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As long as we are doing photo analysis, and the comments beneath the last post were so enlightening, I am tossing another in the mix.

My take: I do not see much wrong with this photo – I think it is really Mandela. But it bothers me. He is so well barbered, and the photo is well crafted – light from the left is offering up just enough to illuminate his stately features. It is professionally staged. I doubt that the government of apartheid South Africa would want to enhance the image of a true martyr in this manner.

Add to that that he was supposedly in prison 27 years, and was accused of being a communist who wanted to overthrow the regime, and it looks all wrong. That does not happen in real life. Such men do not come to power. Rather, they disappear.

I am reminded of John Kerry throwing his medals over the fence in front of the United States Capitol in 1971 – fake fake fake. Kerry is easily seen now to have been controlled opposition, and so too, in my humble opinion, was Nelson Mandela.

Once elected president, what’s did he do? His Truth and Reconciliation Commission forgave the sins of the apartheid regime. While that may seem noble on the surface, it could also be the work of a planted agent of the those having real power before, during and after the time of Mandela.

14 thoughts on “Another photo

      1. Even I (the notorious nay-sayer) see it at first glance …

        For the one above, it seems staged to me as well. Like models on glossy fashon magazines.


  1. In two short years (1990-1992) after his “release” from prison, Mandela went from being an advocate of nationalization of the mines, banks and monopoly industries (policy of the ANC), to a pro-trade, pro-foreign-investment, and pro-global- capital-markets, free marketeer. Pragmatist, or controlled opposition lifetime actor?

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  2. from wiki:
    “Mandela was born in Mvezo to the Thembu royal family.”

    my read : his assignment , delay, control and monetize an inevitable revolution .


    a wrestling hold in which one arm is passed under the opponent’s arm from behind and the hand is applied to the neck ( half nelson ), or both arms and hands are applied ( full nelson ).

    also who would not rebel against being called Nelson as in Lord Horatio Nelson


  3. Mark, i share the same opinion you post about that NM jail photo. Besides, I consider it to be State Propaganda: just like”Napoleon crossing the Alps” by J.L. David and “Washington Crossing the Delaware” (1871), by George Caleb Bingham.


  4. Now wonder the retroactive forgery of recent history (in proper Orwellian tradition) is called the “Mandela Effect”.


      1. You both mess things up here.
        The so-called “Mandela Effect” is a subtle accusation of dementia and FMS (false memory syndrome) towards people expressing any doubt in any MSM story.
        And then, there is the crowd that’s trying to convince us that the C-3PO robot in Star Wars once had a silver lower leg …


  5. Mandela, Back in the Eighties there was a S African athlete, Zola Budd, who was allowed an English passport to represent England in the Olympics as a distance runner. I was watching a TV program called ‘Come Dine With Me’ whereby four celeb’s were cooking for each other, whilst the four all well known English athletic’s, were sat at the table she Zola Budd made reference to, Never having heard of Mandela, until she actually arrived in England, now l actually heard this with my own ears, if that is in fact the case, did he Mandela really exist as an actual person or a made up person.


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