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The Piece of Mindful blog is in a state of transition … this format has been sent off to some local WordPress guys for a workover, and is in beta stage. In the end, if all goes according to plan, a trip here will offer one of several choices … the four authors who currently write here, or the various menus on the side. There will be some glitches … all photos used in the past will revert to a standard size, but with minimal effort we can fix that.

The object is to get away from the one-headline-per-day format. I write more often than the others, and so this blog seems to be me me me. I don’t like that. Tyrone, Steve and Maarten each have their own outlooks and voices. They each have their own set of … I don’t like this word but will use it anyway … followers. Our readers tend towards being a herd of cats more than anything.

But you get the idea … people who like Tyrone and his acerbic wit and keen insight will be able to click on his corner and find all he has posted here … this seems to be a hitch right now with the WordPress guys, but it will be fixed. It will be a format in which new writers will not be drowned out, and will each have their own platform. I will just sit back and enjoy the work that flows through here, chipping in now and then but taking time to work on larger projects, which is what I most enjoy.

I await the “Marketing Type Guys”, the name chosen by the computer affeciandos who are situated right here in our little mountain community.

That aside, and unrelated, I just returned from a trip to the northwest to visit relatives, and before I venture into what might appear negative, I want to mention how pleased I am with my children and their spouses. They are solid people with good parenting skills. Each of them married a worthy spouse, and they are all thriving. It is so comforting to watch them patiently spend time with their kids, foregoing the pleasures of youth and buckling down for the important stuff, raising kids. They are serious people, and I take not so much pride as comfort in watching them get on with the business of adulthood. The grandkids are in good hands.

The only negative is not about them.  They are like almost everyone in this regard. They seem to be caught up in the flow of tragic events. I could not help but notice a negative backdrop, as if they presume to be the last generation before cataclysm. The planet is going to hell. It is a universal sentiment, and wrong. The planet is in flux, a constant state, and will continue to change, but will not self-immolate. Humans will adapt and survive far into the foreseeable future and beyond.

As I like to say,  sit back and relax and get ready to enjoy Canadian wine.

Further, the “me too” psyop that followed the Harvey Weinstein hoax appears to have hit its mark … universal victimhood. Women are victims of men rather than active participants in life. Sure there is some grabbing and groping, often inappropriate but not devastating to the human psyche. Women know that men watch them, want them, and they like it that way. Their job appears to be allurement and enticement, allowing them to pick and choose which advances they will entertain and which not. They don’t actively seek male attention. Like men, they like fantasy but then step back before fingers get burned.

They don’t have to seek attention. They only need to manage it. It might be a game of dare, but it is one that almost everyone plays, even in the retirement homes. It makes life so much more enjoyable.

The pedophilia and rape regimes that have been the focus of news are fake … but I emphasize again that pedophiles and rapists are real. Murder is real, and happens every day, but for purposes of agitprop is blown out of proportion into fake mass shooting events, and prior to that fake serial killers. The same applies to pedophilia and rape … these things are real, so always watch your back. But for agitation purposes they are waaaay overblown.

The object appears to be that constant state of tension we feel all about us. Pessimism about the future and fear about the present … this seems the norm. It is no way to live. It is what the overlords want, as it keeps us distracted and prevents us from engaging our brains. I am not the first to notice that these hoax mass shootings easily fall apart on close examination. I also notice that very few people seem capable of exercising the critical judgment necessary to do that examination.

So the message here is optimism. Life is as good as we want to make it. It offers a thousand ways to be happy, and an equal number if paths towards pessimism, anger, and agitation. It is a choice. It is within our power to be happy, or not.

42 thoughts on “Blog notes, and stuff

  1. I’d like to add my appreciation for your work and the space
    you provide for us all , is there a collective noun to use , perhaps
    Minders or PieceFreaks . Much thanks to other commentators as well .

    Fourteen months ago I cut the tv/cable cord at my home and
    have spent many hours watching ‘ True Crime ‘ , over the air , channels .
    I now pride myself on being able to spot the obvious ( to me )
    fakeries .

    I just saw today an ad for a program about :

    Red flag high wind alert !


    1. Dave, I had no idea that you posted this comment mentioning Jonestown when I was composing my comment about Jonestown below.


  2. When searching that I saw this :

    Would the Uber-Wealthy Victorians wipe out the nearby
    town on purpose ? No kitchen help or maid staff ?
    The Ubers used the reservoir as an exclusive playground .
    Did they build the damn knowing disaster would someday
    happen downstream ? Intentionally break the damn ?

