Link to a link to POM, and the hidden Internet

Josh over at Cutting Through the Fog reprinted a remarkable piece he did here, linked off to the side here under “Public Hoaxes” as “Jew-S-A!“. It is remarkable because he recognized a guy used in “fabricated*” news from a video about a car crash in Arizona … almost needle in the haystack work.  Want proof that the same guy was used in two unrelated and minor psyops? Check the tattoo on his arm. That is simply good work. There is an addendum at the end.

Face palmVexman wrote “The Internet’s Dark Web“, a really thorough piece explaining how even as our Internet seems vast and opens up everything to public viewing, most of it is hidden from us. It was one of those face-palm moments for me … of course it is so. They made it so.

*Josh suggests we use “fabricated” to describe regular news, as they term “fake news” has been co-opted.

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