It’s All Greek To Me…

This is in response to Miles Mathis’ latest where he touches on the lineage of the Greek tycoons of Onassis’ vintage. This POM post is also wild speculation with no foundation in admissible evidence, but I feel compelled to pick at this zit a little more.

In an email from last year I suggested JFK Jr. might be Greek royalty, JFK’s marriage to Jackie just an assignment for both parties. Jackie’s visit to Greece in October of ’63 was never properly explained beyond a generic diplomatic/personal vacation thing in my view. What’s the big deal with Greece at that point in the Kennedy administration? Jackie’s married sister was allegedly playing house with Ari Onassis, but that would be something to hide, not show in front of the world’s newsreel cameras.

What the trip may have in fact been was a formal introduction of JFK Jr. to his real father. Weeks later, John-John’s public father is “dead”. As I speculate in JFKTV, to then hide JFK in Greece would seem logical at one level of the rabbit hole. If JFK had sired John and Caroline, and faked his death and hid in Greece to see the kids as Jackie was “wooed” by Onassis, it all stops there. I stopped there, but now I wonder if there isn’t another level deeper down that hole. That JFK is just another beard, after you get past Onassis, an obvious beard, and that what is being protected in Jr.’s real lineage could well be that he is of Greek royalty.

Caroline may be a full Kennedy, but, sorry for the unsavory suggestion, to me she looks more like her grandfather than her “father”. This might indicate that JFK’s mother was of indifferent stock or too far off the mainline, Joe sr. engaging in batch breeding and this third or fourth cousin bastard once removed who whelped JFK was not close enough to the mainline. This would also explain the use of JFK as a public spectacle. In many ways his public life was rather beneath properly bred aristocrats.

Caroline then would be the key offspring and she’s been spared a lot regarding the ongoing scandal that is the “Kennedy Curse”. That would indicate Jackie was a better fit for matrilineal succession of the main Kennedy wing of the top bloodlines and why she would mate with a Greek royal after birthing a full Kennedy heir in Caroline*: to secure both lines, another royal ink to the Kennedys (Adding to the marriage of Kathleen Kennedy to the Marquess of Hartington, their respective “deaths” notwithstanding)

Mile’s shows that Gore Vidal, Jackie’s step sister brother/cousin, claimed that Jackie’s mother was really a Levy, not a Lee. Mile’s also suggests the Greek tycoons of Onassis vintage were possibly Jewish. Personally, I don’t care; the bloodlines are the key, not the professed belief systems (which most of these people don’t practice anyway- opiate for the masses and all…) If Jackie was aligned with the Greeks, and possibly Prince Philip, she would be an example of how some of these bloodlines link up through breeding at different levels. It is one thing to inbreed at the top where the real power hides, but to maintain the public arena, different ranks of blood loyalty must be genetically secured. In this structure, JFK is below Jackie, who is below Caroline, who is at level with her grandfather, all of whom are subservient to John-John. Junior may belong to a nephew or a son of Philip.

Frankly, this really belongs in a novel. I am seriously considering putting the batch-baked bastard theory into a fictional narrative. I sense it would be just the kind of “confessional” the MSM might find amusing enough to support. (Magical Thinking emoji)

*Yes, of course Caroline married a Jewish man, etc., but that seems as relevant as Kathleen, a confessed Catholic, marrying the Marquess, an inbred pillar of the C of E, the Vatican’s chief rival. Again, morals and dogmas are for us little people…

17 thoughts on “It’s All Greek To Me…

  1. Miles again makes weird connections through last names, middle names, etc. Makes that any sense to you? “middle name: Bertrand. As in Bertrand Russell…Hahn is also a Jewish name. Think of Goldie Hawn…And who did Goldie marry? Kurt Russell”

    its of topic so apologies in advance. What about the recent “terror” event on the Time Square? Did you notice all the people in red t-shirts and blue jeans. They even dressed the perpetrator that way later. And that iconic picture with the address 45-th street and 1515 Broadway with that black and white toys being “Friends”? Anybody?