    One event easy to spot as faked , one not so much .



    “A total of 909 individuals died in Jonestown”
    The next prime number after 909 is…911

    Jonestown was the largest single loss of American civilian life in a deliberate act until….9/11

    Jonestown took place on November 18, 1978. The very same day the group Earth, Wind & Fire released a song called “September”.

    November 18, 1978 was day number 322.

    You’ll recognize 322 as the Skull and Bones number.

    With it being day number 322 that obviously left 43 days remaining in the year.

    George W. Bush – a Skull and Bones member – was the 43rd POTUS, and was in charge for 9/11.

    A spook marker is Jim Jones “dying” at age 47.

    And I can’t help but notice that Leo Ryan had a Jesuit and U.S. Navy background and that he served as the U.S. Representative from California’s 11th congressional district and that he was “killed” 11 days after he was re-elected for a fourth term.

    A definite psy op which I know that Mae Brussell called out early.


    1. Any of you want to take a crack at Jonestown or the Johnstown flood, please have at it. I am more than willing to offer you a forum here.

      Jonestown is on my list, but is so big … it looks like a huge undertaking.


          1. I keep an open mind in my search for the truth.

            Where do you stand on deaths in OKC bombing and 9/11?

            Do you trust Dr. Judy Wood?


          2. Not addressed to me, but I will chip in anyway: IMHO, Judy Wood is a disinformation agent. Questions would arise about the debris pile being absent copper wire and toilets and computers and files and the like. She was hired to run interference. As I see it at this time, the buildings had been stripped bare in preparation for demolition.

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      1. I read that Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan has been hired to write a limited series for HBO about Jonestown:

        The end of the article notes that Jake Gyllenhaal is producing a series for Showtime that focuses on cult leaders, beginning with Jim Jones.

        And then, of course, there is the lastest season of “American Horror Story,” subtitled “Cult.”

        Also, as MM notes, Netflix is heavily pushing “true” stories of old “serial killers.”

        I wonder if all this means that our news programmers are getting as sick of the mass shootings as we are and plan on switching gears to serial killers and cult leaders again. No doubt they’ll put some interesting twists on the same old story, incorporating the Internet and social media. Prediction: The first big cult leader/serial killer of the 21st century will be a “conspiracy theorist.”

        As an aside, I’m intensely curious about Vince Gilligan. He has said that he often talked with and even worked collaboratively with the CIA when he produced and wrote for the X-Files. We all know the pilot episode of Lone Gunmen he co-wrote predicted 9/11 six months before it happened. Now he’s a hired gun for more Jonestown propaganda. And yet … when watching Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, and listening to him in interviews and his shows’ insider podcasts, I get the sense that even though he’s an “insider” who knows what’s going on behind the scenes, he’s not on board with it. In one interview, when asked about his political views, he said he’s really not interested in popular politics, he’s interested in “deep politics,” and that the people involved in “deep politics” are people trying to protect their families. I don’t get the sense that he’s a member of those families, but he’s working for them. Both “Breaking Bad” and “Better Call Saul” are about good men turning bad — and “Breaking Bad” is absolutely chock-full of 9/11 references, blatant and obscure.

        All this to say I’d love to read some blog posts about Jonestown, Vince Gilligan, or both. Maybe I should write them. As Mark says though, it would be such a huge undertaking.


        1. “… and “Breaking Bad” is absolutely chock-full of 9/11 references, blatant and obscure.”

          Can you give some examples? I don’t recall ever seeing anything like this in this series at all.


    2. “The next prime number after 909 is…911” brings to mind the Beatles song, “You should be traveling on the one after 909. Move over honey, traveling all night line…”

      Perhaps a coded message of some sort? Never made a lot of sense as a hook…


    1. No, it’s just a total coincidence. And I only thought of Jonestown today, just ten minutes before I typed that comment. It hasn’t been on my mind, wasn’t thinking about it yesterday.


  4. What first caught my attention first on the tv promo was –
    33 people ran away alive in Jonestown .

    As I have two tons of leaves to rake before the end of the year ,
    I’ll leave these stories for anyone who wants them .


    1. That’s a brazen spook marker there with saying that 33 people ran away.

      The 909 reminds me of this song:

      “In his 1980 Playboy interview Lennon explained, “That was something I wrote when I was about seventeen. I lived at 9 Newcastle Road. I was born on the ninth of October, the ninth [sic] month. It’s just a number that follows me around, but, numerologically, apparently I’m a number six or a three or something, but it’s all part of nine.”

