Canadian tourists

In dinner discussions on the Haute Route, people who learned we are Americans gingerly approached the topic of Donald Trump. The most in-depth conversations were with a young and very intelligent German man, and two people from Wales.

What I learned, and to my mild surprise, is that these folks, just like most Americans, take him at face value. They assume he really is the president, that he really was elected, and that all of his antics intended only for effect are quite real. When I suggested to Allan, the man from Wales, that Melania Trump is just a beard, his wife had to explain the meaning of the term to him. It was a delightful exchange. He is an accomplished man with a great sense of humor, educated in one of the best universities. But I find that virtually all people, no matter the baseline intellect and education, are encased in a hard shell of propaganda. The psyops from Trump to Obama the intellectual juris doctor all work on them. They do not question reality as presented by news.

Something else is going on as well, like a memory wipe or a similar psyop. Because Trump’s handlers portray him as a childlike dufus, Obama looks very good in retrospect. Take, for instance, this planted news story that is making the rounds on Facebook:

Read The Letter Obama Left Trump Upon Leaving Office

It is accompanied by this photo:


We see the nice man, a great man really, leaving us, closing the door. How sad.

I have seen it written that the job of presidents given the label “Democrat” as to act as a ratchet and prevent backsliding after a Republican administration moves us deeper into fascism. Obama indeed did that. He affected no change on any “Bush” policy from the wars to PATRIOT even mildly attempting to undo Citizens United.

But there was an economic straightjacket put on us while Obama was the titular head of state: Obamacare. It is a heavy anvil around the necks of taxpayers and those who can afford excessive insurance premiums for crap policies. It is perhaps the single greatest economic burden slapped on the American public since imposition if the income tax in 1913.

It is interesting to note that under Trump they have used the Kabuki Dance routine twice now to affect the impression that they wanted to change Obamacare. They wanted no such thing. What they really did is ratchet it in place, just like Democrats do for Republicans.

Our Welsh dinner/hiking companions were sympathetic once they learned that we were not supporters of Trump or Clinton or the American state. We told them we would move to Europe if any country would have us, but as retired people we have nothing to offer. They sympathized, and said being British citizens carried a load of angst as well. We parted company agreeing that if anyone asked, we are Canadians.

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  1. see, it’s the same everywhere. As I wrote previously, there is election time in Germany and Merkel is going to win at the 24-th of September again and nothing will change. The difference between Germany and USA is, they don’t pretend that much here. There was a presidential debate recently, which in Germany is called a “tv-duell” between Merkel and some “wannabe, who can’t ever win” named Schulz and it can only be called pathetic. The candidates simply repeated their frazes over and over again and didn’t even try to play the decision makers. In such shows there always are experts in the studio telling us constantly what to think of it. Yet still, the most educated people here take this for real. It’s the power of media. Once implanted in our heads it got the power of religion. I called it the “believe in news”. When the election day will come, the same script will be replayed again to create the impression of tension and excitement and people will get excited and anxious to see if “their” candidate will win. And the result will stay insecure to the end of day. And on the next day the morning papers will inform us, Angela Merkel has won again but it was damned close this time. As every time.


  2. It seems the same for local politics around my city as well. The same scripts about the same issues, the same dude as mayor, and same names for other positions, rarely anyone new. And if it is someone new, then they have the same answers as the last person.


  3. We know Canada is no different than the US in terms of politics, though they have better heath care and education systems. I used that phrase because Canadians do not draw the contempt Americans often do abroad. As a gal at AAA told us before our first European trip in 2011, “just stay soft-spoken and laid back. Don’t act like Americans.”


    1. I wholeheartedly agree. To quote H.L. Mencken:
      “Every decent man is ashamed of the government he lives under.”
      And honestly, I don’t even view myself as a citizen of the country I was not even was born in …


  4. On a recent trip to Cuba, I encountered many curious American tourists. They were all eager to “see and learn” from this experience, but also fearful. Not fear of “Communist Cuba”, but fear of their own Government should they find out they took the trip, and the repercussions they could expect. Most were unable to acknowledge the fear, once it was pointed out to them.


