Fires, glaciers, hurricanes and hype

I have been waiting for our writer Steve Kelly to jump in in on the forest fires that are burning in Montana and other states. Looking at photos, it seems like a conflagration. People get very upset by them, as green forests are turned to char and dust. However, is a natural process. All of the organic matter is recycled. True, it is not pleasant to walk in a ghost forest, but people will be surprised when it is all over how much forest is still standing. The amount of smoke these fires put out is impressive.

The fires are a result of hot weather without moisture. Having grown up in Montana, I remembered the wet years and did not realize that dry years were more far more the norm. My mother’s family  did dryland farming near Baker and Ekalaka on land that was more suited for grazing antelope. The railroads hyped it to get people to live there, claiming that a person could make a living on 160 acres. The true acreage required for survival, according to a study by John Wesley Powell, was over 3,000. They had a few good years, mostly bad, and the homesteaders of that era mostly made their way to places where there was more water.

Forest fires are common in that latitude. The Timber Lobby, always wanting to capitalize on a crisis, maintains that we have fires due to inadequate logging, calling their activity a “forest health” enterprise. (Note: you can always tell when a public relations firm has been hired to sell a lie. The subject is reduced to two pithy impactful words. “Forest health.” “Death panels.” “Fake news.”)

People assume, of course, that forest fires are evidence of global warming, and indeed we are in a warming trend. We have been walking over and under glaciers for the last two weeks, and for sure they are receding at a rapid rate. But when you think if it, we are living on a planet in constant flux, and glaciers can do only one of two things: grow or shrink. I look forward to Canadian wine, as warmer climate will open up new crop land. I’d rather live in a warmer than colder climate. We are told by climatologists that from 1300 to 1850 a.d  or so we suffered from a cooling trend, accompanied by loss of cropland and mass migrations, as with the Norsemen. It is called the Little Ice Age. Glaciers were growing, and none were too thrilled about that. It will come around again, hopefully not in my lifetime.

Below is a comment by Moodydeb that reinforces my suspicion that these hurricanes are being hyped, each one worse than all that came before:

Greetings: Here in N Florida, we’re awaiting “the storm of the century”. I95N has been bumper to bumper with people fleeing north to safety for the past 2 days. Grocery shelves here are empty, picked clean by a panicked populace. 24 hr/day TV coverage showing endless videos of the hurricane and the extensive damage it has caused dominate the airwaves. “Evacuate now!!!” seems to be the rallying cry of the moment. Evacuate to where? The shelters are full, there are no rooms available between here and Tennessee, and it’s just as dangerous on the highway now as it is to ride the storm out. Yet….no one knows exactly where this storm is headed. At first, it looked like we were going to get hit. Now it’s shifted to the west coast. With any luck, it will head out to the Gulf and die there. (We survived Matthew last year; we are staying.) Yes, it’s a dangerous storm. Yes, we need to be ready. But there’s no reason to stampede the herd…and that’s exactly what it appears that those in power are doing. What keeps running through my head is something I’ve read here: “Fear makes people so much easier to control.” and panic makes it even easier. Never waste a good crisis, right? Just thoughts that have been rattling around for the past few days. Thanks for letting me add my 3¢.

20 thoughts on “Fires, glaciers, hurricanes and hype

  1. As if they didn’t know exactly where this storm was headed….BUT…get a larger area/population panicking over “possible path” for am extra 3 days prior, sell more advertising….


  2. Below is a comment by Moodydeb that reinforces my suspicion that these hurricanes are being hyped, each one worse than all that came before:

    I read another article yesterday that suspected government “scientists” had done both “cloud seeding” (kind of chemtrails) and pumping up the hurrican via HAARP.
    Possibly to reinforce the fear factor, and get the people accustomed to evacuations and a “state of emergency” – when the same is coming for political/military reasons, soon …
    Just a guess.


    1. Greetings: Interesting that you should mention that. A friend of a friend got Morgellons several years ago. I’d never heard of it, so started researching it. I soon found myself in a twilight world of transhumanism, nanoviruses, (restricted subject), and weather modification as well as other lesser subjects. When the media started beating the drums last week, I wondered if someone had been “tinkering” with the weather systems, and this one had gotten out of control. Knowing what I know now, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised.


    2. These hurricanes are showing one of three things regarding weather manipulation:

      1: It’s a myth and there is no such thing. Not believable that the usual subjects would keep their mitts off such a potent weapon and potential cash cow.

      2: They’re trying to do it, but are just incompetent and/or unable to do anything significant.

      3: They can do it and are purposefully boosting/creating these storms, or are happy to let them run their course.

      Guess it’s just the same story all over again…


      1. Shades of Judy Wood, such theories lack solid evidence. I would go with this: It is warmer, more moisture is available, creating worse storms. Can they create, direct, enhance storms? I doubt it, need to see far, far more in the way of credible research and evidence.