      And note that “The Beatles”, also known as the White Album was released on the fifth anniversary of JFK’s “assassination” and 169 days after RFK’s similarly fake assassination and had a song on it called “Happiness Is a Warm Gun” and people didn’t think it was “insensitive” or anything?
      Or suspicious?


  5. “Happiness Is…” was a popular lead-in to bringing good news c.1968. It was a phrase created by Charles Shultz’ and his character Snoopy the dog would use it frequently. The phrase ended up on coffee mugs and marketing tie-ins nation wide. The Beatles’ appropriation was ironic, of course, which is why it didn’t catch a lot of flak. Peanuts merchandise was ubiquitous that year. A lot of people were probably sick of it. There seemed like very little to be happy about at that time.
    The White Album has several animal references: Rocky Raccoon, Blackbird, Piggies… likened to some Aesop fables by the genuflecting press.


  6. not sure about Sofia Smallstorm, but regarding the recent Vegas “event”, I enjoyed the information in this Sage of Quay round table discussion regarding Integrative Capstone Events (ICE) that cities sign up for


  7. Sofia Smallstorm, agent. . . Miles W. Mathis (MM) was asked to do an interview with her, he posted some “dirt” on Sofia. Judy Wood’s book is propaganda straight from Langley (CIA) basement. The photoshopped photos of jumpers said it all. There were no windows in the towers that were real windows. . . just ornamental glass panels to make the bldg. sparkle. The glass panels measured 22″ X 7′ ft. The towers, like all storied buildings, were hermetically sealed and the roof-top was locked. No one could have jumped out. My evidence is a book written on the building of the twin towers published long before the disaster. You can search the book at Amazon. I’ve forgotten the title and boring author. As a side-note, Trump is only mentioned in one or two sentences in this Twin Towers book which is a tell-all about the Manhattan wheeler-dealers involved. So we’ve been sold a bill of goods that Trump is a mover-shaker….right!

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    1. Zoomah: Thank you. Good information. I am aware of MM’s take on Sofia, but I sure believed at one time, like a lot of other people, that the jumpers were real. I feel empowered by truth and I thank you for your comments.

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  8. The Jonestown “massacre” has all the hallmarks of a classical hoax. It bears resemblance to the Waco, Texas David Koresh hoax, slightly treated by Mathis.
    I planned to look into this hoax in detail, but other interests prevented that. Just laying out some clues for others to follow up on:

