Group psychosis

I was just reading this morning, in an archeological book, about how scientists actively suppress information that goes against the grain. By my nature I am a justice seeker,  and so want to read malevolence into the process. There is some of that I know, but mostly not. The process is built around fear. A group consensus naturally forms in any given endeavor, and those who go against it find themselves unable to maintain their livelihood. Unless independently wealthy or stubborn beyond the norm, deviants eventually fold into the group.

Dr. Judy Wood* caught my attention as she described why people are resistant to the idea that the events of 9/11 (just used here as an example – this post is not about that) were anything other than described by the media. She laid it out as follows:

  • People are ill-served by our system of education, and have poor thinking and research skills.
  • People are ruled by the phenomenon we call “groupthink,” as seen by the author of the book on archeology noted above. This is an inbred system of marginalization and even punishment for those who deviate from mainstream thought.
  • People are frightened by the implications of what they might learn if they deviate from the mainstream.

I am part of a blog that routinely goes against groupthink. The writers here are, if anything, counter-cultural. The “counter” aspect is the key. We have trained our eyes and minds to see through the fog of what passes for news and education. Tomorrow I will attend a high school graduation. These 18-year-old kids imagine they came through a rigorous process of learning when in fact it has been a rigorous process of indoctrination. They have even learned, like Pavlov’s dog, to stop thinking about one subject and start on another at the sound of a bell. They’ve been programmed not to think.

What are we honoring then, in this ceremony ahead? I think it is nothing more than a transition from child to advanced adolescent, a move forward in getting out of the home and living without parental guidance. That’s something, I know. But the twelve years these kids have been locked up do not mean anything like imagined. They are not skilled in thinking, have no skills in resistance to propaganda and advertising, are so poor at math that they will fail to see the lifetime implications of large student loans. The ones with better memories will have more “success” in life, that is, will land higher paying jobs and perhaps even have decent health care. But in a class of 200, maybe five or ten will break free? I hope I am overly pessimistic.

I guess I am writing this way because the word “psychosis” was used earlier this week to describe my assertion that “Seth Rich,” an invented personality, “died” at age 27 last year. It is a transparent hoax, and part of a larger psyop of some sort. These things usually play out in ways difficult to anticipate. The “homicide detective” who revealed that “Rich” was “connected with Wikileaks” provides some light, as Wikileaks is an Intelligence front. Where it goes from there … I do not know. Perhaps I’ll have a psychotic episode later today, see a flash of light and figure it out.

Psychosis is defined as a “severe mental disorder in which thought and emotions are so impaired that contact is lost with external reality.” I just described in our education system loss of contact with external reality, but in a group context. It is not regarded as psychotic to belong to a group that suffers mental impairment. It is thought normal.

Those of us who have escaped group psychosis are called mentally impaired. I am tempted, for lack of a better one, to use the word “Orwellian” to describe this system of propaganda and indoctrination that produces the automatons who will parade in cap an gown tomorrow. Individually they are bright and able and dis-served. I don’t envy them their task of surviving and getting a real education. I only know that if they want to make a good living, they’d damned well better have their minds right. They are off to a good start.

*She is, in my opinion, a disinformation agent, but that is an aside.

35 thoughts on “Group psychosis

  1. Phew…..glad you pointed out that Wood is disinfo. Her exotic weapons and scalar beam nonsense is nauseating. The most exotic weapons necessary that day were T.V.s and cameras.

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  2. Group think and peer pressure is IMHO mainly a subconscious phenomenon. The effects had long been known, just read Gustave Le Bon’s “Mass Psychology”. The brain, OTOH, is mainly an electromagnetic device. Many research results are publicly available, Michael Persinger is one famous figure in this field (with rumours that CIA and similar agencies financing his research).
    I have observed the effects myself. Friends and class mates seemed quite reasonable when talking one-on-one, but folded in without resistance in larger groups.
    And you might guess, socialist states (of the national and inter-national variety) made extensive use of that effect. With some people, this thought alignment process is surfacing in the conscious mind, and producing unease, indignation or even vigorous resistance. But that seems to happen for less than 10 per cent of the people, or even less.
    These are the people that, according to the Japanese proverb, get hammered first like outstanding nails. I can tell from own experience, and from one of my kids. Would it be paranoid to assume some un-natural selection by TPTB here ?


  3. If judy wood is disinfo (and i rule nothing out) what is the latest theory? Her presentation was compelling..


    1. As I currently suspect, she was hired to explain the absence of metal, toilets, computers in the rubble. It could be that the buildings had been stripped bare since the 1993 bombing, that all of the tenants had moved out, and only the restaurant and observation deck were still running.

      This would also mean no people in the buildings that day. I am not working on this, but others are. The karma aspect makes me suspect that no one was killed that day. We’ve seen with Boston, Pulse, Paris, Sandy Hook, Brussels, etc … no real victims. This makes me think that they avoid loss of life in these fake events.