        For decades, Jack Ruby forward, they promoted the myth that they could inject anyone with cancer. Maybe it is possible, but not done. It was a great tool to create fear and paranoia. Even little schmucks like a guy who contacted me on FB about John Lennon fears for hsi life. I tried to relax him, told him he is safe, no one cared what he thought. Perhaps not put well.


      2. To help readers make the 1/2/3 choice, I’d like to mention the database of the US Patent and Trademark Office again. The patents on which HAARP and chemtrails base on exist for decades now. Despite fuzzy / deceptive keywords and a strange language, this pays off …
        Would be interesting the investigate the personal backgrounds of those “inventors”, in the MM style. Just remember one inventor of a “subliminal messages in audio” patent, who died a few years in a “accident”, at a young age.

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  3. Thanks, Mark. I’ve been busy fending off our Montana delegation and the “winged-monkeys” all week. They call at 4am, all day, with their “two minutes of hate.” Strong beliefs, propaganda, fear, feelings are all running at, or above, the “red line.” Of course, the intent is to leverage more money from the Treasury. Cui bono? Loggers and billionaire saw mill owners will get to “salvage” log (clearcut) thousands of acres, if extremist, radical, ignorant, greedy, despicable environmentalists don’t sue and screw everything up. The USDA-US Forest Service will need more money to buy planes and orange — orange looks great on tv — fire retardant and more stuff from trucks to chainsaws to yellow shirts and food for thousands of seasonal laborers. Politicians can leverage more jobs in timber and firefighting, as well as a little lets-play-Santa action with the “disaster relief checks to farmers and rural communities to build back whatever burned, to prepare for the next big fire. No different from beachfront property, floodplain property, or any other federal insurance scam. More:


    1. I believe these “forest fires” are actually controlled burns. They are just promoted as real forest fires to make money for the things you spoke about.
      very similar strategy used for all these mass shootings, it is a drill passed off as real.


      1. When the woods are dry, and they have dry lightening storms as they tend to later in the summer, there is nothing controlled about the burns. The key is that there is no reason to stop them from burning, very little ability to do so anyway, so that fire management is mostly about saving and protecting human structures. I would be very curious, in that regard, as to the investigation that I hope follows regarding the destruction if the Sperry Chalet in Glacier National park.


  4. Interesting that every gas station in my area is selling gas for the exact same price. This is in a 20 mile range from city into semi-rural, from Walmart to Shell to Chevron to local no-name ones. Has to be some sort of mandate based on the Hurricane. Stations normally 30 cents or more per gallon in price differences.


  5. Off-topic:

    I note that there is a tweet by Patriot 24/7 @TrumpTrain45Pac who writes:
    “SAY NO to Psy-ops in kids”

    Interesting, as straightfromthedevilsmouth, of this parish has written about sexual psyops aimed at the young.

    Obviously I don’t know the ultimate provenance of the content of that tweet but it might indicate increased vigilance and resistance wrt sexual psyops.


    1. Yes–“Weatherwar 101” is spot on and has the evidence to prove it. So now, what’s happening to all the displaced people? How do they get to their jobs–do they still have a job? Where do they go for a home base,etc? Just thinking about these unfortunate folks is enough to take you down. May the force be with them.


  6. they made a regular tower demolition look like a terrorist attack in 2001. How much easier is it to make stormy weather look like an apocalypse? They force people to leave creating fear in the media and not refilling groceries. Then they switch the power off, so you cannot reload your smartphone anymore. How difficult is that? Once the area is empty, who can tell how bad it really was?


    1. they already estimate the economic costs as $300bn. That’s money laundering as I described previously. The system is designed to prevent people from making any significant savings. They’ll rip you off by every opportunity.


  7. What (“100 years of..”) fire suppression? I’ve heard that, and read it a hundred times if I’ve read it once, since the 1988 Yellowstone fires. I know of one fire that has been extinguished this year — 75 acres very close to Helena in July. Any others? Wouldn’t the news be all over a man-made “victory” over nature? Fire suppression in a year like this is pure (very expensive) bullshit.

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  8. Greetings: Welcome to “Hurricane Irma, The Sequel”. When the media started beating the panic drums last week, it felt like deja vu all over again. No one seemed to know where Dorian was headed or if or how soon it was going to hit South Florida. Or was it going to hit Palm Beach & cut across Florida to the gulf? Residents evacuated on Friday going by the initial news reports that the storm “should be” gone by Tuesday – only it hasn’t gotten here yet. So, now. it’s been downgraded to a Cat 2 & will pass us Wednesday around 7PM or so. On so the weather forecasters say.

    Am I the only one who thinks that the media is like the boy who cried “Wolf!”? Two years ago, half my neighborhood left; this time only a few. The rest of us are staying put & have coalesced into a community again.

    Please don’t misunderstand. Hurricanes are, definitely dangerous & deadly, but there’s no reason to stampede the herd again. This is becoming old.


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