    1 – the numerology, at 18-11 (=9-11)-’78
    2 – John Jones, son of James Thurman Jones (Uma Thurman?), genealogy: descendant of: Jacob Shank, married to Sarah Shank, Jacob being the son of Rachel Shank, entries on administered by Jonathan Seth Wolfson
    3 – “Jones and a childhood friend both claimed that his father, who was an alcoholic, was associated with the Ku Klux Klan” (Wikipedia). As the Klan was a jewish plot, so was his father and Jones probably too
    4 – Guyana was a British outpost in South America, heavily guarded by Intelligence
    5 – “The following year, Jones married nurse Marceline Baldwin (1927–1978)” Wiki, think Alec Baldwin and the other Baldwin actor guild
    6 – “He also became frustrated with ostracism of open communists in the United States, especially during the trial of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. This frustration, among other things, provoked a seminal moment for Jones in which he asked himself, “How can I demonstrate my Marxism? The thought was, infiltrate the church.”” (Wiki) – Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were influential jews in the marxist set-up that Jones played into.
    7 – “Deputy Minister Reid finally assured Marceline Jones that the Guyana Defence Force would not invade Jonestown.” (Wiki) – allegedly a (dangerous) sect present in the country, but the minister decides to do nothing?
    8 – “Though Lane represented himself as a disinterested party, Jones was actually paying him $6,000 per month to generate such theories.” – Wiki, Jonestown page, “Conspiracy” section, similar to “OK city bombing”, “Vegas” and “Oslo”, blackwashing “government conspiracy” theorists/thinkers
    9 – “According to escaped Temple member Odell Rhodes, the first to take the poison were Ruletta Paul and her one-year-old infant. A syringe with its needle removed was used to squirt poison into the infant’s mouth, after which Paul squirted another syringe into her own mouth.[145] Stanley Clayton also witnessed mothers with their babies first approach the tub containing the poison. Clayton said that Jones approached people to encourage them to drink the poison and that, after adults saw the poison begin to take effect, “they showed a reluctance to die.”” – Rhodes, from the families (Cecil Rhodes), Ruletta Paul probably jewish, more “ISIS-like” horrors apt for a movie, not for real life
    10 – “The only medical doctor to initially examine the scene at Jonestown was Mootoo, who visually examined over 200 bodies and later told a Guyanese coroner’s jury to have seen needle marks on at least 70. However, no determination was made as to whether those injections initiated the introduction of poison or whether they were so-called “relief” injections to quicken death and reduce suffering from convulsions from those who had previously taken poison orally. Mootoo and American pathologist Dr. Lynn Crook determined that cyanide was present in some bodies, while analysis of the contents of the vat revealed several tranquilizers as well as potassium cyanide and potassium chloride” – so 1 (ONE!) doctor present and this voodoo, sorry Mootoo doctor was easily controlled
    11 – “Doctors in the U.S. performed autopsies on only seven bodies, including those of Jones, Moore, Dr. Lawrence Schacht, and Carolyn Layton.” – sure, why assess all the bodies?
    12 – “Found near Marceline Jones’ body was a typewritten note, dated November 18, 1978, signed by Marceline and witnessed by Moore and Maria Katsaris, stating:
    I, Marceline Jones, leave all bank assets in my name to the Communist Party of the USSR. The above bank accounts are located in the Bank of Nova Scotia in Nassau, Bahamas.
    Please be sure that these assets do get to the USSR. I especially request that none of these are allowed to get into the hands of my adopted daughter, Suzanne Jones Cartmell.” – really? Where did Marceline get the time to “typewite” a letter in the alleged mayhem of “Jonestown”? And why does some communist woman have a Bahamas bank account? Because offshore bank accounts are known for their marxist operations, or what?
    13 – ” Harvey Milk – a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors who was supported by the Temple – wrote a letter to President Jimmy Carter defending Jones “as a man of the highest character,” and stating that Temple defectors were trying to “damage Rev. Jones’ reputation” with “apparent bold-faced lies”.” – here we have him again, Milk, do we really believe this shite?
    14 – “Jones also thought that Guyana was small, poor, and independent enough for him to easily obtain influence and official protection” – what I think is that Guyana was poor, empty and far away enough to stage a massive hoax blackwashing both christianity, social ideas and thoughts about “government conspiracies”, heavily broadcasted on TV in the late 70s when ‘Nam was over and the 80s Kissinger wars were not started yet…


    1. Here is real sidesplitter :

      “…. Economic difficulties during the Great Depression necessitated that Jones’ family move to the town of Lynn in 1934, where he grew up in a shack without plumbing.[8][9]

      As a child, Jones was a voracious reader who studied Joseph Stalin, Karl Marx, Mao Zedong, Mahatma Gandhi and Adolf Hitler carefully,…..

      That is from the Jim Jones wiki page , not the massacre page ,

      Odd they were not using those books for toilet paper in their shack .


  9. More: Lawrence “Schacht”, think Hjalmar Schacht, the Hebrew-speaking Freemason jew minister of economy of NaZionist Germany…

    Any doubts about “Baldwin” being jewish? And connected to this whole plot?

    Look at this:

    “Son of Nathaniel Jones and Asenath Baldwin
    Brother of Joseph Jones; Elliott Jones; Nelson Jones; Elijah Jones; Asenath Jones; Nathaniel Jones; Newell Jones; Franklin Jones; Calista Jones and Elliot Jones”


  10. Mark, stop emailing me. I am not interested in what you have to say. I don’t know why you persist, if I am as shallow and gullible as you claim. I am not going to be enlightened by you. I am not going to be persuaded by you. I think you are a deluded, privilege baby boomer sitting pretty thanks to the carnage your generation has overseen. I can understand why you have to tell yourself it’s all fake, but I’ve got enough spam in my inbox the way it is.


    1. This, folks, is Skink at his passive aggressive best. His “stop emailing me” is meant to imply that I am somehow harassing him. We have had a total if five emails exchanged, three from me, two from him. The last was twelve hours or more ago. What I found was that he is what he appears, in a foul mood, unreasonable, unhappy, maybe even depressed. I tried.