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      1. I am certain these things are rigged so no laws are broken. Killing people would be breaking the law. How do you recruit people who could live with that? You can’t. Fighting in uniform overseas is one thing, and legal, but to kill fellow citizens would require hiring psychopaths and they would be hard to lead in a group effort, I suspect.


        1. I might add that “psychopath,” in our propaganda system, is someone who enjoys killing. That is Dexter. A psychopath is more likely someone devoid of emotional fulfillment who looks to games and traps for fulfillment. Killing would be pointless, as it involves great risk. There is too much fun to be had just in scamming people!


          1. Mark, the idea of a psychopath like Hannibal Lecter is an invention. Dexter is even more bizarre.I enjoyed the books of Thomas Harris but I’m convinced it’s the work of Intelligence. The only other book he wrote, Black Monday, is on completely different level. We all read the serial killer stories pseudo-debunked by shills like David McGowan. I remember similar stories from my childhood I spend in the Eastern Germany, about a black Wolga (Russian car) which was kidnapping people especially children. It was fear porn back then as it is today. Such people don’t exists in reality. What exists is a much weaker form of Sociopathy where people are unable to fill empathy for others and are not willing to take responsibility for their own acting. It’s people who didn’t grow up. Murder happens occasionally motivated by hate or greed but that doesn’t happen very often. Many people may like to fantasize about killing others but only very few will be able to do it for real. Suicide is pretty popular though. It’s much easier to kill myself then to kill some other human being.

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          1. One can surely come up with situations where killing his mother involves a financial benefit, with a high chance of going unpunished. I think psychopath don’t think too hard, then.
            But in general, I agree with you. And I think psychopath are deliberately portrayed as sadists in Hollywood and similar propaganda tools. No one should make the link between psychopathy on one side, and politicians/banker/royals on the other.
            As some one said (wrote), “Snakes in suits”…


          2. It is very hard to ascertain whether a reported event is a real event, but I know there are dysfunctional humans who seek wealth and have no scruples about ways to attain it. I have met them by the score, stockbrokers, “entrepreneurs” and just low-life schemers who don’t know how to game the system well enough to prosper. Whether they actually kill other people … most likely that happens too, but it is hard to overcome our conditioning via movies (No Country For Old Men), TV (Dexter), and of course books in order to get at underlying reality as opposed to the fictional one.


        2. IMHO, Tyrone is right to be certain, “so no laws are broken”. That is exactly why the owner of Blondi was never tried at the Nuremberg Trials. He could have been “tried in absentia” as done with Martin Bormann for example… but no. Just in case he were to be found somewhere (Paraguay, Argentina, anyone?) then there would be no conviction against him.


          1. I judge the ranking of the Nazis by the number of their reported deaths. By my method, Kammler and Bormann were tops. The one who fed bread to the dog, not so much. JMHO.


  4. By my method, Kammler and Bormann were tops.

    What have Bormann and Kammler done, supposedly ?
    Bormann or Kammler themselves, NOT order-followers (police, soldiers) who who felt obligated to do as these man supposedly said ?


    1. Kerry – not sure if I understood properly. Perhaps you meant the reported “deaths” of Kammler/Bormann themselves ?
      In this case, Kammler takes the lead, IMHO. I have heard of 5 (five) different reports of his demise, each confirmed by “witnesses”. The one thing this reports had in common – no identifiable body could be recovered.


      1. Yes reported ones that is. I have heard of 6 for Martin. Kammler was the keeper of the tech eggs, Bormann the financial eggs. When they leave a trail of body doubles out to cover ones tracks this helps me figure out who is who.


        1. Didn’t hear that much about Bormann. To be exact, I heard just one legend, were he was killed in a tunnel while trying to escape sieged Berlin.
          “Unfortunately” there is a paper trail left between Bormann and Müller (the head of the GeStaPo at that time), documenting how the GeStaPo was searching for a Bormann body double. How that they found one, and trimmed the set of teeth to match Bormann’s.
          Nothing to see here, move along …


    1. Remembered yesterday, there is an after-story to Bormann’s death.
      In the mid-’70, the remains of two bodies were found in the abandoned tunnel, where Bormann and his attendant were supposedly killed. And an official DNA test showed later, it was in fact Bormann. And the German government would never tamper with the results of such a test, or fake anything. So, case settled. You can sleep well now…


    1. Swede, you’re really behind here. Those photos could be real, probably are. That has never been an issue. There were seven buildings destroyed that day. You really don’t absorb much, even when you appear to be trying. It makes it impossible to have a conversation with you.


      1. Your memory has faded. You’ve argued with me in the past that the pentagon wasn’t hit with an airliner when these photos clearly show plane wreckage.

        There is a plus side to living in a dementia ward Mark. People will always smile at your stories and nutty theories even tho you’ve repeated them several times before.