  5. Hope you had a great trip Mark. After a recent trip to Toronto, I am considering moving there permanently within a few years. Great, friendly people. Cost of living is the only limiting factor at the moment.

    On a side note, it wouldn’t be a bad idea for everyone to start putting their USD in other currencies. It’s not looking good, especially with the Petrodollar changing to Yuan soon. Gold-backed digital currency will be the end of fiat.


      1. I don’t pretend to be an expert on it. The idea is diversification. Diversify in foreign bank accounts, gold, Bitcoin, etc. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. If it’s USD keep it as liquid as possible in case of hyper inflation.

        Regardless they just kicked the can down the road with the debt ceiling. It probably won’t be for a few years before we start seeing a recession. It would have to be a catastrophic mix of major war and natural disaster for the dollar to actually collapse, on top of the economic mess the USA is already in. But with everything that’s going on, it’s not impossible.

        I know on POM we believe a lot of stuff that’s going on is fake, but geopolitics does exist and it’s complicated. I no longer believe China/Russia/USA are 100% a single entity. I do believe there are splits in intelligence, military, politics, secret groups, etc. causing much of the mess we are seeing in the news today. An evil vs. a lesser evil.


        1. Avoid the euro, it’s teetering on the precipice. I’ve also read on Wolf Street that some financiers are currently shorting the Chinese Yuan as China is massively in debt.


        2. I am still a believer in a single big family, maybe with some frictions or minor differences. I believe we are close to the multilateral transition. J Collins from philosophyofmetrics estimated a 20%-30% devaluation of the US dollar. SDR and block chain technology will probably play a significant role. SDR/XDR will probably be used as national reserve, in International settlements and maybe in buying raw materials like oil, copper etc. Block chain technology like Bitcoin will be used by the average citizen. Maybe there will be a SDR of virtual coins.
          On my phone I saw some news that FEMA is out of money. Congress now votes to increase the budget. We also have the end of the fiscal year and they raise the debt ceiling again. FOMC meets again in 19-20 September, and maybe they will raise the interest(more likely to increase the interest in December). Nonetheless we have hurricanes, North Korea, debt ceiling, interest rates. All these things can be used to trigger things that lead to a new era.
          I want to add the fact that in my opinion the USA is too important to collapse it too much. 20-30% devaluation is a more reasonable collapse. I don’t believe the elites can control a collapse of the entire economy. Plus the economies of most countries are connected, so we will have a global collapse. They will do it in a more elegant manner.


          1. I get the sense that SDRs are just diversified fiat with some gold thrown in, correct me if I’m wrong. It’ll probably be a band-aid for the bloodlines to hold on to in case of USD collapse. But the IMF would fall not too long after unless they switch to 100% gold reserves. And guess who has the biggest gold reserves on the planet – China.

            Bitcoin keeps dropping with news from China. With Estonia introducing a national digital currency, I think China is just prepping for their own digital currency that’ll be gold backed. There’s been a recent push from banks to get everyone to go cash-less and start removing large cash denominations from circulation, under the guise of stopping terrorism and money laundering. India already tried this and it was a disaster. The real goal being surveillance of the public (every penny you spend known by the government, no more hiding money under the mattress, no more tax evasion, etc.).


          2. SDR is not backed by gold right now. I believe that they will probably include gold in the future. Since China has all this gold, they will probably make the yuan share a greater percent in the makeup of the SDR. The gold backing will make the SDR more appealing. I assume that gold will account for 10%-30% of the SDR value.
            I will start paying more attention to these cryptocurrencies. Reading about Ethereum, I already saw a hoax. Ethereum is the cryptocurrency with the 2nd largest market cap and was founded by Vitalik Buterin. According to Wikipedia “On June 25, 2017, Buterin was the subject of a death hoax that caused the price of Ethereum to crash”. Hoaxes never end.
            People should also pay attention to China’s citizenship score or Social Credit System. They want to implement it by 2020. They also want to move millions of people to the urban centers.