  2. I also hesitate to accept Miles Mathis’ connections between names that are similar/shared. It is a leap in logic. Since we are on the topic of Greeks, consider the last name Pappas. There are a thousands of people in the US with the last name Pappas, but they are not related (in any meaningful way). Coming through Ellis Island, many of the common long Greek surnames like Papademetriou, Papanikolaou, Papakonstantinou, etc. got truncated to Pappas. This kind of thing goes on throughout history in every language, even without influences of immigration, with less common names getting morphed into more familiar ones. The bald assertion that celebrities who share a first, middle, or last name are all in the same family is huge stretch. But a lot of Mathis’ work is based on building just such an onomastic house of cards.


    1. No doubt MM’s geni work is far from flawless, but it has some value and usefulness as a tool which yields actual results. A tool does not have to be perfect or flawless to be usefull. Even a semi-dull knife can cut it. The key is in the hand that handles the knife. Again, he and others have made some cracks on to the wall, we can continue hitting and widening those cracks in whatever field of knowledge we are interested in. Some might be interested in film stars, others in bankers, others in military figures, others in the Arts, hacking and computers, food, Mother Nature, etc, etc.. As I have stated in other posts here in this blog, the Matrix is very old, multi-level and multi-layered. It is not just one wall or one level. It’s been building up since a long time, it did not start with Prussia or whatever. No one man build it and no one man will turn it into a rublle but his line of research (MM) is outstanding nonetheless. It will be very interesting to read a formal paper from someone pointing to the flaws of his geni research but in the meantime, I take what I can use to further my own research. My line is different than his or the one in this blog but I find we converge at some points. They have pioneered in some areas while I am well done the hole in others either by myself or by using something they have research that I found useful for boosting or confirming my own research.


      1. To make my point about research does not have to be flawless to be useful: As far as I know, MM took a little help from his “friend from Colorado” (MM, 2016, yes that is direct quotation from that paper) to put together the paper on McCartney.


      2. You are defending the logical fallacy of the “Argument by Assertion,” and you do so by making a number of other arguments by assertion. I don’t care what any Truth researcher believes; I care only by what he or she can prove with evidence and sound reasoning. Does anybody’s genealogical research “yield actual results”? Who can say, short of testing DNA samples? (Or, as Mark and Straight do, by matching exact points of comparison in faces.)

        Piling conjectures on top of conjectures is like building a house on sand. It may look lovely for a while, but eventually it will collapse into “rublle,” to borrow your neologism. Bad theorizing sets up the Truther communiy to be discredited in the eyes of the not-yet-wakened. For this reason I consider it worse than useless.


      3. Clarifying my earlier comment: When I wrote “yielded results” it was because through genealogical research I was able to discover a very famous and accomplished musician descends from Dutch Nobility, even more, he would be a contemporary equivalent of a ‘marrano’. Why is that important? BC the Media furiously misdirects and denies any link to “them”. This even when there are pictures of this artist on the Wall (not Trump’s wall, 0 meters built so far, BTW) and also at Yad Vashem. I couldn’t care less about his religion or ethnicity or this or that, but I cannot abide deception and misdirection. Once I discover that, many nonsensical episodes in the life of this musician made sense to ME.


        1. “Once I discovered”… just in case you wonder about the verb tense I used… Sorry, sometimes I write and read faster than some people can speak or think.


      4. “No doubt MM’s geni work is far from flawless” – having done genealogy for many years I would say that this is a whopper of an understatement, his methodology is deeply flawed. He’s using at least secondary sources all the time so it is not reliable, I have already written a long post about this in another thread.

        The occurrence of some of the same names from what is now quite a large pool of names is interesting, but not conclusive at all without doing proper genealogical research with primary sources. Finding these occurrences as he does amongst aristocrats is not unusual as they tended to marry their own kind. I have also known people with the surname Jagger, Palmer, Taylor (very common surname), Russell, Dowling, Grey, Middleton – and they’ve been as common and working class as I am. Those are the names of people that I remember with surnames that Miles has flagged, they are a lot more common than you might think.

        We Brits don’t all live in tiny villages and travel by horse and cart, it is an overpopulated country of over 60 million people. In Tudor times the population was 4 million, so it is very likely that everyone has some aristo lineage. (I explained how younger offspring of aristos slip down the social ladder in an earlier post.) One interesting study by statisticians (referenced in Ian Mortimer’s The Perfect King; The Life of Edward III) stated that 83% of the native English are descended from Edward III; when illegitimacy is factored in, it is likely to be 99%. A similar figure is likely to be the same for all native Europeans to have some royal lineage. So, if you have any native English ancestry, there is a 1% likelihood that you don’t have any royal blood.