      1. you can stop commenting at my blog as well. why do you persist going to places you are not welcome? I’m just one of the sheeple, sad and depressed about all the fake things I stupidly think are real. so why email me, comment at my blog? do I need to be aggressive-aggressive? fuck off, Mark. enjoy your Canadian wine as fake people fake suffer fake trends the fake everyone is faking us out with.


        1. You’re not exactly welcome here, as you carry a stink, Skink. All of the agitprop around us has affected your outlook. Life really sucks, doesn’t it. You went and bought a gun … you’re frightened! Oh well … if I stop reading your blog (I find your writing very tedious) your traffic will be cut by a third. May you someday develop the wit necessary to commit thoughtcrime, or to be an interesting writer.


          1. do you know what’s affected my outlook? 7 years working at a homeless shelter. have you every been assaulted by mentally ill meth head Mark? have you ever had a schizophrenic woman find where you live so she can send you dozens of letters accusing you of rape and threatening to take your children? have you ever helped law enforcement investigate the torture and murder of a homeless man? this isn’t agitprop, you ignorant fuck, these are real life experiences I have had.

            not only do I own several guns, I also have a good supply of emergency food rations. what are you going to do if the grid goes down Mark? how are you going to feed yourself, protect yourself? you’re pathetic. think my writing is tedious? then stop reading it. stop commenting, stop emailing me your smug, condescending bullshit. you are not brave, you are a weak, cowardly, privileged asshole who has retreated to the woods of Colorado to proclaim everything fake. go to Denver and volunteer at a shelter, expose yourself to the misery so many experience because of addiction and mental illness. outside your privileged, deluded bubble a whole other world exists. or just stay where you are, looking at pictures of little dead girls and celebrities.


          2. Add smug, self-righteous, jealous and humorless to the list. I might add dangerous too, as your morose and frightened outlook coupled with gun ownership is a matter of interest.

            For the record, you comment here much more than I do at your place (once in the last three months maybe?). I contacted you via email to share private information that I would not publicize here. Man do I regret that!

            Every time the subject of pedophilia comes up, you come here and attack my late brother, who may be the finest man I have ever known. And also for the record I don’t think everything is fake. I write about things that are fake. If I wrote about things that are real, this would be a boring place, like RD.

            Anyway, my blog, I get the last word, you’re done, good bye.


  11. Wiki programming:
    “Jones and the Temple negotiated a lease of over 3,800 acres (15.4 km²) of jungle land located 150 miles (240 km) west of the Guyanese capital of Georgetown. The site was isolated and had soil of low fertility, even by Guyanese standards. The nearest body of water was seven miles (11 km) away by muddy roads.”

    They write seven in words and keep 11 as a number. Also see the 3800 (=11) acres of land.

    “Jonestown’s location stood not far from Guyana’s disputed border with Venezuela, and Guyanese officials hoped the presence of American citizens would deter a military incursion.” – oh really? Like the Venezuelan government wasn’t controlled by the same Hand as we know it? And what does some “crazy sect” do to protect your border?

    “Jones would often read news and commentary, including items from Radio Moscow and Radio Havana, and was known to side with the Soviets over the Chinese during the Sino-Soviet split.”

    Like the Soviet propaganda is better than Western propaganda??

    ” Viola Burnham, the wife of the prime minister, was also a strong advocate of the Temple.” – really, Viola, wife of Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham? Supporting communist nutcases?

    And why are the Site Manager, Designer and Co-editor of this website, Sponsored by the Department of Religious Studies at SDSU, jewish?

    Rebecca Moore – Site Manager
    Fielding M. McGehee III – Research Director
    Elizabeth Shaules – Site Designer
    Rikke Wettendorff – Researcher & Co-Editor

    Of this vicsims list, allegedly 7 (?!) victims were analyzed by the US…


    1. You’re doing good work here … they often insert their numerical signals by inserting kilometers for miles, as if it mattered. It is pretty blatant. And you’re unraveling their logic, often strained. Keep at it!


    2. We see that the ‘Drinking the Kool-Aid’ Meme seems to go on and on .
      With help from the (fake) political Left/Right gatekeepers and

      ” According to Heaven’s Gate, once the individual has perfected himself through the “process,” there were four methods to enter or “graduate” to the next level:[47] ”

      I would not be surprised if all this PsyOpera could not be trace to
      the sugar gazzillionaires . And Nike .


  12. Dave McGowan’s “Wagging The Moondoggie: Part I” is dated Oct 1, 2009.

    Exactly 8 years later we got the Las Vegas shooting event.


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