    1. you guys have no idea…let me clear this for you a little bit. There are two kind of banks. One kind is where you have your account, where your salary is being payed in, where you get you money out from. The other kind are big international banks all connected together. Those banks invent fake transactions called swaps which goes like “I give you 100 million dollars based on this conditions and you give me 100 million dollars based on other conditions”. Sometimes it does not look that simple like a swap, but this international banks will NEVER give money away without taking the same amount back somehow. The other leg sometimes goes through many contracts. Sometimes both legs are hidden behind some complicated derivatives. To keep this under control they use so called double-entry bookkeeping. To hide this simple fact, they force all enterprises to do the same but. In this swaps no money needs to be moved of course. That’s the real meaning of the term “fiat money”. They use the same currencies for the fiat money but it is as different as this banks are different to the banks of the first kind.
      The reason for this fake transaction is simple: money laundering. The same principle is used in Art. A nice side effect for the involved people is the provision, because for every transaction the banker pays himself some small amount of real money. Out of your salary of course. That’s the reason why there always is an inflation and your money gets devaluated over time. Digital currency called bitcoin is a very simple scam and I don’t understand why everybody falls for it. The power of media I suppose. Well, many talk about it but I don’t really know anybody who ever bought and sold bitcoins and made a profit with it. And it is not easy to buy bitcoins or make them with some obscure computer hardware. If you have too much money on the side which you want to save for future uses, than there is no save way to make a profit out of it. You can keep dollars or euros under your mattress, you can buy some gold or jewellery, you can buy real estate and become a landlord. Just the usual. It is so because you’re not supposed to have too much money left. That’s how the system works. It prevents you from effectively making savings. Even the bankers from the international banks I described previously don’t make enough to save bigger amounts of it. I know people who successfully early retired with some 2-3 millions of savings, but that seems to be the limit. All those billionaires and moguls are just actors. They don’t want you to make savings but they want you to keep trying.


    2. Great to hear from you, Staight! Your insights are missed here. I’d like to get your analysis on this whole EGI tranny psyop. Mathis pooh poohs it, which may just be due to other priorities. It’s a hard one to wrap my head around, but something is going on.


      1. I am not really a believer in EGI. What are the best people talking about EGI?
        Overall I believe that the promotion of transgenderism is the prelude to transhumanism. This book seems relevant .
        The EGI seems a bit contrived to me. I heard the interview between Ab from Fakeologist and Jon Humanity. I believe Jon mentioned that these inverted people need special organ transplants or operations, so they are easily controlled. I don’t remember exactly how he explained the system of control by it seemed contrived. Family connections, faked deaths and people with changed personalities seem much less contrived. I rather study the family connections like Mathis. Some genealogical connections can be falsified or have dead ends, but they give better results. The elites must keep some real threads to make some claims (royal descent). The dead ends can also be big clues as Mathis observed. EGI is more about speculation. I can also claim that maybe they are the descendants of 200 fallen Nephilim (book of Enoch). Michael Tsarion has a nice narrative about alien beings. Maybe these aliens look EGI. This is possible but it is a bit too speculative for me.
        I believe there is more relevant research regarding the connection between transgenderism, transhumanism, population control, virtual reality, total surveillance and data collection, pseudo-AI, chemicals in food etc.


        1. Thanks for your response. My question wasn’t very clear, so let me outline what I’m looking for:

          EGI as a theory is of course speculative at best. Kind of like MM’s “Hidden Kings” theory on JFK or any number of other things out there. Sames as theories about why the “twins” and “zombies.” Mark and company have made a strong case that they exist, so there is some sort of plan afoot.

          Along those lines, are these “transvestigations” legitimate? Are these mannish looking actresses and models just that, mannish “looking” or are they transgendered? Clearly Hollywood and the fashion industry are pushing masculine women and feminine men as the ideal. So are they finding outliers who just have the look they want, or are these people surgically altered transgenders?