        1. Oh, I see what you are saying. The mechanics of that incident make it physicially impossible to have been a plane. There is in your photos one photo showing some fuselage. Is that all it takes to convince you? No reading, questioning, analysis of evidence? Are you that easy? If so, you qualify as an American, naive, gullible, easily suggestible, lacking scientific knowledge.

          Words like “dementia” and “nutty” spoken by a clown have no impact, but do warrant a response, even if mild: Ah, fuck you, you stupid moron.


  5. BTW, did anyone notice events in Manchester (UK), where a 11+11 years old “Islamist” allegedly killed 11+11 people on the 11+11 .th day of may ?
    What a strange coincidence …

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  6. Also weird is Theresa May , get it May ?. So I have open the face shots from wiki of TM and ” Saint Thérèse of Lisieux, O.C.D.
    Sacred Keeper of the Gardens The Little Flower”, closely aligned to children, they could be related , grandmother /granddaughter ?, St. Ts bio looks spooky ( the church made BOTH her parents SAINTS , really ? ). Died age 24 of tuberculosis, perfect age to relocate and make spook babies , also noticed the nuns habit covering the ears , like a monks hood , easier to hide ones identity .

    St.T died Sept 30th ( feast day is Oct 1st ) , TM born Oct 1st ( yes I know that’s why she got that name, you’ll say ),
    This whole event could be welcoming TM to the NWO team .
    I don’t have time now to investigate , but please put those two pics next to each other and tell me I’m not crazy.


    1. You forgot that (quoting from Wikipedia):

      On 19 October 1997, Pope John Paul II declared her the thirty-third Doctor of the Church, …

      Really, the 33th ?
      Whoever she supposedly was, it is obviously a lie. A “honorable naming” involving the pope alone is sufficient to tell me that. Like the very honorable and admired “Mother Theresa”, who used to kill homeless people in India by starving them to death on behalf of the NWO.


    1. To be honest, I never heard of that woman before – obviously I’m not catholic.
      But any involvement of the pope is a read flag of tremendous size.


  7. St. Francis of Asisi also a huge red flagg

    I will have a look at Edith Pilaf , since she is mentioned

    but I remember liking her bio pic


  8. Edith Piaf was involved in the Saint Terese (posible) hoax as :
    “From the age of three to seven, Piaf was allegedly blind as a result of keratitis. According to one of her biographers, she recovered her sight after her grandmother’s prostitutes pooled money to accompany her on a pilgrimage honouring Saint Thérèse of Lisieux. Piaf claimed this was the result of a miraculous healing.”
    Although being literally born in the gutter and although her pimp/acrobat performing parents seem to be lousy , she attracted a man with a very famous name
    “It was during this period (1930s ) that Edith met Louis Dupont. He and Edith began living together, and in February of 1933 they had a daughter, Marcella (Cecille). In an effort to assert his dominance, Dupont forced Edith to stop singing. They each took low-paying jobs”
    Wiki tells us this daughter died at two.
    I can’t find who this Dupont is , maybe a artist , sculptor , wiki is not telling me he is from those Duponts.
    Piaf was involved with a champion boxer , traveling around Europe ( espionage? )

    And this Saint Terese , apparently someone was following around this young nobody , taking down all her holy quotes , my head is starting to hurt reading her page .
    “In May 1897, Thérèse wrote to Father Adolphe Roulland, “My way is all confidence and love.”
    As in con-job.
    I am going to declare them both spies , St. Terese for the Dreyfus Affair and Piaf for WW2 .
    She – “Piaf was deemed to have been a traitor and collaboratrice” , with the nazis but after le resistance said everything was cool after the war .
    As for Teresa May , by now we have to know that ordinary peasants do not rise to such heights through merit .


    1. Just remember my time as a student, meeting French students. I never understood their affection for Piaf. And it’s not that I don’t speak french.
      And Dupont … I immediately associate this name with the famous chemicals/explosives company. Surely looks like an red flag.

      She – “Piaf was deemed to have been a traitor and collaboratrice” , with the nazis but after le resistance said everything was cool after the war .

      She would be in good company then, wouldn’t she ? Wasn’t a US-president’s granddaddy convicted under the “trading with the enemy” act ? Must be large plus in your bio – at least for certain kind of people.
      God knows who Theresa May actually is. Perhaps a royal bastard, or something like that. Let’s see if she is scripted to lead the Brits out of the EU.


    2. The Dupont/Therese/Piaf connection may be from Leo Dupont, a venerated near-saint who promoted a face of Jesus cult in the 19th century. St. Therese, the little flower, followed this behavior. Piaf, the little sparrow, may have been handled by the same family. Both Therese and Piaf support the culture of defeat and surrender. One through the death cult of the church and the other to the routine defeat of love to sorrow and death in song. Rock and roll lyrics have largely followed this agenda. Raising people’s emotions and then having them denigrated by the sentiments of abandonment. This is a key component of the depopulation agenda. Love ALWAYS dies. If it doesn’t then you are a subject for the next level of destruction: psychoanalysis.


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