        I also take issue with the common assertion of “German name, possibly Jewish”. I’ve studied German, I know Germans and have visited the country; some of the names don’t sound Jewish to me. One of the latest surnames is Vogel – that means bird, and Bird is also an English surname. It probably has its equivalents in other languages too.

        Finally, Miles does keep mentioning genealogy pages managed by Erica ‘The Disconnectrix’ Howton, so should there not be a red flag there that the information that he is able to see just might not be reliable? If the info is being managed, could the controllers just be having a big laugh at the rest of us?


        1. I know very little about genealogy, but on certain topics that Mathis broaches of which I have firsthand knowledge, I have found his handling of the data to be sloppy. This gives me little confidence in the way he slings around names and kinships. And it surely does not fit the image of a person with a graduate education and math/science interests.


          1. I find your criticism of Mathis’ work to be sloppy, considering your admission of very little knowledge of about genealogy.


        2. Jack, I cannot understand how my line was a “whopping understatement” but I commit to fully read your upcoming full-fledged paper (if you are generous enough to share it). One random post anywhere in the “Comments” section of a blog just won’t cut it for me. Your largesse will be much appreciated. You can call me “Mr. Obvious”, but MM’s very intelligent when he adds first thing (well, technically, 4th thing) at the top of his papers that what you are about to read is just his opinion. Opinion is not a fact, last time I checked. The way I see it he’s sharing what he’s found out, he might not be the first one to have X or Y idea or theory but at least afaik, he’s the first one to put into writing and publish some astonishing and mind-bending theories which you and I (and everybody) here may or may not agree, that’s all. I just shared what has been useful to me from his findings and if you show me how to improve upon that research -and certainly there is room for it- that I will welcome. I keep coming to this blog because I consider all readers and writers of this blog to be curious individuals and not resorting to pedantry and pretentiousness.


    2. After the Bertrand Russell connection Miles states “After all we have found out, you should not require proof he is from those families, you should require proof he isn’t.” Miles isn’t trying to connect Joe Shmoe from Kokomo to the families. He has connected the “promoted people” time and time again and no longer feels the need to spoon feed his readers. As George Carlin said, “It’s a big club and you ain’t in it”.


  3. Well, I am not trying to convince or school anyone. I am just sharing my thoughts in the same way most of the participants here. If any concept shared is useful for someone in his/her own search that’s more than enough… “rublle”? just a typo, mate, chill…BTW, I am not very good at logical fallacies, sorry… Logic can take you from A to B… Imagination can take you Anywhere… and if I want to be successful living inside the Matrix I got to develop at least a lepton of imagination. I write the following in Castellano since it conveys the most meaning: “No te envanezcas por tu sabiduría lo que en este mundo es sabido lo sabemos entre todos”. If you want to know the meaing of the sentence… well, there’s an app for that.


    1. If you read this blog regularly, you will have seen that in the past we figured out that spooks signal each other with strategic typos in their comments:
      Your “rublle” matches to a T the sort of thing we picked up on: doubling the wrong letter in a word. Not accusing here, just giving back-story. After the Langley-esque typos were pointed out, they disappeared from the comments. For a while.


      1. Thanks for he url. Got it. Let me add, the “rublle” was a good catch, but just an unfortunate typo nonetheless. A crappy wireless keyboard made even crappier after so much coffee, tea and breadcrumbs spillovers. I don’t do any spook, shill or the like. Hacking, that’s what I do. If something, I understand and write 0x7A69 (31337) or #leet if you may. Jesse, it’s just a cybername of course. Who actually uses their given name online? Nuts!! Let me share the three golden rules to ensure computer security: do not own a computer; do not power it on; and do not use it.” (Robert Morris, not Robert Tappan Morris, another spook). Hack fun.


  4. One related thing to this post, I saw a British documentary on it about 20 years ago – Maria Callas is said to have given birth in Milan to a boy by Onassis in 1960, but the baby died after a day (allegedly). In those days newborns weren’t kept by their mother’s bed in the hospital as they are now, so how would she have known they were telling her the truth? Here’s an article that gives the gist of what the documentary said:


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