New blog format

Just for benefit of old-timers, here are the details of our new blog format. We currently have four writers, and their work can now be accessed directly by clicking on the links either at the top of this page, or at the left side.

Our middle column will still show the latest blog post, no matter who wrote it. However, when you click on an author, you will see only that author’s posts.

If you click on “Most Widely Read” to the right, the middle column is taken over by posts from those categories.

The long cascading menus are gone, replaced by the search engine. However, when you click on “Public Hoaxes,” on the right for instance, you will have access to everything in that category simply by scrolling down the middle column.

The “Search Our Blog” feature on the upper right works very well. I have tested it.

Recent comments are visible on the right. The “Start Here” and “Commenting Policy” articles are available under “About this Blog (and its Writers)” drop-down above. There are also (or will be) biographies of the writers under that feature.

The “Links” menu is gone for now, as it was in disrepair. I will soon re-do it, and rest assured the usual suspects will be there – MM, Vexman, Josh, Straight, AB and a few others.

I hope you like this remodeling job. I am very pleased with it. The work was done by Dave Peterson of Marketing Type Guys, a local outfit here in Conifer, Colorado. I easily recommend them.

19 thoughts on “New blog format

      1. Very Funny! MT…. I refuse to believe I am the only one that noticed so far… Those numbers… Here we go again… If I am the first one, I accept the prize. Please send it over to Sunny So Cal.


    1. Nah, you know, sometimes it is most important what is left unsaid than what it is said… As for the prize, I can take one of those bottles of cheap Canadian white wine. Best.


  1. Mark, I see the Blog Roll (the links to other blogs/researchers) is gone from the column on the right in the new lay-out. Was that on purpose or does this new format not allow for it to show up/forgot to include it?


      1. Great, it’s there. And I see you already included John Le Bon’s blog there too, nice, that means you liked his work? What in particular you found useful?


          1. I didn’t go for full membership either, yet, but I will, it is money well spent I think. Good ideas deserve good money. His sales model is ingenious. Hope to live chat with him soon on Ab’s audio chat, looking forward to that.

            There have been very few people who actually were able to challenge me and change how I look at the world so much, among them Simon Shack with his September Clues, Miles Mathis with his vast research and now John Le Bon. All of them very intelligent thinkers in the 135-140 IQ range, I’d say, higher than me, so a motivation to become wiser about earlier flaws in my thinking.

            Glad I could transmit this to you, but the real credit goes to Ab (and John himself of course) who provided his site to me.

            In an email I will send you more background.


  2. The folks at (which I think Tyrone introduced in an earlier post comment) are constantly pointing to Orange as some sort of marker. I have trouble following a lot of the connections they make, but it appears to be quite sinister… I figure you picked it because you’re a Broncos fan…


    1. I enjoy watching the Broncos when they are winning, as the city is so dependent on them and the environment is happy. Game day around here is orange everywhere. But I don’t care – in fact, I had an orange shirt, just by chance, and one Sunday I wore it and went to the grocery store and realized it was game-day, and orange shirts were all around me. I went home, took it off, and later gave it to the local resource center. Call me what you will, I wanted no part of that.


      1. Greetings: When I discovered your blog, I started reading you from the beginning, because I found your posts and subsequent comments interesting as well as challenging. (I limited myself to 3 or 4 at a time, or I’d find myself spending endless hours in front of the computer when there were other things I had to do. I was last reading posts from somewhere in 2008, I think). I also wanted to check out why you considered ISIS a hoax, but have been unable to get it to come up ( I miss the index in the sidebar, too). When I scrolled down on “public hoaxes”, there was nothing below December, 2015. Am sorry that all those posts have disappeared into the memory hole. ūüė¶ Thanks anyway.


        1. Well, it would be a stream of consciousness from me alone, tracking my development and mistakes along the way. Mostly I wanted to sever old ties, removing references to Montana people that I used to argue with.

          You should be able to find anything by use of the search engine. The side menus had gotten too long and unmanageable.

          Of course, I cannot prove that ISIS is a hoax, but the fake beheading videos, its prominence right at a time when the old wars were cranking down, tend to serve the world power centers more than any disaffected Iraqis. The American people in particular are always in need of some evil force to be afraid of. When Saddam Huseein was removed, when Osama bin Laden was removed, both American agents, ISIS took their place.


  3. An , oh so obvious , mash-up of controlled opposition and limited hang out ,
    an alternative to MSM website shows us , Israeli Intel to be helping ISIS .

    They are not helping ISIS , they among others ARE ISIS .

    And if Bashar al-Assad and Vladimir Putin were not in on the game , they would cry
    foul so loudly that you could hear it in Timbuktu .


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