’s and yes, even Moyers and Sagan’s and Hawking’s** … no matter where we turn, spooks are there to greet us. It appears that the lower-level spooks who worked Laurel Canyon in the 60s were reassigned to mind the mindless TV masses. It’s low-level work, but pays well.

But it goes much deeper. Maury Povich moved to the Flathead Valley in Montana, Kalispell the nearest city. It is a beautiful area, mostly a vacation mecca but swarming as well with California immigrants. It could be just a place for Hinman/Povich to live out his days, but in 2007 he founded the Flathead Beacon, a local newspaper. It is disturbing to realize how deep down into the bowels of society CIA control of news goes, even to a lowly rag in a backwater area of Montana. Nothing is exempt.

William Colby, former head of the CIA, was quoted by Dave McGowan as saying that “The CIA owns everyone of significance in the major media.” Since that statement has been formally “debunked,”there is a good chance it is accurate. I never knew  what the word “owns” meant. I assumed it was some sort of contractual arrangement where someone like Anderson Cooper, a known CIA mole*, is told what to cover and what to emphasize. I never realized, as with O’Reilly, Hartmann, Beck, Walters, Jones, and as we will cover in the near future, Tom Brokaw, that CIA doesn’t just “own” these people. It gives them their name, personality, bio, platform, and marching orders. They are not just working for intelligence, they are its creations.

It is one thing to know that news lies to us all day every day. It is another to realize that the liars are not even real people. They are zombies.

*If he is known, is he really a mole? It is public knowledge that Cooper, son of Gloria Vanderbilt, underwent CIA training while attending Yale. I would simply call him a CIA “employee.”
** Stephen Hawking, a fake, the real man long since dead, is a product of British Intelligence, but the overlap among intelligence agencies world wide is so encompassing that I regard them all as the same agency.

How do I know Bernie is fake?

imagePlease take note of the Mark Twain quote in the upper right corner of this blog. In days gone by I would rotate quotations as my mood dictated, but that one has stayed out now for months.

Indeed, it is incredibly easy to fool people. I have been fooled time and again throughout my life by advertising, politicians, public hoaxes and various women. I settled with my wife, as I would venture most people do with their mates, having found someone in whom I could place unconditional trust. Marriage is a refuge in a deceitful world.

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