          EGI may well be a psyop. But is the psyop that these people aren’t “trannies” at all, or that they are but it’s just another distraction? I’m not as concerned about the why, but it’s just hard to wrap my head around the actuality of it all. If these videos are all fake, then where is the lie? In the structural differences between men and women?


          1. Maybe you will find this interesting . In that post I made a comment about Akhenaten who appears feminine in the relief portraits. Many of the current elites are probably connected to Akhenaten. There are some speculations that Akhenaten had some kind of disease due to royal inbreeding. Maybe inbreeding explains a lot of things.
            I don’t know how relevant but you can also read about Baphomet, Hermaphroditus and Aphroditus. The devil tarot card is related to Baphomet. Also


          2. Thanks, I had forgotten about that thread and re-read it. Interesting the bi-polar nature of the comments, from dismissive, “it’s a psyop” to in-depth descriptions of anatomy and why there is substance to it. Both arguments coming from regular, solid commenters…


    1. Interesting the film uses Napalm Girl, western propaganda, at face, apparently not aware of its propaganda nature. NK, like the west, keeps its people in a state of fear by use of propaganda, apparently.


      1. Mark, From your above statement you are implying there is such a thing as North Korean people and you are implying there is such a place as North Korea. I am very curious, how do you know these two things exist? (North Korean people and North Korea)


          1. Mark, thank you for your reply. I cannot definitively prove it but I don’t think North Korea exists. You can’t go there, I don’t know anybody from there, it is kind of an unprovable thing. The only reason people think it exists is because it is on CNN. CNN says it exists.


          2. @stevie
            By your account, many countries do not exist either. And Guantanamo …
            Having no prove of existence is not yet a prove of non-existence.
            There are many things I don’t believe, but cannot rule out the possibility.


          3. There are many cartoonish things about North Korea but I still am 99% certain that it is a real country. I will say that I will not be amazed if I find out that the country has less than half of its official population. On Wiki they say about 25 million, maybe the true value is under 20 million but I will not be amazed if it is much smaller. I believe that the population of the Earth may be overstated in general, not just countries like North Korea. How much I cannot say, I only get a feeling.
            I wonder if rare earth mining (and maybe other type of mining) is much larger in Korea than stated in official sources. Eastern European communist countries probably provided a lot of cheap resources (agriculture, lumber, oil etc) to Western Europe during the communist era. Recently I heard about North Korea and its rare earth deposits. Of course maybe the elites wanted these deposits to be unused until now or maybe the resources were discovered recently. In 2010 it was announced that Afghanistan has a lot of minerals. Of course there is more going on in Afghanistan and North Korea beyond natural resources. These 2 countries are very important with regards to the global social engineering.


          4. To be honest, the reported N. Korean behaviour is quite consistent with my experiences under another communist dictatorship. They can’t ever let anybody out, else they would never come back. What do you think the Berlin Wall was good for ?
            And they can’t let foreigner in, because the leadership is paranoid about spies. For good reasons, however …
            So, nothing strange or unexpected here.


    2. It’s necessary to point out that the North Korean angle in Propaganda is merely a cinematic device to grab interest in a subject most Westerners would rather not think about. The film was actually made by New Zealanders:

      … As might be readily divined by the fact that so much of the imagery would be familiar only to a Westerner. Not nearly enough context is given about the celebrity faces for a North Korean to get the point of any of the clips.

      Anyway, it is a trenchant critique of the mental prison we all inhabit. Unfortunately, the very North Korean angle that makes it a curiosity also makes it hard to share with others, who have been trained to reject anything with the taint of “the Axis of Evil.”


      1. Anyway, it is a trenchant critique of the mental prison we all inhabit.

        That’s why I’m “glad” that I grew up in a dictatorship similar to North Korea.

        But the strangest thing: many of my former country fellows, seeing that system and the mental prison cell collapsing, chose to go straight for the next mental prison cell, instead for freedom.
        I just recently begun to understand such a psychological/mental setup …


  6. great article, it is lonely to be awake. but the benefits of being awake far exceed not being able to engage in discussions with people about fake events in the matrix

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